152 Poems about Leaving to Say Farewell

Saying goodbye can be incredibly difficult, which is why the written word is such a powerful tool to express our feelings.

Throughout history poets have used their words to capture sadness, sentiment, and nostalgia – encapsulating moments as they say farewells that linger in memory forever.

Today we explore some of those iconic poems about leaving and saying goodbye – offering insight into how generations before us recognized this emotional upheaval as an essential part of life.

As Mark Twain famously said, “Grief can take care of itself; but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with.”

So why not turn our parting into an opportunity for growth by reading some wise leaving poems?

In this blog post, explore some farewell poems that will help you cope with your farewell journey and express your emotions better!

Best Poems about Leaving

It’s never easy to say goodbye. Whether it’s a job you’re leaving or a dear friend moving away, the emotions can be overwhelming. Sometimes, finding the right words to say can be a struggle. These best leaving poems are the perfect way to say farewell.

1. Sea Lyric

       by William Stanley Braithwaite

Over the seas to-night, love,
Over the darksome deeps,
Over the seas to-night, love,
Slowly my vessel creeps.
Over the seas to-night, love,
Waking the sleeping foam—
Sailing away from thee, love,
Sailing from thee and home.
Over the seas to-night, love,
Dreaming beneath the spars—
Till in my dreams you shine, love,
Bright as the listening stars.

2. Spellbound

       by Emily Brontë

The night is darkening round me,
The wild winds coldly blow;
But a tyrant spell has bound me
And I cannot, cannot go.
The giant trees are bending
Their bare boughs weighed with snow.
And the storm is fast descending,
And yet I cannot go.
Clouds beyond clouds above me,
Wastes beyond wastes below;
But nothing drear can move me;
I will not, cannot go.

3. Highland Mary

       by Robert Burns

Ye banks, and braes, and streams around
The castle o’ Montgomery,
Green be your woods, and fair your flowers,
Your waters never drumlie!
There Simmer first unfald her robes,
And there the langest tarry:
For there I took the last Fareweel
O’ my sweet Highland Mary.
How sweetly bloom’d the gay, green birk,
How rich the hawthorn’s blossom;
As underneath their fragrant shade,
I clasp’d her to my bosom!
The golden Hours, on angel wings,
Flew o’er me and my Dearie;
For dear to me as light and life
Was my sweet Highland Mary.
Wi’ mony a vow, and lock’d embrace,
Our parting was fu’ tender;
And pledging aft to meet again,
We tore oursels asunder:
But Oh! fell Death’s untimely frost,
That nipt my Flower sae early!
Now green’s the sod, and cauld’s the clay,
That wraps my Highland Mary!
O pale, pale now, those rosy lips,
I aft hae kiss’d sae fondly!
And clos’d for ay the sparkling glance,
That dwalt on me sae kindly!
And mouldering now in silent dust,
That heart that lo’ed me dearly!
But still within my bosom’s core
Shall live my Highland Mary.

4. Two Dials

       by Ruby Archer

You came, and it was morning;
You went, and it was night.
A dial measured in my heart
One little day’s delight.
The dial in my garden
Of passion-flowers and rue
Takes note of only sunny hours,—
My heart—of those with you.

5. Farewell to the Farm

       by Robert Louis Stevenson

The coach is at the door at last;
The eager children, mounting fast
And kissing hands, in chorus sing:
Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!
To house and garden, field and lawn,
The meadow-gates we swang upon,
To pump and stable, tree and swing,
Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!
And fare you well for evermore,
O ladder at the hayloft door,
O hayloft where the cobwebs cling,
Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!
Crack goes the whip, and off we go;
The trees and houses smaller grow;
Last, round the woody turn we swing:
Good-bye, good-bye, to everything!

6. The Little Leaf

       by Annette Wynne

And so, the little leaf flew far—O far,
Out to the place where the blue hills are.
It took the wind’s hand, and on it went;
All was so new—it was quite content
To go far away from the mother tree
And find where the little brook found the sea.

7. Since There’s No Help, Come Let Us Kiss and Part

       by Michael Drayton

Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part.
Nay, I have done, you get no more of me;
And I am glad, yea glad with all my heart,
That thus so cleanly I myself can free.
Shake hands for ever, cancel all our vows,
And when we meet at any time again,
Be it not seen in either of our brows
That we one jot of former love retain …

8. A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning

       by John Donne

So let us melt, and make no noise,
No tear-floods, nor sigh-tempests move;
‘Twere profanation of our joys
To tell the laity our love.

Moving of th’ earth brings harms and fears,
Men reckon what it did, and meant;
But trepidation of the spheres,
Though greater far, is innocent …

9. When We Two Parted

       by Lord Byron

In silence and tears,
Half broken-hearted
To sever for years,
Pale grew thy cheek and cold,
Colder thy kiss;
Truly that hour foretold
Sorrow to this …

10. The Going

       by Thomas Hardy

Never to bid good-bye
Or lip me the softest call,
Or utter a wish for a word, while I
Saw morning harden upon the wall,
Unmoved, unknowing
That your great going
Had place that moment, and altered all.

Why do you make me leave the house
And think for a breath it is you I see
At the end of the alley of bending boughs
Where so often at dusk you used to be;
Till in darkening dankness
The yawning blankness
Of the perspective sickens me!

11. Go Now

       by Edward Thomas

Those two words shut a door
Between me and the blessed rain
That was never shut before
And will not open again …

12. You Will Be Missed

       by Stephannie Beaudette

Saying goodbye
Was the hardest thing to do.
I never thought I would,
Especially not to you.

You always listened
And knew what to say,
Knew when to give a hug
When I was having a bad day.

No one will ever take your place.
I can always promise you this.
It’s hard to find someone like you,
So know you’ll always be missed.

13. Because She Was My Best Friend

       by Insha Jesani

Together we would laugh, together we would cry,
With each other, we’d never be shy.
We’d often fight, then sort it out,
And at each other, we would never shout.
It’s because she was my best friend…

When I was with her, I was very crazy.
I would always dance like a silly daisy.
I didn’t care what they thought of us,
Since all they could possibly do was fuss.
It’s because she was my best friend…

I’d turn to her when my spirit needed a lift.
We would treasure our friendship; it was a gift.
She’d lift me up when I felt down,
And put a smile on my face when I wore a frown.
It’s because she was my best friend…

I saw her today with someone else.
It had been many years, so I was past tense.
She ignored me, and I wanted to cry.
If only she could just say goodbye…
It’s because she was my best friend,
And I never thought it would come to an end…

14. Goodbye, Best Friend

       by Jaimie-Beth Faulkner

Things may change from this day on.
Here with us is where you belong.
Someone like you there is no other.
You’re the closest thing I have to a brother.

You have only been in my life for quite a short while,
But even when I’m down you seem to make me smile.
That place in my heart you will always stay.
Such good memories, they will never fade away.

The tears I shed, I shed for you,
But now it’s time to make your dreams come true.
For all the times you have helped me out,
A good future ahead of you, I have no doubt.

You gave me confidence, you gave me pride.
Even when you’re gone I’ll be by your side.
For all those fears in which we shared.
To say goodbye, I’m not prepared.

For you, I’ll hold my head up high,
Keep myself strong to say goodbye.
It may hurt, and I may cry.
I think to myself and I wonder why.

What we’ll do, I really don’t know.
All I know is I will never let go.
You’re a true friend, for that is true.
When I was down, I came to you.

I am so glad that we became friends,
But this isn’t where our journey ends.
The memories we have will last forevermore.
I will always love you, for that I’m sure.

