74 Poems about Grace You’ll Love to Read

Grace is an enigmatic force that can take us around the world and back again.

It transcends understanding and boundaries, captured enticingly in poetry to spark profound emotions and meaningful conversations about life.

Some of history’s best poets have written on grace with beauty, eloquence, and poise – creating lasting masterpieces that cannot be forgotten.

To provide further insight into this timeless topic so widely revered by humanity, we’ve gathered some captivating poems about grace you’ll love to read.

Let these inspiring grace poems fill your soul with hope: As American novelist and non-fiction writer, Anne Lamott said “I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.”

Best Poems about Grace

Have you ever read a poem that just speaks to your soul? Well, these poems about Grace are exactly that. They’re not your typical sappy poems that make you roll your eyes. These are poems that will touch your heart and leave you with a sense of peace. Take a look!

1. Immortal Love

       by Limem Ali

Every morning and every night
Starting from the sunset to the sunrise
Whether you are awake or sleeping
Whether you are near or away
With every second passing
I will always love you
In all possible and all ways
I will always love you
Till the end of my days

You are my dearest love
Of all the time
You are my one and the only
And I’m glad you are mine

I did believe in miracles
Still believe though
But never for me
You are my miracle and

I will always love you
In all possible and all ways
I will always love you
Till the end of my days

2. Whispers of Grace

       by Maya Anthony

Through seasons’ turn and time’s great wheel,
Grace’s eternal flow we feel.
In sun and moon, in wind and rain,
Grace remains, eases pain.

In love that lasts, in timeless tales,
In winds that fill the strongest sails.
In hearts that beat and never cease,
In endless peace, we find grace’s release.

In memories that fondly stay,
In night’s calm and break of day.
In life’s journey, a steady pace,
We walk in light, in eternal grace.

3. Stay

       by Sadie Grace

She used to be alive
Not hanging on by a thread
Not worrying if she’d survive
She was living life instead
Then the lights went out
And the fears began to shout
And she sat in the dark with no desire to face another day
Out of place, out of grace
She retraced all the ways she had failed
Then she thought why waste another day?
There’s nothing left to say
Nothing left but today
Plans already underway
But there must be a reason to stay

4. God’s Marvelous Grace

       by Greta Zwaan

O Lord, our Lord, how wonderful You are!
You have been part of all our days,
Since the beginning of time You were there,
discerning and checking our ways.
We’re not aware of the time that You spend,
or at least we tend not to be,
We are engrossed in our own little world,
as if that is how to be free.

But Lord, in Your marvelous grace and Your care,
Your knowledge of our innermost thought,
Have brought us the choice of eternal life;
through Jesus our freedom was bought.
How can we thank You? What can we say?
Is there a response You desire?
Can we pay back a part of this debt?
To what would You have us aspire?

You are so holy, we are so frail,
so far beyond what You seek,
We roam about in our own selfish way,
seldom hearing You speak.
Your still, small voice seems so far away,
it’s the noise of the world that attracts,
We’d rather not deal with restrictions at all,
it’s hard enough handling the facts.

But if it’s Your will to transform us from this,
to teach us the way we should go;
It’s only when You intervene in our lives and
show us what we ought to know.
Though we can’t attain to the standards You set,
 the least we can do is to try,
To be wary of sin, faithful in love,
 all earthly enticements deny.

With Your assistance and in Your strength,
give me the grace to be true,
Then I will daily sing of Your praise;
my voice shall ring out, “I LOVE YOU!”

5. Grace in Nature

       by Maya Anthony

In morning dew, in sunset’s blaze,
In nature’s ways, we find grace.
In ocean’s depth, in mountain’s height,
In nature’s awe, grace shines bright.

In flowers bloom, in rivers flow,
In nature’s dance, grace’s show.
In forest deep, in bird’s song,
In nature’s arms, we belong.

In cycles of life, in beauty’s face,
In nature’s embrace, we trace grace.
In Earth’s spin, in universe’s space,
In nature, we find grace’s trace.

6. More Than Okay

       by Joshua Phelps

From past heartbreak,
I learned to amend,

Learned to make
The best of a situation,

Even accepting and
Starting off as friends.

Still learning to move on
From a past so complicated,

I keep trying my best to not
get lost in the devastation,

Please excuse the infatuation,
I get lost in my head.

I promise I’m trying my best to
not get so fixated,

Give me some patience
And grace,

Because I don’t want to
Push you away again.

Just know that I’m grateful,
More than okay,

Starting off as just friends.

7. Grace’s Embrace

       by Maya Anthony

In arms of grace, a gentle hold,
In its embrace, stories untold.
In warmth and love, a sheltering space,
In life’s storms, a safe place.

In tears dried, in fears eased,
In grace’s hold, hearts are pleased.
In moments dark, in shadows chased,
In grace’s arms, fears are erased.

In soothing words, in touch so kind,
In grace, solace we find.
In life’s dance, in every case,
We’re held close, in grace’s embrace.

8. How Do I Love Thee?

       by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

9. Second Third Fourth Chances

       by Anonymous

Looking back on it all,
I don’t understand why I gave you
so many second third fourth changes.
You treated me horribly
and I let you back in
every. single. time.

I guess I thought that
when I let you back,
you would be different.
You would treat me better.

But each time,
nothing changed.
And the last time,
I just had to say

10. Grace in Love

       by Maya Anthony

In love’s sweet song, in hearts entwined,
In grace, true love we find.
In tender looks, in gentle touch,
In love’s embrace, grace is such.

In shared laughs, in tears shed,
In love’s journey, gracefully led.
In moments shared, in memories made,
In love, grace’s foundation laid.

In vows strong, in bonds that last,
In love, grace is vast.
In hearts that beat, in sync and pace,
In love, we find grace’s face.

Famous Poems about Grace

The way the words flow together in these famous poems about Grace is like music to your ears. You can feel the emotion pouring through every line, and it’s hard not to get swept up in the beauty of it all. Trust us on this one, you’re going to love reading these poems.

