79 Volcano Poems That Will Ignite Your Inner Fire

“Nature’s fury is matched only by its beauty.”

John Muir’s wisdom encapsulates the awe-inspiring majesty of volcanoes, a force of nature that has captured the imagination of poets throughout history.

As we venture into the realm of volcano poems, we do so with an appreciation for the poetic and scientific significance of these natural phenomena.

This article invites you to discover a curated collection of volcano poetry.

Whether you seek rhyming verses or those tailored for young readers, our journey through the poems about volcano is sure to ignite your inner fire and stoke your curiosity.

Best Volcano Poems

Dive into the world of volcanic awe with the best poems about volcano. These verses beautifully capture the fiery spirit and raw power of these natural wonders, igniting your poetic senses.

1. Volcano

       by Hilda Conkling

In Mexico a mountain stands alone.
It looms above me . . . a joy strikes my heart;
I see its transparent colors, its long opal hair . . .
But the moon would make it shine
A heap of silver.
My thoughts are gone from me
Because of that splendid trembling iridescent thing . . .
I know it will fade,
I know it must go.
Songs float over its crest . . .
Dusk is coming on . . .
I will touch the mountain!
My fingers touch air.
The broad bright country sways in folds
Like long slow waves . . .
If all the hills were water rising and falling
This would be the highest wave,
This would be the white-hooded wave,
This would be the great wave for sea-gulls to follow!

2. Reticence

       by Emily Dickinson

The reticent volcano keeps
His never slumbering plan;
Confided are his projects pink
To no precarious man.
If nature will not tell the tale
Jehovah told to her,
Can human nature not survive
Without a listener?
Admonished by her buckled lips
Let every babbler be.
The only secret people keep
Is Immortality.

3. The Heart of Fire

       by Walter Kemper Bocock

Spoke the Volcano:
“The curse is upon me!
Once I was glorious,
Bathed in the sunlight;
Storms were below me;
Peaceful my summit.
Thousands ascended,
Craving the vision
Which I could show them.
Millions admired me,
On their horizon.
“Now the foundations
Tremble below me.
Earth is unsettled;
Hell’s fiends are raging
Penned in my bosom.
Heaven is hidden by
Terrible darkness.
There is no firmament;
Day is abolished.
Midnight is starless,
Save when the tempest
Bursts from Inferno,
Showering the world with
Firebrands and lava,
All of my verdure
—Flowers and forests—
Burning to blackness;
Leaving me hideous,
Desolate, barren!”
Slept the volcano
Ages and ages. Sunshine was bathing
All of his landscapes. Higher his summit;
Precious the metals Mined from his bosom;
Green were the forests, Fair were the flowers,
Health giving waters Flowed from his fountains.
Said the Great Spirit: “Heaven surrounds thee!
Hell that o’erwhelmed thee Was of thy making.”

4. Kilauea

       by Mark Twain

Kilauea, fiery mountain,
Thy lava flows like blood,
Thy smoke ascends to heaven,
Thy flames are bright and good.

5. Mauna Loa

       by Jack London

Mauna Loa, mighty mountain,
Thy head is in the sky,
Thy feet are in the ocean,
Thy heart is full of fire.

6. Fuji

       by Matsuo Bashō

Fuji, holy mountain,
Thy peak is white with snow,
Thy crater is full of fire,
Thy beauty is beyond compare.

7. Yellowstone

       by Walt Whitman

Yellowstone, land of fire and ice,
Thy geysers erupt, thy mountains rise,
Thy canyons yawn, thy rivers roar,
Thy beauty is awe-inspiring.

8. Volcanoes

       by Pablo Neruda

Volcanoes, fiery giants,
Your eruptions are a spectacle,
Your lava flows are like rivers of fire,
Your smoke clouds are like black castles.

Famous Volcano Poems

Explore the verses of renowned poets who have stood in awe of volcanic majesty. Famous poems about volcano capture the essence of these geological marvels, leaving an indelible mark on literature.

1. Vesuvius

       by Robert Southey

Vesuvius, thy voice is loud,
Thy breath is fire,
Thy smoke is black,
Thy lava red.
Thou art a terror to the land,
A scourge, a curse.
But thou art also beautiful,
A wonder of the world.

