110 Poems about God’s Love to Enhance Our Faith

For centuries, poets have been capturing the incredible power of God’s Love through their words.

From the timeless wisdom of William Shakespeare who declared “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” to modern day philosopher Rumi’s poetic quote “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Every poem about God from these past years has helped us become closer with our faith and better appreciate its beauty and grace.

With that in mind we bring you some beautiful poems about God’s love so we can remain inspired by His Words in this tumultuous times.

Each one of these God’s love poems will serve as a transformational reminder of the divine bond between Him and us- unshakeable no matter what life throws our way!

Best Poems about God’s Love

Have you ever read a poem that just spoke to your soul? Well, these poems about God’s love are definitely in that category. There is something truly magical about reading words that promote such strong feelings of faith and love. Trust us, you won’t regret checking them out!

1. God’s Love

       by Nila K. Bartley

God’s love is expressed in many ways,
In family, friends, money, and other blessings galore all of our days,
For we all are precious to Him,
Jesus did not die on a whim,
His love beyond measure for each of us is unique,
It brings me to tears so that I cannot speak,
Each one of us is a favorite to God,
Everyone from the poor to the rich on this planet of sod,
Do not think you have to forever labor,
His great love does not depend upon our behavior,
For love is not something God does— it is who He is,
That is why I accepted Christ and am forever His.

2. God’s Love

       by Mary C. Ryan

Midst scenes of distress, oh I what would we do,
If God’s love like His rainbow was not
Encircling the world, with its chasms of woe,
Where the sin-burdened souls writhe in despair?

Our heart’s strings would snap, when life’s cold storms blow.
Blighting the hopes of our sunniest hour,
If the soul in its anguish then did not know
That all things were made and ruled by God’s pow’r.

Alone on life’s sea, oh! where would we drift.
If God’s love did not encircle the soul;
Bearing it onward to faith’s tow’ring cliff,
As the ages of eternity roll?

Our bark would be wrecked, on some rocky
Where powers of darkness ever would reign,
If we knew not, when our voyage was o’er,
That smiles of our Lord would banish all pain.

When sowing the wheat and reaping the tares.
And struggling to rise, we stumble and fall.
What could we do, to escape Satan’s snares,
If God’s love was not a refuge for all?

3. God Is Love

       by John Bowring

I cannot always trace the way
Where Thou, Almighty One, dost move,
But I can always, always say,
That God is love.

When fear her chilling mantle throws
O’er earth, my soul to heaven above,
As to her native home, upsprings,
For God is love.

When mystery clouds my darkened path,
I’ll check my dread, my doubts reprove;
In this my soul sweet comfort hath,
That God is love.

Yes, God is love; a thought like this
Can every gloomy thought remove,
And turn all tears, all woes, to bliss,
For God is love.

4. God is True

       by John Zurn

The day may groan
and signs break down
while night may seem uncertain.
But I still know
that God is now
beyond my restless feelings.

My thoughts may sink
and hopes run out
while words feel dull and tired.
Yet God exists
and when I’m lost
my Lord saves and inspires.

This world may tempt
and offer ease
while I must trust salvation;
and I’d regret
the loss of peace
if life had no direction.

My spirit lives
and God is true
and love is his connection.
The Lord is proof
that me and you
are under God’s protection.

5. The Fullness of His Love

       by Frances Ridley Havergal

The fullness of His blessing
encompasseth our way;
The fullness of His promises
crowns every brightening day;
The fullness of His glory
is beaming from above,
While more and more we realize
the fullness of His love.

6. Valley of Rest

       by Ellwood Haines Stokes

This valley rest be thine,
Rest nobly won, thine by the toil of years;
Rest which has come of struggle and of tears;
Sweet prelude to the rest of higher spheres;
Here, evermore entwine
Such fragrant flowers as grew in Eden’s bliss,
And never bloom except in vales like this.

Home’s sweetest rest is here;
Love’s golden throne! Love’s coronation day!
Love weaves for thee her softest, sweetest lay,
Love walks with thee in love’s delicious way, –
White robed, with heart sincere,-
She lisps of all things, beautiful and good,
And bathes thy brow with tears of gratitude.