Always in my heart and in my heart you will stay.
I can’t believe today’s the day.
You made me stronger, and that I believe,
But now it’s time to let you leave.

15. Farewell Words

       by Gregory K.

Farewell words too often part
And cleave with sorrow to aching hearts.
With a final wave, all disappears
Beneath the hush of silent tears

Why can’t sorrow be so kind
As to hide away and stay confined?
And leave us only thoughts of bliss,
Of joyful things to reminisce.

So focus not on sorrows, born
Where happy times are now forlorn,
But instead on joy and merriment
And delight all felt without relent.

And with all the love to fill our hearts,
Sorrow and pain then soon departs.
And although goodbyes are bittersweet.
We can no longer feel incomplete.

16. Never Part

       by Bailee Simler

When I saw you
in the hall,
I knew you would
be the best of all.

I talked to you for
the very first time,
you ended up being
my partner in crime.

When you cry
I’m going to cry too,
because the pain
is shared between me and you.

Since we’re going
a different way,
don’t be sad because
in my heart you will stay

Miles apart
but friends from the start,
I know in my heart
we will never part.

17. Gone

       by Stephanie M. Wendorf

Emotions ran through my head.
I found myself wishing I was dead
All because you were moving away.
I knew I would never see you another day.

You got in your car and waved goodbye,
And then I was left all alone to cry.
I felt helpless and all alone.
I could only talk to you on the phone.

You were my neighbor and my best friend.
Why, oh why, did it have to end?
You made me so happy, so carefree.
You made it feel okay for me to be me.

It’s been almost a year since you moved away,
But it feels like it was only yesterday.
I remember everything you used to do.
It may seem impossible, but it’s true.

You were the best friend I ever had.
Now that you left me, I am beyond sad.
I love and I miss you more than you’ll ever know.
You’ve taught me so much, and I want to say thank you.

18. For a Friend Forever

       by Sandra Rosene

Though it’s only been a short while,
I’ve never had a friend like you,
But soon you will be leaving me,
And I don’t know what to do.
Your love and understanding
Have brought me a new hope.
I wish that I could keep you here,
Tied to me with a rope.
Why do you choose to leave me?
I ask with confusion and pain.
Don’t let me go back to feeling alone.
When will I see you again?
The miles soon stretched between us.
What will happen to this bond?
Will we reunite to find
That this special tie is gone?
So many questions I have.
My heart filled with fear,
Dreading you will leave me
And never shed a tear,
Unlike this desperate aching
In my heart that won’t let go,
Which leads me now to tell you
Something you must know.
The friendship you have given me,
The joy you bring my soul
Has filled me with such strength
And love once unforetold.
How can it be so short?
This time we’ve spent together.
I thought you would remain here
And love me ’til forever.
Sadly, wishful thinking
As I now have come to see,
But remember please this thought
When you think of me.
We may soon be separated,
But I’ll remember just the same.
Forever in my heart
Is where you will remain.
I wish that when you leave
We’d remain the best of friends.
You’ll be in my thoughts
‘Til I see you again.
How can I say goodbye?
No words, just tears fall
From my eyes and sobbing heart
That knows you after all.
The hours spent together
Will soon dwindle down to few,
Forcing me to let go
And start this year anew
Without you here to talk to.
Searching for a friendly face
That knows all too well
They can never be replaced.

19. The Drifter’s Melody

       by Megan R. Bokowski

The time soon comes for parting,
And our time is at an end.
The rest of your life is starting,
And we have no time at all to spend.

You knew one day you’d have to go,
But thought you’d have more time.
We can’t reverse time’s one-way flow,
But at least you’ll have this rhyme.

You had your shining moments,
Upon this life’s darkened stage,
And in my book of wonderments
You’ll never be just another page.

Like the exploding of a star,
You’ve changed me in and out.
Your light will travel with me far,
Past when all other lights go out.

20. Lucky Soul

       by Brittany

I am such a lucky soul
To have friends as good as you
‘Cause when worries find their way to me
And I’m unsure what to do…

I just think of you and remember
Something you said or a story you told.
It makes me laugh and gives me joy
That you should be so bold.

You’ve taught me many things
That I did not know before,
Brought clarity, enlightenment,
That I must thank you for.

Your kindness is revered,
And this I have no doubt,
That we’ll be friends eternally
And that I cannot live without…

I admire you and that is why
For now it’s hard to part,
But it won’t be long that I’ll be gone,
And you’ll be in my heart.

Famous Poems about Leaving

Saying goodbye is never an easy task, no matter the reason for it. So, if you find yourself struggling to find the right words to say goodbye, check out these famous poems for leaving – you might just find the perfect poem to capture everything you’re feeling.

1. Dear Friend

       by Grinnell Willis

Dear friend, ’tis hard to say farewell,
And harder yet it is to tell,
In parting words, how strong the tie
We sever now in this good-bye.

We all shall miss thy gentle grace.
Thy willing hand and cheerful face;
No other friend thy place can fill.
Though absent we shall claim thee still;

God bless the work thou hast begun,
And guard thee in the years to come.
And when thy heart is weary, or alone.
Come back and rest in this thy home.

2. Happy Be

       by Eloise A. Skimings

Ever mayst thou happy be,
Life holds precious gifts for thee;
E’en if now a shadow lay
Around thy heart – ‘twould pass away.
Ne’er forget the friend you leave
On Huron’s shore, and believe
Regretfully I part from thee.
Yours very sincerely.

3. A Little Work

       by George Du Maurier

A little work, a little play
To keeps us going – and so, good-day!
A little warmth, a little light
Of love’s bestowing – and so, good-night!
A little fun, to match the sorrow
Of each day’s growing – and so, good-morrow!
A little trust that when we die
We reap our sowing! And so – good-bye!

4. Adieu!

       by John Imrie

Reader, “Adieu!” — I will not say “farewell!”
That word, full-fraught with sorrow as a knell,
Breathes forth a strain of sadness to mine ear,
And is too often mother to a tear!

“Adieu!” speaks hopeful that we yet may meet
And with each other hold communion sweet.
If aught that I have said doth give thee cheer
I’ve made a friend of thee — and friends are dear!
In this stern world of ours each friend we gain
Makes life more sweet, and helps to soothe life’s pain!

Remember, then, dear friend, before we part,
These simple strains are from a glowing heart
That seeks to find an echo to its voice
In heart of thine — and, finding that, rejoice!

5. Goodbye Forever

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Goodbye are the words we often say
When people leave for work for a day
But when we say goodbye forever
We realize we are no longer together.

Goodbyes can be so hard
Sometimes leaving us scarred
But time has a way of healing things
Life has more hello’s to bring.

So while you may feel sad today
Keep moving forward it will be okay
Express your feelings and even cry
You will feel better as time goes by.

6. Why Does Good

       by Kate Summers

Why does good appear
When goodbye means I disappear
What’s the good in not seeing you
It just means that I will be blue.

I think goodbye should drop the good
Just “bye” would be better understood
So from now on the good is gone
And only “bye” will be my song.

7. Leaving Is Sad

       by Catherine Pulsifer

What we had was something unique
Similar to a special antique.
I wish I didn’t have to leave
Life without you is hard to conceive.

Life without you won’t be the same
But I do hereby proclaim
I wish you luck and much happiness
But leaving is sad, regardless.