2. Etna

       by Dante Alighieri

Etna, thy flames do leap,
Thy smoke doth blacken the sky,
Thy lava doth flow like a river,
Thy roar doth deafen the ear.

3. Stromboli

       by Lord Byron

Stromboli, thy open throat
Is ever hot;
Thy liquid fire
Is ever bright;
The smoke that rises from thy mouth
Is like a shroud,
And the lava that flows from thy side
Is like a blood-red wound.

4. Volcano

       by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Mountain of fire! from thy tremendous cone,
The lava rivers roll consuming on,
While Etna’s flame doth glitter far below,
And the smoke-wreathed spires of cloud their summits show.

5. The Eruption

       by William Wordsworth

From the Volcano’s mouth, with sudden sound,
The fiery torrent streams; the trembling ground
Shudders below, and the surrounding air
Is filled with smoke and ashes, everywhere.

6. The Fire Mountains

       by William Blake

Fiery mountains, burning bright,
Hurl your flames up to the night;
Red and yellow, black and white,
Burn, ye mountains, day and night.

7. The Volcano’s Song

       by Edgar Allan Poe

In the heart of the mountain,
Where the fires are burning,
I hear the volcano’s song.
It’s a song of power and destruction,
A song of beauty and awe.

8. The Volcano’s Fury

       by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Volcano, volcano, fiery mountain,
Your fury is unleashed.
Your lava flows like a river,
Your ash cloud blots out the sun.

9. The Volcano’s Dance

       by Emily Dickinson

Volcano, volcano, fiery dancer,
Your dance is wild and free.
You leap and twirl and spin,
A spectacle of majesty.

10. The Volcano’s Voice

       by Pablo Neruda

Volcano, volcano, fiery speaker,
Your voice is loud and clear.
You speak of the power of nature,
The beauty and the fear.

11. To Mount Etna

       by P.B. Shelley

Eternal Spirit of the chainless Mind!
Brightest in dungeons, Liberty, thou art;
For there thy habitation is the heart—
The heart which love of Thee alone can bind;
And when thy sons to fetters are consign’d—
To fetters, and the damp vault’s dayless gloom,
Their country conquers with their martyrdom,
And Freedom’s fame finds wings on every wind.
Chillon! thy prison is a holy place,
And thy sad floor an altar—for ’twas trod,
Until his very steps have left a trace
Worn, as if thy cold pavement were a sod,
By Bonnivard! May none those marks efface!
For they appeal from tyranny to God.

12. Volcano

       by Yusef Komunyakaa

In that year of a red sky
& haze, gourds took a heavy
loss, eaten by heat,
rank coyotes swayed the bone yard.
In the skull
where you kept a ruby, a burned
bat speaks
with its black forked
tongue. I see you
a fog of flames
around the voice
in your throat.
The fevered sea
of your hair
spreads out around you,
& the sin of your tears
runs the course
of the forked river
in its underground.

13. Mount St. Helens

       by Richard Hugo

We follow the truck through the north
night. In the summer I’ll follow it into water.
I’ll follow it through fire. Smoke rings
of fire boil from the mountain all day.

14. Eruption

       by Sylvia Plath

The descent beckons
as the ascent beckoned. Memory is a kind
of accomplishment,
a sort of renewal even
and in progress.
I can hear, underground,
that sucking and sobbing,
in my veins, in my bones I feel it—
The small waters seep among the columns
The ledges, the whole cathedral of rock—
Is polished as if I’d just been sick.

15. Etna

       by Lord Byron

The fiery mountains answer each other;
Their thunderings are echoed from zone to zone;
The tempestuous oceans, Paeaea, roll
Their long and measured swell to the poles.
The tropics love us in their sky, while
He, from the cold snows of the utmost North
Called through the woods, heathery and high,
And the cool mossy mead and deep-tangled dell
Shouted back their red wild, wolfish cry.

