73 Sorry Poems to Convey Your Sincere Apology

Apologies are bridges that mend the fissures of human relationships.

As the words of Margaret Lee Runbeck remind us, “Apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.”

In our quest to explore the world of poems about sorry, we offer a collection that spans the spectrum of emotions.

From the best sorry poems that capture the essence of apology to the famous verses celebrated for their eloquence, we delve into the nuances of saying sorry.

As you explore these verses, remember that an apology, like sorry poetry, can be a gracious gift that heals and restores.

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Best Sorry Poems

In the realm of apologies, some poems stand out as the best. These best poems about sorry encapsulate the essence of genuine remorse, conveying deep emotions and sincerity. Explore these poems to master the art of saying sorry.

1. Family and Friends

       by Joy Flake

To all my family and friends,
from whom I hear from
now and then,
Just wanted to say
that I love you
each and everyday.
You fill my heart
with love and laughter
and without that
nothing else matters,
and all the things
that we’ve been through,
would mean nothing
if I didn’t have you.
So please take my hand
and together
let’s make a stand,
to form a bond of love
with the help from above,
and not let little things
get in the way,
because we may not have another day,
to tell that person
I love you,
which we may regret
in some way.
Please know that
you’re in my heart,
and will stay that way
and never part.
Just wanted to say,
that I love you
and I hope you love me too.

2. I’m Sorry If I Let You Down

       by John Berryhill

After a time when my life was a mess
If not for my friends my family would be one less
Not much seemed stable it was hard to find solid ground
So I would like to thank all my friends for always being around
My friends all know I’ve been through a lot
But I only survived it By of the support that I got
It must have been hard Always seeing me frown
For that I am sorry If I let you down
In all friendships There has to at least be two
But I was so lost in my grief That I forgot about you
We all go through our own and we differently grieve
But our love gets us through it this I truly believe
My I love you’s are special and this i know you will get
Because if I say it to you I know you will feel it.
My love for my friends Is always and forever
And that is what Keeps true friends together

3. One More Chance

       by Christian M. Mitewu

I know that I deserved my fate,
But please do let me try again.
Although right now may be too late,
You don’t love me like you loved then.

Life’s been futile since you walked out.
Why did you have to leave so soon?
You ever returning is something I doubt.
Depressed, I stare at the blue moon.

When you left, I sadly sighed.
I’d lost a love I’d loved for long.
When I was lost, you were my guide.
You’d set me right when I’d go wrong.

I’m sorry for all of the pain
I’ve caused; please open the door.
I’ve knocked and knocked but all in vain;
You don’t answer anymore.

Please press pause and then rewind.
Right back to before
Before I’d made you lose your mind
Before you’d shut the door,

I know that I deserved my fate,
But please do let me try again.
Although right now may be too late,
You don’t love me like you loved then.

4. I’m Sorry

       by Rebecca H.

Sometimes I wonder what my world would be like
If I didn’t have someone like you in my life.

I come back to reality only to see
That I wouldn’t be myself without you and me.

I am looking forward to the future, hoping you’ll be with me,
Growing old together and being happy as can be.

I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.
I know all of the hell I’ve been putting you through.

I am so sorry, and I can’t say that enough,
But I hope that’s the last time it will ever be rough.

I love you completely, with all of my heart,
I will love you forever, ’til death do us part.

5. A Place Without Rain

       by Juan L. Salgado

Yes, it’s true.
I made you who you are.
The mistakes I made
Pushed you very far.

We were so young,
So madly in love.
All the magic we had,
And now it’s gone.

I confess to you
I am to blame.
I did you wrong.
You aren’t the same.
Wish we could rewind
To a place without pain,
A place with you,
A place without rain.

This empty feeling
Is killing me inside.
No words left in this world
That can put you at my side.

The storm that follows me
Tries to put me down.
It’s time to fight it,
Time to let you out.

No more crying,
No more wasting time.
Just remember one thing:
You are my sunshine.

6. Sometimes Sorry Is not Good Enough

       by Lillie Williams

Maybe I hurt you and
Caused you to cry
I know the pain went deep
And this I won’t deny
I know I am to blame for
All your sleepless nights
The things that I said
I know it wasn’t right

I never meant you any sorrow
And I never meant
To make you cry
I am the cause of your pain
I accept all the blame
I called you cheap words
And a lot of other stuff
Sometimes saying I’m sorry
Just isn’t good enough

Somehow I felt what you
Felt deep inside
So much hurt and pain
Like a reflection in your eyes
Every breath you took
Filled with deceit and sorrow
Maybe your forgiveness
Will come on tomorrow

I can’t expect you to push
This all away
Maybe another time,
Another hour in the day
If I could take the words back
That caused you to cry
I would do it in a heart beat
And you know it’s not a lie

Nothing I can say right now
Will keep your heart still
I’m sorry, I apologize for
The way I made you feel
Even a broken heart is
One that’s hard to mend
This will follow me
Until the very end
In your eyes I am the enemy
And you have to do what you must
But sometimes saying I’m sorry
Just isn’t good enough

7. Can’t Get You Out of My Head

       by Abs

Once again I write to you
The sun is shining, the sky is blue
And all I do is sit and think…
Only about you, without a blink

The days pass and the nights yearn
From all that has happened I wish I could learn
That life isn’t always what you desire
It leaves you lost in flames of fire

You see your day and see it through
Knowing what I’m writing is all so true
You ignore the meaning of all of this
Thinking that I’m being childish

I’ve tried to ignore, I’ve tried to forget
But all I see is the first time we met
I don’t know why this happened to me
Maybe it’s a dream, pinch me and see

All I request is a closing chapter
Meet me for 5, don’t let me wonder
All I want is for you to reflect on
Whether I lie and this is for fun

Hopefully you’ll find the answer is no
That this for me isn’t a show
Don’t forget the moments we had
The day you left I was sad

8. I Am Sorry

       by Wanji Bunji

Sorry for irritating all,
Sorry for disappointing all.
I did not think of doing all this,
I did not mean to do all this

I tried my best,
I did my best.
But I failed,
But I was unsuccessful.