8. To-morrow I’m Away

       by Max Ehrmann

Come here and take my hand
And press my lips,
Just for today —
To-morrow I’m away;
With pulsing heart
And quickened feet
I’ll tread another street;
And in the toils
Of duty’s net
I may sometimes forget
You for awhile,
And this sweet day
In life’s all stormy way;
And oft I’ll know
The want of heart
Again life’s work to start,
So press my lips
Just for today —
To-morrow I’m away.

9. Farewell

       by Sam Fickinsen

Farewell, so long
Means I am gone
Today, tomorrow
Leaving brings sorrow.

See ya around
The words they sound
Like goodbye
I say with a sigh!

10. Saying Goodbye

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Saying goodbye is never easy
Actually, it makes me queasy
So let’s just say see ya later
Keep in touch by email or notepaper.

Goodbyes seem like the end
But we will always be friends
We may be separated by miles
Just say keep in touch and smile!

11. Happy Trails

       by Dale Evans

Happy trails to you, until we meet again
Some trails are happy ones
Others are blue
It’s the way you ride the trail that counts
Here’s a happy one for you.

12. Hello, Goodbye

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Hello and goodbye are two words we use a lot
One is welcome and the other when we part
The best is always the hello’s
Some say it quiet, others often bellow.

But goodbyes are no fun
Especially with a special one.
Why is the word “good” include in a bye
I often wonder about this with a sigh.

They say there is good in everything
But oftentimes goodbye sadness brings.
May life bring hellos a lot more
And let the goodbyes go without keeping score.

13. Goodbye

       by William Freeland

Why should I say goodbye, my dear?
Why should I say goodbye?
I am only going a little way
Over the hills, and only a day,
Only a sleep, with a dream, and then,
When morn breaks rosily up the glen,
With blackbird, and throstle, and lark,
I’ll come again,
And wait till the bird of the dark
Outwarbleth the song of the lark.
And wooeth the moon from the dark,
And lifteth our souls on high, my dear:
So, why should I say goodbye, my dear?
Why should I say goodbye?

Why should I say goodbye, my dear?
Why should I say goodbye?
I go, yet still I’ll be with thee,
And staying here, thou shalt be with me!
Ah! nought can part us : and when the night
Flies from the dreaming rose, and the light
Hath kindled in flashes of song,
Love in his might
Shall fold us from terror and wrong
In the murmuring garden of song;
For song hath no kindred with wrong,
But only with love that is high, my dear:
So why should I say goodbye, my dear?
Why should I say goodbye?

14. Farewell

       by Anonymous

Now, little children, you and I
Have walked beneath the autumn sky;
With old Jack Frost in wintry land
We’ve gone together hand in hand.
In spring we’ve plucked the daffodil
And buttercup on every hill;
And now in summer you and I
Must close the book and say goodbye.

15. A Farewell

       by Charles Kingsley

My fairest child, I have no song to give you;
No lark could pipe to skies so dull and gray;
Yet, ere we part, one lesson I can leave you
For every day.

Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever;
Do noble things, not dream them, all day long:
And so make life, death, and that vast forever
One grand, sweet song.

16. Moving Day

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Today I come to say goodbye
I will miss you, I can’t deny
But as I move to another town
Leaving you makes me frown.

I will stay in touch, I promise that
I will call you often and we will chat.
It won’t be the same I know
But we can call and say hello.

So I won’t say goodbye, I’ll say so long
You’re a friend indeed, one who is lifelong
The bonds we share will never break
We will keep in touch, of that, there is no mistake.

17. Fare Thee Well

       by M. E. B.

Fare thee well, my heart is weary
The sunshine fades, the clouds remain
And all around seems dark and dreary.
Until I see thee once again.

Yet I would never mar thy gladness,
A fond farewell, and happy be;
Forgive thy little friend her sadness,
As all the world is fair to thee.

18. Parting Words

       by Melissa E. Banta

When lovers part at eventide
To meet again tomorrow,
With laughing lips and backward glance,
Undimmed by thought of sorrow,
Ah, then, as glows the sickle moon,
And soft distils the dew,
What other word so fitting sweet
As, “Love, adieu, adieu”?

When true friends part whose lives in one,
Like rippling streamlets blended,
As clinging hands and tearful eyes
Bespeak that all is ended,
Ah, then beneath life’s summer noon,
Or autumn’s stormier sky,
What word so fond on friendship’s lips
As, “Friend, good-by, good-by”?

When o’er some life knit to our own
Death’s darkness settles stilly,
As fades the love-light from the eyes,
And falls the clasped hand chilly;
With raining tears and aching loss
That tears may not dispel,
The tortured heart throbs to the lips,
“Farewell, beloved farewell.”

Inspirational Poems about Leaving

Poetry has always been a very powerful tool for expressing emotions, and there are plenty of famous poems out there that capture the essence of leaving. Whether you’re the one leaving or someone else is departing from your life, these inspirational farewell poems will leave a lasting and memorable impression. So why not check them out and find the perfect one for your farewell?

1. Leave

       by Dannie Abse

Leave, leave, leave,
The bird says, leave,
The tree says, stay.

2. Farewell

       by Anne Brontë

Farewell, farewell, my own dear friend,
I pray that fortune may thy steps attend;
Thou art departing from me now,
But thou shalt ever be in my thoughts, though.

3. Goodbye

       by Christina Rossetti

Goodbye, goodbye, the sun is setting,
The sky is red, the earth is quiet,
The birds are singing, their last greeting,
As day departs and night comes on.

4. Departure

       by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

All things must end, and this must end,
The sweetest song that lips have sung,
The fondest tale that lovers told,
Must yield to silence, as leaves yield to frost.

5. Journey’s End

       by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

At journey’s end, when day is done,
And stars come out to twinkle one by one,
There lies a land where skies are bright,
And all is well, and all is right.

6. Going Away

       by James Wright

I am going away, I said,
To a place where the sun shines bright,
Where the trees are green, the fields are wide,
And the people are warm and friendly inside.

7. Leave taking

       by Stanley Kunitz

The time has come to part, my friends,
The ships are ready, the winds are fair,
We sail across the unknown seas,
To find the hidden truths that lie there.

8. Adieu

       by Adelaide Crapsey

Adieu, adieu, beloved land,
Thy mountains towering high above,
Thy vales below, so green and grand,
Shall live within my memory’s love.

9. Farewell, My Friend

       by Rabindranath Tagore

Farewell, my friend, let us not say goodbye,
For in the garden of love, there is no end,
The flowers will bloom, the birds will sing,
And we shall meet again, in joy and peace, my friend.

10. The Journey Beyond

       by Wanderlust Weaver

Beyond the horizon, where the sun sets,
A journey awaits, no room for regrets.
Leaving behind what was once known,
Embracing the unknown, seeds of growth sown.

11. Wings of Change

       by Flightful Dreamer

Like a butterfly leaving its cocoon,
Change is the melody, a hopeful tune.
Unfurl your wings, let courage guide,
Leaving the old, in the new, abide.

12. Farewell to Yesterday

       by Echoes of Tomorrow

In the echoes of tomorrow, I find my way,
Saying goodbye to yesterday, come what may.
Paths unfold as the old scenes blur,
Leaving behind, memories that once were.

13. The Departure Poem

       by Destiny’s Odyssey

Departure is but a chapter’s end,
A journey’s beginning, my steadfast friend.
Each step forward, a story to weave,
Leaving behind, yet still believe.

14. A New Dawn’s Embrace

       by Dawn’s Believer

As the sun sets on the chapters closed,
A new dawn’s embrace, eagerly imposed.
Leaving behind shadows, stepping into light,
The future unfolds, bold and bright.

