55 Raven Poems to Explore the Mysterious Bird

Ever since Edgar Allan Poe wrote his iconic poem, “The Raven”, the mysterious and captivating bird has continued to inspire poets around the world.

From its hypnotic beauty to its powerful symbolism throughout many cultures, these birds spark our curiosity and sense of wonder.

As prominent Turkish playwright Mehmet Murat İldan once said “On the road to wisdom, behave like a raven and observe everything carefully”

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of some unique raven poems from renowned authors that reveal more about their majestic character.

These powerful poems about raven will leave you considering just what it means when we glimpse these somber birds in our everyday lives.

So buckle up for an adventure into the world of the wise old Raven through this amazing raven poetry!

Best Raven Poems

Have you ever been entranced by the eerie and enigmatic nature of ravens? Look no further than these best poems about raven. Exploring the mystique of these intelligent creatures, these poems paint a vivid picture of the bird’s elusive, dark persona.

1. Desert Interlude

       by Steven Cowling

From a spot of shade under a cliff
I gaze across a shallow valley.
A dry watercourse meanders,
a twisted ribbon of sand.

The dead juniper tree rises above
the sagebrush. A fly hums,
seeking moisture from my sweat.
No air stirs, an oven hot and dry.

A flutter of wings. Raven settles
on the bare branch, preens and
looks at me. A sign, perhaps.
What message brings this emissary?

I ask. He shifts upon his perch
and fluffs his feathers. A single call,
then in a burst of motion rises and
glides along the valley.

The oracle is silent. The shadows lengthen.
I slowly stand and make my way
toward rest and water. All around
the desert sings its song of peace.

2. Poe’s Muse

       by John Gilman

a raven spoke from high tree branch
with graven words…flowing darkly
let’s tempt what the shadows allow
come ride the ghostly wind with me

let’s seek doorways with no opening
where spirits are marionette dancers
dodging moonbeams that illuminate
the dens of night’s worst scavengers

we’ll fly broken dream chiseled skies
’til we reach lands too far to go back

I am the architect of fevered fiction
both muse and angel
my wings painted

3. Skeletal Thoughts

       by Joseph john Taras Kushnir

From chalk dust
to graveyard must,
follies are foiled
when tombstone warnings
were resting spots
for nevermore ravens.

Idle revolve
buries lessons
that once bloomed.

4. The Raven

       by John Gilman

in my dreams…. I was a bird
charcoal black….to be exact
with two razor-sharp claws
I didn’t hesitate….to extract

for haunting night’s dreams

outside a bedroom window
pecking loudly from within

dark pages……of Mister Poe

5. Left to Sing Alone

       by Karley Plummer

a bird
unto the dark dim sings,
the eerie trees are bending.
a raven
circling the corpse below,
never failing the metaphoric birds eye,
is pining,
as a little girl prays for it all to go.
she’s chilled into selfish prayer for the light
but even Winter sheds it’s grief in snow.

6. Chess

       by Emilia En L’air

Rain meets sea…
It’s dark indeed…
Sun is no more…
Light is gone from me…
Ha! So you think!

Mountain is covered by fog…
Cannot see a leaf, a bird, or a bee…
My love for pedals, flowers, and colors…
Gone after stormy dawn…
Ha! So you think!

Torrent waves brake on petroglyphs…
Dark clouds took evil forms,
hooding the hours….
Lightening came with your evilness,
But was broken by pieces of gray, black and blue…
Turning black Ravens to sparkly hummingbirds…

Though you are crafty!
Awake I am in silence…
I knew!
You were coming for me!
Check- mate!
I’m gone with the wind…

7. Unkindness

       by Anonymous

Backlit ravens against a twilight sky;
In a scene of pink and peach, they fly.
As blue steel clouds slowly surround,
This unkindness may now be found.

While they wheel in a dizzying display;
Amongst the thermals they did array.
Nearly touching, almost clutching;
Yet their sight was not begrudging.

But felt as an omen of grim portents;
To cause a pause in one’s events.
Beside the Athabaska’s mighty flow;
As bright winter ice floats past slow.

Lost from sight in the day’s last light;
Found in a grip of an uneasy plight.
Under a silent treachery’s lofty gaze;
To strive onward, in a stygian daze.