1. My Savior

       by Alex McQuate

Strum out to me,
Oh music man,
That sweet mandolin tune,
Tell me the secrets of this world,
I’ll keep it just between you and me.

I’ll take my snippets of unfinished poetry,
And you take your unfinished book,
We’ll mash them together into a chunk of clay,
And what results I think will do.

Let me take you in my arms,
And swing about the room,
To some merry little jig,
Only heard between us three.

Let’s laugh to loud like *******,
And banter like buffoons,
Rant and rave like jabbering macaws,
And croon until we’re blue.

Take care of me when I drink too heavy,
And nod along to my song,
Even though my guitar may be out of tune,
Carry my traumas when they become too crushing,
And say you love me too.

2. Grace of Ages

       by Maya Anthony

Through ages past, in tales retold,
In grace, stories unfold.
In ancient times, in modern days,
Grace’s thread weaves always.

In heroes’ deeds, in legends’ might,
In grace’s glow, a guiding light.
In cultures vast, in humanity’s race,
In every era, grace takes its place.

In wisdom old, in new found ways,
In history’s pages, grace stays.
In time’s flow, in memory’s embrace,
Through ages, shines grace’s face.

3. Reasons to Sing

       by Greta Zwaan

Angels sing the praises of God, a multitude of voices,
Joy before the throne of grace in which our God rejoices.
Perfect clarity and pitch, songs of adoration,
Melodies for heaven alone, holy consecration.

Human voices can’t attain to that mark of glory,
Yet our praises still will rise when we tell Christ’s story.
Unsurpassing sacrifice, holy God descending,
In the form of human flesh shows His love unending.

Great compassion for mankind, man so unacceptive,
Love so deep, without reserve, yet man is more selective.
Imagine! Man, who has a choice, God states, “it’s your decision.”
Would walk away from grace so deep and hold God in derision.

God, who made man from the dust, stoops to give man choices,
God, who reigns o’er all the earth directs the angels’ voices.
God, who holds each breath we take, frail and weak or healthy,
Has control of all we are, be we poor or wealthy,

How then do we dare to say His will still has no bearing;
In ignorance we criticize and say He is uncaring.
If God is love where is the proof? There’s violence, grief and crying;
Man’s inhumanity to man, destruction, tears and dying.

Has He no power to refute? Does He not see our sorrow?
Is there ever to be hope? Hope? Perhaps tomorrow.
Why does God refuse to act? Surely there’s a reason.
Does He need to tell us why? God! Who guides each season?

Don’t blame God for things we do, sin is our creation;
If we controlled man’s inner greed, we’d have a better nation.
If we saw others as ourselves, perhaps saw their potential,
Unite our talents as a team, this team could be essential.

Amazing what two folks can do when one has not that bearing;
The world would be a better place if we could be more caring.
If angels sing their praise to God and bow their wings before Him,
Humbly we should bend our knees to worship and adore Him.

Criticism has no place in God’s plan for living;
Work together for His good, give and keep on giving
Joy will fill your inner heart, then grace gives you power;
Songs will flow from grateful lips, praise to God each hour.

4. I Was the Crescent Moon Yet He Saw Me as Whole

       by Anonymous

I was the crescent moon, a sliver in the night,
Yet in his gaze, I found a radiant light.
He saw me whole, beyond my fragmented part,
Love’s alchemy, merging soul to heart.

In phases of shadows, incomplete and bare,
His eyes unveiled the beauty hidden there.
A crescent’s curve, a tender, silver arc,
Yet in his vision, a masterpiece embarked.

His love, a symphony, the missing tune,
Transforming fragments into a whole monsoon.
I, the crescent moon, in his orbit swayed,
Completeness found in the love we portrayed.

Through waxing and waning, love remained,
A cosmic dance where wholeness was gained.
In his embrace, the crescent found its grace,
Love’s magic turning fragments into an embrace.

5. Grace in Silence

       by Maya Anthony

In silence deep, in stillness found,
Grace’s whispers, a soothing sound.
In moments alone, in thoughts so free,
In quietude, grace comes to me.

In the hush of dawn, in twilight’s fall,
In silent prayers, grace covers all.
In breaths so calm, in peace so deep,
In restful sleep, grace’s blessings keep.

In solitude’s embrace, in calm retreat,
In life’s pauses, so soft and sweet.
In every breath, in love’s own pace,
In stillness, we find grace’s face.

6. A Glimpse of Heaven’s Trace

       by Heikkitsh

In realms unseen, where dreams take flight,
Your ethereal beauty shines in the soft moonlight.
You’re a glimpse of heaven’s trace, adorned in grace.
Your aura is an essence to seize.
In awe we stand, mesmerized and pleased.

7. Graceful Endings

       by Maya Anthony

In day’s end, in sunset’s glow,
Grace in finales, begins to show.
In chapters closed, in stories done,
In endings, grace has won.

In final bows, in curtain calls,
In grace, beauty falls.
In journeys’ end, in last goodbyes,
In graceful exits, wisdom lies.

In life’s close, in final stage,
In endings, grace turns the page.
In last breaths, in peace we face,
In every ending, lies grace’s grace.

8. A Lord’s Fraud Grace

       by MC Escano

Lord knocks at the family of four
sensing the needy void
a grace hopes to cure
and fill light to its darkness
that almost devours the other three
for its life-taking shadow

A veil of moonlight uncovers
Lord’s worn in tanned and dreads
Together his lady angel
carrying bags of white powder
looking around for space
separated, weighed and fed the void

Led the lord to a room
spacious and humid,
no other stuff but
a static television sound
no moving air
powders remain
let the cure runs thru the house
of juvenile and the lost

Goodbye days are waving
to the lost’s relative three
A vast and lonesome emptiness
Hits the face and broke a bridge
Of trust and a second chance

A Lord’s fraud grace
put the four
floating in pitch black water
sets the powdered metal
and spark from their eyes
shines through
the soul and life
were almost taken
if the wall didn’t catch
the bullet
from the drug lord’s blessing.