15. The Art of Goodbye

       by Soulful Departure

Goodbye, an art, bittersweet and true,
Like autumn leaves bidding adieu.
Embrace the echoes, the memories weave,
Leaving behind, yet in our hearts, they cleave.

16. Leaving

       by Rumi

Leaving behind what you have grown familiar with,
Is like shaking off old, worn-out clothes.
It is a way of setting your spirit free,
And allowing it to soar to new heights.

17. Departures

       by Maya Angelou

In the tapestry of life, departures are threads so fine,
Woven into the fabric of our design.
They mark the endings, the closing of chapters,
And pave the way for new, unfolding ventures.

18. Departures and New Beginnings

       by Khalil Gibran

Departures, like new beginnings, are both bittersweet,
Leaving behind the comfort of the known, to greet the unknown’s greet.
But in the letting go, in the brave farewell,
A new chapter unfolds, a story to tell.

19. Embracing the Journey

       by Rabindranath Tagore

As you leave behind the familiar lanes,
Embrace the journey, the sun-drenched plains.
Let the wind carry you, let the stars guide,
In the unknown’s embrace, new dreams reside.

20. The Courage to Let Go

       by Rainer Maria Rilke

It takes courage to let go of what you know,
To step into the unknown, where the winds blow.
But in this letting go, you find your wings,
To soar to new heights, to sing new things.

21. Departures as Liberations

       by Walt Whitman

Departures, like liberations, set your spirit free,
From the shackles of the past, they make you flee.
Embrace the open road, the paths untamed,
In the unknown’s embrace, new dreams are framed.

22. Leaving as a Catalyst for Growth

       by Emily Dickinson

Leaving behind what holds you back,
Is a catalyst for growth, a new life’s track.
In the shedding of old habits, new blossoms rise,
A transformation unfolds, beneath open skies.

23. The Beauty of Departures

       by Pablo Neruda

In the beauty of departures, there lies a hidden grace,
A chance to reinvent, to find a new space.
Embrace the unknown, with open arms so wide,
In the letting go, new dreams reside.

24. Departures as Invitations to Adventure

       by Charles Bukowski

Departures are invitations to adventure,
To explore the unknown, where dreams venture.
Let the wind guide your path, let the stars ignite,
In the unknown’s embrace, new dreams take flight.

25. The Strength to Depart

       by Langston Hughes

Find the strength within, to depart and explore,
New horizons await, new dreams to adore.
In the letting go, you find your wings to soar,
Embrace the unknown, forevermore.

Short Poems about Leaving

These short goodbye poems capture the bittersweet feeling of saying farewell to someone or something that has been a part of our lives. They may be brief, but they pack a powerful punch – with just a few lines, they evoke nostalgia, sadness, and hope for the future. Check them out!

1. Leaving

       by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The moon is full, the moon is bright,
And I am leaving, leaving tonight.
I hear the laughter of the trees,
The rustling of the leaves,
The whisper of the breeze.

2. Farewell

       by Walter de la Mare

Farewell, farewell, the night is gone,
The dawn is breaking, soon the sun
Will rise and light the morning sky,
And I must bid thee farewell, my love, goodbye.

3. The Time Has Come

       by A.E. Housman

The time has come, the time has come,
To bid farewell, to bid farewell,
The tender grace, the gentle gloom,
That wraps our life in its dark shroud.

4. Leaving Home

       by William Wordsworth

My mother!—at the thought of thee,
The tears that would not flow at first,
Burst forth in plentiful effusion now,
As, thinking of thy tenderness,
I bid farewell to home and you.

5. Off to Sea

       by John Masefield

I am off to sea, my boys,
I am off to sea,
The wind is calling me,
And the waves are wild and free.

6. Farewell, My Love

       by Anonymous

Farewell, my love, farewell,
May your path be smooth and swell,
May your heart be light and gay,
Until we meet again someday.

7. Leaving You

       by Michael Hartnett

I’ll leave you now, my love,
And walk into the night,
Forgetting all our vows,
And everything that’s right.

8. The Journey

       by Rainer Maria Rilke

I want to go away, my dear,
To climb the mountain, steep and sheer,
To breathe the air of other lands,
And look upon strange strands.

9. Sailing Away

       by E. Pauline Johnson

Sailing away, sailing away,
Over the horizon blue,
Where the sky meets the sea,
And the world bids adieu.

10. Farewell, Fair Friends

       by Dorothy Parker

Farewell, fair friends, farewell,
The time has come to part,
The road ahead, it calls me still,
And I must follow my heart.

11. Leaving

       by Anonymous

I stand at the edge,
The wind whispers in my ear,
It’s time to leave,
This place I hold so dear.

12. Farewell

       by Anonymous

I raise my hand,
A final farewell,
To the memories we made,
The stories we tell.

13. New Beginnings

       by Anonymous

I step into the unknown,
With a heart full of hope,
Ready to embrace new beginnings,
And let my spirit elope.

14. Embracing Change

       by Anonymous

Change is inevitable,
A part of life’s dance,
I embrace the new,
With open arms and a chance.

15. Moving on

       by Anonymous

I leave behind the familiar,
To chase the unknown’s allure,
With every step I take,
I’m closer to my cure.

16. Finding New Horizons

       by Anonymous

I climb the mountains high,
To reach new horizons,
Where dreams take flight,
And hope never dies.

17. Seeking Adventure

       by Anonymous

I venture into the wild,
With a spirit so free,
Seeking adventure’s thrill,
And all it holds for me.

18. Exploring New Paths

       by Anonymous

I wander through the maze,
With curiosity as my guide,
Exploring new paths,
With nothing to hide.

19. Embracing the Unknown

       by Anonymous

I surrender to the unknown,
With trust and open eyes,
For in the vast expanse,
New dreams will rise.

20. Leaving with Grace

       by Anonymous

I leave with grace and gratitude,
For the moments I’ve held dear,
With every step I take,
My future becomes clear.

Poems about Leaving Someone You Love

Sometimes leaving someone behind can be one of the toughest things we have to do in life. But what if you had a little help from poetry to ease the pain? That’s where these poems come in. So take a look and find the one that speaks to you. Because sometimes, a poem can say it better than we ever could.

1. True Loves Grasp

       by Joshua Wayne Farmer

Holding my hand, lying in my lap,
Calling me closer, tightening her grasp.
Her face in the sand, water cold and black,
Reveling her last words, and never coming back.
Enraged, I cry. Heartbroken and sad.
I want her in my arms. I want her real bad.
As my tears escape, holding her embraced;
It will never be the same. Only in memory she will remain.
Visions of her play, as the sky becomes grey.
In life, I am a slave. I love, and death takes away.
I cry out her name, as the clouds begin to rain.
Keeping her close, and suffering intense mental strain.
A burial is absurd. No option to burn.
Her soul may be gone, but I will not leave her.
Her voice fills my mind, repeating the pain.
Without her by my side, how could I be sane?
Her colors begin to fade, as the night ends the day.
The wind begins to breeze from the darkened sea.
I take her to the water, missing her every step.
I sink down right beside her, lying until death.
I did not want to leave her. She was my only love.
I could not live without her, departing up above.
Although she cannot see me now, I watch her in the light.
I lost my life beside my wife, the night she said goodbye.

2. Love’s Door

       by Charlene Valladares

It was not meant to end this way was I too blind to see,
that you were walking out loves door taking everything but me.

It’s strange how life can still go on and nobody can really tell,
that though I may look the same I am just an empty shell.

Void of all life’s feeling I sit here in gloom
hoping against reality that you will walk back into this room.