8. Disappear

       by Anonymous

Am I mad to resent a pair
As my eyes fixate
I fall in despair

I look at the shadow he just stares
I ask “Why am I forsaken”
He said “disappear”

As I ravish around in need of a dove
I only found a pair
Oh how I’d love to get rid of doves
For ravens like I
Knew not love

From the day I bore wings
Knew not spring
They say as above
I say so below

Like the autumn sky
I’ll continue to fall
I gave my all
All they saw was stall

9. Raven in Cemetery Wonders of the Future

       by Viktor R.W. Wilde

Streets of fallen lanterns, unveil the fallen bird who embraces fragile forest in silence.
Raven under tombstone of decay, walk with wonder, flesh-eating trees rage and believe.
Boundless from the coughing mountain, in maze of whale skeleton, the raven listens.
All ears brew branches, heavy corpses carry the elder roses anticipating dead woodland.
Broken robots howl from the skies, distant air balloons begin the bombs of demise.

“Always a war rattles humanity, numerous animals seek power and gates of survival.
These flames loom large over the unborn, soon in the world all children are in concern.
Burns bark back reflective flesh, wax figures melting goodnight, we must be prepared.”
Raven in woodland woe, brewing wars deepen the decade as animals fall in the abyss with darkness calling.

10. Coronis

       by Brittany Lankford

How brave you are, Elder Soul,
Your words like a sigh in the night.
The darkened mists swirl ’round them.
Like ravens taking flight.

How dark, you are, Coronis,
A kindred soul to mine.
Could we have met before,
In some other time?

Hush, now, Sir Raven.
Come here and perch with me,
While I devour all you’ve shown
And then eagerly fly with thee.

11. The Crow’s Theater

       by Anastasia

The Crow’s pitch wings
Glide through darkness
Cutting through fog
Like each feather is a blade
Slicing the air
As if slicing my skin
His eyes red
Infused with the dripping from my veins
He soars above a paint-chipped steeple
Perching on an ebony cross
He observes the soil below him
Gaze landing on a single figure
The Crow keeps in his sight
A bleeding body
Staggering towards the final resting place
Who could it be, on this heavy night
But the troubled soul of a human
Toppling down onto a crumbling grave
A life soon to be taken
To ascend to the moon above behind him
A being

Famous Raven Poems

Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or simply drawn to the mysterious, these famous poems about raven are a must-read. So take a dive into the world of the raven and prepare to be spellbound.

1. Raven’s Blade

       by Anonymous

Within this petrified world, I dwell
I wear the night
And consume the dead

In the moonlight’s current, you will find me
The Autumns winds hold onto my soul
And I give one last song to the dead

In this earthly world, it gets lonely
I hear the hawks and crows scatter
Seeing my blackened feathers
Even bears and cougars get meek
Hearing my voice

In scarlet skies
A creature descended from within the haunted deep forests
He stands as tall as black bear, but is as slender as a cougar
His eyes are like a seething molten sun
More graceful than most he roams over fallen leaves
As the forest dies into complete silence
He does not fear me and listens closely to my words
I am the lantern that is his eyes
And he is the axe that is my blade

2. Luna Raven

       by William Shade

Blinding moon, of broken shadows, silver
Pouring love, on hopeless night
With chill of October, sobering shiver
Eyes marvel, vast, and radiance bright

Starlight spreads, as wings of angels
Light feathers gleam, an ancient show
Ancestors’ gaze, pure silence, tells
Lift there, my soul, to light aglow

If found there, by such a haven
Eternal starlight, I’d weep
Perhaps once a night, I’d find a raven
And pray my light, to keep

3. Lullaby

       by Anonymous

tonight not all that is black is dreary,
the raven queen perched upon her aerie
beckons her unkindness with roses red
but we should not judge those that eat the dead.
for they too are passerines, birds that sing,
although their songs are not serene, they bring
about peacefulness a different way,
their audience hears no more, the long day
is over for them, in darkness, silence,
they lie, still beneath the pallid moonlight,
their messy burdens shed, cleaned white and bright;
each beak does fine work for its mistress
not a tattern nor scrap is overlooked.
on her lap thorns, like clever talons hooked
belie the softness of her calm embrace,
for we, as the moon, show in time our face,
our true face, hidden beneath shadows, clouds,
or masks of flesh—we must shrug our shrouds
off to receive her caress, push our breaths
to her wild lips, down in her ceaseless depths.