What I did in the end was the only way,
What I did in the end was the only solution.
I had no other choice,
I had no other alternative.

My mind was full of thoughts,
My mind was confused.
I hope all will forgive me,
I hope all will forget what I have done.

Can my actions really be forgiven?
Can my actions really be forgotten?
I am remorseful,
I am sorry.

9. Forgiveness

       by Amber

I know I made a mistake,
But that doesn’t change how I feel about you.
You know how I feel,
Everything I told you was true.

Over the past year,
You’ve engraved your name into my heart,
Deeper than I ever thought possible.
I don’t even know where to start.

I dream about you,
And you just don’t seem to understand.
I’m flying around like a bird,
Trying to find a safe place to land.

Soaring up in the sky,
Waiting to see that light.
The light that’s the opening up your heart,
So I can get down from this suffocating height.

Please forgive me
For all of the wrong that I have done.
Everyone makes mistakes.
I wish I had none.

10. Cross Poem

       by Langston Hughes

My old man’s a white old man
And my old mother’s black.
If ever I cursed my white old man
I take my curses back.
If ever I cursed my black old mother
And wished she were in hell,
I’m sorry for that evil wish
And now I wish her well
My old man died in a fine big house.
My ma died in a shack.
I wonder where I’m going to die,
Being neither white nor black?

Famous Sorry Poems

Famous poems about sorry have left an indelible mark in the world of literature. They eloquently express remorse and redemption, reflecting the universal human experience of making amends. Discover these celebrated verses.

1. What a Rose Can Say

       by Margie Driver

A rose can say I love you and want you to be mine,
A rose can say I thank you for being so very kind,
A rose can say congratulations, whatever the occasion may be,
A rose can say I miss you and wish you were here with me,
A rose can say I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way,
A rose can say get well soon, May God bless you today,
A rose can say I wish you happiness, and the best for you each day.
A rose can say farewel when someone goes away,
A rose can say hello, I’m thinking of you today,
There’s just so many wonderful things that a rose can say,
A rose can say goodbye when a love one is laid to rest,
No matter what there is to say, a rose can say it best.

2. Am Sorry

       by Tracee Olga

Am sorry that I don’t pray as I ought to
Am sorry that I doubt you sometime
Am sorry that I question you all the time
Am sorry that my prayers are all selfish
Am sorry I talk to much
Am sorry that people question my salvation
Coz then it shows am not living as you want me to
Am sorry I cannot see beyond my closed door
And that’s why I have loads of questions
Am sorry that many a times I get stuck between the altar and the door
Am sorry that I judge
Coz when I do people only know what am against and not what am for
Am sorry am slowing the gospel
With my denomination and my translation of the Bible
Am sorry that am a complainer
Am sorry I drag your people down
With my reluctance to spread your love
Am sorry I hold grudges
Yet you command me to forgive
Am sorry I hate yet you love
Am sorry that I have to sorry every time I pray
Am sorry because sometime am not even sorry
Am sorry that am sorry now
Am sorry that am ending this with ‘am sorry’

3. I Am So Sorry

       by Kathleen J. Shields

When I came to you, you did not listen
You shrugged your head and kept dismissing
All my worries, fears and doubts
To you were unknown whereabouts
I tried so hard to tell you this
To get you to reminisce
Of all the times life was so good
Of times I thought you understood
But you weren’t there, your spirit gone
Your body was already withdrawn
And no matter how hard I tried to share
Your heart was empty you didn’t care
So here I am, the sky so starry
Looking up at you, I am so sorry.

4. Sorry, I’m So Sorry

       by Kalista Mccart

Sorry for making you mad
Sorry for everything I said
Sorry for lying to you
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry if I disappointed you
Sorry if I hurt you
Sorry for everything
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry that I liked you
Sorry that you did
Sorry for turning in to a which
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry that I loved you
Sorry that you didn’t
Sorry that we had to fight
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry for still loving you
Sorry you don’t love me
Sorry for ever loving you
Sorry, I’m so sorry

5. Oh, Oh, You Will Be Sorry

       by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Oh, oh, you will be sorry for that word!
Give me back my book and take my kiss instead.
Was it my enemy or my friend I heard,
“What a big book for such a little head!”
Come, I will show you now my newest hat,
And you may watch me purse my mouth and prink!
Oh, I shall love you still, and all of that.
I never again shall tell you what I think.
I shall be sweet and crafty, soft and sly;
You will not catch me reading any more:
I shall be called a wife to pattern by;
And some day when you knock and push the door,
Some sane day, not too bright and not too stormy,
I shall be gone, and you may whistle for me.

6. Never Sorry

       by Victoria Martinez

I’m sorry,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve cried
I’m sorry for every single lie
I’m sorry I was never enough
I’m sorry I just wasn’t tough
Sorry I couldn’t make you smile
Sorry I didn’t make you stay a while
Sorry it was nothing more than sex
I’m sorry I have to call you my ex
I’m sorry you broke my heart
I’m sorry I tore you apart
I’m sorry we can’t get along
I’m sorry, I cry to every song
I’m sorry I hide when you come around
Sorry I hang my head, eyes always on the ground
Sorry we couldn’t make it
Sorry I just couldn’t take it
Sorry we never meant much
Sorry you LOVED to touch,
Sorry you couldn’t see past my looks
I’m sorry for every part of me you took
I’m sorry for all the pain you’ve caused
I’m sorry I let you in at all,
I’m sorry I pushed you away
I’m sorry you don’t deserve me in any way
I’m sorry we will never again meet
I’m sorry this as far as we will see,
Never past the words I’m sorry to the broken trust
Now all I see is the way you lust
I’m sorry we just weren’t meant to be
And I’m sorry you feel you never hurt me
What I’m sorry for most of all,
Is how I’m just say sorry, I haven’t been sorry at all.

7. Peace

       by Patrick Kavanagh

And sometimes I am sorry when the grass
Is growing over the stones in quiet hollows
And the cocksfoot leans across the rutted cart-pass
That I am not the voice of country fellows
Who now are standing by some headland talking
Of turnips and potatoes or young corn
Of turf banks stripped for victory.
Here Peace is still hawking
His coloured combs and scarves and beads of horn.

