150 Poems about Jesus to Strengthen Your Faith

Do you ever feel like your faith needs to be strengthened?

Are you looking to gain a more meaningful understanding of Jesus Christ and His message?

Look no further!

We’ve curated some inspirational poems about Jesus that will move both your heart and soul.

As the famous Maya Angelou once said: “I believe that each of us comes from The Creator trailing wisps of glory.”

Whether you want to contemplate His majesty or meditate on the words spoken by our Lord Himself, these poems about Jesus Christ can provide an intimate connection between yourself and God that cannot otherwise be achieved.

Best Poems about Jesus

Are you looking for a way to deepen your faith? These poems about Jesus are just what you need. They are powerful in their message and can help you connect with your spirituality in a meaningful way. So why not check them out and see how they can strengthen your faith? You might be surprised at the profound impact they can have on your life.

1. Divine Love

       by Anonymous

Love that is boundless,
Grace that is endless,
Redemption that is priceless
All came from the holy being
Whose gift is everlasting?
Infinite love that saved humanity,
A sacrifice that we cannot repay,
But through the life of our Savior,
We can walk in his love every day.

2. God’s Only Son

       by Anonymous

Chosen to save a broken world,
A burden that only he could bear,
He loved us all with a heart so pure,
And taught us how to love and care.
Through every step of his path,
He showed us how to live for each other,
Kindness, compassion, and love,
Are lessons we learned from our brother.

3. Faithful Friend

       by Anonymous

Amidst the trials of this earthly life,
You are a friend who remains steadfast,
You walk beside us through every strife,
And never forsake us till the very last.
In every moment, you listen to our hearts,
And understand our pain and our sorrow,
You comfort us with your love and compassion,
Guiding us to a brighter tomorrow.

4. The Birth of Christ

       by Anonymous

In Bethlehem town, long ago
A Savior was born, don’t you know?
In a manger he lay
On that very first day
His great love for us began to show.

5. The Last Supper

       by Anonymous

The final meal with his friends
Jesus broke bread and prayed without ends
This act of communion
United the union
He knew how his earthly life would end.

6. The Resurrection

       by Anonymous

Three days in the tomb he laid
His followers full of dismay
Then an angel appeared
And they ran off in fear
Jesus rose and doubts were allayed.

7. Calm Amid the Storm

       by Anonymous

When the ship was battered and tossed
waves bigger than any they had crossed
Jesus spoke and there
was a newfound calmness in the air
A peace that could not be lost.

8. The Good Shepherd

       by Anonymous

He leads us with care
Through verdant pastures we roam
The Good Shepherd guides
His love, constant and steadfast
Finds us when we’re lost and alone.

9. The Miracle Worker

       by Anonymous

His hands heal the sick
Eyes bring sight to the blind man
Jesus walks the earth
A miracle worker, he,
Brings hope and grace to mankind.

10. The Crucifixion

       by Anonymous

Nailed to rugged cross
Hours stretch as he bears pain
A sinless sacrifice
Forgiving our darkest sins
On this day, love redefined.

11. The Resurrection

       by Anonymous

In joy and triumph
He takes on death and rises
Eternal hope blooms
Through Christ, we gain victory
Over death and sin’s dark hold.

12. Washed Clean of Our Sins

       by Anonymous

By his outstretched loving arms
He died for us all
Our great Redeemer, who graced
Us with his endless mercy.

13. Redeeming Love

       by Anonymous

Oh, how wondrous is the love that flowed,
From the cross where You breathed Your last breath
You redeemed all sinners, freed and bestowed,
Grace and mercy- conquering over death
Through a crown of thorns pierced, you bore our pain
Nails on your wrists, beaten and bruised
A thirst to save all- forransom we slain
The world’s sin, on the cross, you have chiseled, reduced.
You graced us with love that will never fail,
Forgiveness that will forever sustain
Redemption, freeing shackled hearts and impale
Hope for the hopeless, love that shall remain
Oh, Redeemer, God’s love with no compare
We sing hosanna, God’s love beyond compare.

14. The Crucifixion

       by Anonymous

On the rugged cross, an agony borne
The weight of the world on his shoulders laid
For all of mankind, redemption was sworn
In the face of death, love and mercy displayed
The sky turned black as he breathed his last breath
As other men’s dreams shattered in despair
But love beyond all measure conquered death
And we were given our hearts to repair
As tears fall like rain in the aftermath
We bow at the mercy seat of the Lord
His blood shed to spare us from the afterglow
Of sin and death, oh Christ, our great reward
So let our praise rise high in this moment
For in you, Lord we find our true intent.

15. The Rescue

       by Anonymous

In the bleakest of nights, you rescue us
The light that guides in the midst of pain
You lift our feet that we may never fall
In your arms, peace where heartache is once lain
From the darkness, you pulled us out into light
Hope for the hopeless, lifted of the fears
Your love, like divine grace, glowing with might
And your presence, wiping away the tears
We surrender, Christ, our hearts in your hand
At your mercy seat, we lay down our pride
Our lives under your will, on your command
Clothed in your love, in you, we shall abide
Oh, how wondrous is the rescue you bring
In every broken heart, your love shall sing.

16. Love’s Ode to Christ

       by Anonymous

In all the love I give, all comes from thee
My Lord and savior, the king of my soul
You left the glory of heaven to come and be
The perfect love that could make me whole
Oh, Christ, your love is a boundless sea
That drowns my soul in love’s symphony
I lift my hands, singing in harmony
Of love that shall reach eternity
Your grace transcends all my sin and shame
A love that never fades nor shall depart
Oh, Christ, your love burns in this emptied frame
With love that pierces through my calloused heart
In all things, your mercy shall forever reign
In your love, Lord, I find my strength to sustain.

17. The Miracle Worker

       by Anonymous

You healed the sick and gave back sight to blind
Through hands of love, you touched the deaf and mute
The final sign for all that you aligned
Prophesies fulfilled, God’s divine pursuit
Through you, our souls receive God’s love and grace
The dead were raised, the storms were made to cease
Blind eyes could now see the traces of Your face
Hope and healing- an everlasting release
With your touch, the unclean were accepted and loved
The lost sheep found, in you, their Great Comforter
In every miracle, your divine love fronted-
Beyond all measure, in you, we shall transfer
Oh, Christ, the miracle of your touch and light
Brings healing and grace, ever perfect and bright.

18. The Holy One

       by Anonymous

Oh Holy One, who graced this earth with love,
A light so bright that darkness cannot keep,
You are the one who reigns from up above,
Who knows the depths of human pain and grief.
You guided us with hands that healed the sick,
And gave us hope in times of deep despair,
Your mercy flows abundant, ever quick,
For all to know that you are always there.
Oh gentle Savior, Lord of majesty,
You conquered death to bring us life anew,
Your sacrifice, a gift of love so free,
That we might dwell forevermore with you.
Praises we sing to Christ, the Holy One,
For in your love, all darkness is undone.

19. The Redeemer

       by Anonymous

Oh Holy One, who graced this earth with love,
You came to us with mercy ever true,
And through your death, eternal life was won,
The ultimate redeeming grace for all.
You lifted up the lowly and the poor,
And showed us how to live a life of love,
A legacy that echoes evermore,
As we walk in your footsteps up above.
Oh Christ, our Savior, Redeemer ever true,
You gave your life for us on Calvary,
That we might be made whole and born anew,
Oh Christ, our Lord, we give our hearts to thee.
In every moment, holy and divine,
We sing your praise, in endless love entwined.

20. The Miraculous One

       by Anonymous

Oh Miraculous One, whose power and grace,
Still shines so brightly through the darkest hour,
Through every trial, every difficult space,
You show us your love with wonder and power.
From feeding thousands with a single hand,
To calming raging seas and healing pain,
Your miracles and wonders now withstand,
The test of time and bring us hope again.
Oh Christ, the Miracle Worker, constant guide,
You guide us with a love that never fades,
Your presence is a balm that brings us light,
And magnifies the glory of your ways.
In you, oh Lord, we find our hope and peace,
Our hearts and souls forevermore set free.

21. The Divine Praise

       by Anonymous

Oh Divine One, whose love surpasses all,
In endless mercy with your grace so true,
Our hearts and souls to you we give in awe,
And offer up this hymn of praise anew.
For by your love, our minds are set alight,
And every word we speak, a song of love,
Your gentle touch, a beacon in the night,
That guides us to thy holy courts above.
Oh Christ, the Great High Priest, our hearts aflame,
With hope and reverence for thy holy name,
We lift our voices high in endless praise,
To you, oh Lord, our hearts and souls we raise.
In every moment of our lives restored,
We offer praise to Christ, our risen Lord.