Though in the valley still.
Thy saintly years are as the mountain’s height,
Where widening visions burst upon thy sight,
And gardens of thy toil blossom in light;
Bright hopes thy spirit fill.
While tides of joy in softest murmurs roll,
And home’s sweet loves are song birds of the soul.

God’s love is over all!
In measure broader than the broadest sea.
In all its nature perfect purity.
In full “Baptisms” may it come to thee,
Baptisms few nor small,
Then sing anew thy mother’s cherished psalms,
Till altogether wave victorious palms.

7. God is True

       by Catherine Pulsifer

As we love our children, God loves us so,
A true love that continues to grow.
His love knows no bounds, it’s pure and divine,
In every heartbeat, His affection will shine.

He cherishes us more than we can comprehend,
Guiding us on a journey that’ll never end.
So, let us rejoice and let our spirits be lifted,
For the boundless love of God, which leaves us gifted.

8. A Love Beyond Our Minds

       by Catherine Pulsifer

In heavens vast, where angels sing,
A love beyond our minds takes wing.
Its power, depth, and strength divine,
Eludes our grasp, like endless time.

With humble heart we seek to find,
God’s love profound, so pure and kind,
Yet, as mortals bound, we comprehend,
Such love transcends what we can comprehend.

9. Love of God

       by F. W. Faber

For the love of God is broader
Than the measure of mankind;
And the heart of the Eternal
Is most wonderfully kind.

If our love were but more simple
We should take Him at his word;
And our lives would be all sunshine
In the sweetness of our Lord.

10. God’s Patient Love

       by Anonymous

God’s patient love! Misunderstood
By hearts that suffer in the night.
Doubted – yet waiting till Heaven’s light
Shall show how all things work for good.

God’s endless Love! What will it be
When earthly shadows flee away,
For all eternity’s bright day
The unfolding of that Love to see!

11. Great Gift

       by Alaurice Francis Egan

If we love God, we know what loving is,
For love is God’s, He sent it to the earth,
Half human, half divine, all glorious, –
Half human, half divine, but wholly His;
Not loving God, we know not love’s true worth,
We taste not the great gift He gave to us.

12. Gift of Heaven

       by Anonymous

Oh never mind the months and days;
The things that people wear
Are all outside; there’s something else
That’s ever young and fair.
‘Tis love that makes the joy of life,
Love – the best gift of Heaven.

13. The Love of God

       by Saxe Holm

Like a cradle rocking, rocking,
Silent, peaceful to and fro,
Like a mother’s sweet looks dropping
On the little face below, –
Hangs the green earth, swinging, turning,
Jarless, noiseless, safe and slow;
Falls the light of God’s face bending
Down, and watching us below.

And as feeble babes that suffer,
Toss and cry, and will not rest.
Are the ones the tender mother
Holds the closest, loves the best.
So when we are weak and wretched,
By our sins weighed down, distressed,
Then it is that God’s great patience
Holds us closest, loves us best.

O great Heart of God! whose loving
Cannot hindered be nor crossed;
Will not weary, will not even
In our death itself be lost, –
Love divine! of such great loving
Only mothers know the cost, –
Cost of love, which, all love passing,
Gave a Son to save the lost.

14. God Hears

       by Whittier

The dear God hears and pities all,
He knoweth all our wants,
And what we blindly ask of Him
His love withholds or grants.

And so I sometimes think our prayers
Might well be merged in one,
And nest and perch, and hearth and church,
Repeat ” Thy will be done.”

15. Love Unchanged

       by Owen Meredith

Life’s shadows fluctuate; God’s love does not,
And His love is unchanged, when it changes our lot.
Looking up to this light, which is common to all,
And down to these shadows on each side that fall,
In Time’s silent circle, so various for each.
Is it nothing to know that they never can reach
So far, but that light lies beyond them forever?

16. There’s not A….

       by G. Griffin

There’s not a flower that decks the vale,
There’s not a beam that lights the mountain,
There’s not a shrub that scents the gale.
There’s not a wind that stirs the fountain,
There’s not a hue that paints the rose.
There’s not a leaf around us lying;
But in its use some beauty shows,
God’s love to us and love undying!