9. Graceful Journey

       by Maya Anthony

In steps we take, in paths we choose,
Grace guides us, we never lose.
In journeys long, in travels far,
Grace shines bright, like a guiding star.

In crossroads met, in decisions made,
With grace, we’re never afraid.
In adventures new, in horizons seen,
Grace leads the way, in spaces between.

In life’s map, in routes we trace,
In every turn, we find grace.
In destinations reached, in journey’s end,
Grace is our constant, our lifelong friend.

10. Belief

       by Anonymous

I have looked upon his face
so many times
on windows that he graced
pictures on pages of the pious kind
relied upon his mercy
when all else failed
while calling his name in vain
after some ill or painful wound
but I have never looked
him in the eye
for fear that true belief

Inspirational Poems about Grace

These inspirational poems have the power to uplift and inspire you in ways you never imagined. Grace is a concept that we all crave in our lives, and these poems explore the theme in such a beautiful and thoughtful way. So, whether you need a little bit of hope on a tough day or just want to indulge in some incredible poetry, be sure to check these out. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

1. His Grace has Beauty

       by Dave Muddy

His grace has beauty,
His healing is life changing,
His mercy is bountiful,
His connection with me is authentic,
His power is available,
His love is unending,
His kindness is unlimited,
His favour is simply given,
His understanding of me is complete,
His patience is enduring,
His plan is perfect,
His heart is open,
His arms are comforting and strong,
His promises are reliable,
His refuge is secure,
His forgiveness is real,
His faith in us is immense,
His pursuing of us is relentless,
His knowing of us is comprehensive,
His touch in our lives is precious,
His interest in us does not diminish,
His yoke is light,
His acceptance of us doesn’t depend on us; but Himself,
His words for us are personal,
His concern for us is deep,
His delight in us is extreme,
His care is consistent,
His directions for us are relevant,
His goodness is valuable,
His truth is the only truth,
His blessings for us are priceless,
His grace for us has beauty!

2. I’m Alright

       by Sadie Grace

I’m bruised but I’m alright
cut and bleeding but still in the fight
I’m needing a reason ~ maybe a few
to get through this season
on to something new

We’re halfway through the year that wasn’t supposed to come
Halfway through the fear
I won’t succumb to it
The tears I’ve become numb to drip down my hard face
A scarred ankle ~ the place I ran back to when I thought He ran out of grace for me

3. Graceful Strength

       by Maya Anthony

In storms of life, in trials faced,
With grace, we stand, strong and braced.
In challenges, in times so tough,
Grace lends strength when roads are rough.

In every fall, in rise again,
Grace like steel, in heart, remains.
In struggles fought, in victories small,
Grace stands tall, through it all.

In courage found, in fears released,
In battles won, in inner peace.
In life’s tests, in every race,
Grace is strength, with elegant grace.

4. Sunrise the Dawn

       by Anonymous

See the smiles upon the doe.
Sell me a rhythm, tare me a dro.

Will the lightning run the knife.
Speak the causation, awesome the life.

To the hold aft the guffaws to being.
To the auspices of the light…
De la tarry to the “midmorn” sworn.

If such peace be of cause.
Lilts duly about
The shuttering “adorn”.

That ye be hope
That ye be love.

Is love, ire, be love scorn?
To the bewilderment of the forlorn?

That being dives, down the causeway,
A side love
That be it dawn.

5. A Founding Grace

       by Anonymous

from heaven to grace
from heaven to speaking grace
speak is speaking grace
speak is speaking the lord of grace
jesus is a lord of grace
speaking grace is speaking the lord of grace
grace is speaking grace

a son is a son of grace
a son is a son of the lord
jesus is a son of grace
jesus is a son of the lord
a son of grace is a son of a lord
heaven is a founding grace
a son of grace is a son of a founding grace

heaven is a founding grace of heaven
jesus is a son of a founding grace
jesus is the lord of a founding grace
founding grace is founding heaven
the lord is a founding grace of the lord
heaven is a grace of heaven
a grace of heaven is a grace of the lord

6. Financial Grace

       by Lynn Green

I’ve got mine; go get yours
God will provide if you implore
blessing those who are truly right
the sinful fallen know only blight

there’s no fault on the flock
if others struggle while the blessed take stock
their abundance comes with a pass
from helping those they find crass

rubbing shoulders with the sinned
will spread the taint of the condemned
removing blessings from the bank
invites Satan to be thanked

pray to the Lord for dollar signs
make money with Heaven to escape Hell
when the bills are finally paid
you’ll save your soul through financial grace.

7. After the Fire

       by Anonymous

My thoughts stopped racing
My pulse stopped bounding
My eyes stopped darting side to side
My third eye was activated
A little practice I call meditation
Prayer or Contemplation
I’m at peace
No more war within
Now grateful for the way things happened
My brain loves a narrative
Going back through everything
Writing it down took away its power
Now I’m left with the creator
In silence I found purpose and meaning
I found out that I’m ok being my self
No more fear or thoughts of separation
No more anxiety
Just love
I was able to forgive any and all wrongs
Including my own
I’m where I’m supposed to be
I’m who I’m supposed to be
Justin Angel in disguise

8. Beautiful

       by Dave Muddy

beautiful flowers fading
in the shadows of remorse,
dying by disconnection
without love to give them life.

beautiful dance forgotten
in the rush for our advance,
rhythm of embracing
lost to the “urgent” romance.

beautiful life neglected
in the compromising flood,
drowned by indifference
as all our rights must come first.

beautiful soul forlorn
in the wounds of deception,
searching for meaning
in the empty ruins of our pride…

beautiful love accepted
in the wounded hands of grace,
thriving by connection
claiming hope to give us life.

