136 Sports Poems That Will Spark Your Passion

Do you have a passion for sports?

Are you looking for inspiration and motivation to get back into your sport of choice, or even try a new one?

We’ve compiled some powerful, inspirational sports poems here.

As basketball legend Michael Jordan puts it: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot … but I have failed over and over again in my life; That is why I succeed”

You will find this same determined mentality echoed throughout these amazing poems about sports.

This sports poetry will ignite your inner athlete and get those muscles working!

So whether it’s basketball, baseball, soccer or something else that gets your blood flowing let these poetic masterpieces inspire you to go out there and achieve greatness!

Best Sports Poems

Whether you’re a sports fanatic or simply appreciate the art of poetry, these best poems about sports are bound to stir up emotions you didn’t even know existed. So why not give them a read? You never know, they might just be the motivation you need to up your game, whatever that may be.

1. Casey at the Bat

       by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Mudville nine that day:
The score stood four to two, with but one inning more to play.
And then when Cooney died at first, and Barrows did the same,
A sickly silence fell upon the patrons of the game.

2. The Face on the Barroom Floor

       by Hugh Antoine d’Arcy

There was a face on the barroom floor,
They say it was a bet,
A wager laid down by a foolish cuss,
That he could paint a perfect portrait,
Of any man, or maid, or beast,
Or bird, or fish, or breeze,
In just one minute flat,
Without a single pause or rest.

3. The Rookie

       by Edgar Guest

He came to us from somewhere far away,
A youngster with a dream in his heart,
To play the game and play it well,
And prove himself a worthy part.
His spirit shone as bright as gold,
As he took the field with fire in his soul.

4. Momentum

       by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Momentum, however, was not lacking; indeed,
It had been building up, like a rolling stone,
Through weeks and months of training, until it reached
A point where something had to happen soon.
So here we were, with fate about to break,
And every muscle tense, and nerves awake.

5. Ex-Basketball Player

       by John Updike

He still gets letters, now and then,
From colleges he’s never heard of,
Wanting him to come and speak,
But he’s too busy with his car dealership.

6. Song at the Year’s Turning

       by E. Pauline Johnson

When the year turns, and the seasons change,
And winter’s frost begins to range,
I think of football, and the games we played,
In days gone by, when life was less staid.

7. The Umpire

       by J.C. Squire

He stands behind the plate, unflinchingly,
A monarch in his realm of dust and grass,
His word is law, his voice is shrill and clear,
He holds the game within his steady hand.

8. The Race

       by Danny Berry

The race began with five runners strong,
Each one determined to reach the throng,
Of fans who cheered them on their way,
To victory in this grueling fray.

9. The Boxer

       by W.E. Henley

In the ring, he fought with grace and skill,
His footwork swift, his punches sharp and chill,
He dodged and feinted, slipped and slid,
His opponents falling ‘neath his feet like wheat.

10. The Golf Course

       by Arthur Guiterman

Here lies the golfer, full of hapless pluck,
Who strode the links, a hero of no luck,
His drives went wild, his puts missed the hole,
His scorecard read like an epic tale of woe.

11. The Runner

       by Robert Haven Schauffler

He runs through rain, through snow, through heat,
Through darkness, dawn, and blinding light,
He runs for fun, for health, for fame,
For records, trophies, and the thrill of the game.

12. The Skater

       by Anonymous

She skates across the ice with ease,
Her movements fluid, smooth, and free,
She twirls and spins, she glides and plays,
Her beauty leaves the crowd in endless praise.

Famous Sports Poems

Are you looking for some inspiration to light your fire for sports? Look no further than these sports poems by famous poets! Each one is crafted with intense passion and dedication, just like the athletes they celebrate. Take a look!

1. At Lord’s

       by Francis Thompson

It is little I repair to the matches of the Southron folk,
Though my own red roses there may blow;
It is little I repair to the matches of the Southron folk,
Though the red roses crest the caps, I know.
For the field is full of shades as I near a shadowy coast,
And a ghostly batsman plays to the bowling of a ghost,
And I look through my tears on a soundless-clapping host
As the run stealers flicker to and fro,
To and fro:
O my Hornby and my Barlow long ago …

2. Twice a Week the Winter thorough

       by A. E. Housman

Twice a week the winter thorough
Here stood I to keep the goal:
Football then was fighting sorrow
For the young man’s soul.