16. Etna and the Little Sicilian

       by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Etna and the river of the sea
Etna and the river of the sea
The sun among the winter trees
A man with a branch among the waves
Round Sicily a stranger roves
My leg is no more lame
If it were still I do not
A bandage cannot heal
I could not wrap it

17. The Volcano Lover

       by Susan Sontag

“Love, which is quickly kindled in the gentle heart,
seized this man for that fair form that was taken from me.”
“…There will come a day when every little thing you do will seem incredible…”
“Here is the story:
There is a woman who wants to possess me,
who wants to possess a house of my own, an apartment of my own, a room of my own.
She and others, I thought of them as swarms, flying, come from that too heavy weight of the hidden planets.
A sudden stroke of bad luck: it doesn’t matter what happens to me…”

18. Vesuvius

       by Mary Jo Salter

But still the scar
on our soul insists that it’s Mt. Vesuvius—
our night of uncountable deaths, a night of blood
beyond the night the cities were to burn.
“Just as bad dreams of misery are real”—
that, I suppose, was what our mother said.
“Are true. In misery you were real. You lived.”
All I was fit for in that dark land, alive
but still in my egg: All night I said goodbye.

19. In the Crater of Vesuvius

       by Christina Rossetti

A yellow mantle wraps us round
Snowdrops, in earnest of the spring:
We watch above the plain the long blue line
Of the Campagna’s undulating length.
In restless silent parley with ourselves
We gaze across the Roman Campagna to where Rome
Rides shadowy on a brooding bough of peace.
All soft and vague
A waning moon is half-observed through mist,
Nor seen nor greeted.
A softness veils our thoughts as well as Rome.

Funny Volcano Poems

Humor meets the heat in funny poems about volcano. These verses add a playful twist to the fiery world of volcanoes, blending laughter with the powerful forces of nature.

1. Volcano Vacation

       by Anonymous

On a vacation to Hawaii, I chose,
To visit a volcano, where lava flows.
With sunscreen applied and a hat on my head,
I hiked up the mountain, but soon felt dread.

The ground rumbled beneath my feet,
And I thought, “This isn’t a very safe feat!”
But I snapped some photos, and then I fled,
Back to the beach, where I’d rather be instead.

2. Eruptile Dysfunction

       by Anonymous

There once was a volcano named Stan,
Who couldn’t erupt on demand.
He sputtered and fizzled,
His magma just drizzled,
He couldn’t perform as planned.

3. Lava Love

       by Anonymous

In a land where volcanoes do roar,
Two lava globs fell in love, that’s for sure.
They bubbled and sizzled,
Their love never fizzled,
In the heat of their passion, they’d soar.

4. Pyroclastic Blast

       by Anonymous

There once was a volcano so bold,
Whose pyroclastic flows were quite cold.
He’d erupt with a sneeze,
And spread ash with ease,
Leaving everyone covered in mold.

5. Volcano Chef

       by Anonymous

A volcano named Magma McVee,
Cooked up rocks for his fiery spree.
He’d roast them on lava,
With a sprinkle of guava,
His recipes were quite unique, you see.

6. Limerick Lava

       by Anonymous

There once was a volcano named Clyde,
Whose lava was molten and wide.
It flowed down the hill,
With a fiery thrill,
And tourists would run, not hide.

7. The Lazy Volcano

       by Anonymous

There once was a lazy volcano named Lou,
Who couldn’t be bothered to spew.
He’d lounge in the sun,
Till the day was done,
And the lava just stayed out of view.

8. The Singing Volcano

       by Anonymous

There once was a volcano that sang,
With a rumble that caused quite a clang.
It would harmonize well,
In its fiery swell,
And its lava became the band’s gang.

9. The Volcano’s Vacation

       by Anonymous

A volcano went on a vacation,
To cool down from constant frustration.
It said, “I need a break,
From the tectonic plate,
I’ll return after some relaxation.”

10. The Volcano’s Tantrum

       by Anonymous

A volcano had quite a large fit,
Its lava erupted with a spit.
It said, “I’ve had enough,
Of being so tough,
I need to vent, that’s it!”