4. You are not Poe!

       by Caren Krutsinger

Poe’s ebony sidekick is still mysterious and a tad bit mystical
I throw a raven into poems, but am never satisfied
I often throw him back out or change him into a crow.
You are not Poe! You are not Poe! My persnickety bossy muse chants.
She knows why ravens never satisfy my poems better than I.

5. Raven

       by Anonymous

That is right Raven
Turn your head away from me
I am warning you

I don’t like you bird
You creepy weird little thing
Just stay right there now

I am going now
Coming back with my green hose
You will be sorry

6. The Reaping

       by Lockdown Larcs

how long shall I be dreaming
of this place where darkness abounds
who shall lift me gleaming
show me your light and heavenly sounds
(or are you the reaper, coming for my eyes)

none then come to douse my sorrow
can there be such,  so morbid as this
a smile or a whisper, could I not borrow
a scent, enchanting laughter, one last kiss
(oh reaper no need for a raven disguise)

the wind howls at me, hurling shadows
I am but one step from the door
I think of her and my heart slows
this loss is eating away my core
(oh reaper why seek so my demise)

incessant, ticking time peace on the wall
speed up now for this lonely lost soul
take me from this sorry night’s thrall
ah but I see, can I ever again be whole
(I forget reaper, you own these night skies)

why then contemplate matters so grave
surely shall my spirit soar again
and yet my love I could not save
this place forever then a place of pain
(come on then reaper, together shall we rise)

7. Ravens Defense

       by Anonymous

Oh Raven—
Slandered and abused
In words of artistry
In laymen’s knowledge
An omen they call you
A caller of death
Yet, death has no messenger
No envoy to send
It comes and leaves
With nothing left

8. Fear of Flight

       by Anonymous

Fettered thoughts lurk within the mind’s eye
A song sung only by the lonesome Raven
Something blackbirds make a mockery of
All of these rendered awash in the wind

Locked away like an heirloom of ages past
You tucked your burdens in the tattered nightstand
and so hoped that the pillow on which you rest your head may engage in osmosis
Do you think that the work may be done for you?

Detach your retinas
fade into sleep
Memories of anguish
ceaselessly creep
In and out

A crisis of sorts, cannot be ceased
Your bloody screams are lost to the abysmal subconscious
The raven is stirring beneath your furrowed brow
The curtain has been called

Your pace quickens, legs scrambling
Muffled footsteps make no sound, the only test of your senses is present with the echo of beating plumes.
A searing reality, as her claws take root in your neck
Upon meeting the final blow, you take her gaze into your own.
The irises, eerily familiar. Menacing and malicious.
She’s you.

Detach your retinas
fade into sleep
Memories of anguish
ceaselessly creep
In and out

It’s time to rest
It’s time to rest
It’s time to rest

9. Keep Away Raven

       by Orense Nicod

keep away raven
leave the shadows
where they belong

ah death
mended the screen’s tear
yet cold whistles through the door

opening the window
am I any closer
to the moon?

10. Ram and Raven

       by Caren Krutsinger

Ram was in a slam bam mood
Slam bam slam bam slam bam ram
He had not eaten any food
Slam bam slam bam slam bam ram

You are sure in a bad way
Cawed a raven on his head
Slam bam slam bam slam bam hey!
Get off my head! The mad ram said.

The Ram and the raven could not agree
They wandered down a hill beside a tree
You have to be nicer to get rid of me
Said the raven, in an annoying melody

Short Raven Poems

These short poems about raven explore the mysterious bird and its symbolism, making for a creative and thought-provoking read. Whether you’re a bird lover or simply enjoy the beauty of poetry, these poems are definitely worth checking out. Dive into the world of the Raven and let these poems whisk you away on a journey of imagination and wonder.

1. The Raven Brings

       by Heather Brearley

Ravens bring
darkness to the sky
shadows cross into the unknown.

2. You Owe Me

       by Frank Penicaro

broken currency,
the feather a bloodied raven.
here, take it.