To tell me that it was a mistake you did not mean to leave,
so my world can continue turning and I can start to breath.

3. A Broken Heart

       by Nathan Dunkle

I wake up each morning, Its like I’m in Hell.
My mind races fast, who can I tell?

I feel the pain, it will not subside,
see deep down inside, it feels like I’ve died.

A piece of me is missing, all I can see,
is darkness and black, surrounding me.

I have not forgotten, all of the pain,
sometimes it feels like I’m going insane.

I hold on to this love, so very tight
I can’t give up, can’t let it out of my sight.

I try to move on, I really do
but I just can’t, cause I still love you.

Please love, open your eyes and see,
No one can love you as much as me.

I gave you my heart, my whole life,
you took them both and became my wife.

We promised to love, to have, to hold
together forever, even after we’re old.

but you walked out, left me for dead,
now all I have left, is a cold empty bed.

I lay down each night, praying I might,
wake up to my love, holding me tight.

My broken heart speaks, its hurts so bad,
my life goes on, I live but I am so sad.

To My Wife, My Soulmate, My best friend…

4. Forgetting and Remembering

       by Amanda Trevino

Forget the one that you once knew,
Remember that he left you.
Forget the way he played your song,
Remember that you cry all night long.
Forget the way you memorized his walk,
Remember that he is not there to talk.
Forget the things he use to say,
Remember he has gone away.
Forget the way he held your hand,
Remember you could barely stand.
Forget the way he took away your fears,
Remember nothing could stop your tears.
Forget how you wanted him forever,
Remember he said he loved you never.
Forget the way he held you tight,
Remember you are all alone tonight.
Forget the time that went so fast,
Remember the love has left its past.
Forget he said he’d leave you never,
Remember he is gone forever.

5. Love and Despair

       by Efi Gialia

Don’t talk anymore my love.
Just look at me
and you will understand how I feel..
Look deep in my eyes
and you’ll see your name,
my soul’s broken mirror.
I love you more than you believe,
like you are my life,
my other half,
my subconscious guardian angel.
Look around you.
Has anyone loved you more than I do?
Never cry my love.
cause you’ll make me bleed.
Always be happy
for your smile is a source of life for me.
I breathe when you breathe.

But forgive me
for what I say.
I know you feel nothing.
For you I’m just a game
that you played with once
and know you hate
even to look at.
I’m sorry for my feelings.
I know they drown you,
they don’t set you free.

Come and tell you hate me.
That there’s no other chance,
no fake hope!
Don’t show me but tell me.
And then I will leave you.
I swear I will
You, my endless pain.
It’s not your fault.
I can’t blame you.
It’s me who loves you.
Tell me the truth,
and you’ll never see your name written in my eyes.
Cause I’ll keep our past and my love
in the bottom of my heart
and I’ll be gone …;

6. The Last

       by Myrtle Glo Oliquino

Let me look at you in the eyes just for this day
Let me hear every thought you have for today
And as I slowly sink in to your mind,
May I, the deepest emotions in you, find.

Let me watch every little thing that you do today
The smile, the wrinkle in those eyes while you look my way
Let me feel the joy of being with you once again
And cherish each precious moment while we still can.

Let me hug you tightly one last time just for this day
And feel my heart beat for you as we gently sway
With the soft music that only our hearts can hear,
Hold me tight so I could somehow forget all my fears.

Let me touch your face softly with my hands this way
As I softly whisper in your ears how you make my day
Watch me close my eyes as teardrops start to fall,
And know that through these years, you are still my all.

Let me feel your hands along with mine lastly for today
Let no one else distract us nor ever get in our way
As I tell you gently how much you’ve always meant to me
And break down as I whisper that we could never be.

7. Question Love

       by Krista Hood

Love… it comes with the highest cost…pain.
To love means to hurt, to feel sorrow and the constant struggle
It attacks from every angle, feigning for tears and heartache.
Fools fall in love, for they willingly submit themselves to despair,

Why do we love?
Why do we choose to believe in something that mocks every emotion?
Is it fear itself, or human nature, survival instinct?
Will science discover the reasoning for such insanity?
Of all the worlds’ mysteries, love remains unsolved.

I am in love,
I am in pain,
I have drained all hope
Diminished all optimism for love,
to drown in my own tears, alone

Why do we love, more importantly…why do I?
Am I scared to be alone, or am I trapped in sick game destined for failure?
Do I enjoy pain, the taste of the salt on my tears.
Or simply is it the desire to feel something magical.

I am lost, I am alone
I feel as if every gesture is unwanted, unnoticed
My sadness consumes me, yet…
I persist, I keep trying,
To control the very demon that steals life from my beating heart,
Love, is the devils’ game, and I am but a slave to its trickery.

8. Alone

       by Norm Steveson

As I lay here in the dark,
you are there in my heart.

For there I see you in the light,
And for awhile all is right.

For I see the love we once had,
All Is gone and now I am sad.

I see no room in your heart,
as I lay here in the dark.

I look to the stars above,
and all I see is the love.

I lay here all alone,
as I write this little poem.

I look back on all the years,
and recall all the tears.

I know just right where I stand,
Right there in your hand.

As the night slowly goes by,
all I can do is silently cry.

I see the light of the day,
and life goes on as it may.

I hold the pain all inside,
Wishing I had only died.

As I go though this dreary day,
I can only think of what I forgot to say.

For my wish and is true,
is love only for you.

The candle was lit,
only for a bit.

For now is the time I must tell you,
I am sorry but you have to go.

Search your heart and you will see,
that you must let go of me.

As I lay in the dark,
you still do your sweet part.

It is not all what it seems,
because you are always in my dreams.

So fly away and spread your wings,
after all I am just a little thing.

9. I Gave You My Heart

       by Forsythia

I Trusted you with my heart.
I gave it to you in a box
With a bow.
You took it.
And used it.
Then… You gave it back to me,
Beaten and bruised,
Worn and broken.
You stole from me
Everything I needed.
You were a light to me,
but you faded away,
And left it so dark
I thought I was-
It’s raining now.
Is that just my tears?
I sit here in the darkness
With my bruised heart,
Wet and blind.
Waiting for another light.
Hoping it will heal my broken heart.
Hoping it will let me see.

10. I Know

       by Lucey

I know you’ll never love me,
and that why I cried
I’ll never feel your hand in mine,
or even hear your softly sigh.
I know you’ll never miss me,
or even notice I’m gone.
to me you’re somebody,
but to you I am nobody.
I know you’ll never cry for me,
like the way I cried for you .
I know you’ll never want me,
so what can I do ?
I know you’ll never think of me,
I’ll never cross your mind.
you never had a thought of me,
I’d always take the time.
I know you’ll never look for me,
like that way I looked for you.
each face you see is different ,
each girl I seen was you .
I know you’ll never lose your heart,
like the way I lost mine.
they say times the greats healer,
but I have no time.
I know you’ll never love me,
and that’s why I cried.
although my body is living,
my heart is bound to die .
I know you’ll never love me,
like I loved you

11. Quiet Love

       by Brittany Scala

Remember to breathe
Close your eyes
Count to ten
Please don’t cry
Stop the shaking
Stop the sobbing
My thoughts slip and I think of you
I feel I might die
Calm yourself down
I exhale and fall to the ground
I let my knees buckle
I let my head spin
I let all of the pain and sorrow in
I forget to breathe
I start to cry
Then I shake
Then I sob
I can’t calm down
My heart begins to throb
Please stay with me
My heart is yours
I feel the rain, it starts to poor
I cant get up, I cant go on
I’m so deep in love
My strength is gone
My words are whispers
And I am sore
I don’t want my love to bother you anymore
So I take a deep breath
And count to ten
As I pray to god this pain will soon end..