Now in Maytime to the wicket
Out I march with bat and pad:
See the son of grief at cricket
Trying to be glad.

Try I will; no harm in trying:
Wonder ’tis how little mirth
Keeps the bones of man from lying
On the bed of earth.

3. Vitai Lampada

       by Henry Newbolt

There’s a breathless hush in the Close to-night –
Ten to make and the match to win –
A bumping pitch and a blinding light,
An hour to play and the last man in.
And it’s not for the sake of a ribboned coat,
Or the selfish hope of a season’s fame,
But his Captain’s hand on his shoulder smote –
‘Play up! play up! and play the game!’

4. The Basketball Player

       by Claude McKay

He shoots, he scores, the crowd goes wild,
This player’s skills are truly undefiled,
He dribbles left, he dribbles right,
He fakes, he shoots, it’s all a delight.

5. Invictus

       by William Ernest Henley

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

6. The Runner

       by Henry Abbey

The runner strains against the wind,
His body’s weight upon his knee,
His heart beats fast against his chest,
His goal, the line he cannot see.

The crowd is wild, the voices rise,
Their cheers like waves of sound they send,
He hears them faintly, as in dreams,
His senses on the goal attend.

He sees the line, he leaps, he falls,
His hands outstretched across the tape,
And then the world goes dark and still,
And he is wrapped in dreams of escape.

7. The Derby Day

       by William Haines Lytle

Six gallant steeds with outstretched necks,
Along the course like lightning flew;
The crowd, with eager eyes and necks,
Watched the fierce struggle, old and new.

The riders, clad in silks so bright,
Their whips upon the coursers fell,
The horses foaming in the fight,
Struggling to break the magic spell.

The goal is reached, the steeds are reined,
The victor thunders through the crowd,
The Derby Day is now attained,
And victory’s praises long and loud.

8. To a Tennis Player

       by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The ball flies back and forth, a dance,
A game of skill, a test of nerve,
Your muscles tense, your eyes entrance,
As you the final point preserve.

The crowd applauds, the match is done,
You stand a victor, tall and proud,
Your victory hard-won, yet well-won,
A triumph of the spirit endowed.

Funny Sports Poems

If you’re looking for a bit of humor in your sports passion, we’ve got just the thing for you. These funny poems about sports are sure to spark your interest with clever rhymes and hilarious narratives. So if you’re in the mood for some lighthearted fun that will amp up your athletic enthusiasm, definitely check them out!

1. The Baseball Game

       by William Ernest Henley

The pitcher winds up, the batter swings,
The ball heads straight for the bleachers, it brings
A mighty roar from the crowd, it’s a home run!
But wait, the umpire calls it a foul, what fun?

2. The Football Match

       by W.S. Gilbert

The players storm the field, they kick and fight,
The referee blows his whistle with all his might,
The crowd cheers on their team, it’s quite a sight,
But oh no, a penalty, that’s just not right!

3. The Golfer’s Lament

       by Anonymous

Oh golf, you cruel mistress, how you taunt me so,
My swing is weak, my putts are slow,
I hit the ball into the woods, or worse, the water,
Why do I bother, why do I bother?

4. The Tennis Tournament

       by Ogden Nash

The tennis balls fly back and forth,
The players grunt and sweat, it’s quite a show,
But watch out for that tricky serve,
It might just make you lose your composure, for sure!

5. The Boxing Match

       by Robert Service

The boxers dance around the ring, they jab and hook,
The crowd roars on, it’s a real good book,
But suddenly, a knockout punch, oh dear!
One of them falls, the other wins, it’s quite queer.

6. The Runner’s Dilemma

       by anonymous

I want to run, I want to race,
But oh no, I have a case,
Of the runs, of the trots, of the squits,
How can I run when I need to sit?

7. The Skier’s Delight

       by anonymous

Down the mountain, fast as light,
I ski and swoosh with all my might,
But watch out for that tree, it’s quite sly,
I don’t want to end up in a heap, oh me, oh my!

8. The Fishing Trip

       by Charles Ghigna

We cast our lines, we wait and hope,
A big fat fish will soon be scope,
But oh no, a turtle bites the bait,
And off he goes, with our line and float!

9. The Hiker’s Misery

       by anonymous

Up the mountain, step by step,
I hike and climb, I’m quite a geep,
But look out for that rock, it’s quite steep,
I don’t want to fall and land on my sleep!