3. Welcome Home

       by Tania Kitchin

a raven cackles
atop the haunted mansion ~
a warm welcoming

4. Door in the Sky

       by Gregory Golden

A raven opens a door
In the sky

5. The Phoenix Raven

       by Gun Poet

semi-auto gun
second nature second hand
born in fire to fire

6. Stolen Candy

       by Roland Dust

Dogs Included Push
Raven Vegetable Fear
Pleading Gum Arrest

7. Raven

       by M. L. Kiser

not a bad bird;

8. Edgar

       by Arnisha Paxman

Pitter-patter of
feet: raven teeters
on ledge examining me!

9. I Just Wanna Know

       by Will Rout

I used to be a Raven
but the folks all call me Crow,
so I’m looking in this looking glass
‘cause I just wanna know…

10. Raven

       by Raven Meradel

R- aconteur of chaos portrayed in thee eyes
A- ureate words flowing in her veins
V- ast imagination; almost living in a chimerical dream
E- uphonious voices lived inside her head
N- aive little woman with deep soul in a quiescent state

Long Raven Poems

Have you ever been fascinated by the mysterious and enigmatic raven? If you have, then these long poems about raven are definitely for you. They explore the many facets of this intelligent and elusive bird, bringing to light its intriguing qualities and habits. Check them out!

1. Igor Was Never Appreciated for Himself

       by Caren Krutsinger

Igor was summoned to the battle by General Chang
Why him? Why a sorcerer? A captain questioned.
He knows things we cannot pretend to know was the answer.
No one else questioned Chang; it was dangerous.

You must stay home Igor told Rev, his clairvoyant raven.
It is too dangerous, and you are older now, slower.
Rev said nothing, pretended he would be compliant.
Along the way Igor found a sign – Celtic cross carved into an oak.

We may lose this one, his warrior’s heart told him.
Igor was accompanied by Archangel Michael who kept silent.
Allowing him the freedom to think he had freedom.
At last they were at the front, making their way to Chang.

Where is the raven? General Chang demanded.
He was a superstitious leader; he thought they needed Rev to win.
No worries, Igor said, shaking out tiny bones onto a rock.
I shall read the outcome, here are my omen bones.

The other leaders watched, disappointed.
They all knew the prophecy. If Igor had no raven, they would lose.
They could hear the battle drums of their enemy.
There were battle cries. Some men broke rank and fled.

Rev landed on Igor’s cloak and a cheer went up.
General Chang said “you were jesting, Igor!”
Igor rolled his eyes; sad that he was never appreciated for himself.
Only as the bringer of the raven, Rev.

2. The Bird and the Tree

       by Cornelius Clover

On top of the tree,
A bird was sitting,
Permitting himself rest,
All stressed,
Away from his nest,
A black bird smitten,
And beaten around,
Drowned but found,
Lost in a storm,
He landed on,
This lonesome stick,
With a quick flick,
Of wings he found,
His paws on solid ground,
The carcass of a tree,
From its inners a voice,
Boomed out,
‘You have a choice,
Little birdy!’,
The raven stood stirdy,
But leaped,
Of this tree so wordy,
It continued and said:
‘I’m just a tree,
But bet.., no see,
You are not free
Are thee?
Caged like a bird?!’,
Grinning he raged,
And again said:
‘You have a choice!
The storm is all around,
Always is and always will,
I’m here standing still,
Once I was crowned,
Now I’m old and bald,
But warm and walled,
So, little birdy,
Wait out this storm,
Warm your person,
And let the storm worsen,
Don’t flee,
For that, I’m..,
I’m just a tree.
Don’t go away,
That’s what they,
Always do,
Will you?’
Flap flap,
And away he was,
Because that is,
What birds do.

3. Wolf’s Eyes

       by Anonymous

Within a horrifying and cruel world, I dwell
I bare the cloak of the darkest night
I’ve watch as my family, my home
Burn into cinders
When I listen closely in darkening skies
Sometime I still hear their cries
Now far off I roam into stranger lands
Searching for a new pack, a new home
Meeting stranger animals
Who cower away, even killing friends if they must
All to remain in the abyss
Truly unworthy of being my pack

In the hallowed night I hear the cries of a beast
A voice that sings into the madness
For the living and the dead
Its a gift to go forth