22. The Shepherd’s Love

       by Anonymous

Oh Gentle Shepherd, who leads us through the night,
And guides us by thy grace alone,
Thy love a beacon and a guiding light,
That brings us hope in time of need unknown.
For in thy care, our souls are ever known,
And in thy rest, we find a shelter true,
A place where mercy reigns, and peace is sown,
And every heart is loved and made anew.
Oh Christ, our Shepherd, Lord on high,
Thy love endures, a flame that cannot die,
We trust in thee to guide and lead the way,
For you are with us every step and day.
In every moment, love forever stays,
And in thy care, we find eternal grace.

23. Savior’s Love

       by Anonymous

The love of Savior reaches far and wide
It reaches those who may feel lost and small
And to those who fear, He is by their side
His love for us was proclaimed and tried
His grace is offered to one and all
The love of Savior reaches far and wide
Through pain and suffering, He never denied
His love for us, even when we fall
And to those who fear, He is by their side
His love for us is a boundless tide
A love that can break through any wall
The love of Savior reaches far and wide
In Him, there is no need to hide
For in His love, we find our call
And to those who fear, He is by their side
His love shall forever be our guide
With every step, He leads us through it all
The love of Savior reaches far and wide
And to those who fear, He is by their side

24. Beloved of Christ

       by Anonymous

Beloved of Christ, lift up your heart
And know that you are loved throughout your days
His love will lift you up, never to depart
When trials come, never to depart
Jesus, your faithful friend, with arms to embrace
Beloved of Christ, lift up your heart
For all the pains and trials we must depart
In Him, we find a love that never fades
His love will lift you up, never to depart
For every heart that feels so lost and apart
In Christ, we find a love that remains
Beloved of Christ, lift up your heart
In every step, His love shall impart
A guiding force that never gives way
His love will lift you up, never to depart
Oh Christ, our Savior, Lord of our hearts
In you, we find our strength through any day
Beloved of Christ, lift up your heart
His love will lift you up, never to depart.

25. The Good Shepherd

       by Anonymous

Oh Good Shepherd, who leads us through the night
Through every trial and every fear
In you, we trust, your love forever bright
When darkness comes and stars are out of sight
In you, we find the refuge we know near
Oh Good Shepherd, who leads us through the night
In every step, your love is a guiding light
Through every pain and every tear
In you, we trust, your love forever bright
And when we face the trials, and they come forth in sight
We know that you are with us, and your love never disappears
Oh Good Shepherd, who leads us through the night
In every moment, your presence brings new life
A love that endures and never disappears
In you, we trust, your love forever bright
Oh Christ, our Savior, in you, we find our might
For through you, our souls are forever seared
Oh Good Shepherd, who leads us through the night
In you, we trust, your love forever bright.

26. The Way, the Truth, the Life

       by Anonymous

Oh Christ, the way, the truth, the life
In you, we find our hearts desire
Our Savior, in whom all hope revived
For without you, our fears are amplified
But in your love, there is not a thing more dire
Oh Christ, the way, the truth, the life
Our once lost hearts, forever sanctified
For in you, our souls are forever inspired
Our Savior, in whom all hope revived
In every moment, you are by our side
Forever leading us to your desired
Oh Christ, the way, the truth, the life
Through every step, you are the guide
In you, we find the love that never expires
Our Savior, in whom all hope revived
Oh Christ, the way, the truth, and life
In you, our souls can be revived
Oh Christ, the way, the truth, the life
Our Savior, in whom all hope revived.

Famous Poems about Jesus

Whether you’re looking for something to recite during quiet meditation or just seeking inspiration for your daily walk, you’re sure to find something to cherish in these famous poems about Jesus. So why not take a moment to explore these powerful poems and see what they can do for your faith today?

1. Balulalow

       by Anonymous

O my dear heart, young Jesus sweet,
Prepare thy cradle in my spirit
And I shall rock thee in my heart
And never more be parted from thee.

But I shall praise thee evermore
With songs sweet unto thy glory;
The knees of my heart shall I bow
And sing that true Balulalow. (‘Lullaby’)

2. The Revival

       by Henry Vaughan

Unfold! Unfold! Take in His light,
Who makes thy cares more short than night.
The joys which with His day-star rise
He deals to all but drowsy eyes;

And, what the men of this world miss
Some drops and dews of future bliss.
Hark! How His winds have changed their note!
And with warm whispers call thee out;

The frosts are past, the storms are gone,
And backward life at last comes on.
The lofty groves in express joys
Reply unto the turtles voice;

And here in dust and dirt, O here
The lilies of His love appear!

3. Baby Jesus

       by Anonymous

A virgin birth, a manger bed
A lowly stable
To lay His head.

A humble beginning for anyone
It doesnt seem fitting
For Gods only Son.

But God had a plan to redeem me and you
Salvation through Jesus
Offers life afresh and anew.
There Is No One Like Jesus
There is no one like Jesus,
Our Savior and Lord
The message is timeless
The price we could not afford.

4. On the cross

       by Anonymous

He bore our shame
Suffering, He died,
Our souls to reclaim.

Three days later
He rose from the grave
Purchased our pardon,
We are no longer enslaved.

5. Jesus is the Answer

       by Anonymous

Put your faith in Jesus.
He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Hes the one and only Savior,
Offering hope for toil and strife.

When the burdens seem too hard.
In Him find help and comfort,
Let His angels be your guard.

I Have a Friend Named Jesus
I have a friend named Jesus.
Theres no other friend like He.
I have a friend named Jesus.
Gave His life to set me free.

I have a friend named Jesus.
A perfect, sinless man.
I have a friend named Jesus.
For me He has a plan.

I have a friend named Jesus.
On Him I can rely.
I have a friend named Jesus.
All my needs He will supply.

6. I Love You, Jesus

       by Caroline Falzon

when I look at you, crucified on the cross,
I come face to face with the evil of sin.
when I look at you, abandoned by man,
I just want to sing to you in the best way I can.
I love you, Jesus
I love you, so much
stay with me, don’t leave me,
I want to love you until the day that I die.

when I look at you, hung on the cross,
I look into your face, I see my friend.
when I look at you, forsaken by man,
I feel sore to my bones, but forever to you in debt.
I love you, Jesus
I love you, so much
stay with me, don’t leave me,
I want to love you until the day that I die.

when I look at you, in pain on the cross,
my heart miss a beat, tears run down my face.
when I look at you, insulted by man,
I feel your love inside me, your love with no end.
I love you, Jesus
I love you, so much
stay with me, don’t leave me,
I want to love you until the day that I die.

7. Is Your Name Written Down

       by Anonymous

Is your name written down in the Heaven up above
It will only be there if you accept God’s great gift of love
His love is the wonderful plan of salvation that he gave
When his only son went to the cross for you and me to save.

He sent his only son named Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour
Jesus came to earth to save us, but with the world he found no favor.
They nailed him to a cross for our crimes and him we did eschew
He said “Father forgive them for the know not what they do”.

Jesus came into the world to save sinners and not to condemn
He said “Your sins are paid for. I am the great I am.”
He went willingly to the cross to save us from our sins
If you trust him with your heart someday to Heaven you’ll enter in.

8. His Feet

       by M.L. Maughmer, Jr.

His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That made His little face glow
When His mother tickled His tiny toes.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
Which at the age of twelve
Made Him stand before those educated well.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That stepped into the Jordan River
And carried our souls deliverer.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That stood atop a mountain high
And proclaimed the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That treaded across countless miles
Bringing hope, healing, happiness, and smiles.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That travelled over sand, rocks, and dirt
Carrying comfort and love to all those who hurt.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That gently bent a blade of grass
Are the very feet that bore the guilt of my past.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That didn’t run when His accusers approached
But held fast His stand in spite of every stroke.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That marched up Golgotha’s hill
Fulfilling God’s purpose and His will.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That were nailed to the cross
Just so I would not be lost.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
Stepped over into captivity
And lead the broken captives free.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That walked out of a borrowed tomb
And through locked doors of an upper room.
His feet, oh, those beautiful feet
That crushed the curse of sin,
Will one day step on earth again,
To judge all history,
And forever reign in victory.
Oh, to sit at His feet,
Yes, those beautiful feet”
Is where I want to be
Worshipping God for all eternity.

9. Jesus Loves Us All So Much

       by M.S. Lowndes

Jesus loves us all so much
That He would bleed and die
He took upon His beaten back
The cross that saw Him crucified.

Yes, He loved us all so much
that he was scorned and scoffed
He took it all upon Himself
For it was the will of God.

God knew it was the only way,
the final sacrifice.
Jesus Christ, a sinless man,
would need to give His life.