12. I’ll Miss You

       by Samara

I think that you should know
That we’ll be miles apart,
But even though it’s far,
You’ll still be in my heart,

At times you might remember
Or maybe you’ll forget
The fun times we had together
In my heart the memories set

I know you’ll find new people
I hope I’ll stay your friend,
And if you do forget me
I’ll remember you to the end,

One day we will find each other
And live out our dream
To live together like we planned
Well always be a team

I will always love you
Through the good and the bad
You will be remembered
Please just don’t be sad…

13. Letting Go

       by Shelbi

One gun, one bullet, one shot, one miss
Our love, our hug, our song, our kiss
My tears, my hurt, my pain, your bliss

I hope you will remember this
That day I cried, when you left me
the tears filled my eyes, and I couldn’t see
but most of all I couldn’t believe
That It was true, you finally left me

I loved you so much
I just wanted to be with you,
I would stay by your side, through anything
Wait for you by the phone, wait for it to ring
And when it does it won’t be you
Besides to you,
Our love was never true,
so I’m sorry you don’t love me,
and I’m sorry you don’t care
But even though you’ve broken my heart,
and viciously torn my world apart,
I’ll be there for you,
Through everything,
And I’ll still wait by the phone,
waiting for it to ring,
And when it’s not you,
I might just let go,
And hope one day you will soon see that maybe,
just maybe,
we were meant to be

14. What You Do to Me

       by Tekayla Smith

When I see you
My eyes fill with tears
When I hear you
My blood spill out my ears

When I hug you
My body fills with pain
When I talk to you
My mind goes insane

When I think of you
My soul starts to ache
When I dream of you
My heart starts to break

15. Boat of Wishes

       by Pamela Kempton

If I could find a desert
I’d fill it with my tears
I’d build a boat of wishes
And sail from all my fears

My crew will all be promises,
The rigging all my dreams
The rudder made from memories
My hopes in all the beams

I’d sail from all this loneliness
And all my troubles too
And when I find peace of mind
I’ll sail on home to you.

16. All My Fault

       by Jason Follbaum

Let me speak of a simple thing.
Yet more important then a rose ring.
I speak of a promise from your lips to my ears,
that took away all my fears.

To wait until our time had come,
and let me do what need be done.

Time has passed, the promise a lie.
Now I Just want to lay down and die.
I finally did what I needed to do,
All you could say it that we are through.

I just wish you had told me from the start,
You could not wait it would tear you apart.
To force me to make a decision back then,
Now we will never know what might have been.

Don’t take this the wrong way, there is no reason to.
Feel no regret, I’m not blaming you.
I took my time like I always do
I know in my heart, It’s my fault we’re through.

17. Love

       by Destiny Ortiz

What is love people say
It’s the one thing we think about every day
Love is like a disease
Once you have it, it will never flee
Its like chains around your heart
Once its locked it will never come apart
Then you start to love it like the way it loves you
After that there’s nothing you can do
To stop it from tearing your heart in half
It will come like it’s a draft
It will start to slowly fade away
Then you will start to wish that it will stay
You might not take the news so well
Even though love feels like heaven
It can hurt like hell

18. My Calvary

       by Shailey Verzosa

Dreaming of your touch burns my heart,
Imitating your smile tears me apart,
Remembering your hugs pains me inside,
Reminiscing your caress makes me nearly cry,
Since I decided to let go of you,
Started the hardest things for me to do,
Your lips .. I still wanted to kiss it,
Your arms I still wanted to chill me in this heat,
I always dream of your arms protecting me,
I still think of the sweetness I see in you eventually,
No! It was not! It’s a fortune, it was a Calvary!
But wait, You don’t see I’m tired of being lonely.
I really miss your kisses and hugs .. It’s driving me crazy!
Longing for everything of you, can’t you see it’s killing me also!

19. I Just Wanted Your Love

       by Sarah

I did it.
with you, perfection?
perfection is totally overrated.

I just wish you knew
the real reason
why I did it, with you.

I wanted you
for the longest time.
I liked you
through every girlfriend.

I acted and felt
like a hopeless little girl
waiting for you.

I created an opportunity
for me and you
to be together.

If only for an hour
even if it hurt so much
and was awkward for me

before it.
during it.
after it.

I was so happy
You were there.
But you didn’t change
it didn’t matter to you.

I was angry and upset
it killed me
I wanted you to
be jealous, happy and loving
because of me.

I gave everything
to you.
I let you
take it.
You never cared
about any of it.

In the end, you disgust me.

20. Change

       by Morgan Schutte

You entered my life like a wild summer breeze,
And changed my world like an ever changing sea.
You brought such beauty, you brought such joy,
You showed me a man in a world full of boys.

Years would soon pass like the ever changing wind,
Feelings soon fading like a harsh tide rolling in.
Words would be spoken words that no ears should ever hear,
Hearts would be broken like no heart should ever feel.

A love that was magical has now turned to stone,
The man I once loved, has shown no signs that he’s grown.

He’s still learning and hurting all that he’s touches,
Proud of each golden heart that his hand eventually rusted.

The man I once loved was merely a dream,
pure fiction, unwell written, not at all how he seemed.

That story’s now over and I truly must say,
I have grown since that time and my foolishness ways.

I have learned love is painful and often shows little joy,
for it’s only a heartache from a heartless boy.

21. Rescission: The Unmaking of Love

       by Harvey Rose Teliaken

I wish to wake up one day,
in my heart you’re no where to be found.
All the memories of love be gone forever,
Like when I never knew you.

Moments of love with you is just a fantasy
I seek to be freed from this delusional bliss.
Restore my heart from its original state
Like when I never knew you.

Indeed I was enchanted,
in my life you’re all I suddenly wanted.
Like the fastest bullet train, that hit me like a hurricane.
Yet sadly you never knew me.

I dreamed a dream about us
Walking in a seaside, side by side
You hugged me tight beyond the twilight
Yet sadly you never knew me.

Let this be the day, to end this agony.
I’m letting go of this love, letting go of you
Let this be the day, I’m back to the old me
Restored to the day, like it never happened.

22. Brave Heart

       by Jessie

Can’t believe its over
I sit here numb
How did it fail

There was so much love
Laughter and now pain
Where did it go wrong

I sit here numb
A dull ache within
So sore that tears
Don’t come

Ripped apart, broken
Once and for all;
You were the one
That I wanted for life

Where did you stop
Loving me
Where did you stop

I saw it but thought
It was your past
I thought you were
Dealing with it

Your pain, your numbness
You wanted me gone
So long ago
I feel wasted, discarded

I don’t know where
To pick up the pieces
I miss you like the
Moon misses the sun

You have taken all that
Is good in my life
Without you there is
No sun in my sky

I need you
Am lost without you
How do I go on,
How do I live

Tell me how do I
How do I face the day
Without you

I ache so much, my soul
Screams your name
I face the rain and know
They are my tears

I want to hold you
Feel my hand on your chest
Your arm around me
Your smile, your eyes
That catch my breath

I love you like no other
It’s ungodly to love
Like this
That’s why you are

I will go on, half a soul
I will catch your scent
In the wind
And my heart silently howls

Sleep will caress
My pain
Days will drag
I will go on
Without you

When you embrace
The other
I hear my heart rip
Wanting to hate

Screaming at the
Of the universe
Of love

No one to kiss
Away the pain
Mine to own
My brave heart

23. Season Comes Back not Gone Time

       by mamuttychola

Like an angel she came and went
Leaving me in solitude for life

I do not blame she was an angel, it was
my destiny, we were made each other

But we were like two banks of a river
Never destined to meet. The time spent
together will remain deep down in my heart

Time flew away like floating clouds
Despite passage of time; she still

Lives within me like soul , Tried hard
to forget her but all in vain. No one

Could take her place for none was
Like her in, beauty and grace

Those beautiful eyes of her like serene lake
Her lips like rose petals, cheek like fresh lotus

Her majestic walk like peacock in the forest
Above all her devotion, love and care

She taught me meaning of life
I see her reflection every where be it

Moon, floating clouds, and flowing streams
Without her, life has been a lonely walk

On the vast desert. I wish her all the comfort
and happiness with her loved ones ever.