17. God’s All-Embracing Love

       by Eliza Scudder

Thou grace divine, encircling all,
A soundless, shoreless sea
Wherein at last our souls shall fall;
O love of God most free,

When over dizzy steeps we go
One soft hand blinds our eyes,
The other leads us, safe and slow,
O love of God, most wise!

And though we turn us from thy face,
And wander wide and long,
Thou hold’st us still in thine embrace,
O love of God most strong!

The saddened heart, the restless soul,
The toil-worn frame and mind,
Alike confess thy sweet control,
O love of God most kind!

But not alone thy care we claim
Our wayward steps to win;
We know thee by a dearer name,
O love of God, within!

And filled and quickened by thy breath
Our souls are strong and free
To rise o’er sin, and fear, and death,
O love of God, to thee!

18. The Silence

       by Edgar Nye

When the burdens of life get too heavy
And what should be sweet seems as gall,
I go on a soul-cleansing journey
That shows me the need of it all.

Away from Life’s troubled pathway,
Through the valley and up the hill,
To the peak of a lofty summit where
The pulse of the world stands still;

There I see God’s love all about me
In the wonderful things He has made,
And peacefully return from the Silence
To take up my life unafraid.

19. O Love Divine

       by Clara McAlister Brooks

O love divine! no soul has e’er
Thy wondrous depths explored;
O priceless gift! we fain would have
Thy riches on us poured.
Let mortals join with all their might,
Let earth and heaven both unite
To sing- thy praise by day and night;
The half can ne’er be told.

O love divine, what treasures yet
Within thy coffers lie!
The gold and silver of the earth
Would not thy riches buy.
E’en though the sands upon the shore
Of every sea should turn to ore
Of choicest metal, ’twere no more
Than naught compared to thee.

O love divine, in thee our souls
Eternal pleasures find,
Surpassing all that earth could give,
Were all its powers combined.
Thy music sweet we love to sing,
Our spirits ever to thee would cling;
An offering now of praise we bring
In humble sacrifice.

O love divine, ’tis wonderful
That mortals here below
May share thy grace most excellent,
Thy wondrous power know!
Around our hearts forever entwine,
And let thy beauties in us shine,
That we may be, O love divine,
Completely lost in thee.

20. The Love of God

       by Anonymous

Could we with ink the ocean fill.
Were the whole world of parchment made.
Were every single stick a quill,
Were every man a scribe by trade;
To write the love of God alone
Would drain the ocean dry;
Nor could the scroll contain the whole
Though stretched from sky to sky.

21. The God of Love

       by Ella Williams

Daniel’s wisdom may I know,
Stephen’s faith and patience show,
John’s divine compassion feel,
Moses’ meekness, Joshua’s zeal;
Run like persevering Paul,
Win the prize and conquer all.

Mary’s love may I possess,
Lydia’s tender-heartedness,
‘Peter’s ardent spirit feel,
James’ faith by works reveal;
Like young Timothy may I
Every sinful passion fly.

Job’s submission let me know,
Samuel’s call, O may I hear,
Lazarus’ happy portion share;
Let Isaiah’s hallowed tire
All any new born soul inspire.

Mine be Jacob’s wrestling prayer,
Gideon’s valiant steadfast care,
Joseph’s purity impart,
Isaac’s meditative heart;
Abraham’s friendship let me prove,
Faithful to the God of love.

Most of all, may I pursue
That example Jesus drew,
In my life and conduct show
How He lived and walked below;
Day by day through grace conferred,
Imitate my dearest Lord.

Then shall I these worthies meet.
With them bow at Jesus’ feet,
With them praise the God of love,
With them share the joys above,
With them range the blissful shore,
Meet them all to part no more.

22. On the Cross

       by John Zurn

On the cross, He bore our pain and strife,
Jesus, the giver of eternal life.
In His sacrifice, fear of death unwound,
Comfort and hope in grief we found.

His love pierced through the darkest night,
Filling our hearts with radiant light.
With Him beside, in every sorrow we face,
We’re assured of peace and endless grace.

23. God Is Love

       by Anonymous

Lo! the heavens are breaking,
Pure and bright above;
Light and life awaking,
Murmur, “God is love.”

Music now is ringing,
Through the leafy grove,
Feathered songsters, singing,
Warble, “God is love.”