9. Fragile

       by Dave Muddy

fragile and broken pieces
of a heart that has been bruised,
neglected by a dying world
feeling worthless and abused.

fragile thoughts confusing hope
flowing from the pain I know,
no answers to my questions
all my fears begin to show.

fragile faith is all I have
given through a struggling life,
when held in Your gracious hands
healing comes despite my strife…

fragile frame was lifted high
bearing the weight of all my sin,
rejected by a dying world
restoring worth and hope within.

Short Poems about Grace

These short poems about Grace manages to convey a powerful message in just a few words, leaving you with a feeling of peace and contentment. You’ll find yourself getting lost in each line, allowing the words to transport you to another place. Trust us when we say, you don’t want to miss out on these gems. So check them out – you won’t be disappointed!

1. You Are So Weak

       by Rumi

You are so weak.
Give up to grace.
The ocean takes care of each wave ’til it gets to shore.
You need more help than you know.

2. For Keeping on

       by Anonymous

grace is the morning,
greet it with gratitude;
and so do yourself too,
for keeping on,
for keeping on.

3. The Grace

       by Emily Dickinson

The Grace—Myself—might not obtain
Confer upon My flower
Refracted but a Countenance
For I—inhabit Her

4. Whispers of Grace

       by Maya Anthony

In whispers soft and light as air,
Grace dances, unseen, everywhere.
In gentle words and tender care,
In silent moments, grace is there.

In morning light and evening’s grace,
In nature’s arms, a warm embrace.
In kindness shown without a trace,
In quietude, grace finds its place.

In fleeting smiles, in stars above,
In acts of unrequited love.
In all that’s pure, in dreams we chase,
In life’s ballet, grace moves with grace.

5. A Gift Divine

       by Catherine Pulsifer

In the realm of awe, where grace does reside,
A gift divine, bestowed, no sin to chide,
From God’s abundant love and tender mercy,
Unearned, unmerited, undeserved by me.

No lofty deeds or righteous acts to claim,
Yet His grace flows forth, like a sacred flame.
With grateful hearts we humbly now confess,
God’s boundless grace – our souls forever blessed.

6. When You Are Old

       by William Butler Yeats

WHEN you are old and gray and full of sleep
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true;
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face.

And bending down beside the glowing bars,
Murmur, a little sadly, how love fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead,
And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.

7. A Reminder of His Love

       by Catherine Pulsifer

In our lives, God’s grace does shine,
Compassion vast, a love that’s so divine.
Despite our flaws and every sin we bear,
God’s forgiveness reigns, His mercy held with care.

Through trials faced and shortcomings revealed,
His kindness everlasting, never concealed,
For in His grace, we find redemption’s key,
A solemn reminder of His love for thee.

8. You

       by Brant

You move without grace
or ease of temperament,
But your soul is light with air,
Devilish and warm

9. Beg

       by Serendipity

Here I lay
at morrow’s feet,
begging for yesterday’s grace
to fill me once more,
so I may face the dawn.

10. The Power of a Soft Word Spoken

       by Russell H. Ritchey

The greatest strength
of the loftiest eagle
is gracefully borne
on a breath of air.

Poems about Grace of God

If you’re looking for some divine inspiration, these poems about the grace of God are exactly what you need in your life. Each one is a beautifully crafted tribute to the love and compassion of a higher power, touching on everything we encounter in our lives. Have a glance!

1. If I Can Perfect My Faith

       by Sri Chinmoy

If I can perfect my faith
Thy Grace is sure to come.
The more I give to Thee
The more I absorb Thy Balm
That heals my bosom’s pangs.
Without Thy Love supreme,
Nothingness all I am?
A dark and barren dream.

2. Many Times Today I Will Cross Over a Threshold

       by Gunilla Norris

Many times today I will cross over a threshold.
I hope I will catch a few of those times.
I need to remember that my life is, in fact,
a continuous series of thresholds:
from one moment to the next,
from one thought to the next,
from one action to the next.
Help me appreciate how awesome this is.
How many are the chances to be really alive.
Help me cross into the present moment –
into wonder, into Your grace:
the “now-place,” where we all are,
unfolding moment by moment.

3. Yesterday

       by Sri Chinmoy

I lived inside
My mind’s disastrous uncertainty-sea.

I am living inside
My heart’s rapturous divinity-ocean.
This is what my Lord’s
Unconditional Grace
Has done for me.

4. Angel of Light

       by George Krokos

The ascending angel of light
rises from the dark in the night
displaying colors that are bright
and is seen by awakened sight.

None may ever see its glory
unless proven to be worthy
and in their daily life’s story
win at God’s Grace a priori.

5. Who Do You Eat with?

       by Steve

Who do you invite as a lunch time guest?
Who do you embrace, give space to?
With all due respect, do you connect?
Who do you pick for your table?

To whom do you assign more time?
With whom do you breakfast and banquet?
With whom do you offer good food’s aroma,
and space on a cramped picnic blanket?

Do you reach beyond your outer marker,
beyond your community sphere?
Do you risk the discomfort of social faux pas
or play safe and stick to your peers?

Do you feast with a loud and generous heart,
starting early and finishing late?
Do you share your time, taking your time,
giving with God-given grace?

With whom do you share a long, good meal?
Who are you a good friend to?
Who do you eat with, laugh and be real with?
Tell me – who do you pick for your table?

6. The Holy Ground We Stand on

       by Laura Remmerde

Let me just go home and cook
Let me open the door
to the sound of children’s laughter,
and hear the birds diving for insects in the evening
sifting the wind with their wings.
Let me walk into the kitchen
and find a bird there on the floor
a bird small and hunched, wide-eyed
and lost, a little frog the size of a dime.
The silence will walk around me
like a long-lost friend, the perfume of dust.
of sawdust and pine sap seeping into my pores
and up into my nostrils, filling my lungs with wild sweetness.
Let me walk out onto the porch as the sun sets over
Greenhorn Mountain,
when the air blossoms with essence of gold light:
the kind that comes only rarely in a lifetime,
the kind that makes you wake up and stare and discover
that the bush that burns and is not undone is love,
and though you have come a long and dusty road to know this,
the ground your dumbstruck feet are standing on is holy.