And even in the gift He gave
We still have not yet known
the fullness of His mighty love
and the grace so freely shown.

All He asks is that we all
Repent and follow Him,
for He has made the way for us,
free from hurt and sin.

Yes, God loved us all so much.
And yes, He loves us still.
He longs for us to trust in Him.
And do the Father’s will.

10. Jesus Loves Us

       by Desley Finedon

“Jesus loves me this I know,
for the Bible tells me so.”
This is a very special thought:
to young and old it ought be taught.

God’s love was there before our birth,
even before He made the earth.
In our mother’s wombs He formed our parts;
knit together body, soul and heart.

He loves as a shepherd loves his sheep;
as a mother when her child weeps.
He is our Father, saving, caring,
protecting and our burdens bearing.

His love never fails, is always warm,
giving peace inside when outside’s a storm.
He is gentle too, patient, kind,
and with good thoughts fills our minds.

When we know God loves us so,
we are strengthened to face our foes;
not run away, feeling low,
alone, uncertain how things will go…

For He makes secure, brings hope to life,
boldness to stand for what is right;
changes us to consider other’s needs:
God’s love is shared through kindly deeds.

11. Why I Love Jesus

       by Alon Calinao Dy

While riding a city bus,
I remember Jesus,
He died on the cross for us,
I asked myself, “What’s the purpose?”
I have so many questions,
Why he sacrificed his life?
I heard different suggestions,
Yet no one really knew His strife.
I have come to know,
That He must undergo,
A word called “sacrifice”,
In order for us to live in Paradise.
This is one of the reasons why,
I love my Lord Jesus,
and why I cry for Jesus,
I love you, Jesus.

Thank You, Jesus.
Bible stories tell us
How great Jesus was.
They tell us his works
and how he loves everyone.
Jesus has shown the greatest love of all.
He has died on the cross
for us to see and live
the home he calls paradise.
So with all our hearts,
let us thank Him for the greatness
He has given us
continuously and tirelessly.

12. Greatest Gift

       by Anonymous

He was a gift sent from above
Wonderful news brought by an angel,
Carried by a beautiful, pure woman
to come save us all.

He loved even those who brought him down.
Taught those who wanted to know more,
Healed those who were sick,
and most of all, changed the life of many.
He had supper with the Chosen ones,
prayed for them in the garden,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
and carried a heavy cross up to a mountain.

All those he did to save us from our sins,
to be able to live a great life,
because of the love he had for us.
For all that he has done for us, He is our greatest gift.

13. Biggest Love of All

       by Anonymous

Love is a word
all of us know and hear.
But no one has shown
the greatest love but Jesus.
His love is the greatest
for many things.
He came down on Earth
to live with us.
He sacrificed His life
to save us from our sins.
And he came back
as he has promised.
This kind of love is great
for he has done big things for us.
Only the Lord Most High
can make them happen.

14. Our Brother, Our Friend

       by Anonymous

God sent us the greatest gift of all,
the only person who knows true love.
Jesus is this person who nourishes us,
mind body and soul.
No matter what we do,
where we are,
who we are with,
it is Jesus who is really with us.
He knows what we’ve been through,
understands all our thoughts,
embraces us with open arms,
even if we do not do the same to him.

15. Im Living for Him

       by Anonymous

Im living for Him each and every day
He gave His life for all, to show us the way.

Im living for Him, I feel His embrace.
He took all my sins and died in my place.

Im living for Him what a wonderful peace
His love for me will never cease.

Im living for Him, Im clothed in His glory
Jesus, the only answer, what an amazing story.

Inspirational Poems about Jesus

If you’re looking for a way to boost your faith in Jesus, then you might want to check out some of the awesome inspirational poems out there that talk about his love and sacrifice. From verses that delve into his healing powers to ones that explore his unwavering devotion to mankind, these poems can speak volumes to believers of all ages and backgrounds. Check them out!

1. When All You Have Is Jesus

       by Deborah Ann Belka

When all you have left is sorrow,
and there’s nothing more you can do
when all your pain and suffering
has taken the very best from you.

When your trials turn to tribulations,
when they start to overburden you
and the measure of your troubles
you can no longer alone get through.

When your misery turns to despair,
when you feel a hopelessness inside
and another raging internal storm
you don’t have the strength to ride.

When Jesus is all you have,
when you finally come to your knees
and you give Him all your hardships
you’ll find He’ll fulfill all your needs.

For Jesus is our Friend and Savior,
and He will never disappoint . . .
He will give us the strength we need
before we reach our breaking point!

2. No Greater Friend

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Friendships come,
friendships go . . .
but there’s one Friend
you need to know.

For never will He,
leave or forsake you
He will always
keep you in His view.

You can trust Him,
in everything . . .
He will deny you
not anything.

On Him you can count,
there’s nothing He won’t do
He was even willing . . .
out of love to die for you.

A love like this,
is like no other kind
there is no Greater . . .
Friend you will find!

3. Hold to the Truth

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Jesus didn’t say to go out in fear,
or to fret throughout the day
He didn’t say to sit and worry
or to follow the anxious way.

He didn’t say to lay our treasures,
in what this world has to offer
He didn’t say to hide our riches
or save them in a hidden coffer.

He didn’t say He wouldn’t be there,
or that we would be all alone
He didn’t say He didn’t care
or that we’d be left on our own.

He didn’t say to be lustful,
or to be like those greedy
He didn’t say we would not be
at times poor and needy.

But, Satan loves to twist and turn,
Jesus’ words all around . . .
and so onto the Gospel truth
we must always hold our ground!

4. Following Jesus Will Cost Us

       by Deborah Ann Belka

There’s a cost in following Jesus,
and not everyone will go along
there’s a price to be paid . . .
and it’ll cost us our whole lifelong.

There’s a non-negotiable term,
that we need to be prepared to make
there are personal forfeitures
that comes with an even higher stake.

There’s a cost in following Jesus,
that doesn’t come from our pocket-book
there’s a price to be paid . . .
and it’s one too many of us overlook.

There’s a charge that Jesus makes,
if we are to follow and go with Him
there’s an outlay that He asks from us
and we can’t expense it on a whim.

There’s a cost in following Jesus,
and we’ll pay it our whole lifelong
for we must give up everything
if we truly want to go along!

5. Jesus Our Conqueror

       by Deborah Ann Belka

There is not a fear,
that Jesus can’t conquer
there is not an enemy
that He can’t capture.

There is not a problem,
that Jesus can’t solve
there is not a dilemma
that He can’t resolve.

There is not a burden,
that Jesus can’t lift
there is not a load
that He can’t shift.

There is not a need,
that Jesus can’t provide
there is not a sea
that He can’t divide.

There is not a darkness,
that Jesus can’t make light
there is not a sin
that He can’t make right.

There is not a moment,
that Jesus isn’t there
there is not one soul
for which He doesn’t care!

6. All Things Jesus Can Do

       by Deborah Ann Belka

There’s not a hunger,
that Jesus can’t satisfy
there’s not a thirst
that He won’t gratify.

There’s not a pain,
that Jesus can’t heal
there’s not a void
that He won’t fill.

There’s not a burden,
that Jesus can’t bear
there’s not a soul
that He won’t spare.

There’s not a disease,
that Jesus can’t treat
there’s not a grievance
that He won’t meet.

There’s not a fear,
that Jesus can’t still
there’s not a promise
that He won’t fulfill.

There’s not a doubt,
that Jesus can’t replace
there’s not a heart
that He won’t embrace.

There isn’t anything,
that Jesus can’t do in you
there’s not a thing . . .
impossible for Him to do!

7. Jesus’ Burden Is Light

       by Deborah Ann Belka

When our load is heavy,
Jesus’ burden is light
when we embrace our fears
He’ll give us strength to fight.

When we feel we are unloved,
Jesus will call out our name
when we feel our own disgrace
He’ll take away our shame.

When we feel over burdened,
Jesus will carry our strife
when we feel the sting of death
He’ll bring us eternal life.

When we feel like giving up,
Jesus will stretch out His hand
when we feel faint and weak
He’ll help us to rise and stand.

When we feel there is no hope,
Jesus will bring to us His love
when we feel our heart break
He’ll send mercy from above.

When we are in need of rest,
Jesus will give it to us
for His yoke is easy . . .
when we give Him our trust!

8. From Ashes to Beauty

       by Deborah Ann Belka

One day all of our sorrows,
will be a thought of no more
when from ashes into beauty
we enter through heaven’s door.

The brokenhearted will see,
their painful grief bound up
their mourning will be silenced
by the oil of joy in His cup.

He will raise the soul penitent,
from their fallen, sinful state
the poor in spirit He’ll elevate
all the way to heaven’s gate.