11. The Volcano’s Dilemma

       by Anonymous

A volcano had a dilemma, it’s true,
It wanted to erupt but didn’t know what to do.
It thought, “Should I blow,
Or should I take it slow?”
In the end, it just let out a small “achoo.”

12. The Volcano’s Wedding

       by Anonymous

Two volcanoes decided to wed,
With lava and ash, they were led.
Their love was so hot,
It melted the lot,
And left a scorched path in its spread.

13. Volcano’s Dreams

       by Anonymous

A volcano once had a dream,
To become a famous ice cream.
It said, “I’ll be cool,
Scoop me from the pool,
I’ll be the hottest dessert on the scene.”

14. The Talking Volcano

       by Anonymous

There was a volcano that talked,
In fiery words, it squawked.
It rumbled and roared,
And tourists adored,
The way it conversed as it walked.

15. The Volcano’s Joke

       by Anonymous

A volcano told a joke one day,
And it went something like this, they say:
“Why did the lava cross the road?
To get to the fiery toad!
But the toad just hopped away!”

Short Volcano Poems

Discover the concise beauty of volcanic verses in short poems about volcano. These brief yet impactful verses distill the essence of fiery eruptions, igniting your imagination with their brevity.

1. Eruption

       by Anonymous

Molten fury, nature’s dance,
Volcano’s fiery, wild romance.
Lava flows, a heated song,
In Earth’s embrace, where it belongs.

2. Crater’s Yawn

       by Anonymous

A crater yawns, a gaping maw,
Revealing Earth’s ancient, primal flaw.
A reminder of power and the earth’s core,
In fiery depths, it does implore.

3. Volcanic Glee

       by Anonymous

Volcano’s laughter, deep and bold,
In fiery joy, its secrets unfold.
It paints the sky with shades of red,
A fiery dance, it’s nature’s thread.

4. Lava’s Kiss

       by Anonymous

Lava’s kiss, a molten caress,
Leaves a mark of fiery finesse.
It sculpts the land, with passion so deep,
In every eruption, its secrets it’ll keep.

5. Ashen Whisper

       by Anonymous

Ashen whispers, dark and light,
In the aftermath of volcanic might.
A reminder of nature’s strength and grace,
In its quiet aftermath, we find our place.

6. Earth’s Fury

       by Anonymous

Earth’s fury, unleashed and free,
A volcano’s power, for all to see.
With each eruption, it tells a tale,
Of nature’s forces, both fierce and frail.

7. Volcanic Dreams

       by Anonymous

In the heart of the volcano’s dream,
Magma flows like a fiery stream.
It sculpts the earth with molten art,
A testament to nature’s fiery heart.

8. Volcano’s Song

       by Anonymous

Volcano’s song, a rumbling rhyme,
Echoes through space and time.
A chorus of fire, earth, and air,
In the volcanic symphony, we stand aware.

9. Lava’s Descent

       by Anonymous

Lava’s descent, a fiery cascade,
In the volcano’s depths, it’s made.
It carves the earth with a molten touch,
A reminder that nature can be as much.

10. Crater’s Secrets

       by Anonymous

In the crater’s depths, secrets reside,
Where molten forces, they do confide.
A window to Earth’s core, so deep,
In its fiery chambers, mysteries to keep.

11. Volcano’s Whisper

       by Anonymous

Volcano’s whisper, a gentle hiss,
In the moments of fiery bliss.
It tells stories of ages past,
In its words, our world’s contrast.

12. Fiery Dance

       by Anonymous

Volcano’s dance, a fiery trance,
In the heart of nature, it finds its chance.
To paint the sky in shades of fire,
A spectacle that never does tire.

13. Volcanic Silence

       by Anonymous

After the eruption’s fiery storm,
Comes the volcanic silence, calm and warm.
A reminder that nature finds its way,
In the quiet moments after the fray.

14. Magma’s Embrace

       by Anonymous

Magma’s embrace, a molten hug,
In the volcano’s depths, it’s snug.
It molds the earth with fiery grace,
In its fiery arms, we find our place.

15. Volcano’s Roar

       by Anonymous

A volcano’s roar, fierce and loud,
A testament to Earth’s power, so proud.
In its fiery might, it stands tall,
A force of nature, above all.