7. Redemption

       by Anonymous

Our debts are paid; all sin is slain.
To live is Christ; to die is gain.
Acts we render; faith we proclaim.
According to His holy Word and Name.
To choose Him who chose us, is to give God praise.
The chaos will come; our voices still raise:
Hallelujah, my God, by whom I am saved.
May our lives on this earth be a glimpse of God’s grace.
This, we pray, in Jesus’ name.

8. Now Is the Time to Know

       by Hafiz

Now is the time to know
That all that you do is sacred.

Now, why not consider
A lasting truce with yourself and God.

Now is the time to understand
That all your ideas of right and wrong

Were just a child’s training wheels
To be laid aside

When you can finally live
With veracity
And love.

Hafiz is a divine envoy
Whom the Beloved
Has written a holy message upon.

My dear, please tell me,
Why do you still
Throw sticks at your heart
And God?

What is it in that sweet voice inside
That incites you to fear?

Now is the time for the world to know
That every thought and action is sacred

This is the time
For you to deeply compute the impossibility
That there is anything
But Grace.

Now is the season to know
That everything you do
Is sacred.

9. Fallen by Far

       by Anonymous

If you tell me
I’m evil
Because I’m white,
I’ll tell you
You’re racist,
And I’ll be right.

If you tell me
I’m evil
Because I’m
A member fallen
Of Adam’s race,
I’ll agree with you.
But hear me:
I was worse by far
Before I received
God’s grace.

10. The Generosity of God’s Grace

       by Anonymous

God’s grace is a gift so pure,
A generosity that shall endure,
A blessing bestowed from above,
A reflection of God’s eternal love.

It’s a kindness that we don’t deserve,
A compassion that we must preserve,
A forgiveness that sets us free,
A mercy that heals and helps us see.

God’s grace is a generosity so vast,
A provision that we must hold fast,
A bounty that we cannot measure,
A love that gives us endless treasure.

It’s a light that shines through the dark,
A hope that guides us on our embark,
A strength that we cannot fathom,
A love that helps us overcome.

God’s grace is a generosity so rare,
A generosity that we must all share,
A kindness that we must extend,
A love that we must all comprehend.

It’s a provision that we cannot earn,
A generosity that we must all learn,
A blessing that we cannot repay,
A love that will never go away.

God’s grace is a generosity so true,
A generosity that will see us through,
A kindness that will never wane,
A love that will always remain.

So let us embrace God’s grace so grand,
A generosity that we cannot withstand,
A blessing that we must all receive,
A love that we must all believe.

Poems about Grace and Dignity

The authors have poured their hearts and souls into these poems about grace and dignity, and it shows. The words are carefully woven together, creating a tapestry of emotions and thoughts that will leave you spellbound. So, grab a cup of tea, find a cozy spot, and get ready to be swept away by the power of these literary gems. You won’t regret it!

1. Man’s Dignity

       by Friedrich Schiller

I am a man! Let every one
Who is a man, too, spring
With joy beneath God’s shining sun,
And leap on high, and sing!

To God’s own image fair on earth
Its stamp I’ve power to show;
Down to the front, where heaven has birth
With boldness I dare go.

‘Tis well that I both dare and can!
When I a maiden see,
A voice exclaims: thou art a man!
I kiss her tenderly.

And redder then the maiden grows,
Her bodice seems too tight
That I’m a man the maiden knows,
Her bodice therefore’s tight.

Will she, perchance, for pity cry,
If unawares she’s caught?
She finds that I’m a man then, why
By her is pity sought?

I am a man; and if alone
She sees me drawing near,
I make the emperor’s daughter run,
Though ragged I appear.

This golden watchword wins the smile
Of many a princess fair;
They call ye’d best look out the while,
Ye gold-laced fellows there!

That I’m a man is fully shown
Whene’er my lyre I sweep;
It thunders out a glorious tone
It otherwise would creep.

The spirit that my veins now hold,
My manhood calls its brother!
And both command, like lions bold,
And fondly greet each other.

From out this same creative flood
From which we men have birth,
Both godlike strength and genius bud,
And everything of worth.

My talisman all tyrants hates,
And strikes them to the ground;
Or guides us gladly through life’s gates
To where the dead are found.

E’en Pompey, at Pharsalia’s fight,
My talisman o’erthrew;
On German sand it hurled with might
Rome’s sensual children, too.

Didst see the Roman, proud and stern,
Sitting on Afric’s shore?
His eyes like Hecla seem to burn,
And fiery flames outpour.

Then comes a frank and merry knave,
And spreads it through the land:
“Tell them that thou on Carthage’s grave
Hast seen great Marius stand!”

Thus speaks the son of Rome with pride,
Still mighty in his fall;
He is a man, and naught beside,
Before him tremble all.

His grandsons afterwards began
Their portions to o’erthrow,
And thought it well that every man
Should learn with grace to crow.

For shame, for shame, once more for shame!
The wretched ones? they’ve even
Squandered the tokens of their fame,
The choicest gifts of heaven.

God’s counterfeit has sinfully
Disgraced his form divine,
And in his vile humanity
Has wallowed like the swine.

The face of earth each vainly treads,
Like gourds, that boys in sport
Have hollowed out to human heads,
With skulls, whose brains are naught.

Like wine that by a chemist’s art
Is through retorts refined,
Their spirits to the deuce depart,
The phlegma’s left behind.

From every woman’s face they fly,
Its very aspect dread,
And if they dared and could not why,
‘Twere better they were dead.

They shun all worthies when they can,
Grief at their joy they prove
The man who cannot make a man,
A man can never love!

The world I proudly wander o’er,
And plume myself and sing
I am a man! Whoe’er is more?
Then leap on high, and spring!