10. The Bowler’s Blues

       by anonymous

I roll the ball, I aim so true,
But oh no, it hits the side, it’s what I do,
I get a spare, I’m feeling fine,
But then I throw a gutter ball, oh what a crime!

11. Ode to the Couch Potato

       by anonymous

In a world of sports and feats,
There’s one athlete hard to beat.
The Couch Potato, champion at rest,
Remote control in hand, truly the best.

12. The Ballad of the Awkward Athlete

       by anonymous

There once was a player, a bit uncoordinated,
Tripped on the field, while teammates celebrated.
With limbs all a-flail, a comedic display,
A sports blooper reel, in a league of its own, they say.

13. The Golfer’s Lament

       by anonymous

On the green, a golfer did pine,
Oh, cursed ball, you’re not mine!
Swinging with might, and missing the hole,
His frustration grew, a story oft told.

14. The Marathon Snacker

       by anonymous

In a race of endurance, he aimed to compete,
Snacking on chips and sweets, a tasty feat.
But as runners passed, he sat on a bench,
Eating his snacks, not running an inch.

15. The Unathletic Anthem

       by anonymous

To the unathletic, we raise a cheer,
No skill in sports, but we’re full of cheer.
We may fumble and stumble, but oh, what fun,
Our lack of athleticism, second to none.

16. The Soccer Clown

       by anonymous

On the soccer field, a clown did prance,
Juggling the ball, a comical dance.
His kicks were wild, his goals askew,
A laughter-filled match, the crowd it drew.

17. Tennis Tantrum

       by anonymous

With a racquet in hand, he served and swung,
But missed the ball; oh, how his temper flung!
A racket sailed, balls bounced astray,
In the world of tennis, not his day.

18. The Bowling Blues

       by anonymous

Bowling balls rolled, pins stood tall,
But every toss led to a gutter ball.
With each failed attempt, a sigh and a frown,
Bowling skills lost, the laughter of the town.

19. The Fishing Fiasco

       by anonymous

He cast his line into the lake,
But the fish were smart; they wouldn’t take.
With bait and hook, he tried in vain,
Fishing skills, a comedic refrain.

20. The Yoga Yarn

       by anonymous

In the gym, he tried yoga’s art,
Twisting and turning, a pose fell apart.
Downward dog turned to awkward frog,
A yogic journey, a humorous slog.

Short Sports Poems

Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, soccer, or any other sport out there, you’ll find these short poems about sports speaks to you and your passion. So, take a break from your regular routine and immerse yourself in the world of sports through the eyes of a poet. Trust us, your passion for sports will only ignite further.

1. The Ball

       by John Updike

A ball is round, a globe, a sphere,
A thing of beauty, moving through the air.
In games, we use it, play and strife,
To test our strength, our courage, and our life.

2. The Race

       by Eavan Boland

They ran as if they were one body,
Each step a single thought, a single breath.
The finish line was nothing but a shadow,
As they crossed it, first and second, death and life.

3. The Player

       by Edgar Allan Poe

Once upon a midnight dreary, while he pondered, weak and weary,
Suddenly there came a knocking, a tapping at his chamber door.
‘Tis some player, he muttered, tapping at my chamber door –
Only this and nothing more.

4. The Swimmer

       by Mary Oliver

He swims, he swims, he swims,
With joy, with ease, with grace,
Through the blue, blue water,
Like a fish, like a dream, like a prayer.

5. The Ride

       by Anne Sexton

I ride, I ride, I ride,
Through fields of green and gold,
With wind in hair, with sun on face,
Feeling alive, feeling whole.

6. The Team

       by Shel Silverstein

We’re a team, we’re a crew,
We’re together, we’re strong and true,
We’ll stick together, we’ll see it through,
For we’re a team, we’re a team, we’re a team.

7. The Coach

       by Donald Hall

Coach, mentor, guide, and friend,
You taught us all, you never ended,
Your wisdom, patience, and love,
Will forever be sent from above.

8. The Fans

       by Philip Larkin

They come, they go, they cheer, they boo,
Their voices echo, loud and true,
For they are fans, they live and breathe,
Their team, their passion, their everything they clutch.

9. The Field

       by Jane Hirshfield

Green grass, soft earth, a place to play,
Where dreams are made, where lives are shaped,
The field is sacred, pure and clean,
Where heroes rise, where legends gleam.