If I listen closely this song
I am granted with the sight to see
Dangers of death and creatures whose time is near
He cries alone in the night to creatures too scared to listen
Black is not the abyss and white is not heaven
They are just as they are
Yet seem to blind the sight

I remember my family’s words
Listen to the forest and it will guide you
Even to foxes they are lazy creatures
But are more cleaver than three wolves
I once in a gale meet a fox
For giving her a meal she gave me advice
If you are to ever see a stream of fat fish
Know it won’t be their tomorrow
I now understand what that fox meant
So today I share my feast with an angel
Becoming the axe that brings him victory
And he the lantern that is my eyes
Guiding me through this terrifying world

4. The Raven/The Mystery of ‘Nevermore’.

       by Lindy Geraldyne Mace

Oh child of endless darkness that was both your
blessung and your curse ~  so sad.
In your writings you mourned the sufferance ~ ones Death  had
stolen from you
the ones in Love you’d had.
Your mother, step mother and the wife you with full heart
had loved so much.
Calling on names of Anna-Bell-Lee and even the angel
guarded in sfjct duty
Lenore ever missing her sweet touch
Your brain burned with bouts of deep depession and quite possibly
of  little known-fits of madness~ now known as epilplepisy.
So you turned to opium, heroine, cocaine and finally alcohol
that soothed your ever  questioning and highly tormented soul.
Inbeween the biouts of sheer genius and spells of utter madness
your words, stories and  mysteries seemed to flow freely
upon your author’s inspired ~ soon to be recognizes ~
the true writer’s page.
Success may for a time eve haven called you- ‘Friend’
But your love for gambling, drugs and alcohol soon put that to an end.
Fluctulating beween being a social butterfly and sinking into that
well of recogniseable sadess -seclusion beckoned to you
You wanted to be left with your macabre thoughts
to be left all alone.
Taking to your agitated writings those ghosts of pains hunger ~
you sought the numbing effecta of opium, cocaine, and finally the
bottle~ your next best friend
the ever flowing bottle~ sweetly flowing
to your thirsting lips the taste of alcohol.
But finally coming to the end of your ever teetering rope
you succumbed~ leaving many unanswered questions of everything
that questionably~ with countless theories ranged in every scope
Your death still leaves possibly never to be answered questions
standing there at Death’s door.
How like that black beaked Raven croaked in Midnight
so dreary-at the threshold of Life and Death spoke that
sobering word- “Nevermore.”

5. Magical Voyage

       by Reginald B

They were something up like that wide magic telegraphed. The splattered among the self.
I found raven whatever crow.
Me name uncertain.
I choose to go by that dead lights.

Flesh stuck in a hole.
Worm eating flesh dreams paradox.
Team burden the waking dream of your caws follow. Scene glorified raven.

Unplug my things battery.
Sleep rogue sound know hasn’t been.
The peasant south without treat you crow haven’t me. A sirens waking.
Psyche ability psychic.

Progress silly seek haunting repeat.
The retreat buildings abandon into union.
The vision occult.
The relapse body able walking.
Exit lead gone.

The thought subjective uncommon.
Thought objective against.
I’m sleepy guardian.
I do know random.

6. Dead Skull Raven

       by Reginald B

Affixation communal unorthodox slain stone infernal. That alone moment in crow pain become absorption.
The drained shattered tunnel of the painting was wasteland.

Doomsday wilderness portraits illustration climatic. Faint in darkened ash cold.
The black dense covered.
A rainy under carried.

Left feathers abandon giving purpose sense worthy page. The remain last left corpse to feed on the portion.
A crow would do with it.

The ravens grew intent dement with it fashion tragic. This expense prophetic gem fortune jewels whim it treasure.
Glimpse to grip.
The dagger had them drenched.

I did begin to drink unsatisfied.
The bodies development.
Here in the temple.
It is down in the valley.
In the palm of the roasted.
The exit hand through skin.

Continued I to be write I will.
The note to ascend.
Last night the rinse to the raven.
A barely visible blue in the fog.
The light back into the flight.
The sore will carry.

7. Magenta Burial Grounds

       by Reginald B

Magenta the poison splattered attraction the absence. The camped measurement existent happened as the stay.
Standing unannounced swarm.
The way grey fountain.

A water fixture on the cloud.
A crow is became caw.
Unknown the explosive effect corpses sound.
The decode underground.
The shadow gate locked.