2. Dignity and Grace

       by Chris Boyles

In our lives we all have problems to hand
should we just bury our heads in the sand.
Will the problems then disappear over night
if we close our eyes do they go out of sight.
Should we cope alone inside the dark hole
living in the darkness just like the blind mole.
When we are feeling low think of the advice
we give to others remembering it has a price.
No ones lives run just as they would choose
to bury our heads friends we could lose.
Tomorrow is another day use it to repair
the problems you can change if you dare.
Problems are the creation of our actions
with others we can share our reflections.
To bury you’re head in the sands of time
alone and feeling lost I do think is a crime.
Many problems have I not maybe drastic
I will bounce back as on a piece of elastic.
I could just run away from it all now today
and hope that they will all disappear away.
But I will stand strong and try to embrace
my problems for I have dignity and grace.

3. An Extraordinary Woman

       by Alice Ringberg

To my sister Marcie
You were the epitome of a true Southern lady.
Your hospitality reigned warm and generous
as a summer’s day, guiding you the consummate hostess.

You played life’s roles with grace and compassion.
Strength and dignity kept you anchored and
confidence validated your presence.

You embraced family and friends in a circle of love
giving hugs magically lifting spirits with your smile
binding us to you for a lifetime.

The gray mist of illness vanishes softening
your features in blessed peace.
In the distance a church bell tolls,
golden music transports your soul to heaven.
Tears stain my face.

4. Dignity and Grace

       by John Berryhill

We all experience loss at some point.
It’s just something we all go through.
Loss is just a hard part of life.
But it’s something we must do.
Though none of them are easy.
There is one that’s like no other.
For nothing quite compares to the day you lose your mother.
She has been there since moment one and every moment since.
This makes it very hard to ever speak of her using a past tense.
Mothers pride themselves on teaching us everything we need to know.
Through selflessness and sacrifice they strive to help us grow.
And though losing her is without a doubt one of the hardest things we face.
We must look back and know that we helped her pass with dignity and grace.

5. Grace Spilled

       by S.R.Chappell

An abundance of grace spilled from her face and landed in her smile.
The past of her years caused her tears she’s carried for a while.
Her trials that pained brought new strength gained; things that can’t be taught in school.
With every trial, a new lesson filed to never again be the fool.
Her courage was calm amongst every bomb that left her heart destroyed.
The evils of life they brought her strife and left her with a void.
On the ground, her dignity found; she brushed off the dirt and moved on.
It’s a new day; she survived yesterday, her pride on the rise like the dawn.

6. Last Things

       by William Meredith

In the tunnel of woods, as the road
Winds up through the freckled light, a porcupine,
Larger than life, crosses the road.
He moves with the difficulty of relics—
Possum, armadillo, horseshoe crab.
To us they seem creatures arthritic with time,
Winding joylessly down like burnt-out galaxies.
In all their slowness we see no dignity,
Only a want of scale.
Having crossed the road oblivious, he falls off
Deliberately and without grace into the ferns.

In another state are hills as choppy as lake water
And, on a hillside there,
Is a junkyard of old cars, kept for the parts—
Fenders and chassis and the engine blocks
Right there in the field, smaller parts in bins
In a shed by the side of the road. Cows graze
Among the widely spaced rows,
Which are irregular only as an old orchard is,
Following the contours of the hill.
The tops of the cars are bright colors still
And as pretty as bottles hung on a bare tree
Or painted cinder blocks in a garden.
Cars the same age are parked on the road like cannibals.

At the edge of a harbor, in a field
That faces the ocean they came by and left by,
Statues of soldiers and governors and their queen
Lie where the Africans put them.
Unbewildered, not without understanding,
The marble countenances look at the green
Continent; they did their best; plunderers
Were fewer among them than men of honor.
But no one comes for them, though they have been offered.
With chipped extremities, in a chipped regalia
They lie at angles of unaccustomed ease.
In the parks and squares of England are set up
Bolder, more dreadful shapes of the ego,
While African lichen confers an antique grandeur
On these, from whom men have withheld it.

At the edge of the Greek world, I think, was a cliff
To which fallen gods were chained, immortal.
Time is without forgiveness, but intermittenly
He sends the old, sentimental, hungry
Vulture compassion to gnaw on the stone
Vitals of each of us, even the young, as if
To ready each of us, even the old, for an unthinkable
Event he foresees for each of us—a reckoning, our own.

Poems about Grace and Beauty

These poems about grace and beauty are truly amazing and well worth checking out. With every line, you’ll be transported to a world of elegant words and stunning imagery that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. So, get ready to dive into a world of pure beauty. These poems are sure to become a new favorite, and we bet you’ll want to share them with everyone you know.

1. On a Day When the Wind is Perfect

       by Rumi

On a day when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.
Today is such a
My eyes are like the sun that makes promises;
the promise of life
that it always
each morning.
The living heart gives to us as does that luminous sphere,
both caress the earth with great
There is a breeze that can enter the soul.
This love I know plays a drum. Arms move around me;
who can contain their self before my beauty?
Peace is wonderful,
but ecstatic dance is more fun, and less narcissistic;
gregarious He makes our lips.
On a day when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open
and the love starts.
Today is such
a day.

2. Beauty with Grace

       by Srijani Mahanta

Wow what a delight simply it is,
To view and enjoy beauty with grace,
Beauty personified by grace,
Beauty alone will not lead to my inner peace,
But grace will compete for my ends meet,
With the oddities of the world,
What binds a lover and an enemy is grace.
Not beauty,
Because beauty does not complete itself fully,
In all its organs wholly,
Without the divine blessings of grace.
So my dear friends let’s look for grace in a lover,
And not merely beauty,
For beauty is a disgrace in itself,
If its devoid of grace,
In a nutshell.

3. Grace and Beauty

       by David Wood

Her beauty walks before her
Night and day blend together
In cloudless skies and starry nights
Her eyes warm the earth and
Mellow human hearts.