Upon a headland by a whinny hedge
A hare sits looking down a leaf-lapped furrow
There’s an old plough upside-down on a weedy ridge
And someone is shouldering home a saddle-harrow.
Out of that childhood country what fools climb
To fight with tyrants Love and Life and Time?

8. Sorry, I Am So Sorry My Love

       by Ravi Sathasivam

Sorry, I am so sorry my love. I hurt you without any reason
Your tears made my heart cry. Why I did to you that I don’t know
Forgive me! I am so sorry my love

Sorry, I am so sorry my love. I scold you without any reason
Your pain made my heart to think
My cruel heart suspects you for nothing
Forgive me! I am so sorry my love

Sorry, I am so sorry my love. I did not mean to hurt you
When you cry then I cry more than you
Because I love you all my heart and soul
Forgive me! I am so sorry my love

Sorry, I am so sorry my love
I told you that I would never hurt you again
but again I made your tears flow once more
Now, I promise you that I will not hurt you again
Forgive me! I am so sorry my love.

9. Oh! Flower, I Feel Sorry for You!

       by Aiswarya T Anish

I saw a nice little flower…
Enjoying herself in the nice warm fields…
The place felt fine, what a beautiful sight!
Why didn’t it come yesterday?
But the joy didn’t last long enough…what a pity!
‘Cause the flower was plucked away!
It was no longer there
So was the beauty
How gloomy the place felt now for sight!
Why do flowers bloom, if it has to be murdered this way?
Still, they bloom, though they die so prematurely…
But to beautify the Earth!
Why do we hurt these little things, who give us joy?
They are the ones who blooms happiness to the world
Aren’t we too bound to be blossomed into flowers of happiness?
Oh Flower! I feel sorry for you!
Can you be born again?
If I could, I would’ve fixed you into yourself again
But powerless I am…powerless except for eyes that are blind, but see evil thoughts
Why doesn’t man think before his acts?
Why doesn’t he care about his fellow creatures?

Short Sorry Poems

Sometimes, a heartfelt apology is best conveyed concisely. Short poems about sorry cut through the noise, expressing remorse in brief yet impactful ways. Explore these verses that pack a powerful punch.

1. Sorry

       by Jay L. Morris

I’m sorry for the pain I’ve given
sorry for this world we live in
sorry to be a desperate man
sorry I couldn’t take your hand
sorry to to say I live in sin
sorry to see you cry again
sorry I killed the butterfly
sorry I ever thought to lie
sorry for any past mistakes
sorry I didn’t have what it takes
sorry I had so little money
sorry to mix your rum with honey
sorry that love has let us down
sorry I seldom came around
sorry for now
sorry for then
sorry I’m feelin’
sorry again
sorry life
sorry love
sorry I’m thinkin’ what I’m
sorry of
sorry for this
sorry for that
sorry I gave away those
sorry little cats
sorry I did
sorry I didn’t
sorry I tried
sorry I couldn’t
sorry to be
sorry to’ve been
sorry to say
I’m sorry again.

2. Three Ways Sorry

       by Pat Palmer

For all the things I didn’t do
Mistakes I made
Not living true

For all the things I let you miss
Selfish actions
Time not spent

For all the times I didn’t try
Sorrow, sadness
Last goodbyes

For all the things I cannot fix
I’m three ways sorry now

3. So Sorry

       by Brian Dorn

I’m sorry for what I’ve done
I’m sorry for who I’ve been
Sorry for where it’s gone
So sorry to lose a friend

I’m sorry I let you down
I’m sorry things can’t be the same
Sorry for my impropriety
So sorry I’m the one to blame

I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough
I’m sorry for not following through
Sorry for dropping the ball
So sorry for me and you

4. Please Forgive Me

       by Anonymous

You are the one who is hurt
But I am the one crying
You are the one who is scarred
But I am the one dying
You are the one with blisters
But I am the one bleeding
You are the one with wounds
But I am the one festering
I hope you can see how
I hurt when you are sad
I apologize for my mistakes

5. Sorry

       by R. S. Thomas

Dear parents,
I forgive you my life,
Begotten in a drab town,
The intention was good;
Passing the street now,
I see still the remains of sunlight.

It was not the bone buckled;
You gave me enough food
To renew myself.
It was the mind’s weight
Kept me bent, as I grew tall.

It was not your fault.
What should have gone on,
Arrow aimed from a tried bow
At a tried target, has turned back,
Wounding itself
With questions you had not asked.

6. Things Were Wrong

       by Anonymous

Things were wrong I know,
I don’t have meanings to show,
But, life plays another game,
Where there is just blame,
I am sorry from my heart,
Can’t really stay apart,
So please forgive me!

7. Sorry

       by Anonymous

I am sorry that my ego
Made my actions so shallow
I am sorry that my pride
Made my morals slide
I am sorry that my arrogance
Gave you pain in abundance
The way I treated you
Is something I will never do
I am sorry.

8. Hug O’ War

       by Shel Silverstein

I will not play at tug o’ war.
I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs,
Where everyone giggles
And rolls on the rug,
Where everyone kisses,
And everyone grins,
And everyone cuddles,
And everyone wins

9. I Am Sorry

       by Anonymous

I am sorry that I hurt you so,
By hurting you hurt myself more.
Your feelings mean the world to me,
I care for you more than I show, more than you see.
I am really sorry.

Long Sorry Poems

For those seeking to delve deeply into the emotions and intricacies of apology, long sorry poems provide an expansive canvas. These long poems about sorry explore the nuances of making amends and seeking forgiveness.