He’ll set the remorseful free,
from the chains of their sin
as the yoke of guilt and shame
no longer chokes from within.

All those who have made Jesus,
the Lord and Master of their life
will not be punished or condemned
nor be damned for their past strife.

He’ll comfort all who’ve mourned,
as to Him their praises sing . . .
and their garments will be draped
with the glory that He will bring!

9. Alone with Jesus

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Alone with Jesus,
quiet solitude
alone with love
praiseful gratitude.

Alone with my Savior,
peaceful and still
alone with hope
blissfully tranquil.

Alone with my King,
inner reflection
alone with grace
heartfelt affection.

Alone with my Shepherd,
silent meditation
alone with humility
joyful resignation.

Alone with Jesus,
down on my knees
alone with faith
just Jesus and me!

10. Jesus Understands Your Pain

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Jesus understands your pain,
He empathizes with your grief
He knows that only His love
can bring your heart relief.

He recognizes your sorrow,
He sees the sadful sting
and the solace of His peace
in your life He wants to bring.

He identifies with your hurt,
the tenderness of your ache
He knows what it feels like
when others your heart breaks.

For He too was rejected,
His life others gladly discarded
He knows the agony inflected
when your cry is disregarded.

Jesus understands your pain,
He wants to give you relief
for He died to put an end to . . .
all your sorrow and your grief!

11. Abundant Life

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Abundant life,
Jesus came to give
a life purposeful
for you to now live.

A life filled with hope,
for what He’s prepared
a life with the old one
that can’t be compared.

Abundant life,
one without measure
a life where heaven
is now your treasure.

A life of freedom,
beyond imagination
a life of eternal joy
filled with jubilation.

Abundant life,
Jesus came to provide
a life unfathomable
when in Him you abide!

12. When the Day Is Over

       by Deborah Ann Belka

When the day is over,
and you’re sitting all alone
before your worries start
to get to be full blown.

That when you need to reach,
to a God who always near
and release onto Him . . .
all that you dread and fear.

When the night’s darkness,
creeps into your home
before your deepest doubts
start your thoughts to roam.

That’s when you need to hold,
your Bible in your hand
and read Jesus’ care casting
instructions and command.

When the day is over,
as night begins to descend
know that you are not alone
for Jesus is your eternal friend!

13. I Trust Jesus

       by Deborah Ann Belka

I trust Jesus,
more than man
I believe for me
He has a plan.

A plan for me,
to be not conformed
but, rather in Him
to be transformed.

I trust Jesus,
to make a way
through this world
every single day.

A way of hope,
to a place of peace
a way to where all tears
will end and cease.

I trust Jesus,
more than anyone
for I know He’ll finish
what He has begun!

14. In His Hands

       by Deborah Ann Belka

In His hands,
He holds His sheep
whether awake
or fast asleep.

He holds them close,
to His side
so He can put faith
in their stride.

In His arms,
He holds on tight
His sheep who are
in the faithful fight.

He leads and guides,
to pasture’s green
so onto Him
His sheep can lean.

From His hands,
they can’t be plucked
for in His arms . . .
they are safely tucked!

15. The Good Shepherd

       by Deborah Ann Belka

The Good Shepherd,
all of His sheep protects
He loves each of them
regardless of their defects.

No one can snatch,
one out of His hand
for they are all headed
to the promise land.

No one can take,
from His sheep His love
for He has a room for each
in His mansion above.

No one can steal,
any His sheep away
for He will not let . . .
even one to go astray.

The Good Shepherd,
gave up His very own life . . .
so that His sheep
wouldn’t face eternal strife!

16. Maranatha

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Soon the Lord will be coming,
at any time He could appear
and with Him those who believe
in the clouds will disappear.

Until such time we hear,
the trump that will sound
His return for us . . .
we must hold our ground.

For this world is becoming,
more and more of a place
where it’s harder for us
to stay in the faithful race.

For all around the globe,
no matter where you go . . .
being a Christian today
irks and irritates others so.

Soon the Lord will come,
in the clouds He will appear
so until then good works . . .
we still need to do while here!

17. Lord of My Life

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Lord I want to make You. . .

the center of my soul
the beat in my heart
the peace in my mind
the truth in my ear
the breath in my mouth
the air I take in . . .

the hope that I feel
the light that I see
the strength inside of me
the song that I sing
the path that I walk
the faith in my step
the trust in my touch . . .

Lord, from dawns early light.
till the sun sets at night
I want to make you. . .

The Lord Of My Life!

18. Because of Jesus

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Because of Jesus,
tomorrow is bright
because of Him
there is now Light.

For, He is my Truth,
my earthly guide
He is my Friend
my true confide.

Because of Jesus,
I have life eternal
tis why I’ll escape
hell’s infernal.

For, He is the Way,
that leads me to
all things good
all things true.

Because He loved,
me at the first . . .
tis why my soul
with joy now bursts!

19. Christ in Us

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Christ in us,
with us always
be it the good
or the bad days.

A promise to us,
never to leave
when onto Him
we faithfully cleave.

Christ in us,
til the world’s end
sticking by us
just like a friend.

A truth to behold,
to hide in our heart
knowing from us
He’ll never depart.

Christ in us,
oh, what a blessing
a truth into which . . .
we must keep pressing!

20. I Have Me a Friend

       by Deborah Ann Belka

I have me a friend,
better than any brother
for I am never to Him
a pest or a bother.

He always makes time,
to be alone with me
He is never to busy
for me to come and see.

He is a friend who will,
give me good advice
He speaks only the truth
and is always concise.

He’ll stop what He’s doing,
come straight to my aid
comfort and reassure me
whenever I am afraid.

My friend is called Jesus,
He can be yours too . . .
for I know He’ll stick . . .
like a brother to you!

21. On Christ Alone

       by Deborah Ann Belka

On Christ alone,
my mind is set,
so closer to Him,
my heart can get.

For He is the One,
who has saved me,
giving me the hope,
for what I can’t see.

In Christ alone,
my faith clings,
for by His grace,
salvation brings.

He is my Savior,
God’s eternal plan,
His love filled in,
the empty span.

On Christ alone,
my redemption lies,
my eyes He keeps . . ,
fixated on the prize!

22. Thank You Jesus

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Thank you Jesus,
for all You do . . .
tis why I sing
my praise to You.

When I’m all alone,
You’re always near
when I’m afraid
You calm my fear.

Thank you Jesus,
for first loving me
for giving me hope
in what I can’t see.

When I need faith,
You give me more
when trust I need
You help me soar.

Thank you Jesus,
for all You are
tis why I worship . . .
You from afar!

Short Poems about Jesus

Whether you’re feeling lost, struggling with doubts, or just in need of some spiritual upliftment, these short poems about Jesus can provide you with the strength to carry on. So, don’t wait any longer, dive into some of these inspiring lines and let the power of Jesus fill your soul with hope, love, and grace.

1. The Light of the World

       by Anonymous

In a world of darkness, Jesus shines so bright,
A beacon of hope, guiding us through the night.
His love radiates like the sun,
Bringing warmth and joy to everyone.

2. The Prince of Peace

       by Anonymous

Jesus came to bring peace to the world,
To mend broken hearts and make them whole.
His words of love and wisdom,
Echo through the ages, inspiring all souls.

3. The Savior

       by Anonymous

Jesus died on the cross to save us from sin,
His sacrifice, a gift of love, for all humankind.
Through his death and resurrection, he set us free,
And opened the gates to eternal life.

4. The Healer

       by Anonymous

Jesus has the power to heal our bodies and souls,
With a touch or a word, he makes us whole.
He came to bring comfort and relief,
To those who are sick and filled with grief.

5. The Teacher

       by Anonymous

Jesus taught us the way to live,
With love, compassion, and forgiveness.
His words of wisdom, a guiding light,
Leading us towards the truth and the right.

6. The Friend

       by Anonymous

Jesus is our friend, always by our side,
Through thick and thin, he will never hide.
He listens to our prayers and cares for our needs,
A constant companion, in all our deeds.

7. The Redeemer

       by Anonymous

Jesus came to redeem us from sin and death,
To set us free from the devil’s breath.
He conquered death and rose from the grave,
And opened the way to heaven’s gate.

8. The Lord

       by Anonymous

Jesus is our Lord, the ruler of all,
To him, we give our hearts and souls.
He deserves our praise and adoration,
Forever and ever, in every generation.

9. The Lamb of God

       by Anonymous

Jesus is the Lamb of God, pure and innocent,
He sacrificed himself for our sin, obedient.
He took away the sins of the world,
And gave us hope for a new life unfurled.