10. The Game

       by Michael Harper

The game is won, the game is lost,
The clock ticks on, the final cost,
The players leave, the crowd departs,
The game remains, etched in hearts.

11. The Ball

       by John Berryman

The ball, it bounces,
It bounces high,
It bounces low.
It bounces to and fro.

12. The Race

       by Ogden Nash

They’re off!
They’re off!
And now they’re gone.
The race is on.

Inspirational Sports Poems

Are you a sports enthusiast looking for a little inspiration? Look no further than these inspirational poems about sports! They’re the perfect way to spark your passion and motivate you to achieve your athletic goals. So why not take a few minutes to peruse this collection? Who knows, you might just find the words you need to push yourself to the next level.

1. Victory

       by Vince Lombardi

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.

2. The Champion’s Creed

       by Anonymous

I am a champion, because I believe in myself.
I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
I will not let fear hold me back, nor will I allow doubt to creep in.
I will push myself to the limit and beyond,
Because I am a champion, and champions never give up.

3. The Athlete’s Prayer

       by Father John D. LaFarge

Dear Lord, help me to play my best today,
Not for the glory or the praise,
But for the sake of the game itself,
And for the joy that it brings.

4. The Joy of Sports

       by Howard Thurman

There is a certain sense of joy that comes from playing sports,
A feeling that cannot be bought or sold.
It is the joy of movement, the thrill of competition,
The satisfaction of pushing oneself to new heights.

5. The Power of Dreams

       by Nelson Mandela

Sport has the power to change the world.
It has the power to inspire, to unite people,
To make them forget their differences and come together.
It has the power to create hope,
To bring people together,
To make us realize that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves.

6. The Strength of a Warrior

       by Anonymous

A warrior does not need to fight to prove their strength.
Their strength is measured by their ability to keep going,
Even when things seem impossible,
Even when they feel like giving up.

7. The Heart of a Champion

       by Anonymous

A champion is not defined by their wins,
But by how they respond to their losses.
They don’t give up, they don’t quit,
They keep fighting, they keep pushing,
Until they reach their goals.

8. The Spirit of Sportsmanship

       by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sports are a symbol of the goodness of humanity.
They represent the highest ideals of human behavior –
Fairness, honor, generosity, and respect.
They remind us that we are all connected,
That we are all part of something larger than ourselves.

9. The Gift of Sports

       by Mia Hamm

Sports have given me so much in my life.
They have taught me about hard work, perseverance, and discipline.
They have shown me the value of teamwork and friendship.
Most importantly, they have given me a platform to make a difference in the world.

10. The Champion Within

       by Anonymous

In every heart, a champion dwells,
A spirit that rises, triumphs, excels.
Through sweat and tears, on fields of play,
The champion within, guides the way.

11. Beyond the Finish Line

       by Anonymous

Beyond the finish line, where dreams unfold,
A journey of courage, a story to be told.
In every stride, in every race,
The spirit of a champion finds its grace.

12. Courage on the Court

       by Anonymous

On the basketball court, where giants roam,
Courageous hearts find a second home.
Dribble through challenges, soar to the skies,
In the arena of courage, where true strength lies.

13. The Hurdles of Life

       by Anonymous

Life’s hurdles may seem tall and wide,
But with each leap, you’ll reach the other side.
Run the race with strength and grace,
Triumph awaits at life’s relentless pace.

14. The Power of Team

       by Anonymous

United on the field, a team stands strong,
A symphony of effort, where each belongs.
Together they rise, together they fall,
In the power of team, they conquer all.

15. A Soccer Sonnet

       by Anonymous

In the soccer field, where dreams take flight,
Each goal scored is a victory in the night.
Feet that dance with the ball’s sweet song,
Inspiring a team, helping them belong.

16. Swimming Against the Current

       by Anonymous

In the pool of challenges, swim against the tide,
Strength within, a constant guide.
Break through waves of doubt and fear,
The champion’s heart, crystal clear.

17. Mountain Peak Reflections

       by Anonymous

Climbing peaks, where the air is thin,
Each step a triumph over doubt within.
Summit reached, a view so divine,
Inspirational echoes through mountain pine.

18. The Marathoner’s Anthem

       by Anonymous

A marathon of miles, a journey long,
Each step a testament, each stride strong.
Endurance tested, but spirits high,
The marathoner’s anthem, echoing the sky.