1. Sorry Poem

       by Sourav RCY

I’m sorry of being so emotional
I’m sorry of being so possessive
I’m sorry that I cry for you
I’m sorry because I can’t live without you

I’m sorry for the tears you shed
I’m sorry for the damage I made
I’m sorry I’ve made you sick
Sorry I hurt you so deep

I’m sorry for giving you sleepless nights
I’m sorry for each and every fight
I’m sorry for your pain & agony
I’m sorry for the missing harmony

I’m sorry for my selfish love
I’m sorry for not caring enough
I’m sorry for my restlessness
I’m sorry for the losing grace

I’m sorry my friend I made you mad
I’m sorry darling you are so sad
Sorry for not giving you any happiness
Sorry because it’s my disgrace

I’m sorry for thinking of you so very much
I’m sorry I always miss your touch
I’m sorry of being so mad about you
I’m sorry for my every blue

I’m sorry of being so immature
I’m sorry now that can’t be cured
I’m sorry of being myself
I’m sorry that I’ve failed

I’m sorry and sorry again
I’m sorry of being insane
But believe me that I love you
Should I say sorry for that too?

2. Sorry

       by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

There is much in life that makes me sorry as I journey down life’s way.
And I seem to see more pathos in poor human Lives each day.
I’m sorry for the strong brave men, who shield the weak from harm,
But who, in their own troubled hours find no Protecting arm.

I’m sorry for the victors who have reached success, to stand
As targets for the arrows shot by envious failure’s hand.
I’m sorry for the generous hearts who freely shared their wine,
But drink alone the gall of tears in fortune’s drear decline.

I’m sorry for the souls who build their own fame’s funeral pyre,
Derided by the scornful throng like ice deriding fire.
I’m sorry for the conquering ones tho know not sin’s defeat,
But daily tread down fierce desire ‘neath scorched and bleeding feet.

I’m sorry for the anguished hearts that break with passions strain,
But I’m sorrier for the poor starved souls that Never knew love’s pain.
Who hunger on through barren years not tasting joys they crave,
For sadder far is such a lot than weeping o’er a grave.

I’m sorry for the souls that come unwelcomed into birth,
I’m sorry for the unloved old who cumber up the earth.
I’m sorry for the suffering poor in life’s great maelstrom hurled,
In truth I’m sorry for them all who make this aching world.

But underneath whate’er seems sad and is not understood,
I know there lies hid from our sight a mighty germ of good.
And this belief stands firm by me, my sermon, motto, text –
The sorriest things in this life will seem grandest in the next.

3. What Was I Thinking?

       by Michael Inthasky

The night before I made you mad
I wasn’t appreciating the love that I had
I came home so drunk, I was really quite late
I left you alone, sitting home there to wait

I was too self-involved, I wasn’t using my head
Alcohol took over, its hunger I fed
I was drinking too often, I thought I was fine
Too blinded to realize the problem was all mine

I was never mad at you, I was mad at myself
I let life pass me by, seemed it was on the back shelf
I blamed all of my problems on everyone but me
Destined for ruins and alone I would be

I made a bad choice, I should have been there with you
My greatest mistake, and there was nothing I could do
I tried to get sober that night but made it worse than you know
I hated myself ’cause I resorted to blow

That night I never came home, cause I felt too much shame
You’d be able to tell, and there was only me I could blame
I text you that night to say tomorrow I would call
The next day with a hangover, I would forget that all

I went through my next days, scared you’d be mad
Hiding ashamed, not thinking you were sad
I forgot I had hurt you, I couldn’t remember last night
My words cut you deep, on the phone in our fight

You wanted to love me, to work through it all out
I didn’t know that, I was too scared you would shout
I gave it some time to get my head straight
I took way too long, how long should you wait?

You had now left me when I got my priorities in line
I wanted to marry you, but you were no longer mine
I cried and I lost it, how could I mess up so bad
This had all happened ’cause I spent to much time being mad

I got over my issues, I finally see clear
I was drinking and hiding, I had too much fear
The old me is gone, but how could you know
I wish I still had you, how I wish that was so

I’m sorry, Bunny (S.A.M.), I miss you every day

4. I’m Sorry

       by Jaz

I’m saying sorry first.
I’m saying sorry last.
I’m saying sorry for the future,
but mainly for the past.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you,
and I’m sorry for not listening
when you needed it the most.
You were right, and you had the right to be mad.

I’m sorry that you felt the need to apologize,
and I’m sorry that you were hurt.
I’m sorry that I can only see the good
and always try to avoid the bad.

I’m saying sorry for all my mistakes.
I’m saying sorry for being blinded,
blinded by the perfect thought of you and me,
when really we don’t have a chance.

I’m the stupid one.
I let you down, and I feel it deep within me.
We both made some errors and said something wrong,
but that’s how life is.

Nobody’s perfect,
not even me and you,
so I’m sorry for that took
and I’m sorry for everything but …

Please forgive me.
We can change things back to normal.
I’m sorry if this is not what you want,
But it’s the only thing I can think of.

5. Three Famous Words

       by Katelyn

It was the first time they met.
They didn’t have a clue,
The future that would await them,
The feelings they never knew.

It was the guy’s eyes she had seen.
They were brown and dark as night.
It was the girl’s friendly smile,
And their love at first sight.

It was the first time they spoke,
And no, it was no myth,
That while she stared into his eyes,
He was the one she wanted to be with.

Even though he felt the same,
This girl, she did not know,
That he loved her with all his heart,
But his feelings he did not show.

So after many hopeless days,
The girl no more believed in fate,
That was when the guy realized
That he had made a huge mistake.

He came back just in time
To steal that poor girl’s heart away.
She forgave and she forgot
All the nights she lied awake.

He told her that he was sorry,
And if he could have a second chance.
It was just a while after
That they had their first kiss and dance.

He always tells her that he is sorry,
And how much he really cares.
She believes him and forgives,
Both their feelings they deeply share.

So every night he tells her
Before she turns out her light,
Those three little famous words,
I love you, and goodnight.

6. I Am Sorry

       by Leon Weate

Every time I see the pain in your eyes,
A little part of my heart dies.
No matter how hard and how often you try,
All I seem to do is make you cry.

You risk so much and take such chance
To share your heart and your romance.
You share your hopes and dreams and fears
And let me in to all that’s dear.