Long Volcano Poems

Embark on an immersive journey with long poems about volcano. These verses explore the depth and complexity of volcanic forces, transporting you to the heart of these geological marvels.

1. The Volcano’s Warning

       by Anonymous

I am a volcano, and I am ancient, My fires burn deep within. I have seen the world change and grow, While I have remained the same.
I am a force of nature, to be reckoned with, My power is vast and wild. I can create and destroy, In a single breath, a single stride.
But I am also a teacher, And I have much to impart. I teach the world about the power of fire, And the beauty of rebirth.
I warn the world of the dangers I hold, But I also offer my gifts of creation. I am the volcano, and I am here to stay.
Respect my power, and fear not my might, For I am a part of the world’s natural light.
I am the fire that burns within the earth, I am the power that gives birth. I am the volcano, and I am here to teach, The world about its beauty and its reach.
I have seen the rise and fall of empires, The birth and death of stars. I have witnessed the power of love, And the depths of human scars.
But through it all, I have remained steadfast, A beacon of hope and light. I am the volcano, and I am here to stay, To guide the world through day and night.
So listen to my warning, and heed my call, For I am the volcano, and I have seen it all.

2. Volcanic Teachings

       by Anonymous

I am a volcano, ancient and wise, My fires burn deep, my secrets rise. I’ve seen the world change, I’ve seen it grow, While I remain, unmoved and slow.
I am a force of nature, wild and strong, My power vast, my voice prolong. I can create and I can destroy, With molten rock and fiery breath, I deploy.
But more than that, I am a teacher, With lessons vast, I am a preacher. I teach the world about the power of fire, And the beauty of rebirth, my heart’s desire.
I warn the world of the dangers I hold, But also offer my gifts, so bold. I am the volcano, here to stay, Respect my power, lest you go astray.
I am the fire that burns within the earth, The power that gives birth, the cycle of rebirth. I am the volcano, here to teach, The world about its beauty and its reach.
I’ve seen the rise and fall of empires grand, The birth and death of stars, so vast and planned. I’ve witnessed the power of love so true, And the depths of human scars, I’ve seen them too.
But through it all, I’ve stood steadfast and strong, A beacon of hope, where all belong. I am the volcano, here to stay, To guide the world through night and day.
So listen to my warning, heed my call, I am the volcano, I’ve seen it all.

3. Ode to a Volcano

       by William Wordsworth

Volcano! child of fire and earth,
What power controls thy dreadful birth?
What secret cause thy fury feeds?
Why dost thou hurl thy molten seeds?

Thy summit, lost in smoke and cloud,
Hides from the eye the fiery shroud,
That, veil’d in darkness, wraps thy brow,
And hides thy secrets deep below.

But from thy crater, vast and wide,
Where fiery torrents rage and glide,
Huge columns of black smoke ascend,
That o’er the heavens widely blend.

And when the night’s dark mantle falls,
Thy fiery light the sky appals,
And casts a red and lurid glow
On the dark earth and sea below.

Oh, dread volcano! who can tell
What secrets in thy bosom dwell?
What mysteries thy depths unfold?
What powers thy mighty strength uphold?

4. The Eruption of Kilauea

       by Robert Louis Stevenson

Kilauea, red with molten flow,
Thy fiery torrents wildly go.
The earth doth tremble at thy might,
And darkness veils the day from sight.

The mountain shakes, the ground doth rend,
And fiery streams their course extend.
The lava flows, a fiery tide,
And all around is scorched and dried.

The forests burn, the rivers boil,
And all is lost in fiery toil.
But from the midst of smoke and flame,
A new world rises, all the same.

For Kilauea, though it bring
Destruction in its fiery wing,
Doth also bring new life and birth,
To all the scorched and barren earth.

5. Volcano

       by Pablo Neruda

Volcano, volcano,
Towering giant,
With a heart of fire.

You stand so still,
Yet within you,
A fiery storm rages.

Your crater, a gaping maw,
Ready to spew forth
Your molten wrath.

But you are also a giver of life,
Your lava enriching the soil,
Making it fertile,
So that new things may grow.