This at the temple.
Presence uttered passion in the ravens darkness. The velvet feather flew.
Sky early died across night.

Inside erupts cawing.
Morning hours the sun surprise even will rise even light.
Their souls sediment.
I warm to perform.
These apparitions of facts

The harbinger of death.
Spoken it’s coming to an begin to end the forum. Vengeance from the raven.
The crow physical felt.

There out from failed attempts.
Intellect the expertise no regret.
Exit the raven.
I in a mess syringe.
Made best moment attack.

The path a craft a blood bath.
The swans illusionary the set over.
The rest by are to be laid.
They were after the sparrow hawks nest the days in.

The enchant of magical events.
That have passed wings flap away.
A clap of a sound affect.
The rhythms by the pipes to the drum of the best. The forrest range up in the trees.
Currently everything is.

The sight out of falling.
The grey dust below light.

8. The Corvidae Family

       by Suzanne

The Crow and Raven
Familiars of the
Dark haired maven
The Morrigan Goddess
Spirit animals to some
They like to play
Can be a fun day
If luck enough
To befriend a pair

The Magpie
Black, white and blue
What a cute guy
So beautiful
When the fly
Watching them
Make a next
Is the best

The Jay
They’re a site to behold
Who would of know
These colorful guys
Were also part
Of this family

My favorite is the Raven
So mysterious
So intelligent
Seen in my dreams
A spirit guide

The Magpie is a close second
One time got to
Help a family of them
One was injured
They let me close
To see what happens
So I could get help
Smart creatures for sure

If ever in a place
To examine them
Or call some friend
It will be a cherished memory

Raven Poems That Rhyme

From its ominous black feathers to its eerie call, the Raven has captivated people for centuries. So take a moment to immerse yourself in the world of this fascinating creature. Give these poems about raven with rhyme a read, and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Raven’s mystique.

1. Poe’s Fiendish Night

       by John Gilman

the night was still…wind calm
a scene painted by Poe’s brush
weighted shadows crushing me

trampled under head-long rush

infernal raven sat high in a tree
framed with silvery moonlight
thudding in my chest increased
body aquiver in nameless fright

what manner of fiend was here
chasing comfort of black refuge
to a dark shrouded prison cell
my eyes like saucers grown

2. Raven’s Call

       by Stephen Hollins

dark misty night echoes its mournful tune
black wings beat like drums, a darkened dune
lonely and bleak, the bird roams the skies
with a voice like a razor, sharp and wise
deaths shadow it swoops and takes flight
ominous beak and wings unfold the night
a symbol of secrets, hidden truths untold
the raven’s call whispers, a haunting hold

3. Is She a Raven Whisperer?

       by Caren Krutsinger

She looks unassuming, not like a raven whisperer at all.
However, this is who she is, and she walks rather tall.
Next to her, some feel kind of ogre-ish, simple and small.
I have no preconceived notions, I met her only last fall.

She is not arrogant or unkind, but standoffish I think.
I met her once in the kitchen, she was bent over the sink.
She was wearing a beautiful gown made of silver and pink.
Raven whisperer? I simply am not ready to yet make that link.

4. The Ravens

       by Anonymous

Black birds on the sky,
Messengers of the life.
They are old and wise,
They are in disguise.

One raven flew to me,
Then Sat on a tree.
We stare at each other,
We have the same father.

He’s Inspiring and fierce,
Experienced many years.
The giver of life,
He made a sacrifice.

Follow his path,
To avoid his wrath.
He deserves respect,
I can feel connect.

5. Paint Yourself a Dying Breath

       by Mike Mason

A raven lost inside the black
cursed your name as scourge
because you stabbed the sun and claimed
the moon had sparked the urge

you tortured every victim while
debating how they’d suffer
painted living corpses as you
drained their blood and color

framed them when they died
and scattered fragments in a grave
then planted them in compost piles
fertilized with sage

shredded all the traces
with your scissor-triggered rage
then ate the tasty pieces
of the masterpiece you made

day will come I’ll slit that throat
so paint a dying breath
but add an extra coat of black
to guarantee your death.