All I seem to do is be mean and cold,
To fail to cherish, fail to hold.
I seem to fail to put you first.
You act your best; I am my worst.

My mouth contradicts my heart.
My actions and thoughts so far apart.
I love you with every part of me,
Yet act so cruel and thoughtlessly.

I dream of you all night and day
And hang on every word you say,
Yet all you see is selfishness and arrogance,
Casual disdain and ignorance.

Assumption and judgment and everything’s a test.
No matter what you do, you’re always second best.
No matter how hard you try, it’s never enough.
I never hear your protestations of love.

I say I love you and cherish all of our dreams,
Yet act as if I can’t hear your screams
Of need and want and stability and trust.
My plans never materialize, my promises rust.

I scream at myself at how stupid I am
For risking your love, for risking your hand,
And I pray every day that you never see
That I need you more than you need me.

I bare my heart and my soul to you
To say sorry for what I did and for what I do.
I have no excuses and hide no more.
All I can offer is my love for evermore.

7. Incomplete

       by Cory More By Cory

My life was complete,
But now it’s not.
I lost it all, because I fought.
She made me alive.
Now I am dead.
I’m lying here,
Crying in my bed.
Life is worthless.
Why should I try?
All I want to do
Is lie here and die.
It has only been two days,
But that is all I need
To get a last chance
Before she leaves.
One last chance
To turn it around,
Hoping she won’t turn me down.
All I want to do
Is hold her tight
And make her dreams
Come true tonight,
That once and for all
I can make her happy
Instead of screaming, yelling,
Making life crappy.
I’m sorry for what I have done.
This is coming from my heart.
I’m just asking
For a brand new start,
For you are my life.
Without you I am nothing
So give it one last chance,
And I will make it into something.
I love you too much.
I can’t let you go,
So look into my eyes,
And say I love you so.

8. Sorry

       by Edward Iacona

The phrase “I’m Sorry” you may agree
Has turned into a social amenity
We say “I’m Sorry” more than Brenda Lee
Which was a hit song for her back in 1960.

You may not want to acknowledge the damage you’ve done
The pain that you’ve brought to spouse, daughter or son.
But if you’ve done wrong you must see the light
To take a pro-active step to returning things right

There will remain feelings that you can’t erase
Lost time and memories that you can’t replace
Because of your actions now nothings the same
Take a look in your mirror and know that there’s blame.

Maybe those words are one’s you won’t do.
They may not exist in your new age point of view.
Or, don’t want to hear the anger, it might make you blue
It’s easier to leave your loved ones hurt and askew.

Just saying I’m sorry is not all it takes
No magical words to make gone the mistakes
Begin the road back with those words from your heart
They do not mark the end but maybe a start.

Your family’s your bond like no other glue.
A great family we had, can we renew?
Deep in your heart you know what to do.
If I can say “I’m sorry” then I think you can too.

9. My Mistake

       by Christina

I admit I made a mistake-
overstepping some boundaries,
which made me look fake.

I always said I would never do the things I did,
and that is the reason it is so hard for you to forgive.

It’s been so long,
so many times we said we’d try
only to turn around
and make each other cry.

Remember how it was when we first started out,
so much alike, we shared every thought.
We fell so fast, maybe fell in love too soon,
Made a huge decision that now we cannot undo.

I admit my mistakes, but can you admit yours?
I have paid for what I’ve done
as you have paid for yours,
so why is it like this?
We can’t even talk.
You call me liar and say you don’t care.
all the while my love for you is still there.

I never meant to hurt you,
never wanted to cause you any pain.
Since you left me 5 months ago,
my life hasn’t been the same.

I owe you so much.
I have so much to prove to you,
so I will end this with the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do.
Goodbye baby…I will always be in love with you.

Sorry Poems for Hurting Her

Apologizing in the context of a romantic relationship requires special consideration. Sorry poems for hurting her offer a heartfelt and poetic way to express remorse and repair the bonds of love with a girl.

1. Forgive My Mistakes

       by Anna Liz Williams

I know I’ve made mistakes
So why should I even try
For when you look at me
All you see is that I lie
I’m sorry for the things I said
For giving you false truth in your head
I know that I’ve caused pain
that I drive you insane
Though you may not see what’s inside of me
You should know it’s deader than the Dead Sea
You may think that I don’t care
For all I give is just a stare
But what you don’t know
Is that the love I have for you is what glows
So I promise to try hard and to be true to you
So that our happiness will not be through
All I ask is one thing to see
Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?
For there is one thing I know is true
I do Love You

2. Inner Vault

       by Anonymous

I just feel so much guilt,
That my words and actions built.
I know, what I did was wrong,
Tried to avoid it, and be strong.

Following me has been the truth,
It was hurting like a tooth.
A second more, I could not deny,
Not apologizing was a lie.

I’m so sorry, from deep inside,
Clearly guilty, my hands are tied.
It was obviously, all my fault,
I have opened my inner vault.

3. You Are What I Know of Love

       by Anonymous

You are what I know of love
You are my definition of a friend
You give my life it’s meaning
You’re my beginning and my end
You stand beside me always
In everything I do
I never thought in all my days
That I would every hurt you
Please forgive me.

4. I’m Sorry

       by Duke Nguyen

I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through
It must’ve been very hard on you
I’m sorry for all that’s been said and done
I was the moon, you were the sun
I’m sorry for not making everything right
But the situation I was in, was very tight
I’m sorry for not lending you a hand
If only I could be a better friend
I’m sorry if it seemed like I didn’t care
Lucky for you, your special- someone was there
I’m sorry for breaking your heart
For forgiveness, where do I start?

5. An Apology

       by Rico Sainz

I’m sorry for everything I had said.
The thought of me making you cry repeats in my head.
I’m sorry I can never make you happy.
Inside I feel so crappy.
I’m sorry for wasting your time,
wanted to make you have a happy life.
I’m sorry I have failed, never do anything right.
I’m sorry that I had to say sorry
I promise my baby, my love, my world, my perfect angel, my girl,
that I would never say those awful things.
What hurts the most is that I broke my promise, made you cry.
Most of all, baby, I’m sorry that I lied.