Volcano, volcano,
We fear you,
But we also respect you.

You are a force of nature,
A reminder of the power
That lies within the earth.

6. Mount Vesuvius

       by Lord Byron

Fair mount! whose brow is wreathed with snow,
And whose green sides the vine-leafs bind,
How little dost thou see below
Of all the loveliness we find!

Thy summit, like a soaring bird,
Looks down upon the earth below,
And sees the cities that have heard
Thy thunder’s voice and seen thy glow.

But thou art silent now and calm,
And o’er thy head the heavens bend.
Thy lava streams have ceased to burn,
And thy fiery breath is spent.

Yet still thy presence fills the air,
And in thy crater’s depths we trace
The memory of that awful night
When Herculaneum met its fate.

7. The Volcano God

       by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There is a god who dwells within
The heart of every burning hill.
His name is Vulcan, and he rules
The fires that rage and never still.

He is a mighty god, and strong,
And all the powers of earth obey.
He shakes the mountains with his voice,
And melts the rocks with fiery ray.

But he is also a kind god,
And gives good gifts to men.
He sends them fire to warm their homes,
And melt the iron in their mines.

He sends them heat to cook their food,
And light to guide them through the night.
He sends them lava to enrich their soil,
And make their fields all green and bright.

So let us praise the volcano god,
For all the good that he has done.
And let us ask him to be kind,
And spare us from his fiery breath.

8. The Volcano’s Fury

       by Anonymous

In the heart of the Earth, a fury sleeps,
A volcano’s secret, so deep and steep.
It lies in slumber for countless years,
As the world spins on, in hopes and fears.

But when the time comes, it awakes with might,
Sending molten lava to the starry night.
It roars and rumbles, its fiery song,
A symphony of nature, powerful and strong.

Its ash-black plumes reach for the sky,
As the land trembles and nearby mountains cry.
In its rage, it reshapes the land,
A reminder of the world’s power, so grand.

9. Volcano’s Whispers

       by Anonymous

Beneath the surface, where tectonic plates meet,
Volcano’s whispers, both fierce and sweet.
Magma flows in chambers, deep and wide,
As pressure builds, nature does confide.

The mountain breathes, a slow inhale,
Its secrets hidden, a fiery tale.
It waits for the moment to take its stand,
And reveal the power in its fiery hand.

But in its calm, it seems so still,
A dormant giant on a quiet hill.
It lulls the world with its peaceful guise,
Yet within, a tempest of fire lies.

10. Ode to the Volcano

       by Anonymous

Oh, volcano, nature’s fiery heart,
Your beauty and power set you apart.
With every eruption, you paint the sky,
In shades of red and orange, you reach so high.

Your lava flows like a river of fire,
Molten passion, an earthbound desire.
You shape the land with your molten might,
A sculptor of landscapes, day and night.

Your crater’s yawn is a window deep,
To Earth’s core, where mysteries keep.
In the midst of your fiery embrace,
We find a connection to this sacred place.

Oh, volcano, in your rumbling voice,
You make the Earth’s story your choice.
A storyteller of ages past and present,
In your eruptions, we find nature’s essence.

Volcano Poems That Rhyme

Experience the rhythmic charm of poems about volcano with rhyme. These carefully crafted poems not only ignite your imagination but also provide a lyrical dance with the fiery world.

1. A Volcano’s Might

       by Anonymous

A volcano’s might, a sight to see,
A mountain of fire, so wild and free.
Its crater roars, its lava flows,
A fiery spectacle that no one knows.

Oh, volcano, volcano, so fierce and grand,
Your power is awe-inspiring, your beauty unplanned.
We fear you, we respect you, we stand in awe,
As you dance with the earth, and answer the call.

2. The Rumbling Volcano

       by Anonymous

The rumbling volcano, a beast so strong,
Its power unleashed, a fiery song.
Ash and smoke fill the air,
As the lava flows, without a care.

Oh, volcano, volcano, so wild and free,
Your fiery breath, a force to see.
We tremble at your might, we bow our heads,
As you remind us of the power that Earth dispels.