19. Victory’s Echo

       by Anonymous

In the stadium’s roar, victory’s echo,
A chorus of triumph, a radiant glow.
Beyond the scoreboard, beyond the cheers,
The heart of a champion conquers fears.

Sports Poems That Rhyme

These poems about sports that rhyme are not only catchy and fun to recite, but they also capture the essence of what makes sports so exhilarating. So go ahead, check them out and let the passion for sports inside you come to life!

1. The Basketball Game

       by Eve Merriam

The basketball game, it was a sight to see,
Fast breaks and dunks, oh what glee!
The crowd cheered loud, they had a blast,
As the home team won, at last.

2. The Boxer

       by Paul Laurence Dunbar

The boxer stood, with fists held tight,
Ready to fight, for what was right.
He danced around, with footwork fine,
And delivered blows, like a rhyming line.

3. The Football Game

       by Lola Ridge

The football game, it was a thrill,
The tackles fierce, the passes real.
The quarterback led, with calls so clear,
And the running backs ran, without fear.

4. The Golfer

       by William Wordsworth

The golfer swung, with graceful ease,
His balls flew high, with gentle breeze.
He walked the course, with steady pace,
And sank his putts, with a smiling face.

5. The Hockey Game

       by Bliss Carman

The hockey game, it was a treat,
The skaters glided, with nimble feet.
The puck went flying, with swift release,
And the goalie saved, with expertise.

6. The Runner

       by Robert Frost

The runner ran, with steady breath,
Through hills and valleys, he found his death.
He pushed himself, with every stride,
And crossed the finish line, with pride inside.

7. The Skier

       by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The skier swooshed, down mountain steep,
With graceful turns, she showed her skill.
She carved through snow, with effortless glide,
And reached the bottom, with a joyful slide.

8. The Soccer Game

       by Eleanor Farjeon

The soccer game, it was a show,
The players passed, with skills to know.
They kicked and chased, with energy abounds,
And scored goals, with resounding sounds.

9. The Swimmer

       by Carl Sandburg

The swimmer strode, through water blue,
With powerful arms, he cut through too.
He lapped the pool, with steady pace,
And touched the wall, with winning grace.

10. The Tennis Match

       by Alan Seeger

The tennis match, it was a battle royal,
The players volleyed, with each shot loyal.
They served and returned, with precision keen,
And fought for points, with honor clean.

11. The Boxer

       by Joe Frazier

The boxer stands, a figure bold,
His muscles rippling, strong and lean,
His eyes aglow, his heart of gold,
A warrior in a ring serene.

He faces off, his foe in sight,
The bell rings loud, the fight begins,
They clash and strike, with all their might,
A dance of fury, where the spirit wins.

The crowd goes wild, the tension high,
The punches fly, like lightning’s gleam,
The boxer fights, with tear in eye,
A battle fought against the stream.

The final bell, the fight is done,
The boxer falls, his body spent,
The victor stands, his fight well-won,
A hero’s tale, forever bent.

12. The Swimmer

       by Marianne Moore

Like an athlete, stripped bare,
The swimmer takes the water,
A sleek and gliding form,
A fish in human nature.

Through waves he cuts his way,
A figure swift and brave,
All play and skill and daring.
How like a dolphin!

13. The Skater’s Valediction

       by John Banister Tabb

Now to the forward-flowing stream,
Where all things go,
And to the open, endless way,
I let my vessel flow.

With one long, glorious flight, I sweep
Unto the infinite sea,
And, like the swans that sing and die,
I fade to mystery.

14. The Base Ball Player’s Creed

       by Charles Henry Webb

The base ball player’s creed I hold,
Though some may laugh to scorn,
To play the game with heart and soul,
And never play forlorn.

To play it clean, and fair and true,
This creed I’ll always hold,
And when my days are done, I’ll say,
I played my part, I’m bold.

15. The Tennis Player’s Serve

       by William Ernest Henley

A flash of white, a swift and deadly blow,
The ball flies o’er the net, a whistling foe,
The player stands, with victory’s glow,
A conqueror of the court, a champion of the show.

16. The Gymnast’s Grace

       by Ogden Nash

The gymnast twirls, a graceful form,
Her body light, her spirit warm,
She leaps and bounds, without a pause,
A symphony of grace and laws.

17. The Golfer’s Swing

       by John Berryman

The golfer swings, his club arcing high,
The ball soars upward, like an eagle in the sky,
It lands upon the green, so true and straight,
A perfect shot, a golfer’s fate.