6. Napping in Poe Land

       by John Gilman

upon dark night I sat in silent chair
my room covered in gloomy despair
listening for noises from black walls
shaky voice asking, who goes there?

in response, a tapping at my window

that ghostly ebony bird we all know
beady eyes glaring back towards me
a mocking figure hiding in shadows

its shrill voice shrieked, nevermore!
words echoing just outside my door
terror growing by leaps and bounds
midnight’s chime adding even more

tapping escalated into loud rapping
thinking a huge army was attacking
eyes opened to a tree limb slapping
right in the middle
of unscheduled

7. A Raven’s Call

       by Will Rout

Make haste! Make haste! A Raven calls,
and none should bide his way,
he comes upon a hollowed mist,
‘till death he’s sure to stay…

O’ come ye all ye fireflies
to eat his flesh ‘n bone,
for he won’t go, O’no, O’no,
ye reap what ye hast sown…

In tales of lore, a Raven’s caw,
brings peril to thy side,
and best beware, if one should stare,
make haste, this rule abide…

8. Raven’s Eye

       by Chelley Rice

‘Pon shoulder perched twas the raven
Seance of ceremony of the unspoken
His eye was pierced by the midnight
Evening hanging beneath moonlight

What would be born unto onyx skies?
It was my dark side that would arise
Lacing this soul with infinite twilight
Both ends of nightfall cinders white

His wings swift flight buries the dawn
Shrouded clouds in feathered chiffon
Under heavy shade lurching shadows
Silhouettes hang the swinging gallows

Breathy breezes blossom into dreams
Silence stinging as a jaguar’s scream
Bury fears Nevermore will be missed
Stars twinkle galaxies heaven kissed

Beasts alive nestled ‘tween night’s fall
It conceives this lifetime of void & null
Now I see the world in the Raven’s eye
Seeking sanctuary beneath a blakk sky

Soft plume shelters in embered embrace
I collapse in slumber filled by silken grace
Awake yet fuzzy, looming through heights
Grappled the chance of cheating last rites

Soaring soul engulfed closes the horizon
Get trapped in tar pitted nights uprising
Raven’s eye seduced under hypnotic lull
I give into the resistance of magnetic pull

I give thee life, if so does call upon heart
Dead bouquets punish gravestones apart
The Night Hunter cries “Fall under knife”
Slaughter the walking dead escaping life

9. The Snow Boarder

       by Anne Billinge

Raven how you love to play,
Snowboarding down my roof all day,
fingertip wings all a-splay,
fun and games all the way,
then jump back up and fly away.

10. The Wolf and the Raven

       by Raven Nevermore

A wolf wondering
A raven hovering
A pull the wolf feels
Nipping at its heels
A calling the raven hears
Something she fears
The Wolf follows
The Raven swallows
This pull leading
Something feeding
The Wolf searches
To see where a raven perches
The raven sitting all so perfect
Pondering this effect
This effect this pull
Something in full
wolf notices the raven
Feeling this sudden craving
raven so scared
Of something shared
Slowly this pulls closer
Slowly the wolf approaches
raven inching closer,  yet guarded
From being discarded
Wolf slowly endearing
Never disappearing
Slowly the ravens guards fall
Falling like a waterfall
The two meet
Something oh so sweet
The wolf and the raven
Did they find their new haven

Raven Poems about Love

With haunting imagery, emotional depth, and plenty of mystique, these Ravens poems about love offer a unique perspective on the strange and wonderful world of these enigmatic birds. So why not spread your wings and delve into the darkness today? You never know what you might find.

1. Holly

       by Rob Carmack

As she walked across the sand,
receding waves made graffiti
out of the footsteps of a Valkyrie.
An ocean’s city let go of her hand
as we passed under a tree –
her hair like the gold of Valhalla’s marquee.
It was there, in another god’s hall,
the raven flew under a ceiling of shields,
and her grace lived in every swan.
It was then, when I first met need,
thirsting for wine but settling for mead.
Baldr’s death carved into a stone wall
moved me west to the mistletoe.
Her face held by another, his fingers
the lightening that tore open the skies
and bled the blue into her eyes.
My first loss and left out of place,
to learn what can’t be taught.