6. Shallow Sorry

       by Sean O’Brien

If my words were like a nail
Your feelings were the board
No matter how many times I say I’m sorry
Deep down you still are scored

I never meant to hurt you
I’ll never understand
We’ve been through so much together
What I’d give to take your hand!

You know you are my best friend
My soul is empty and lost
I was so hurt and angry
Not knowing what it cost

Darling, don’t give up yet
Please believe in me
I will show you what love is
Give me time and you will see

7. Sorry That I Hurt You So Much in Life

       by Anonymous

Sorry that I hurt you much
Sorry, that I caused the pain
There is a feeling so mutual this side
Look I am also crying in vain
Life is small and you should know
That moments are lived only once in life
Please forgive me for all that I do
Forgive me with a clear heart inside
I promise this will not ever happen again
I promise that it will not cause the same
Sorry that I hurt you much
I am asking forgiveness again!

8. Sorry for The Trouble

       by Anonymous

I can’t seem to fathom
What must have come over me
What I must have been thinking
When I lied to you unabashedly
I can’t seem to understand
What must have been in my psyche
How I didn’t even think
That I was just not being me
Making life difficult for you
Giving you more trouble to endure
I am sorry for giving you
Pain which was so uncalled for

9. I’m Sorry

       by Casey Lee Watson

Words I say don’t always come out right,
and they always seem to start a fight.

I know what I say can hurt you,
and believe me, I don’t mean to.

The last thing I want to see is you sad
because I can’t control myself when I get mad.

I know all you want from me is my best,
but right now I need time to rest.

Everything is happening so fast.
How long will it all last?

Everything is falling apart.
It’s ripping my heart.

I have so much anger built up; I have to get it out,
and all I want to do is scream and shout.

I take it out on you,
even though I don’t mean to.

I’m sorry for causing you more stress.
I know even you need time to rest.

Sorry Poems for Hurting Him

When it’s time to say sorry to him, emotions can run deep. Sorry poems for hurting him offer a unique perspective on the complexities of apologizing in a romantic relationship, bridging the gap with eloquence.

1. Deeply Hurt

       by Shishir

Today between us there is no comfort
I know you have been very deeply hurt
It will take time for wounds to heal
Lost and lonely you may also feel,
But let me tell you, days will soon come
When buds of our love will again blossom
Hate can never conquer this great passion.
It will finally lose in emotional war of this bastion
I will then return all your happiness
And our true love God will always bless.

2. Please Forgive Me

       by Alon Calinao Dy

I’ve said hurtful things to you,
Even though I love you,
I know I make you sad,
Now I feel very bad.

There are times,
I ask myself the questions of ‘why’,
Why I make you cry?
Why we have so many fights?

I know you, darling,
No amount of pleading,
Is going to change your mind again,
But I’m sorry for causing you pain.

Please, forgive me for what I’ve done,
It’s too hard for me without you,
Because you know how much I love you,
I’m really sorry, my love.

I hope you would listen to me,
Please, give me another chance,
You are my world and my life,
So please forgive me, my love.

3. I’m Sorry

       by Samantha Garrison

I’m sorry that I hurt you
I’m sorry that I care
I’m sorry that I want to
No matter what be there
I’m sorry for not being perfect,
I’m sorry that I’m a disappointment,
I’m sorry I’m not always honest.
I’m sorry that you hate me
I’m sorry that I lied
I’m sorry that you now see
How much that I have cried.
I’m sorry I’m not good enough,
I’m sorry I let you down,
I’m sorry for my tears,
And I’m sorry for my fears.
I’m sorry that I’m human,
And I’m sorry that I care,
I’m sorry for not making you laugh.
I’m sorry for being hard-headed
I’m sorry for never listening
I’m sorry that I’m like her, I’m trying very hard to change it.
I’m sorry for being protective,
And I’m sorry for being cautious.
I’m sorry for forgetting things, and asking stupid questions.
I’m sorry that I dropped out of school,
And I’m sorry I’m not smart.
I’m sorry that I make you say, “We’re done, it’s too hard.”
I’m sorry that I never cheated while we were apart,
I’m sorry that I live for you and could never live without
I’m sorry for the mistakes I made, and that they broke your heart.
I’m sorry and I would be glad to do all that I can.

I want to make you love me
like you did once before
I want to make your heart see
what mine is living for.

4. One Last Chance

       by Jacob Greenberg

I’m sorry you can’t trust me
And won’t ever let me in.
I’m sorry you don’t believe in me
And that I could not win.

I’m sorry for not being perfect
And for not being able to break your fears.
I’m sorry for messing up
And causing all your tears.

I’m sorry I can’t fix it
And make you want to stay.
I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough
And now I have to pay.

I’m sorry I ever doubted it
And made you second guess.
I’m sorry I was so stupid.
You haven’t seen my best.

5. I’m Sorry

       by Gabor Timis

I’m sorry, really sorry to see you cry,
Please let me dab your eyes to dry.
I made a bad mistake, I know that now
I want to apologize, if you would allow.

My darling, forgive me, I beg of you
I am a weak human, but I can be better
All I care about in this life is you
Please let me show you I still care, my dear.

I will never hurt you again, that is sure
My love for you is strong and pure
I know you care for me too
So, forgive this errant soul …
And make me, once again, whole.

6. What I Want You to Know

       by Anonymous

What I wanted to tell you and what I could not do
That was something that made me so sad
That day my mood was very bad
I yelled and I know it’s my fault
Things just went all out of the vault
Forgive me as one mistake you can
I genuinely want to tell you sorry without any pretend
Forgive me is all I want to tell you
For you only give me a hint or clue
How will I ever be able to live without you
So sorry for yelling at you,
And I hope that you forgive me through!