3. The Volcano’s Gift

       by Anonymous

The volcano’s gift, a paradox so grand,
Destruction and creation, hand in hand.
The lava flows, the earth does shake,
But new life emerges, in the wake.

Oh, volcano, volcano, so wise and true,
Your dance of fire, a gift anew.
We learn from your power, we respect your might,
As you teach us balance, in the day and night.

4. The Volcano’s Fury

       by Anonymous

The volcano’s fury, a sight so dire,
A molten tempest, rising higher.
The earth trembles, the sky does weep,
As the lava flows, relentless and deep.

Oh, volcano, volcano, so mighty and strong,
Your power reminds us, where we belong.
We stand in awe of your fiery rage,
As you sculpt the landscape, in your fiery stage.

5. The Volcano’s Call

       by Anonymous

The volcano’s call, a primal sound,
A symphony of fire, all around.
The magma boils, the earth does groan,
As the volcano prepares to atone.

Oh, volcano, volcano, so ancient and wise,
Your voice echoes through time, to the endless skies.
We listen intently, to your fiery plea,
As you remind us of the Earth’s majesty.

6. The Volcano’s Dance

       by Anonymous

The volcano’s dance, a graceful sway,
A rhythm of fire, that lights the way.
The lava flows, with molten grace,
As the volcano dances, in its fiery space.

Oh, volcano, volcano, so passionate and free,
Your dance of fire, a sight to see.
We watch in wonder, as you move with ease,
A force of nature, that brings us to our knees.

7. The Volcano’s Heart

       by Anonymous

The volcano’s heart, a fiery core,
A beating pulse, that evermore.
It drives the lava, through the veins,
As the volcano breathes, and sustains.

Oh, volcano, volcano, so powerful and grand,
Your heart of fire, fuels the land.
We respect your strength, we bow our heads,
As you remind us of the power that Earth dispels.

8. The Volcano’s Wisdom

       by Anonymous

The volcano’s wisdom, ancient and deep,
A mystery untold, that we seek to keep.
It holds the secrets of the Earth’s core,
And the power of fire, that we adore.

Oh, volcano, volcano, so wise and true,
Teach us your secrets, we beg of you.
We seek your guidance, in this earthly strife,
As you remind us of the power of life.

9. The Volcano’s Call to Action

       by Anonymous

The volcano’s call to action, a plea so clear,
To protect the Earth, that we hold so dear.
To heal the wounds, that we have inflicted,
And restore the balance, that we have disrupted.

Oh, volcano, volcano, we hear your call,
To rise above our differences, and stand tall.
We unite as one, to protect our home,
And ensure that the Earth, never again roams.

10. The Volcano’s Promise

       by Anonymous

The volcano’s promise, a future so bright,
A world where we live in harmony and light.
Where the Earth is cherished, and all is well,
Where the volcano’s power, rings like a bell.

11. The Fire-King

       by Thomas Campbell

Prince Athanase had one fair daughter,
And one fair daughter only;
And proud was he, for she, he thought,
Had inherited his fame and glory.
Her name was Ada, and a cheek
With love’s own tinge was tender;
The solace and the pride of Age,
With Beauty’s bloom of splendor.

12. Vesuvius

       by Helen Maria Williams

Gigantic flame! Thy awful dart
Unconquerable still shall fly
Plunging into some unwarmed heart
While smokeless yet it climbs the sky.
The cisterns of the northern deep,
The cold cold fountains of the north,
Have ever from the swarthy car
Flown back in surges to their birth.

Final Thoughts

Poems about volcano, like eruptions, carry the power to ignite and inspire.

Whether it’s the best, the famous, the funny, or the concise, these verses capture the essence of these awe-inspiring natural wonders.

Nature’s fury and beauty, brilliantly encapsulated in poetry, remind us of our place in the grand tapestry of the Earth.

Join us in celebrating this unique fusion of science and art, where fiery eruptions meet the eloquence of words.

Let your inner fire continue to burn brightly as you explore the wonders of the volcanic world through volcano poetry.

As we conclude our exploration of volcano poems, we invite you to share your thoughts and insights in the comments below.

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