Love being rooted in soul, the time spent
together shall ever remain fresh in memory

24. Feelings

       by Just.A.Girl

remember the day we first met
I looked in your eyes and I’ll never forget that feeling of love in my heart
the minute you looked at me and saw forever in your eyes
I thought we would never part
I’ve lost all sense of who I used to be since you left me
all I do is cry
I pray to god that one day you will see that we were meant to be
life’s not the same with out you
days are long and nights are sleepless
I can’t help thinking of what could have been
I feel so empty now your gone
just wondering were I went wrong
my love for you will never die no matter what you do
I’ll love you forever
please know it’s true that god blessed the day I met you

25. I Will Always Remember

       by Krista

I will always remember the night when you said goodbye.
The night you decided to throw away everything we had.
The night you opened my eyes to the world of sorrow.
The night you ended what I had worked so hard to save.

I will always remember the lonely nights that were to follow.
The nights where I lay awake, thinking of you.
The nights I cried, blaming myself for what went wrong.
The nights I wished for you to come back, and tell me everything would be okay.

I will always remember the nights spent together.
The nights when you loved me more than anything.
The nights when you hated having to say goodbye.
The nights when just being with you was enough to make me happy.

I will always remember the way you smelled,
and the way you cared for me.
I will always remember your warm embrace,
and your gentle touch.

Poems about Leaving for Friends

Saying goodbye is never ever easy, particularly when it is to good friends. These poems about saying goodbye to a friend are heartfelt, sincere, and might just bring a tear to your eye. So if you’re struggling to find the right words to bid farewell, these poems could be just what you need. Give them a read and know that you’re not alone in your goodbyes.

1. A Poison Tree

       by William Blake

I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.
And I watered it in fears
Night & morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.
And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine,
And into my garden stole,
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

2. Oh, Oh, You Will be Sorry for that Word

       by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Oh, oh, you will be sorry for that word!
Give back my book and take my kiss instead.
Was it my enemy or my friend I heard,
“What a big book for such a little head!”
Come, I will show you now my newest hat,
And you may watch me purse my mouth and prink!
Oh, I shall love you still, and all of that.
I never again shall tell you what I think.
I shall be sweet and crafty, soft and sly;
You will not catch me reading anymore:
I shall be called a wife to pattern by;
And someday when you knock and push the door,
Some sane day, not too bright and not too stormy,
I shall be gone and you may whistle for me.

3. We Never Let Go

       by Jocelyn Soriano

We do not really let go of love;
We hold on to it.
We hold on to what remains
After all the dross is put away.
And after all the pain has
Purified the heart,
We know that we need only part
With things that cannot last.
But we hold on to what is pure;
We cherish the truth we’ve found.
And what is beautiful shall always remain
Because we never really let go of love.

4. Recovery Is

       by Juansen Dizon

Letting go of your current life
By accepting your pain
As you create a new atmosphere
For yourself where you’re less likely
To be triggered. Where you’re more likely
To fill your emptiness with things that are healthy
For you.

5. It Was When I Stopped Searching

       by Rupi Kaur

It was when I stopped searching
For home within others
And lifted the foundations
Of home with-in myself
I found there were no roots more intimate
That those between a mind and body
That has decided to be whole.

6. A Broken Friendship

       by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Alas! they had been friends in youth;
But whispering tongues can poison truth;
And constancy lives in realms above;
And life is thorny, and youth is vain;
And to be wroth with one we love,
Doth work like madness in the brain.
And thus it chanced, as I divine,
With Roland and Sir Leoline.
Each spake words of high disdain
And insult to his heart’s best brother:
They parted – ne’er to meet again!
But never either found another
To free the hollow heart from painting –
They stood aloof, the scars remaining,
Like cliffs which had been rent asunder;
A dreary sea now flows between; –
But neither heat, nor frost, nor thunder
Shall wholly do away, I ween,
The marks of that which once hath been.

7. Goodbye, My Dearest Friend

       by Leilani Hermosa Petersen

The hardest part of any friendship
is when it is time to say goodbye,
and even though I wished I could make you stay,
I know I have to let you spread your wings and fly.
For life is a journey that needs to be traveled,
and I am certain you’ll make it through.
I just want you to know and never forget
that I will surely miss you.
So follow your heart and never give up,
as dreams and wishes do come true.
I know that someday we’ll meet again,
so never forget I will be praying for you.

8. Friendship Broken

       by John Russell McCarthy

Confused and driven in a place bright,
black, big these two daringly seemed
almost to understand; their awareness caught
at each other like whirling midges and clung;
their clinging governed somewhat the whirl, assured
the laughter, fogged the terror.
Suddenly a wrong
turn breaks the grasp; these two eddy
apart bewildered, rubbing bruised hands;
even they add anger to the confusion and the drive
endlessly impelling.
Soon the power, finishing
with these two awarenesses, will drop them as bird lime
for the chaste resolvement of worms.
Can a stone know?

9. In Blackwater Woods

       by Mary Oliver

To live in this world
you must be able
to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it
against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go.

10. Don’t Surrender Your Loneliness

       by Hafiz

Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly
let it cut more deep.
Let it ferment and season you
as few human or even divine ingredients can.
Something missing in my heart tonight
has made my eyes so soft
my voice so tender
my need of God
absolutely clear.

11. Betrayal

       by Dan McDonald

An echo fades into the night,
an eerie mournful sound.
A shooting star disappears from sight,
and I crumble to the ground.
There is no life within this garden;
my sobs are the only sound.
I have poisoned the honeyed fountain
where your love could be found.
Dazed, I stare at the stars above,
my grieving howls fill the night!
Unintended betrayal of love
has hidden you from my sight.
I remember how it used to be
when we shared our fears and delights.
You are a treasured friend to me.
How can I make things right?
Feeling afraid, cold and lonely,
I long to tell you how I feel,
but you don’t want to hear me.
The pain for you is much too real.
Should I back away and build a wall
and block away how I feel?
Or, should I give you a call?
We both need some time to heal.
An echo fades into the night
as our friendship disappears.
How do I know what is right?
How can I ease my fears?
If I do call you again,
would the old wounds reappear?
I can’t stand to cause you pain.
Hurting you again is my worst fear!

12. Tug o’ War

       by Shel Silverstein

I will not play at tug o’ war.
I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs,
Where everyone giggles
And rolls on the rug,
Where everyone kisses,
And everyone grins,
And everyone cuddles,
And everyone wins.

13. Shake Hands, We Shall Never Be Friends

       by A.E. Housman

Shake hands, we shall never be friends, all’s over;
I only vex you the more I try.
All’s wrong that ever I’ve done or said,
And nought to help it in this dull head:
Shake hands, here’s luck, good-bye …
But if you come to a road where danger
Or guilt or anguish or shame’s to share,
Be good to the lad that loves you true
And the soul that was born to die for you,
And whistle and I’ll be there.