10. The Way, the Truth, and the Life

       by Anonymous

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life,
He is the only path to heaven’s light.
Follow his teachings and let him guide your way,
And you will find peace and joy, day by day.

11. The Christ Child

       by G.K. Chesterton

In the cavernous dark of the winter’s night
A child was born, a son most fair and bright
With hair as golden as the sun’s rays
And eyes that shone like stars in endless praise.

12. Jesus, Lover of My Soul

       by Charles Wesley

Jesus, lover of my soul,
Let me to Thy bosom fly;
While the tempest still rages,
There I find my hiding place.

13. At the Cross

       by Isaac Watts

Alas! and did my Savior bleed?
And did He die upon the tree?
For sinners such as I?
How marvelous His grace!

14. Crown Him with Many Crowns

       by Matthew Bridges

Crown Him with many crowns,
The Lamb upon His throne;
Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns
All music but its own.

15. Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful

       by John Francis Wade

Oh, come, all ye faithful,
Joyfully triumphant,
O’er the hills of Bethlehem,
In the fields of Nazareth.

16. What a Friend We Have in Jesus

       by Joseph Scriven

What a friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer!

17. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

       by Isaac Watts

When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

18. Beneath the Cross of Jesus

       by Frederick Lehman

Beneath the cross of Jesus,
I fain would take my stand,
For there I see the shadow
Of a mighty and outstretched hand.

19. I Am not Alone

       by Katherine Hankey

I am not alone,
For Jesus is with me,
And He will guide me
Till my journey’s ended.

20. He Lives!

       by Alfred H. Ackley

He lives! The King of kings,
The Lord of all,
Who once was crucified,
Now reigns supreme over all.

Poems about Jesus That Rhyme

If you’re looking for some poetry to uplift your soul, these poems about Jesus with rhyme are just what you need! Not only will these poems keep your ears entertained, but they’ll also bring you closer to God with each line. Check them out and see for yourself!

1. In Jesus’ Light

       by Anonymous

In Jesus’ light, I find my way,
His love and grace, upon me stay.
Through trials and storms, He’s by my side,
In Him I trust, in Him confide.

2. The Savior’s Touch

       by Anonymous

With gentle touch, and loving care,
Jesus heals, and sets us free from snare.
His healing balm, upon our souls,
Mends broken hearts, and makes us whole.

3. The Guiding Star

       by Anonymous

In darkness deep, and skies so gray,
Jesus shines, a beacon’s ray.
His guiding light, upon our path,
Leads us forth, from sin’s aftermath.

4. The Master’s Voice

       by Anonymous

With words of wisdom, pure and true,
Jesus speaks, and hearts renew.
His teachings guide, and set us free,
From earthly bonds, to liberty.

5. The Shepherd’s Call

       by Anonymous

In pastures green, where sheep do roam,
Jesus calls, and leads them home.
His tender care, and watchful eye,
Protect His flock, from danger nigh.

6. The Bread of Life

       by Anonymous

In hunger’s grasp, and spirits low,
Jesus offers, life’s true flow.
His love sustains, and fills our need,
The Bread of Life, our souls to feed.

7. The Living Water

       by Anonymous

In thirst’s despair, and parched land,
Jesus gives, a refreshing hand.
His living water, pure and clear,
Quenches thirst, and banishes fear.

8. The Resurrection’s Dawn

       by Anonymous

From death’s embrace, to life anew,
Jesus rose, with morning dew.
His victory over death’s hold,
Brings hope to all, both young and old.

9. The Kingdom’s Gate

       by Anonymous

With open arms, and loving heart,
Jesus welcomes, where we shall start.
In His kingdom, joy and peace reside,
Eternal life, with Him as guide.

10. The Eternal Song

       by Anonymous

With voices raised, in joyful praise,
We sing of Jesus, all our days.
His love and grace, forever true,
An endless song, for Him to view.

11. The Crucifixion

       by William Wordsworth

Upon the cross, a suffering sight,
The Saviour hangs, a sacrifice so bright.
His body bent, His head bowed low,
The weight of sin upon Him, oh so slow.

12. Christmas Carol

       by Charles Dickens

The moon shines bright, the night is still,
As Christians gather, their voices thrill.
They sing of Jesus, born this night,
A saviour, a king, a holy light.

13. The Resurrection

       by John Donne

The tomb is empty, death has lost its sting,
The Saviour rises, victory does bring.
His followers mourn, their hopes now dead,
But Jesus lives, their faith is fed.

14. The Last Supper

       by Robert Browning

The disciples gathered round,
Their Master’s voice, they heard profound.
He spoke of love, of bread and wine,
A sacrament, a bond divine.

15. The Temptation

       by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In the wilderness, Satan tempted Him,
With wealth and power, he tried to win.
But Jesus resisted, steadfast and true,
His faith in God, unwavering anew.

16. The Beatitudes

       by Edgar Allan Poe

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst,
For righteousness, they shall be blessed first.
Blessed are the poor in spirit, pure,
For theirs is the kingdom, forever secure.

17. The Sermon on the Mount

       by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jesus taught them, up on the mount,
A message of love, a lesson devout.
Turn the other cheek, forgive and forget,
Love thy neighbor, as thyself, thou shalt not.

18. The Miracles

       by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

He healed the sick, raised the dead,
A prophet, a teacher, a holy dread.
His works were many, His love was vast,
A Saviour, sent to save the past.

19. The Agony in the Garden

       by William Ernest Henley

In Gethsemane, Jesus prayed,
His sweat like blood, His sorrow displayed.
He feared the pain, the shame, the loss,
But chose to suffer, for our sake, the cross.

20. The Ascension

       by Christina Rossetti

Up to the heavens, Jesus rose,
Ascending higher, His foes dispersed.
He left behind, a legacy of love,
A Saviour, a King, sent from above.

Poems about Jesus Love

There’s nothing quite like the power of poetry to convey the love that Jesus has for us all. Reading these verses is like a balm for the soul, bringing comfort and hope to even the most difficult of seasons. These poems about Jesus love are sure to touch your heart and deepen your relationship with Jesus. Go ahead and give them a read – you won’t be disappointed!

1. I Shall Know Why

       by Emily Dickinson

I SHALL know why, when time is over,
And I have ceased to wonder why;
Christ will explain each separate anguish
In the fair schoolroom of the sky.

He will tell me what Peter promised,
And I, for wonder at his woe,
I shall forget the drop of anguish
That scalds me now, that scalds me now.

2. Jesus

       by Mother Teresa

Jesus is my God,
Jesus is my Spouse,
Jesus is my Life,
Jesus is my only Love,
Jesus is my All in All;
Jesus is my Everything.

3. The Hem of His Garment

       by William Henry Dawson

While the throng pressed closely upon Him,
And all were so anxious to see
The Man who was born in Bethlehem,
Who’d walked on the blue Galilee,
The Savior turned quickly about, and
Inquired of the great surging throng,
“Who touched me?” “Who hath put forth a hand?”
For out from me virtue hath gone.
It was not the hem of His garment
That made the poor sick woman whole.
There was nothing whate’er in His raiment
That could comfort a poor sin-sick soul.
‘Twas the touch of the life within Him;
‘Twas the touch of His love-filled soul;
‘Twas His love that discovered her sin;
‘Twas redemption that made her whole.

4. The Child on Calvary

       by John B. Tabb

THE Cross is tall,
And I too small
To reach His hand
Or touch His feet;
But on the sand
His footprints I have found,
And it is sweet
To kiss the holy ground.

5. Love not the World

       by Lydia Howard Sigourney

To gain the friendship of the world,
How vain the ceaseless strife;
We sow the sand, we grasp the wind,
We waste the life of life.
Perchance some giddy height we gain,
Some gilded treasure show,
The footing fails, the shadow ‘scapes,
We sink in deeper wo.
Yet, baffled, still the toil we try,
The eager chase renew,
Even though the portals of the grave
Yawn on our startled view.
But Thou, whose pitying mercy’s tide
Is like the unfathom’d sea,
Thy love was waiting for our souls,
That would not turn to Thee;
Thy hand was stretch’d Thy voice was heard
Thy fold was open wide,
Ah! who the straying sheep can save
That shuns the Eternal Guide?

6. Our Seven Wonders

       by Amos Russel Wells

O Christ, the Wonderful! we gladly see
The Seven Wonders of the World in Thee.
Pharos! that flung so bold a light abroad,
The Light of all the world is Christ, our Lord.
Vast pyramids that lift the wondering sight,
Bow down to Christ, the Apex of all height!
Colossus, framed the Rhodian gulf to span,
Our Christ has bridged the gulf from God to man.
Babylon’s hanging gardens, fruitful, gay,
We have a Vine that wrapa the world to-day.
Rare Mausoleum, shrine of royal breath,
Christ is the King that conquered even death.
Diana’s temple! all that Christ adore
Become His temples, peerless evermore.
Statue of Zeus, low lying in the sod,
Worship our Christ, the ever-living God!