Sports Poems for Kids

Whether your little one is a budding basketball player or a soccer superstar in the making, these poems about sports for kids are perfect for sparking their passion and getting them amped up and ready to play. So take a look and see which ones catch your eye – your kids are sure to love them!

1. Baseball

       by David McCord

Baseball, baseball, game of games,
With its rituals, its rules, its fame.
From the pitcher’s mound to the batter’s plate,
It’s a game of skill, it’s a game of fate.

2. Basketball

       by Eloise Greenfield

Basketball, basketball, fast and free,
With a hoop and a ball, you can be me.
I shoot, I score, I spin and twirl,
In this game of speed, I love to whirl.

3. Football

       by Aileen Fisher

Football, football, tough and strong,
With a pigskin ball, we play all day long.
We run and catch, we block and tackle,
In this rough and tumble sport, we grapple.

4. Soccer

       by J. Patrick Lewis

Soccer, soccer, beautiful game,
With a ball and cleats, no need to explain.
From the field to the goal, we kick and chase,
In this international sport, we embrace.

5. Softball

       by Alice Low

Softball, softball, sister to base,
With a bigger ball, we play with grace.
We swing and hit, we run and slide,
In this summer sport, we take our ride.

6. Swimming

       by Myra Cohn Livingston

Swimming, swimming, stroke by stroke,
In the pool, we exercise and croak.
With freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly,
We splash and laugh, we dive and fly.

7. Tennis

       by John Updike

Tennis, tennis, game of elegance,
With a racket and ball, we dance and prance.
We serve and volley, we lob and slice,
In this sport of style, we win with finesse.

8. Track and Field

       by E. Pauline Johnson

Track and field, where athletes meet,
To race and jump, to throw and beat.
From sprints to marathons, we run with speed,
In this Olympic sport, we plant our seed.

9. Volleyball

       by X.J. Kennedy

Volleyball, volleyball, game of height,
With a net and ball, we leap with delight.
We spike and block, we dig and pass,
In this team sport, we have a blast.

10. Golf

       by William D. O’Brien

Golf, golf, game of patience and skill,
With clubs and balls, we aim to fulfill.
From tee to green, we swing and pray,
In this sport of accuracy, we play.

11. Soccer Stars

       by Anonymous

On the field where green grass grows,
Soccer stars in action, watch them go!
Kicking and scoring, a game so grand,
In the soccer kingdom, a joyful land.

12. Basketball Buddies

       by Anonymous

Dribble, shoot, and score the hoop,
Basketball buddies, a playful group.
Jumping high with each bounce,
On the court, laughter announces.

13. The Littlest Runner

       by Anonymous

Tiny shoes on the track so wide,
The littlest runner takes it in stride.
Across the field, a dash so fleet,
Little legs, a rhythmic beat.

14. Tennis Tunes

       by Anonymous

Racket in hand, on the court they stand,
Tennis tunes played across the land.
Swing and serve, a match begun,
Kids playing tennis, having so much fun.

15. Baseball Dreams

       by Anonymous

Batter up! The pitch is thrown,
Baseball dreams in a field well-known.
Run the bases, under the sun’s gleam,
Little leaguers chase their baseball dream.

16. Golf Giggles

       by Anonymous

Golf clubs in hand, a swing so sweet,
Little golfers aim for a hole-in-one feat.
Giggles and cheers as the ball takes flight,
In the mini golf course, pure delight.

17. Cheerleading Cheers

       by Anonymous

Pom-poms shake and voices cheer,
On the sidelines, they’re loud and clear.
Cheerleading kids, full of pep,
Spreading joy with each joyful step.

18. Hockey Harmony

       by Anonymous

On the ice, where cool winds blow,
Hockey sticks in hand, to and fro.
Sliding and gliding, a puck in sight,
Kids playing hockey, a thrilling night.

19. Volleyball Victory

       by Anonymous

Volleyball nets and sandy ground,
Kids playing, laughter all around.
Bump, set, spike, a perfect play,
Victory in the sun, a shining day.

20. Swimming Splash

       by Anonymous

In the pool, where waters gleam,
Kids swim like fish, a dreamy scene.
Splashes and giggles, strokes so grand,
Little swimmers, a water wonderland.

21. The Basketball Player’s Dream

       by Ogden Nash

The basketball player, tall and sleek,
With moves so quick, they make you weak,
He dribbles past, a blur in sight,
A scoring machine, a daydream’s light.