14. Feeling the Loss of Him

       by Raymond A. Foss

Standing, walking, coming through the line
greeting you, for a moment, sharing
but a snapshot, a burst, of what I was feeling,
so small compared to the enormity
the reality of your loss.
Feeling so small, standing in the line,
before I approached you.
Thinking of what his loss
means to me, to so many,
as written in the paper
Murmured in the court, on the phone
with out practitioners.
Reading so many stories,
so many telling words,
the lives he touched, changed
for the better, truly.
Of his help to me,
guidance and rebuttal,
chastised and cajoled
Feeling the loss of him
so acutely, still.

15. The Uses of Sorrow

       by Mary Oliver

Someone I loved once
gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand that
this, too, was a gift.

16. Friends Leaving

       by Anonymous

As the sun sets and the stars ignite,
We gather ’round, our hearts alight.
Sharing laughter, sharing tears,
Through the years, we’ve grown so near.

17. Memories

       by Anonymous

We’ve painted landscapes, we’ve built forts so tall,
We’ve shared our secrets, we’ve watched each other fall.
Through thick and thin, our bond has grown,
Memories we cherish, forever sewn.

18. The Path Diverges

       by Anonymous

The path diverges, we must say goodbye,
To roads unknown, where dreams will fly.
Though miles may stretch, our hearts remain,
A bond unbreakable, through sunshine and rain.

19. Distance

       by Anonymous

Distance may separate, but hearts entwined,
The threads of friendship, forever defined.
Though oceans divide, our spirits will meet,
In the realm of memories, forever sweet.

20. New Adventures

       by Anonymous

New adventures await, horizons so wide,
With dreams in our hearts, we’ll take each stride.
Though we leave behind what we know so well,
Friendship’s flame will forever dwell.

Poems about Leaving Home

These poems about leaving home capture the bittersweet feeling of saying farewell and remind us that even though we may be leaving, we’ll always carry a piece of home with us wherever we go. So whether you’re moving across the country or just down the street, take a moment to read through these beautiful poems and let them serve as a reminder of the love and memories that you’ll always have, no matter where life takes you.

1. Farewell, My Dear

       by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Farewell, my dear, farewell,
Though ’tis hard to part from thee,
I shall bear thee in my heart,
Into foreign lands, thou shalt be.

2. A Farewell

       by Robert Burns

A farewell, a farewell,
To thee, my dearest friend,
I ne’er may see thee more,
Or tread this ground again.

3. Leave-Taking

       by Algernon Charles Swinburne

Farewell, farewell, O summer’s sights,
And sounds that make the season’s music;
Thee, too, farewell, O autumn’s lights,
That gild the dying year’s last ruin.

4. Departure

       by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

All farewells should be sudden, like a burst,
Of thunder in July, or sunshine after rain;
Their gradual dwindling is a sadness worst,
Like watching grass grow, or winter’s slow decline.

5. Leaving Home

       by Robert Frost

Behind me, the house I left behind,
A place of comfort, a place of mind.
Before me, the road, a path unknown,
A journey to start, a life to be sown.

6. Homeward Bound

       by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The road is straight, the road is wide,
I cannot turn, I cannot hide.
Homeward bound, I must return,
To the place where dreams are born.

7. Departure

       by Langston Hughes

The train whistle blows, the wheels start to turn,
I leave behind the place where I was born.
With a mix of sadness and a touch of fear,
I venture into the unknown, my future so clear.

8. Leaving Home for the First Time

       by Maya Angelou

With a suitcase in hand and a heart full of dreams,
I leave home for the first time, it seems.
A new chapter unfolds, a story to tell,
As I embark on a journey, where dreams will dwell.

9. The Ties That Bind

       by Emily Dickinson

Though I leave home, the ties that bind,
Remain unbroken, forever entwined.
In every step I take, in every mile I roam,
The love of home will always guide me home.

10. A Mother’s Farewell

       by Mary Oliver

My child, as you leave, remember this,
The love of home will never be amiss.
Through paths you wander, through dreams you chase,
Home’s warmth will always embrace.

11. The Journey Ahead

       by Walt Whitman

I leave home, not with sorrow, but with glee,
To explore the world, to set my spirit free.
The journey ahead, with all its might,
Will shape my future, shining bright.

12. The Essence of Home

       by Rabindranath Tagore

Though I leave home, its essence will stay,
A part of me, forever and a day.
In every memory, in every beat of my heart,
Home’s love will reside, a work of art.

13. Homeward Bound

       by Robert Louis Stevenson

I leave home, but I’ll return one day,
To the place where memories hold sway.
With open arms, home will embrace,
A place of comfort, a loving space.

14. The Ties That Remain

       by Anonymous

Though I leave home, the ties remain,
A bond unbreakable, through sunshine and rain.
In every step I take, in every path I roam,
Home’s love will always guide me home.

15. Farewell to Hearth and Home

       by Anonymous

Farewell to the hearth, the cozy embrace,
The walls that witnessed each laughter and chase.
From home’s haven, I step into the unknown,
In the leaving, seeds of courage are sown.

16. The Departure Song

       by Anonymous

The time has come, to bid adieu,
Leave behind the old, embrace the new.
Home’s melody, a song in my heart,
In leaving, a journey’s vibrant start.

17. Leaving the Nest

       by Anonymous

From the nest where warmth resides,
Wings unfurl in expanding strides.
Leaving behind the familiar tree,
Into the open sky, flying free.

18. Wanderer’s Whisper

       by Anonymous

The road calls out, a whisper in the wind,
Leaving home, where dreams begin.
Each step taken, a story unfolds,
Wanderer’s heart, in distant lands it holds.

19. Footprints in the Threshold

       by Anonymous

Threshold crossed, echoes in the air,
Leaving home, a journey to bear.
Footprints mark the path behind,
New horizons, an adventure to find.

20. Homeward Bound No More

       by Anonymous

Once homeward bound, now bound to roam,
Leaving the familiar, seeking the unknown.
In the leaving, a chapter’s end,
The road ahead, a loyal friend.

21. The Leaving Tree

       by Anonymous

Beneath the leaving tree, shadows cast,
Memories linger, a farewell’s last.
Roots remain, yet branches soar,
Leaving home, forevermore.

22. Adieu, Sweet Abode

       by Anonymous

Adieu, sweet abode, where love was sown,
Leaving echoes, a place I’ve known.
From the doorstep, a journey starts,
Carving new homes in distant hearts.

23. Leaving Trails of Yesterday

       by Anonymous

Leaving trails of yesterday in the dust,
Home’s warmth, in memories we trust.
Forward I go, in the leaving light,
Chasing dreams, day and night.

24. The Leaving Hour

       by Anonymous

The clock strikes the leaving hour,
From home’s embrace, I take the power.
In every step, a story spun,
Leaving, yet the journey’s just begun.

Final Thoughts

Whether you find yourself happily bidding farewell to a friend, a lover, or another period of your life, these poems about leaving can help you put words to your emotions.

Take the opportunity to reflect on the experience and find solace in writing it down.

No matter what kind of farewell you’re dealing with, remember that with each goodbye comes something new and unexpected.

And in every goodbye is embedded an opportunity for growth.

We hope these leaving poems have been helpful.

Please comment below if they did, and share your thoughts about this post of goodbye poems.

Goodbye for now.

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