7. A Thought on the Sea-Shore

       by John Newton

In ev’ry object here I see
Something, O Lord, that leads to thee:
Firm as the rocks thy promise stands,
Thy mercies countless as the sands,
Thy love a sea immensely wide,
Thy grace an ever-flowing tide.
In ev’ry object here I see
Something, my heart, that points at thee
Hard as the rocks that bound the strand,
Unfruitful as the barren sand,
Deep and deceitful as the ocean,
And, like the tide, in constant motion.

8. A Hymn to Christ

       by John Donne

In what torn ship soever I embark,
That ship shall be my emblem of thy Ark;
What sea soever swallow me, that flood
Shall be to me an emblem of thy blood;
Though thou with clouds of anger do disguise
Thy face, yet through that mask I know those eyes,
Which, though they turn away sometimes,
They never will despise.

I sacrifice this Island unto thee,
And all whom I loved there, and who loved me;
When I have put our seas ‘twixt them and me,
Put thou thy sea betwixt my sins and thee.
As the tree’s sap doth seek the root below
In winter, in my winter now I go,
Where none but thee, th’ Eternal root
Of true Love, I may know.

Nor thou nor thy religion dost control
The amorousness of an harmonious Soul,
But thou wouldst have that love thyself: as thou
Art jealous, Lord, so I am jealous now,
Thou lov’st not, till from loving more, Thou free
My soul: who ever gives, takes liberty:
O, if thou car’st not whom I love
Alas, thou lov’st not me.

Seal then this bill of my Divorce to All,
On whom those fainter beams of love did fall;
Marry those loves, which in youth scattered be
On Fame, Wit, Hopes (false mistresses) to thee.
Churches are best for Prayer, that have least light:
To see God only, I go out of sight:
And to ‘scape stormy days, I choose
An Everlasting night.

9. A Better Resurrection

       by Christina Rossetti

I have no wit, no words, no tears;
My heart within me like a stone
Is numb’d too much for hopes or fears;
Look right, look left, I dwell alone;
I lift mine eyes, but dimm’d with grief
No everlasting hills I see;
My life is in the falling leaf:
O Jesus, quicken me.
My life is like a faded leaf,
My harvest dwindled to a husk:
Truly my life is void and brief
And tedious in the barren dusk;
My life is like a frozen thing,
No bud nor greenness can I see:
Yet rise it shall–the sap of Spring;
O Jesus, rise in me.
My life is like a broken bowl,
A broken bowl that cannot hold
One drop of water for my soul
Or cordial in the searching cold;
Cast in the fire the perish’d thing;
Melt and remould it, till it be
A royal cup for Him, my King:
O Jesus, drink of me

10. The Windhover

       by Gerard Manley Hopkins

I CAUGHT this morning morning’s minion, king-
dom of daylight’s dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in his riding
Of the rolling level underneath him steady air, and striding
High there, how he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing
In his ecstasy! then off, off forth on swing,
As a skate’s heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend: the hurl and gliding
Rebuffed the big wind. My heart in hiding
Stirred for a bird, – the achieve of; the mastery of the thing!

Brute beauty and valour and act, oh, air, pride, plume, here
Buckle! AND the fire that breaks from thee then, a billion
Times told lovelier, more dangerous, O my chevalier!

No wonder of it: shéer plód makes plough down sillion
Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,
Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermillion.

11. The Lamb

       by William Blake

Little Lamb, who made thee?
Dost thou know who made thee,
Gave thee life, and bade thee feed
By the stream and o’er the mead;
Gave thee clothing of delight
Softest clothing, woolly, bright;
Gave thee such a tender voice,
Making all the vales rejoice?
Little Lamb, who made thee?
Dost thou know who made thee?
Little Lamb, I’ll tell thee;
Little Lamb, I’ll tell thee;
He is called by thy name,
For He calls Himself a Lamb.
He is meek, and He is mild;
He became a little child.
I a child, and thou a lamb,
We are called by His name.
Little Lamb, God bless thee!
Little Lamb, God bless thee.

12. My Hope

       by St Therese of Lisieux

Though in a foreign land I dwell afar,
I taste in dreams the endless joys of heaven.
Fain would I fly beyond the farthest star,
And see the wonders to the ransomed given!
No more the sense of exile weighs on me,
When once I dream of that immortal day.
To my true fatherland, dear God! I see,
For the first timeI soon shall fly away.

Ah! give me, Jesus! wings as white as snow,
That unto Thee I soon may take my flight.
I long to be where flowers unfading blow;
I long to see Thee, O my heart’s Delight!
I long to fly to Mary’s mother-arms, –
To rest upon that spotless throne of bliss;
And, sheltered there from troubles and alarms,
For the first timeto feel her gentle kiss.

Thy first sweet smile of welcoming delight
Soon show, O Jesus! to Thy lowly bride;
O’ercome with rapture at that wondrous sight,
Within Thy Sacred Heart, ah! let me hide.
O happy moment! and O heavenly grace!
When I shall hear Thee, Jesus, speak to me;
And the full vision of Thy glorious Face
For the first timemy longing eyes shall see.

Thou knowest well, my only martyrdom
Is love, O Heart of Jesus Christ! for Thee;
And if my soul craves for its heavenly home,
‘Tis but to love Thee more, eternally.
Above, when Thy sweet Face unveiled I view,
Measure nor bounds shall to my love be given;
Forever my delight shall seem as new
As the first timemy spirit entered heaven

13. Jesus Only

       by St Teresa of Lisieux

Oh, how my heart would spend itself, to bless;
It hath such need to prove its tenderness!
And yet what heart can my heart comprehend?
What heart shall always love me without end?
All – all in vain for such return seek I;
Jesus alone my soul can satisfy.
Naught else contents or charms me here below;
Created things no lasting joy bestow

My peace, my joy, my love, O Christ!
‘Tis Thou alone! Thou hast sufficed.

Thou didst know how to make a mother’s heart;
Tenderest of fathers, Lord! to me Thou art.
My only Love, Jesus, Divinest Word!
More than maternal is Thy heart, dear Lord!
Each moment Thou my way dost guard and guide;
I call – at once I find Thee at my side –
And if, sometimes Thou hid’st Thy face from me,
Thou com’st Thyself to help me seek for Thee.

Thee, Thee, alone I choose: I am Thy bride.
Unto Thy arms I hasten, there to hide.
Thee would I love, as little children love;
For Thee, like warrior bold, my love I’d prove.
Now, like to children, full of joy and glee,
So come I, Lord! to show my love to Thee;
Yet, like a warrior bold with high elation,
Rush I to combats in my blest vocation.

Thy Heart is Guardian of our innocence;
Not once shall it deceive my confidence.
Wholly my hopes are placed in Thee, dear Lord!
After long exile, I Thy Face adored
In heaven shall see. When clouds the skies o’er­spread.
To Thee, my Jesus! I lift up my head;
For, in Thy tender glance, these words I see:
‘O child! I made My radiant heaven for thee.

I know it well – my burning tears and sighs
Are full of charm for Thy benignant eyes.
Strong seraphs form in heaven Thy court divine,
Yet Thou dost seek this poor weak heart of mine.
Ah! take my heart! Jesus, ’tis Thine alone;
All my desires I yield to Thee, my Own!
And all my friends, that are so loved by me,
No longer will I love them, save in Thee!

14. What Jesus Said

       by Robert Bly

The wind blows where it likes: that is what
Everyone is like who is born from the wind.
Oh now it’s getting serious. We are the ones
Born from the wind that blows along the plains
And over the sea where no one has a home.
And that Upsetting Rabbi, didn’t he say:
‘Take nothing with you, no blanket, no bread.
When evening comes, sleep wherever you are.
And if the owners say no, shake out the dust
From your sandals; leave the dust on their doorstep.’
Don’t hope for what will never come. Give up hope,
Dear friends, the joists of life are laid on the winds.

15. E Tenebris

       by Oscar Wilde

Come down, O Christ, and help me! reach Thy hand,
For I am drowning in a stormier sea
Than Simon on Thy lake of Galilee:
The wine of life is spilt upon the sand,
My heart is as some famine-murdered land
Whence all good things have perished utterly,
And well I know my soul in Hell must lie
If I this night before God’s throne should stand.
‘He sleeps perchance, or rideth to the chase,
Like Baal, when his prophets howled that name
From morn to noon on Carmel’s smitten height.’
Nay, peace, I shall behold, before the night,
The feet of brass, the robe more white than flame,
The wounded hands, the weary human face.