7. Sorry for Mistakes

       by Anonymous

I don’t want all this pain
With all this confusion
To be the cause of
Your agony and frustration
I don’t want all this doubt
With all this suspicion
To cause a dent
In our relations
I don’t want my mistakes
To put us in a mess
Please forgive me sweetie
For giving you so much stress
I am sorry

8. So Sorry

       by Brian Dorn

I’m sorry I let you down
I’m sorry things can’t be the same
Sorry for my impropriety
So sorry I’m the one to blame

I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough
I’m sorry for not following through
Sorry for dropping the ball
So sorry for me and you

9. Genuine Sorry

       by Anonymous

I wish I was
As cute as a kitty
Who could melt your heart
In a jiffy
I wish I was
As sweet as honey
Then it would be impossible
For you to resist me
But I am none of these things
You will have to make do
With just my genuine sorry

Sorry Poems for Friends

Friendships are precious, and when they hit a rocky patch, apologies are essential. Sorry poems for friends provide an avenue to reconnect and heal the wounds that can sometimes come between friends.

1. My Last Apology

       by Manraj

I am sorry that I hurt you; you were my best friend.
I still can’t believe that our friendship faced a tragic end.

I owe you an apology, and I guess this is the right time
I am a criminal; hurting you was my crime.

I never wanted to let you down, never wanted to see you frown.
It’s been a month I’ve been having this feeling and I am so down.

It wasn’t my intentions to make you sad.
It’s that all the things I did for you went bad.

Now you hate me; that was very hard to accept.
I am feeling burdened, like I have a debt.

Let’s be honest, one month went like a whole year.
I wish I could put life in reverse gear.

Punish me, forgive me, that is what I need.
I just want to undo my wrong deed.

I can’t sing; I can’t dance.
All I need is another chance.

I just want you to know that I still care,
And I want to make everything clear and fair.

Please forgive me; that is all what I can say.
I don’t want to live like this; it’s becoming harder day by day.

2. I’m Sorry, Friend

       by Shannah Leigh

I’m sorry friend
I don’t know what to do
I try so hard
to be a better person to you

I screw up a lot
and I ignore you too
I don’t know why
but I still love you

You’re my best friend
I know we can make it through
let’s make this friendship last
and make it better and true

I know you’re getting sick of me
I’m getting sick of myself too
I don’t know how many times
I can say sorry to you

But really, I am
I’m such a fool
I let such a wonderful
friendship break in two

I’m gonna push aside the past now
I’m gonna be nicer to you
I want to make this last
and show what better I can do

You’re my best friend still
and you’re my favourite too
Cait, remember the good times
and I know we’ll make it through

3. Friends for Never

       by Danielle Enros

Friends forever, you promised.
Never to part, you said.
But now we’ve fought,
Words were thrown between us…
And now I’m lying here crying on my bed.

Part of me feels
That it’ll never be the same…
Sure we’ve fought before,
But they were always fixed,
And we both took responsibility for the problem,
But in this one fight,
You said there was only one person to blame…

I’ve always been there for you.
And I know I always will,
Because I cared about you then,
And I care about you still.

Friends forever
Was what we said we’d always be,
But look what’s happened today,
We’ve fought and now you are gone…
So what I really need you to see,
Is what you made it feel like,
All the tears I’ve cried,
The hurt I’ve felt all through the night,
You said friends forever,
But really,
It was friends for never.

4. Today I Passed You By

       by Alba Medina

today I passed you by
our shoulders almost touched
as your eyes diverted

in intense conversation
your emotion-filled words
floated in the evening air

did you see me?
quickly my feet reached the corner
heart pounding yet turning

to see your form fading
should I say hello?
such intimate friends

I’d seen your tears
you’d felt my heart
should I run?

a lingering glance
heart beating louder
unmovable feet stuck in the past

the silent years forming
a veiled wall between us
one simple hello

could have cascaded
the veil–the wall–
but today I passed you by

5. I’m Lost

       by Sarah Gray

I thought they were wrong,
That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.
But it’s true.
I’m lost without you.
I said I was fine, but I lied,
Honestly, I’m broken inside.
There are so many things I’d like to undo,
But all I can think about is how much I miss you.
Why does it feel like you don’t mind the distance from me?
I’m dying inside, why don’t you see?
I’d like to forget this feeling of sadness,
But it’s never been as bad as this.
I’ll just keep hoping to talk to you soon.
It shouldn’t matter though, after all, we’re still under the same moon.

6. You and Me

       by Ruby Ubbi

I’m not the one who expresses their feelings
Nor do I realize anything whether it’s good or bad.
But one thing for sure, this restless feeling I have
It’s so making me sad.

There always used to be ups and downs between us
Laughs and fights but we always used to pull through it.
Time has passed though nothing has changed
Except this feeling,
This will always remain.

For any reason if time ever comes to an end
I want you to know that I’m truly sorry for those times
I ever took you for granted,
When I never appreciated you as much as I should,
When I kept hurting you when I promised I wouldn’t.
I’m so sorry for causing you pain
No matter what, deep down you’ll always reside in my heart
And always be my friend.

7. Forgive Me?

       by Lilly

No matter how much we fight,
I’ll always be by your side.
We’ve been through too much
To let what we have slide.
For years you’ve put up with me;
You’re my best friend,
I can always count on you; now it’s my turn to lend.
This is all my fault,
Don’t let this turn our friendship gray.
I love you, and that’s all I have to say.

8. Friendship Lost

       by Emily Long

My life was changed, turned, and twisted
when I knew our friendship no longer existed.
I know I was wrong; I know I messed up,
and that’s why I’m sitting here typing this up.
I’m sorry for all the things I let go to my head.
I’m sorry for all the things that I said.
I’ll make it better; I’ll make it oh so right,
as long as you promise us never to fight.

9. You’re The Best Friend Out There

       by Vick

I have known a million people
But never like you
Many of my friends are special
But I still don’t have a clue
How you got to be so wonderful
The worlds most perfect friend
You’ve always loved me and helped me
Even when I was wrong
I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you
I’m sorry I made you cry
I will do my very best to make you proud
I promise I will try
Everyone sees hardship
And everyone feels pain
And if anyone knows it’s you and me
The sun will shine through rain
You’ve given me so much
That words enough
To say how much I love you
I’m trying and it’s tough
With out you I’d be nowhere
You believed in me no matter what
My arms are always open
I promise they will never shut
I have more respect for you
Than anyone alive
And my shoulder is always here
If you ever need to cry
Everything will turn out fine
Because I love you
Until the day I die

Relationship Sorry Poems

Apologizing within the context of a relationship demands a unique approach. Relationship sorry poems navigate the intricate terrain of love and partnership, offering insights into the power of sincere apologies.