2. Little Raven

       by Anonymous

Little raven
In your nest
Scorned at
Laughed at

Little raven
In your nest
They don’t see
You’re beauty

All they see
Is a squawking scavenger
With sharp talons
And disgusting eyes

Little raven
In your nest
Don’t leave
Let me love you

Your plumage
Is beautiful
And shining
To me

Your voice brings me
And memories
Of homes long gone

Little raven
In your nest
They may revile you
But I love you

3. Ravens

       by Anonymous

Flying around to find a landing.
Wings don’t really get lost in a world forever expanding.
When the brute of the storms in the sky got intense birds were romancing.
Gliding around with no care of anything.
What kind of chemistry did the past bring?

With no words they communicate in search of a place to rest from a days prison.
There was a journey that had strong reason.
Where will these two ravens land can you imagine?

Adapted too comfortably to the dark.

The shades of black and grey eclipsed the yellow orange sun.
As the sun appeared we just had no fun.

A park bench for ravens they landed on a tombstone.
Together in view inside they felt alone.

The ravens sometimes try to reach inside to connect.
Touched inside with same old actions predictable to detect.

One flew away forever.
It’s probably best for the rest of life’s time.
One raven looks up as the other flies away.
Stuck for good this is for the better.
Can’t seem to fly anymore for the other bird.
In the end the sky holds us both.
A natural process that even ravens expected a time ago.
We may pass each other again as we’re flying through quiet skies.

4. Raven, Oh Raven

       by Anonymous

The embers have died
the fire is lost and gone,
all night she sat and cried,
for her, he spent his life to fawn.

She is the girl of any guy’s dreams,
tall, pale, and long ebony hairs.
She belongs in the movie reams,
in love with the hero who really cares.

Alone she would hide away,
a ghost girl to the town and all,
at least it seemed that way,
until her life truly did fall.

He would give his life
just for one single kiss.
She would be the greatest wife
of all, she deserved eternal bliss.

So on this bleak, winter night
with strong, howling wind
snow covering the land in white,
each emotionless plant, twinned.

Out he ventured in fright,
filled with hopes to see
his love before she was out of sight,
or deprived of gay and glee.

Something over took
him, when he saw a soaring
raven, on the edge of the brook.
It jumped in the water that was roaring.

Intrigued and enticed,
he followed without will.
On the side was a body iced,
however heart beating still.

The body was his love,
the kind madden of his heart,
whom had been taken above,
despite his pain of her depart.

“Raven, oh Raven,
save him from his pain
and the love he’s been cravin’
turn the snow to pouring rain.”

This her soul cried
with everything it had;
completely unaware, she had died,
and why he was so sad.

How could he know
she would be alright and fine,
if his love he could not show,
nor could he say, “She’s mine.”

Don’t expect a smile
from one who can only cry.
This pain will be more than a while,
cause now he decided he too must die.

5. Love Birds

       by Jeff Connelly

te quiero
sang the

never more
croaked the

6. A Raven Called Sockeye Joe

       by Mohsin Maqbool Elahi

A piece of timber lying on the road
in Ladysmith, British Columbia
given new life as a tall totem pole
by a white carpenter, a friend of mine.

He shaped it into a large raven’s face.
I, a poet, christened him Sockeye Joe.
Sock has black shiny eyes and a large beak —
play acting contorts it vertically.

Sockeye Joe befriended 12 crows and rooks.
He’s a confidante and father figure
they can depend on. They love doting him.
Genius birds gift me straws for my vase.

Joe is a rest house for many ravens
when the sun scorches in May-June-July.
He loves providing shelter when it rains.
Squirrels and stray cats cuddle next to him.

A charm for truckers, drivers and riders —
the winged hero saved them from disaster.
His namesakes — Joe Namath and Navajo
Joe — photographed themselves standing with him.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there is something strange and beautiful about the Raven, which has inspired so many poets to express their own awe and wonder.

Ravens have been around for centuries, and they show us no sign of disappearing from our lives anytime soon.

If you find yourself captivated by this mysterious bird, these raven poems provide a great place to start exploring your new-found enthusiasm.

What did you think of the poems about raven?

Are there any you particularly resonated with or found interesting?

Please comment in the comments section below about this post–we’d love to hear your thoughts.

There is a plethora of raven poetry that can be enjoyed, but this is just a small handful to get you started.

All of these works are testimony to the power the Raven holds over us humans and its eternal presence amongst us all.

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