Rays of the sun glow in her wake
As she walks with grace and beauty
Making her hair sparkle and shine
With each step and lightens her face
With an iridescent glow.

Her smile warms everybody she meets
With such softness and eloquent grace
Yet with the innocence of youth
She puts men’s hearts at peace
With her inner calm and kind heart.

4. She Walks in Grace and Beauty

       by Stephen Curtis

She walks in grace and beauty
No harsh words pass her lips
Men they fall at her feet
For her favours they do beg
Her smile lights up every room
With her presence she does grace
Only truth shall she speak
Bless with words of wisdom
And throughout this life
She walks in grace and beauty

5. Beauty & Grace

       by Gesselle Valle

Sweet thoughts of you
always make me smile.
I love to think about
your beautiful eyes and
your soft, gentle touch.

As I look into your eyes,
I find so much beauty and grace.
Everything you do is the
reflection of your heart and soul.

You– always so honest,
loving, caring and supportive.
Within your heart
I find beauty, love and trust.

Because of you
my heart’s filled with grace,
emotion and passion. My friend,
you mean everything to me.

Through your poetry,
I finally feel free.
So much love and happiness
yet waiting to be shared.

6. She is Beauty, She Is Grace

       by Anonymous

She is beauty
She is grace
She is that smile
You know
The one your mum always tells you to put on your face.
She is beauty
She is grace
She’s that comfort
Who you’d run a thousand miles for
Astounded by her faith
She is beauty
She is grace
And her hair
Just falls into exactly the right place
She is beauty
She is grace
She has a lovely heart
And her eyes
Cause you to get lost
Losing your place.
She is beauty
She is grace
She has a wonderful smile
A wonderful faith
Perfect hair
And a very pretty face!

7. She Walks in Beauty

       by Lord Byron

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express,
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

8. My Mothers Beauty

       by Katinka

she looks in the mirror
grabs her face cream
and as she applies it it down her neck
she looks at me and smiles
“don´t forget your neck” she says
otherwise only your face will stay young

since i can remember she was beauty
everyone always told me
but i was never her
i didn´t have her long hair or nails
that easy smile and grace 

“you know my lips used to be just as full”
she says showing me old pictures
“i used to have fuller hair too”
she says stroking my hair
but i don´t anymore

It almost feels like a contest
you look skinny she says
i didn´t eat today she says
my mother is beautiful
but she doesn´t see it anymore

sometimes i forget she is more
more than just beauty
more than just my mother
who always carrys grace
that she is a person

my mother just turned fifty
“does this make me look fat” she asks
“do i look old” she asks
sometimes i believe she forgets too
that she is more than her beauty
that she is a person

Poems about Grace and Mercy

These poems about Grace and mercy are unlike any other. The way the words flow and the emotions they evoke truly capture the essence of these powerful themes. You’ll find yourself lost in the words and by the end, wanting to read them all over again. So don’t wait any longer, check them out and get ready for an experience you won’t forget.

1. God of Mercy, God of Grace

       by Henry Francis Lyte

God of mercy, God of grace,
Show the brightness of Thy face:
Shine upon us, Saviour, shine,
Fill Thy church with light Divine;
And Thy saving health extend,
Unto earth’s remotest end.

Let Thy people praise Thee, Lord;
Be by all that live adored;
Let the nations shout and sing,
Glory to their Saviour King;
At Thy feet their tributes pay,
And Thy holy will obey.

Let the people praise Thee, Lord;
Earth shall then her fruits afford;
God to man His blessing give,
Man to God devoted live;
All below, and all above,
One in joy, and light, and love.

2. The Questions of Life

       by Justin Farley

Are we free or predetermined?
At the helm of the open seas
or merely indentured servants?
Why the trials, why the burdens
if life is as it’s meant to be,
if the future is certain?
But as for me, I’m determined
to believe that freewill
is your loving flame for us burning.
For without it grace becomes a meaningless word
instead of a powerful, raging current
instead of a powerful, raging current.

3. Grace and Mercy

       by James L. A. Huetson

Grace is when I get what I haven’t earned.
Mercy is when I don’t get what I deserve.
Grace is when I wake up in the early morn,
And hear the birds sing and calm every nerve.

Mercy is when I haven’t lost another friend
By operating my mouth without a caring thought.
Being given a new beginning instead of a sorry end.
When I have no regrets for not doing what I ought.

Grace is sitting in the beauty of a valley,
Looking up at the hills covered with summer browning.
Knowing that they are not hills at all
But are at the edge of a prairie with wheat fields growing.

Mercy lies in the real life fact
I could not hear the birds and their beautiful singing.
Without a stranger performing the act
That constructed the aids to give me my hearing.

Then I was able to see the hills so beautifully glowing
With the white-capped Snake River so gorgeous and vital.
Mercy then provided a surgeon capable and knowing
To remove cataracts giving me vision clear and total.

I have Mercy and Grace beyond my deserving.
There is vision and hearing when both were gone.
My Spirit with gratitude doth both pray and sing,
To the Love of the Universe that goes on and on.

4. We Find His Grace

       by Catherine Pulsifer

In God’s embrace, we find His grace,
A mercy vast, like endless space.
No punishment, though we may err,
His love and kindness are always there.

With compassion’s gentle, guiding hand,
He lifts us up and helps us to stand.
Forgiveness flows, a boundless stream,
In His loving presence, we are redeemed.

In awe and thanks, our voices raise,
To God, our hearts, we fervently praise.
For His mercy, a gift so grand,
Guiding us with His loving hand.