1. Stupidity

       by Matt

Every day I wake up
Hoping to get a fresh start
Praying I can undo
The mistakes I’ve done to you.

Every day it’s the same thing.
My memories come to haunt me.
I never knew it’d come to this,
And now I’m regretting it.

I’m saying sorry.
Sorry for my stupidity.
If you find it in your heart to forgive me,
I thank you with full sincerity.

But if you find it too hard to do so,
It’s all right, who can blame you?
If there’s even anyone to blame, it’s me…
Me and my stupidity.

2. Forgive Me

       by Taleah

I’ve never been so broken
that it hurts intensely when I breathe
I sit and cry an ocean
not knowing what to think.

I feel as though I’ve let you down
and your love for me will fade
and I can’t help but feel horrible
for mistakes that I have made.

Just know how truly bad I feel
for making you feel so vile
I wish I could take it all away
but it takes a little while

Saying the words I’m sorry
just don’t seem like enough
but we’ll get past this together
like we do when times are tough.

I feel like you deserve better
I hate what I put you through
but if you give me the chance
I promise I’ll make it up to you.

3. Take Me Back

       by Katie More By Katie

How could I be so stupid
To let you slip away?
I had you in my arms,
But I let you slip away.

I want you back,
But now it’s too late.
I’ve already said goodbye,
And now love has turned to hate.

I want to go back in time
And fix all that was wrong,
Change all of my regrets
So we didn’t fight as long.

The regrets are what messed it up,
And they were all my fault.
I was so immature;
I should have acted like an adult.

I broke my own heart
When I walked out on you.
Now it’s too late,
And I can’t undo.

I still love you,
But nobody knows
We are no longer together
Because of what I chose.

It was a bad decision,
And now I want you here.
Never far away,
Always near.

So please take me back,
And catch me when I fall
‘Cause I need you right now
More than anything at all.

4. I’m Sorry

       by Rachel Cravens

I’m sorry I hurt you
I’m sorry for making you feel blue
I’m sorry that I was even there
I’m sorry that I called you my bear

I’m sorry that I lied
I’m sorry that you cried
I’m sorry that I we met
I’m sorry all you did was bet

I’m sorry that I loved you
I’m sorry our relationship grew
I’m sorry I fell apart
I’m sorry your still in my heart

I’m sorry that I’m still here
I’m sorry I still whisper in your ear!
I’m so sorry!

5. Lost a Part of Me

       by Joseph

I lay next to you watching you lay.
Why couldn’t I have done everything to make you stay?
I look back at all our smiles and frowns,
wondering how we made it through all the ups and downs.
I gently brush your hair behind your ear.
Losing you was my one and only fear.
Why do all things great come to an end?
You were my baby, my wife, even my friend.
How could I not see you slowly fading away?
I made myself believe everything was okay,
but I was too blind to see
you were slowly slipping away from me.
Now you’re gone, you went away.
I am sorry for leading you astray,
but I must move forward and learn from my mistake.
I must learn to live with my heartache.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your life.
I am glad to have had you for my wife.
Always and forever, baby, you’ll always be mine.
I’ll always love you, even past the end of time.

6. Love & Friendship

       by Wayne Burton

When the person you love seems to hurt you the most
and life isn’t looking too bright,
you have to remember to forgive and forget
because you know you’re not always right.
Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you’re wrong
and bring all of your faults to the light,
so before you pass judgment, you have to remember
that the finger you point is still yours at the end of the night.
Down through the years you’ll think you’ve lost your mind
and your love will surely be tested.
How it turns out is all up to you
because it depends on what you’ve invested.
For if it’s true love, your actions will show
you’ll be there right to the end,
because before fiancé, husband, or wife
you have to be called a friend.

7. These Drops of Sweet Sorry

       by Cory Jones

If you listen…..
Just a little closer
And if you would stay…..
Just a moment longer
You might be able to hear
These drops of regret
Fall into the bucket
And you might be able to see
These drops of sweet “sorry”
Filling up the bottle

I told myself this is
No fault of my own
And blamed it on your fear
Of being alone

But if I bring you…..
Just a little closer
And if I could hold you…..
Just a moment longer
I might be able to take back
Those drops of regret
And empty that bucket
And I might be able to soak up
Those drops of sweet “sorry”
And break open that bottle

We made this fairy tale
Into a very short story
You deserved a much better ending
And for this…..
I’m very very sorry..

8. Sorry

       by Whitestar

I love you so very much,
Even though at times I do things that hurt.
I try so hard to hope that you always see
How much you being in my life means to me.
I am sorry yet again for causing you pain.
That is the last thing I ever wanted to do.
Even when I am trying to look out for you and do the right thing,
I mess up; I am sorry for that too.
I hope that you still know how much I love and cherish you,
Like nothing else in my life gives me the thrill of being loved by you.
So I hope that you listen and see it in my eyes,
This sincere apology that comes with tears from deep inside.

9. I Still Love You

       by Leilani Hermosa Petersen

Of all the things I’ve ever said,
Of all the tears I’ve ever shed,
Of all the things I did to you,
I want you to know that I still love you.

Of all the days we fought and cried,
Of all the days I wished I’d died,
Of all the things you did to pull me through,
I don’t believe it, but I still love you.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of poems about saying sorry, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Apologies, much like the verses we’ve explored, are a powerful means of healing and reconciliation.

Just as an apology is a lovely perfume that can transform a moment, a heartfelt sorry poem can mend the bonds of human connection.

Whether you’ve found inspiration in the best, the famous, the short, or the long sorry poems, remember that the art of apology is a gift that keeps on giving.

Join the conversation and let us know your thoughts as we celebrate the power of apology in the world of sorry poetry.

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