16. At Night

       by Kate Louise Wheeler

At night when all the world is still,
And stars in glory shine,
There comes to earth a whisper sweet
Of peace and love divine.
And gazing upward to the sky,
Where million lights appear,
We seem to see the heaven beyond,
And feel that Christ is near.
The weary day is past and gone,
The angels sing again
Of glory to the God on high
And “Peace, good will toward men.”
We seem to hear beyond the night
The music soft and sweet;
And laying all our burdens down,
We rest at Jesus’ feet.
Our trusting hearts and hope of heaven
Have banished doubt and care,
And Christ is waiting to forgive,—
To answer every prayer.
This love immortal is our guide,
And shorter seems the way;
Beyond the stars and night of earth
Is home and endless day.

17. Consumed in Grace

       by Daniel Ladinsky

I first saw God when I was a child, six years of age.
the cheeks of the sun were pale before Him,
and the earth acted as a shy
girl, like me.

Divine light entered my heart from His love
that did never fully wane,

though indeed, dear, I can understand how a person’s
faith can at time flicker,

for what is the mind to do
with something that becomes the mind’s ruin:
a God that consumes us
in His grace.

I have seen what you want;
it is there,

a Beloved of infinite

18. In the Garden

       by C. Austin Miles

I come to the garden alone, While the dew
is still on the roses;
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,
the Son of God discloses.
And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own.
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.
He speaks, and the sound of His voice,
Is so sweet the birds hush their singing;
And the melody that He gave to me
Within my heart is ringing.
And He walks with me, and He talks to me,
And He tells me I am His own,
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.
I’d stay in the garden with Him
Tho the night around me be falling;
But He bid me go, thru the voice of woe,
His voice to me is calling
And he walks with me, and he talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own,
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.

Poems about Jesus Coming Back

Are you feeling like your faith could use a boost? Well we’ve collected some incredible poems about Jesus coming back that are sure to uplift your spirits and strengthen your connection to the divine. So, if you’re ready to be inspired, have a cup of tea and settle in for a powerful spiritual journey. Trust us, it’s definitely worth it!

1. When Jesus comes

       by Anonymous

When Jesus comes your eyes will be open, eagerly to praise him with a brighten enjoyment.

When Jesus comes many will bow to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords who is our Savior and who heaven adores.

When Jesus comes many will wonder if they are saved or hell lived blunders. When they see his glorious light they will no longer hunger.

When Jesus comes many will not repent but hide in terror because the king of Judgment was sent.

When Jesus comes the angels will sing and give hope to the hopeful and destruction to evil beings.

When Jesus comes the world will know that they all must give an account because their he goes.

When Jesus comes everyone will see the truth, history in the making, no events can replace Jesus coming.

When Jesus comes many will cry, a shout of victory thats coming from the sky.

When Jesus comes he will take his chosens, the ones that are left, their chains will not be eternally broken.

When Jesus comes I will be ready, when my soul departs from my flesh, I will be in Glory.

God Bless!

2. Just Any Day

       by Anonymous

Just any day the Lord will come
To take us home with Him;
We’ll hear the trumpet call aloud
For all who’ve been saved from sin.

We’ll see Him in his glory
As we’re caught up in the air;
In the twinkling of an eye we’ll change,
And we will meet Him there.

Just any day He’ll come for us
And He’ll carry us away;
Til then we wait with yearning hearts,
‘Cause it won’t be just any day.

3. Watching for Jesus

       by Anonymous

I’m watching for Jesus,
He’s coming back soon;
I’m ready to meet Him,
Are you watching too?

When Jesus returns,
Will you be prepared
To welcome our Savior
When He comes in the air?

Are you saved by His blood?
Are you ready, my friend?
Watch and be ready,
He’s coming again!

4. Nothing to It

       by Anonymous

Maybe there’s nothing to it,
And maybe it’s just happenstance.
Maybe all the prophecies coming true
Have nothing to do with God’s plan.

Maybe it’s just coincidence,
Maybe it’s just a fluke
That things predicted long ago in God’s Word
Now seem to be coming true.

Maybe this world isn’t falling apart,
Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.
The end could still be a long way off
And this could all be just a bad dream.

But what if the Lord is coming soon,
Perhaps already on His way?
It could be the time is short —
Are you prepared to meet Him today?

5. Hold on Fast

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Hold on fast,
give up never
from your hope
do not sever.

Don’t let anyone,
take from you
the crown that is
to you due.

Hold on fast,
don’t you release
your grip on
eternal peace.

Don’t let anything,
drag you away
from the truth
do not go astray.

Hold on fast,
don’t you let go
Jesus is coming
before you know!

6. We Need an Awakening

       by Deborah Ann Belka

We need an awakening,
from our spiritual sleep
we need a revival . . .
to gather in more sheep.

We need to wake-up,
those dead in sin
so lives for Jesus
we can go and win.

We need an arousing,
of hearts made of stone
so Jesus for their sins
can forgive and atone.

We need a new dawning,
of eyes that are blind
so the Light of Jesus
can heal their mind.

We need an awakening,
a spiritual revival
before Jesus’ . . .
next arrival!

7. If I Meet Jesus Today

       by Deborah Ann Belka

If I meet Jesus today,
and my life here were to end
I would be so excited . . .
to meet my eternal Friend.

I would run up to Him,
and look into His loving face
I’d tell Him thank you for
His saving, amazing grace.

I’d drop down on my knees,
and worship my eternal King
I’d shout hallelujah . . .
as my praises to Him I sing.

I would leap and jump around,
with joy, happiness and glee
and thank Him for preparing
a room in heaven just for me.

If I were to meet Jesus today,
and I were to see my eternal Friend
I know that I would be in paradise
and my bliss would never end!

8. Keeping My Eyes Alert

       by Deborah Ann Belka

I’m keeping my eyes,
set on Jesus’ coming
tis why this faith race
I keep on running.

For I want to be,
one of the first to see
Jesus in the clouds
coming for me.

I’m keeping my eyes,
watching for the signs
listening to the rumbles
of these the end times.

For I yearn to be,
with my Lord and Savior
and to be with Him
in the land of forever.

On Jesus’ next coming,
I’m keeping my eyes
for He is to me . . .
the real true prize!

9. This Lowly Body

       by Deborah Ann Belka

One day this lowly body,
will be transformed
no longer by sin effects
will it be deformed.

It will be like Jesus,
beautiful and glorious
it will rise with Him
jubilant and victorious.

One day this lowly body,
will be made whole
no longer will satan be
gunning for my soul.

I will have a new one,
when Jesus comes again
no longer this vile body
will I have to restrain.

One day this lowly body,
will be totally sin free . . .
when in the clouds
with Jesus I go to be!

10. Beam Me Up Lord

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Beam me up Lord,
I am so ready to leave
there’s nothing here
onto which I cleave.

I’m willing to give up,
everything I own
so I may go with You . . .
to my eternal home.

I’m happy to vacate,
on earth my little space
so I can be with You
in a more peaceful place.

Take me to the room,
You’ve prepared for me
so with You in heaven . . .
I may forever be.

Beam me up Lord,
I’m so ready to depart
for, I no longer want . . .
in this world to be a part!

11. I Wait in Hope

       by Deborah Ann Belka

I wait in hope,
wait for the day
when with Jesus
I’ll go away.

I wait in peace,
I’ll not tremble
for with the saints
I will assemble.

I wait in faith,
wait until I see
Jesus in the clouds
coming for me.

I wait in trust,
I’ll not be shaken
for Jesus will not
leave me forsaken.

I wait in hope,
peace, faith and trust
I wait for that day . . .
Jesus will summon us!

12. One Step Forward

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Sometimes all I can put,
is just one foot forward . . .
for it is all I can do
to keep moving onward.

For I know that I need,
to be diligent and patient
though I am overwhelmed
by today’s environment.

Sometimes I just take,
one step at a time . . .
for it is all I can make
as I see evil on the climb.

For I know I must be,
willing to wait and see
so that fear’s fingers
can’t seize a hold on me.

Sometimes I don’t move,
instead, still I just stand
and say to myself . . .
this is all in God’s hand!

13. Ready, Sober and Alert

       by Deborah Ann Belka

This year I am going to be,
ready, sober and alert . . .
I’m not going to let anything
my trust in God to divert.

I will be ever watchful,
by keeping both my eyes
for Jesus in the clouds
descending in the skies.

This year I’m going to pray,
for the strength to escape
those who are trying to . . .
my faith in God reshape.

My ears will be listening,
for that trump to sound
so in the air with Jesus
I too will be found.