5. Between Grace and Mercy

       by I.S. Jones

we learned mercy so young: a beetle with its hind legs crushed.
a dog impaled by a rusty fence. a rabbit thinking it was clever enough
to reach the other side of the road. a veil of light drapes each moment—
red, tangerine, azure, lavender, each waiting to reimagine the sky.
the beetle frantic to undo what sudden brute force divided it from legs
still moving towards a song. with the beetle, it was simple.
Cain crushed the small creature with the heel of her foot, splayed open like a wish.
people think suffering is meant to be purposeful, otherwise why name it.
maybe I am nostalgic for what wounds best. the rabbit & tire & the asphalt.
the asphalt gowned in viscera makes a new animal. a dog leaps too low &
yelps all evening for Baba into the orange-pink sky.
all day blood weeps into the rust. rust twisted deep into the animal.
I take the dog’s face in my hands. touch is the body’s first language.
blood is the body’s first covenant. kill it, says a sister.
you kill animals all the time. I kiss the animal’s eyes closed.

6. Grace and Mercy

       by Heather Lydia Thornhill

Angel, angel, angel of light

Angel, angel, angel of light
True insight

Angel, angel, angel of light
Pure expression

Angel, angel, angel of light
Bring me home tonight

Angel, angel, angel of light
Take me to the palaces of light

Angel, angel, angel of light
Grace and mercy bless our flight

7. Marvel at God’s Mercy, Strength and Grace

       by Anonymous

God reminds and challenges us
That He can use trials for our good
Marvel at how God supplies
Divine mercy, strength and grace.

8. The Backslider

       by C. W. Naylor

Once I was happy; salvation was mine;
Heaven seemed round me with glory divine;
Deep in my soul was a fountain of joy,
Pure and unfailing and free from alloy:
But I have broken my promise to God,
And in my sin o’er his mercy I trod;
I have been captured in Satan’s dark snare,
Led to the brink of eternal despair.

I can no longer this great burden bear
When I remember sweet moments of prayer,
When the dear Savior seemed ever so near,
Whispering softly: “There’s nothing to fear;
Only keep trusting; I’ll never forsake.
Only obey, then no harm shall o’ertake.”
But I have wandered so far from the light;
I am an outcast and roaming tonight.

Pleasure allured me and whispered: “You’ll find
Joys that are greater and friends far more kind;
If you but follow me where I will lead,
You shall have pleasure and solace indeed.”
But when I followed she led me astray
Far from the light of that glorious day
Where Jesus’ presence had filled me with light:
All, all is darkness and misery tonight.

Since from the Savior I wandered away,
I have no pleasure by night or by day;
Thoughts of the future so fill me with dread
Even in laughter my spirit is sad.
There is a weight that is crushing my soul;
Over me ever the dark billows roll
Waves of such darkness that shut out the light
Oh, I am wretched, so wretched tonight!

Lord, in my misery to thee I will turn;
My weak petition from thee do not spurn;
Take this great burden of guilt all away,
That is so heavy by night and by day;
Give in my soul the sweet peace as of yore,
When all my sorrows and griefs Jesus bore,
When he did save me from sin’s awful blight;
Restore me again to thy favor tonight.

Lord, I have sinned; in thy mercy forgive;
Save me. oh, save me; by thy grace let me live.
I will this moment forsake every sin,
Turn from the follies in which I have been;
Wilt thou receive me, O Lord, in my need?
Nothing of self, but thy mercy, I plead.
Hearken, I pray, to the words of my prayer;
Save ere I sink to the depths of despair.

9. Grace & Mercy

       by Anonymous

Grace & Mercy fall
down on me, like soft feathers,
from the blue heavens.

10. His Grace

       by Greta Zwaan

The wickedness and sin that caused the blood to flow,
brought wrath and anger from the lips of God.
The promises He made had all been cast aside
by heathen worship that the people wrought.

These people bore His name, were guided by His light,
yet constantly they walked the road of sin.
They heeded not His laws, rejected holy ways,
and blatantly let Satan enter in.

God’s patience did endure and mercy did abound,
yet never did repentance show its face.
The final line was drawn, the depth of sin too deep,
and God no longer handed out His grace.

The punishment announced, the years of sin were tolled,
and no one could reverse the judgment call.
The wickedness of the king that drew the people down
had finally come and reached them, one and all.

Josiah came to rule, a lad of eight years old,
who recognized that God should be obeyed.
He broke the altars down, and set the groves aflame,
and brought to justice leaders that had strayed.

He cleaned the house of God, and found the Books of Law;
commandments that were meant to guide man’s way.
So day by day he worked until the way was cleared,
and folks would seek God’s face; they’d come to pray.

But God could not reverse the judgement He’d proclaimed,
the punishment for sin was bound to come.
Josiah’s life was good, and God declared it so,
but those who sinned must pay the final sum.

God did defer the time until Josiah’s death
because he served the Lord with heart and soul.
But when his life was o’er, God’s wrath was set at large,
to punish, to destroy and bring control.

Will mankind ever learn that God is quite sincere?
That what He’s written will all come about?
It seems that sin abounds, that folks are nonchalant,
but God still has control, there is no doubt.

If we cannot discern the deepest will of God,
that man was made to glorify His name,
We need to read The Word, to listen to His voice,
and like Josiah, all God’s laws proclaim.

11. Full of Mercy and Grace

       by Deborah Ann Belka

Full of mercy and grace,
overflowing with love
rich in long-suffering
is our Father, above?

Abundant is His devotion,
faithful in every way
compassionate for the lost
patient to all who stray.

Gracious beyond measure,
trustworthy to the very end
to all who hunger and thirst
life-giving waters He sends.

Steadfast is His kindness,
unselfish towards one and all
filled with eternal forgiveness
when on Jesus’ name we call.

Full of mercy, grace and love,
overflowing with tenderness
for, our Father in heaven . . .
is brimming with graciousness!

Final Thoughts

Grace, beauty and harmony – all these are words that come to mind when thinking about poetry on grace.

In this post we have presented poems about grace, expressed in the words of some truly talented poets.

From timeless classics to more modern pieces, there’s something here for readers of any taste.

Whether you were looking for inspiration or already had a favorite poem on grace picked out, we think you’ll find something special amongst these carefully selected grace poems.

So take the time to read over these works and discover just how great writing about grace can be.

And please let us know your thoughts by commenting in the comments section below!

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