17 Awesome Spice Rack Ideas to Make Cooking More Fun

When cooking, nothing is more bothersome than being unable to find an ingredient or two due to the fact that we can’t remember where we put them. This is a tiny trouble and easily avoidable but still frustrating. What you need are some creative spice rack ideas to help you keep your ingredients in a manner that you can locate them easily.

There are several ways you can manage your spice rack. Ranging from adding shelves in the kitchen door, additional storage space in the lower kitchen cabinet, under the stove, to making DIY shelves. Alright, without more delay, below are our ideas that will certainly make cooking more fun.

Pantry Door Spice Racks

Lack of storage space is a common trouble, consisting of in the kitchen area. Even if we appear to have sufficient storage space for our stuff, having extra storage is always nice. If you don’t have any kind of extra space left, then all you can do is to be imaginative. Below’s one of them: add racks behind your pantry door.

Mounting racks on the pantry door is an imaginative means to make your flavor much more workable or if you just intend to add extra storage space. It does not take much to create, also. As long as there suffices room for the racks when you close the door, you can develop this sort of storage quickly.

Cupboard racks are commonly used to offer additional storage space for the cooking area. And additional storage space is constantly welcome, particularly in the cooking area. Obtain inspired by our kitchen shelving ideas right here.

Pallet Spice rack

Alright, so you have extra pallets in your home. You need a spice rack in the kitchen too. What can you do? Well, why not repurpose the pallets as well as transform them into a flavor shelf? By doing this, you do not need to spend a lot of money on your spice rack.

What you require to do is to set up the pallets into a straightforward closet shape. Just keep this set point in mind: make sure that the pallets are strong sufficient to hold all your spice. If you enjoy DIY, this is absolutely among the most effective spice rack ideas for you.

Spice Rack inside the Cabinet

Having a spice rack is one thing. Having a conveniently accessible and workable spice rack is one more. If you desire the last, you can copy the spice rack in the picture over. As opposed to leaving the lower closet empty as well as unused, connect retractable shelves in it.

With retractable racks, you will have the ability to

  • access your flavor quickly
  • tidy the shelves thoroughly
  • set up the spice with no problem

Simply put, due to the retractable racks the spice rack is conveniently workable. Wonderful, isn’t it?

How does your kitchen cabinet appear like? Does it look intriguing or boring? If you require some understanding for your kitchen cabinet, you must check out our kitchen cabinet ideas.

Wall Spice rack

Suppose your pantry door or lower kitchen cabinet can’t be utilized as spice rack? Examine your kitchen walls. Possibilities are there is empty space that you don’t make use of. The next point to do is to mount 1 or 2 shelves to be your spice rack.

Open wall-mounted flavor shelf like the above is extremely functional. You can take what you need and also place it back in promptly.

Hidden Spice rack

Following is one more example of DIY spice rack ideas. When looking for a spice rack for your kitchen, constantly keep your alternative open. If you can’t buy a spice rack that you like, you can constantly make it yourself.

With DIY spice rack, you will certainly be free to determine the size, the shape and also the design of the rack. If you worry the rack not looking great, the above image you simply saw is an example of a DIY spice rack. Look simple? Yes, however it looks nice also.

Wall-mounted Simple Rack

Minimalists say that much less is a lot more. In many cases, the stating is true. The above is a fine example of it. The wall-mounted wooden rack is really straightforward.

Yet, it has all that is required for a spice rack. Room for flavor? Inspect. Space for various other ingredients? Inspect. Space to hang cooking tools? Additionally check.

The perk is that you can make a flavor shelf like the above quickly. Not just that, you do not have to get wooden boards to make it if you have unused old wooden boards. You can simply recycle them right into a fine-looking spice rack.

Under the Stove

The range is most likely among one of the most previously owned food preparation tools. Thus, it is all-natural to place the spice rack near the oven. But what if there disappears area offered near the range? Well, in that situation, why not place your spice rack under your cooktop?

A spice rack under the stove can make cooking easier and also extra delightful. You can simply reach whatever components you require and put them in your food preparation. No more connecting to the closet.

Test Tube Spice Rack

Our previous flavor storage space ideas deal only with the functional side of a spice rack. What regarding the enjoyable side? There is no limit on exactly how creative you can be with your flavor shelf. Here’s a fun idea: put your components in test tubes as well as connected them to a wall.

Appears fun? Obviously. Remarkable? Undeniably. With these “test tubes” currently you prepare to trying out your cooking.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Next on our spice rack ideas checklist is magnetic spice rack. This suggestion is special as well as extremely various from the remainder. Unlike a lot of spice racks, magnetic flavor shelf is mobile. That suggests you can always move them to any type of area you desired.

The only disadvantage is that it requires a steel surface to affix to. If your kitchen area is primarily constructed from wood, magnetic spice rack is not functional. Alternatively, if your cooking area is mostly made of steel, then magnetic spice rack is always a viable alternative.

Kitchen Utility Cupboard

Your kitchen cabinet is complete. Yet, the side of the cupboard appears to have unused room. In that instance, you might want to develop a spice rack from it. Just attach numerous degrees of shelves as well as voila! You obtained a surprise spice rack that nobody expects.

Fridge Magnetic

This set also utilizes the metal surface. This time around, nevertheless, the spice rack gets on the side of the refrigerator. If your spice as well as various other components are not that many, this is one is certainly amongst the most space-efficient means to store your spice. Simply make certain that the magnet is solid enough to hold the containers.

Hanging Spice Rack

Not everyone likes spice rack ideas that entail something complex. Some house owners simply desire something easy for their spice rack.

If you desire the exact same point, after that a basic hanging spice rack like the above is ideal for you. The spice rack has a rectangular form, with flat surface areas and clean lines.

Pull-down Spice Rack

Already have assigned storage space in the closet yet it seems it can not hold every one of your spice? Try including a pull-down shelf like the above.

Not just the pull-down shelf can hold a lot more spice, however it likewise enables you to reach the spice you need quickly. There is no requirement to open up as well as shut your cupboard as you normally do again.

Wood Spice Rack Ideas

Our following concept on our spice rack ideas list is to make use of the corner. The corner is probably the most challenging area to take advantage of.

That does not mean you need to leave it vacant, though. Specifically not in the kitchen. Use your edge by connecting L-shaped shelves on them.

With the L-shaped racks, you create a makeshift spice rack on which you can put your spice and also various other ingredients on. It makes things easier and less complex. It is also space-effective, also. Say goodbye to empty edge!

Minimal Rack

Are you minimalist? If you are, then you ‘d like a spice rack like the above. The shelf is very simple. It just has four shelves and 2 baskets below.

On the shelves, you can put all of your ingredients. Adding some decors, like a pot of plant on top, is likewise an excellent suggestion, as well.

DIY Shelves

A DIY spice rack is constantly a choice. Do you have sticking out iron pipelines on your cooking area’s wall? If yes, rather than hiding them, you can transform them right into a distinct spice rack.

What you require to do is to mount numerous pieces of wood boards on the pipelines.

Above the Stove

Finally on our spice rack ideas checklist, a spice rack above the range. Positioning a flavor shelf near the stove is constantly an excellent concept.

Nevertheless, the oven is the most typically cooking tools we make use of. If there is a spice rack nearby, cooking will certainly be a lot easier. See to it that the range in between too close.

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