22. The Soccer Star

       by John Berryman

The soccer star, with nimble feet,
Dances around the field, oh so sweet,
He passes left, he passes right,
The crowd goes wild, with all their might.

23. The Baseball Hero

       by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

The baseball hero, standing tall,
With bat in hand, prepared to ball,
He swings with power, the ball takes flight,
A home run grand, a dazzling sight.

24. The Football Kicker

       by William Ernest Henley

The football kicker, strong and bold,
With nerves of steel, his story told,
He lines up straight, he takes his stance,
The ball flies high, with perfect chance.

25. The Runner’s Pace

       by Ogden Nash

The runner’s pace, a steady beat,
His feet pound fast, his heart does meet,
He pushes on, through wind and rain,
A champion’s spirit, free from pain.

Sports Poems for High School

These poems will light a fire in your heart and reignite your passion for your sport. So, go ahead and check them out. Discover the power of words and how they can fuel your drive and determination.

1. The Team

       by Edgar Guest

The team, the team, the team,
A unity of purpose, a bond of dreams.
With each player working hard and well,
Together they can conquer hell.

2. Hoop Dreams

       by Kevin Powell

Hoop dreams, they rise from concrete floors,
Where sweat and tears mix with blacktop roars.
In gyms across America, they come alive,
Young bloods with hearts that thrive.

3. Friday Night Lights

       by H.G. Bissinger

Friday night lights, they shine so bright,
On fields of green, where heroes fight.
The crowd cheers on, as players clash,
In this Texas town, where football’s a rush.

4. The Last Shot

       by Darryl Pinckney

The last shot, it lingers in the air,
As time expires, the buzzer sounds unfair.
But still we try, we give our all,
For victory, we never lose our gall.

5. Rivals

       by Jeffrey Brown

Rivals, they stand across the way,
With eyes that burn, and hearts of bay.
Their jerseys red, ours blue and white,
We battle hard, day and night.

6. March Madness

       by Adrian Matejka

March madness, it’s a crazy time,
When brackets bust, and upsets climb.
From mid-court shots, to buzzer beaters,
This tournament’s full of thrill seekers.

7. The Perfect Game

       by Steven Frank

The perfect game, it’s rare and sweet,
No hits, no runs, just pure heat.
The pitcher throws, the defense tight,
A masterpiece, a work of art tonight.

8. The Football Hero

       by John Berryman

In Friday night’s electric blaze,
Where passions clash in youthful haze,
The football hero stands so tall,
A figure etched against the fall.

With grit and grace, he weaves his way,
Through tangled lines, where rivals sway,
His every move, a calculated art,
A dance of skill, a beating heart.

The crowd erupts, a frenzied roar,
As he breaks free, forevermore,
Across the field, he sprints with glee,
A touchdown’s touch, a victory.

In triumph’s glow, he lifts his arms,
A symbol of the game’s alarms,
A hero born, a legend made,
In Friday night’s electric shade.

9. The Basketball Court

       by Ogden Nash

The basketball court, a hallowed space,
Where dreams take flight, and spirits race,
Here, sneakers squeak, and whistles blow,
As players clash, and passions grow.

The ball arcing through the air,
A symphony of motion, beyond compare,
Hands reach high, to block the shot,
As bodies collide, a fervent knot.

The crowd’s roar, a thunderous sound,
Echos through the gym, unbound,
Cheering on their heroes bold,
Whose stories yet will be told.

In this arena of sweat and grace,
Where legends rise, and dreams embrace,
The basketball court, a vibrant stage,
Where youthful passions freely rage.

10. The Swimmer’s Discipline

       by William Ernest Henley

In depths of blue, where silence reigns,
The swimmer glides, with unwavering veins,
A symphony of motion, sleek and strong,
Through water’s realm, he carves his song.

Each stroke a testament to will,
A battle fought, with utmost skill,
Against the drag, the resistance deep,
The swimmer strives, his spirit to keep.

His breath controlled, his heart ablaze,
He pushes on, through endless haze,
A solitary figure, yet so grand,
In this aquatic battle, he takes a stand.

The swimmer’s discipline, a beacon bright,
A testament to human might,
In depths of blue, he finds his grace,
A champion of the underwater race.