This year I’m going to be,
mindful of satan’s snare
so until Jesus comes . . .
I’ll remain alert and aware!

14. Is God Loosing His Patience

       by Deborah Ann Belka

I wonder if God,
is losing His patience
I wonder if He lacks
needing more evidence?

For surely He can see,
the mass of confusion
how man’s wickedness
is not just an illusion.

I wonder if God,
has lost His forbearance
I wonder if He can see
the void of transparence?

For He has made it clear,
nothing escapes His eyes
He can see right through
the deceptions and the lies.

I wonder if God,
is over the cruelty of evil
I wonder if now is the time . . .
for Jesus to defeat the devil!

15. In Every Season

       by Deborah Ann Belka

In every season,
we need to pray
for we do not know
the hour or the day.

We must be watchful,
keep our eyes steady
on the signs of the time
so we will be ready.

In every season,
we need to be praying
for we cannot tell
the time remaining.

We must be sober,
throughout the year
for Jesus at anytime
could suddenly appear.

In every season,
all day and all night
we must always pray
with all of our might!

16. Everyday It Gets Closer

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Everyday that passes,
we are getting closer
and we need to wake up
all those who are dozers.

For the return of the Lord,
is drawing nearer . . .
with the passing of time
it’s become ever clearer.

Each hour that ticks by,
is just a minute sooner
when Jesus will come back
to be the world’s ruler.

We need to alert those,
who are still sleeping
of the teeth gnashing
in the place of weeping.

Everyday that passes,
every hour that ticks by . . .
brings us closer to seeing
Jesus coming back in the sky!

17. Till Then I Must Endure

       by Deborah Ann Belka

I don’t know the hour,
but I know for sure
Jesus will return . . .
till then I must endure.

For many will depart,
from the Life, Truth and Way
but on the narrow path . . .
I’m dedicating myself to stay.

I don’t know the moment,
nor does anyone . . .
only God knows the day
He will send back His Son.

So I need to be ready,
watchful, sober and alert
my eyes mustn’t ever
on Jesus turn or avert.

I don’t know when,
but I know it will be . . .
like a twinkling in my eye
when Jesus comes for me!

Poems about Jesus Death on the Cross

These poems capture the immense love and grace that he showed while enduring such pain, and they can be a very powerful reminder of the strength of his faith and commitment to his followers. So go ahead and explore this collection of poems about Jesus’s death on the cross – you never know where they might take you.

1. It Started With Just One Nail

       by Deborah Ann Belka

One nail was all it took,
to crucify Christ that day
it started with just one nail
for the crowd to get their way.

One blow upon that nail,
got the crowd to cheer and yell
“Crucify Him, Crucify Him”
put the hammer to that nail.

One nail was all it took,
for them to secure His fate
one large, iron nail became
the spike of their distaste.

One bang upon that nail,
their voices swelled and soared
“Crucify Him, Crucify Him”
as they began to nail the Lord.

One nail was all it took,
though they used all three
but, it started with that one nail
so all sinners could go free.

All it took was that first nail,
for the crowd to be satisfied
just one strike upon that nail . . .
and our Savior they crucified!

2. The Nail

       by Laurene H. Bell

The nail is used for many things,
A useful securing tool;
A hammer is taken by the hand
And drives it, that’s the rule.
A nail is needed when you build,
It’s a necessary thing.
It was also used over two thousand years ago
To hang upon a tree, the King.
He took the pain and suffering
For all mankind, you see.
Yet He took the torture just for you,

And He took it just for me.
You cannot keep a good man down,
Through the years many have said.
He went down a man and rose a King
To deliver the spiritually dead.
He is on the throne
At God’s right hand.
The First, the Last,
The Great I Am.
No nail, no hammer can touch Him now–
The mighty King on high.
What He built is forevermore,
Salvation for you and I.
So when you see a simple nail with its sharpened end,
And need to build or repair,
Lift up your eyes, your heart, and mind
And thank Him with a prayer.

3. It Is Finished

       by Roy Allen

Resounding throughout the universe transcending time and space

Is the greatest shout of victory heard by the human race.

From the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ came that tremendous cry

‘It is finished’ was His shout as He laid down His life to die.

All Scripture has been fulfilled and the prophecy’s now complete

As the One of whom all prophets speak held Satan in defeat.

The battle has been won by Him, the Immortal God who died

His precious blood has flowed for sin and the law is satisfied.

How vast the ransom He has paid for no work was left undone

The gate to heaven opened wide by God’s One and Only Son.

Humankind has been redeemed and the full price for sin is paid

The shame and suffering are over, atonement has been made.

My Lord and my Love is crucified the sinner’s faithful friend

The Alpha and Omega is the Beginning and the End.

His perfect life sacrificed to pay the dreadful price for sins

The Age of Law ends at the cross as the Age of Grace begins.

The great battle is over and man’s redemption has been won

No more need for types and shadows for the will of God is done.

Satan has been defeated by Jesus Christ the crucified

The sting of death is vanquished as the grave bursts open wide.

4. Easter Is

       by Lenora McWhorter

Easter is the return of springtime
When all of nature comes alive.
The plants sprout, the birds sing
And all living things begin to thrive.
Easter is about Calvary’s cross
Where Christ Jesus was crucified.
Though he himself knew no sin
For us he hung, bled and died.
Easter speaks of God’s love
And the sacrifice he made.
How God gave his son to die
So sin’s debt could be paid.
Easter represents the resurrection
As Jesus paid the ultimate price.
So we get a chance to start anew
All because of the risen Christ.
We offer up our praise to God
And thank him for loving us so.
Death is conquered, the grave defeated
And Jesus is alive forevermore.

5. Golgotha

       by David Bico

Cross of Savior’s death and mount
From which our sins the serpents count
Awaiting when, with expert poise
Their fangs shall strike and raise a noise
More shrill than any earthly howls
Sinners grin beneath their cowls
Masking sorrow, lack of Christ
Rejecting holy sacrifice
Dying slow to live but once
While using sin to pass the months
What lamentation could lay bare
All beauty lost through modern fare?
And rampant disregard for Christ
Indeed, His earthly sacrifice
Is taught to us as shame on sense
While blinding us with present tense
To leave these things to be forgot
Which made our Lord to cast his lot
With us, no better meant to scorn
Despite the sin in which we’re born
I see no other to his will
And know my soul shall see no ill
As long as subject I declare
My heart to his eternal care
So hear, my God, as loud as yet my lungs can cry
And see, my God, far longer than my human eye
I reach, my God, far taller than my body stands
With humble will to know the perfect workings of Your hands
And grant, my Lord, the grace to know Your eternal will, again
In principio, nunc, semper, et saecula saeculorum, amen.

6. The Lamb of God

       by Anonymous

Upon the cross, a lamb so pure,
His sacrifice, forever endure.
Jesus Christ, the Son of Man,
For our sins, He bore the ban.

7. The Crown of Thorns

       by Anonymous

With thorns upon His sacred head,
A crown of pain, for sins we’ve spread.
Jesus endured, with grace untold,
His love for us, a story to unfold.

8. The Nails Pierced Through

       by Anonymous

Through hands and feet, the nails they pierced,
His body broken, our spirits versed.
Jesus suffered, with silent might,
For our salvation, He paid the price.

9. The Darkness Fell

       by Anonymous

The sun withheld its radiant glow,
As darkness fell, on earth below.
Jesus’ final breath, a mournful sigh,
The world in darkness, as He did die.

10. The Veil Torn

       by Anonymous

The temple’s veil, in two it tore,
A sign of heaven’s open door.
Jesus’ death, a sacred act,
Heaven’s path, for all to contact.

11. The Centurion’s Cry

       by Anonymous

The centurion stood, with newfound faith,
As Jesus breathed, His final breath.
“Truly this Man, was God’s own Son,”
He declared, his heart won.

12. The Empty Tomb

       by Anonymous

At dawn’s first light, the tomb was found,
The stone rolled back, no chains around.
Jesus rose, from death’s embrace,
His victory over time and space.

Final Thoughts

With so much to explore and learn, it is clear that Jesus inspires a vast number of poems.

From fables to prose, these poems about Jesus offer a glimpse into the depths of the gospel through creativity and language.

If you’re looking for a way to grow closer to Christ, or just want something new and creative to meditate on, then these poems about Jesus Christ are sure to do the trick.

They capture the power of his ministry while maintaining an accessible lyrical style.

Though not everyone believes in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, these poems speak truth regardless of your religious beliefs.

So read them in all their glory and feel free to comment in the comments section below if you’d like to share your thoughts about this post!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog post and may God bless you as you journey towards enlightenment in His name.


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