11. The Gymnast’s Aeriel Display

       by Marianne Moore

On balance beams, with poise so fine,
The gymnast twirls, a form divine,
Her body light, her spirit free,
A symphony of motion, ecstasy.

Through air she soars, with graceful flight,
A daring leap, a breathtaking sight,
Her hands outstretched, like wings so wide,
A bird in motion, with wings untied.

The crowd holds breath, as she descends,
A silent prayer, as she amends,
Her landing soft, a perfect art,
A masterpiece of skill, from heart to heart.

The gymnast’s grace, a sight to see,
A symbol of human artistry,
In aerial dance, she finds her fame,
A legend etched in sport’s grand game.

12. The Golfer’s Patience

       by Charles Henry Webb

On verdant greens, beneath the sun’s warm gaze,
The golfer stands, with steady gaze,
His club poised high, his mind attuned,
To conquer par, a victory he’s yearned.

With measured swing, he sends the ball,
Arcing through air, heeding his call,
It lands upon the green, so true and straight,
A perfect shot, a golfer’s fate.

Through sun and shade, he plays his round,
With patience deep, a steadfast bound,
Each stroke a calculation, each step a plan,
A game of finesse, for every man.

The golfer’s patience, a guiding light,
In every swing, he finds his might,
On verdant greens, his legacy will grow,
A master of the game, a name we know.

13. The Tennis Player’s Serve

       by Edna St. Vincent Millay

With racquet poised, a moment’s pause,
The tennis player plots her cause,
Her eyes focused, her spirit keen,
To unleash a serve, a sight to glean.

The ball flies high, a lightning spark,
Across the net, it leaves its mark,
Her opponent lunges, but to no avail,
The serve is swift, a winning trail.

The crowd applauds, a thunderous sound,
As the point is claimed, with victory crowned,
The tennis player stands, her racquet raised,
A champion’s spirit, forever praised.

14. Friday Night Lights

       by Anonymous

Beneath the Friday night lights we stand,
A stadium filled, a roaring band.
Football heroes, helmets gleaming bright,
In the clash of titans, a thrilling fight.

15. Track and Field Anthem

       by Anonymous

On the track where speed is king,
Runners sprint, and high jumpers spring.
Pole vaulters soar, and shot-putters heave,
In the field, where dreams achieve.

16. Basketball Rhythms

       by Anonymous

Basketball court, the hardwood floor,
Squeaking sneakers, a rhythm to adore.
Dribble and pass, a strategic game,
High school hoops, forever in fame.

17. Soccer Sonnet

       by Anonymous

On the soccer pitch, in the setting sun,
Battles fought, and victories won.
Cleats in the grass, a strategic dance,
High school soccer, a match of chance.

18. Diamond Dreams

       by Anonymous

Baseball diamond, a field of dreams,
Cracking bats and cheering teams.
Pitcher’s mound, where legends rise,
High school baseball, under open skies.

19. Swimmer’s Reflection

       by Anonymous

In the pool’s embrace, where waters gleam,
Swimmers dive, chasing the dream.
Strokes in rhythm, laps so strong,
High school swimmers, a melody long.

20. Golfing Greens

       by Anonymous

On the greens where the fairways bend,
Golfers swing, their patience to extend.
Birdies and bogeys, a round well-played,
High school golfers, in the sun’s warm shade.

21. Tennis Triumph

       by Anonymous

Racket in hand, on the court we sway,
Tennis brings joy in the light of day.
Aces served, and rallies spun,
High school tennis, matches to be won.

22. Volleyball Victory

       by Anonymous

Bumping and spiking, a court alive,
Volleyball players in a rhythmic dive.
Sets and blocks, a strategic quest,
High school volleyball, at its best.

23. Wrestling Warriorss

       by Anonymous

On the mat, where strength contends,
Wrestlers grapple, and spirit transcends.
Pins and holds, a battle intense,
High school wrestling, warriors in defense.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, there is a wide range of sports poetry out there that can stir our passions and inspire us.

Whether it’s a poem about basketball, running, soccer, football, or volleyball – there is something for everyone.

These sports poems demonstrate the power of sports and how they can evoke emotion from us no matter the context.

It is heartwarming to see athletes put their full effort into their endeavors and it is even more special when this is produced through art in the form of poetry.

We hope this list of inspiring poems about sports reignited your passion for your favorite sport or pushed you to explore constitutional ones!

Please comment in the comments section below about what inspired you in these poems.

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