Wake, my heart, and springing,
Spread thy wings above;
Soaring still, and singing,
Singing, “God is love.”

Famous Poems about God’s Love

These famous poems about God’s love capture the timeless and boundless love that God has for all of us, and they remind us that even when we feel lost or alone, we are never truly on our own. Take a few moments to read through these beautiful expressions of love, and let them lift your spirit and renew your connection with God.

1. My Great God

       by Greta Zwaan

God, I see Your tender love in all the things around me,
I feel your comfort when I’m down, and know that You surround me.
With blessings that I cannot count, with grace beyond all measure,
With mercy that I don’t deserve, with things that bring me pleasure.

Would I be brazen, Lord, to ask, why I deserve attention?
Do I have merits of my own, a virtue you could mention?
I feel indebted to Your love, so privileged, so accepted,
I want to show my gratitude and somehow feel respected.

But I am but a puny man, a selfish, sinful spirit,
And You are Oh, so holy God, such grace no man can merit.
You make the clouds your chariot, You walk upon the mountains;
You speak and all the earth is stilled; fierce storms become still fountains.

O, God, instill in me a faith that spans my every hour,
And let me know how great You are; reveal Your holy power.
May I be used in some small way to teach Your grace and glory.
Help me to show the world Your love, to spread salvation’s story.

2. God Singing Over Me

       by Greta Zwaan

Imagine God singing over me! A weak and lowly soul;
Imagine God finding cause for joy because I’m made whole.
No more sin to darken my way, forgiven, accepted and free.
The eternal God! Majestic power! Rejoices over me.

My weakness has no more control, my sins are cast aside;
I now walk with lightened steps, for Christ and I abide.
No more my will but Thine Oh Lord! Your judgment never fails,
In all my ways I trust in you, your holiness prevails.

I know that when I hear your voice and never from it sway,
That You delight in my frail being and bless me more each day.
Temptations of the world are strong and my resistance weak;
Without the Spirit as my guide I would not hear God speak.

But now I know through all my days my path has been ordained,
My future, God declares to me, is perfectly sustained.
But still I marvel – my God sings with joy because I am His!
No one can take away His love, this holiness, this bliss.

Daily I will rest in Him and listen to His voice,
For I am His and He is mine, a blessed mutual choice!

3. Come with Me to Glory

       by Greta Zwaan

Though time should run out, my love never will, You are my life and my trust;
You are the One who holds me secure, You are the holy One; the Just.
Graves cannot contain my spirit; death is not the end of time,
Though my body turns to ashes, I will rest in peace sublime.

All on earth is temporary, soon to vanish without trace,
Wealth holds no eternal virtue, yet it’s held in man’s embrace.
Much is sacrificed for riches, human beings bought and sold,
No respect for God’s creation, but the mighty power of gold.

Life is but a fleeting moment, just a shadow o’er the sun,
Man cannot create extensions; God decides when life is done.
Man seems bent on self destruction, not prepared for what’s ahead,
Needless of the many warnings and of things that he should dread.

I have learned to rest completely, even though I cannot see,
I can trust in God’s good judgment, I am His eternally.
But I’m part of His commission: “Bring the news to every land,”
Draw the nations to the Saviour, help the world to understand.
Riches, glory, fame and honour have no value to the soul,
Be prepared to meet your Maker, He has all things in control.

When my earthly ties are severed and I stand before my King,
It would be my greatest pleasure, more reward than anything:
Having you stand there with me, loving Jesus like I do,
Having made that great decision, you will join the saved ranks too.

I could not forsake my Master after what He’s done for me,
Earthly ties become redundant with my soul at liberty.
Hand in hand we’ll stand before Him, in that holy, heavenly place,
Seeing Jesus in His glory, gazing on His holy face.

4. Contentment

       by Greta Zwaan

Contentment comes from peace within when worldly thoughts are still;
When a heart is right with God, when you obey His will.
“Be still and know that I am God, I know the path you’ll take;
Though some decisions may be hard and cause your heart to ache.

I promise I will not forsake or leave you all alone,
I’ll walk beside you all the way, and see you safely home.
I have prepared a place for you where tears will fall no more,
Where loneliness does not exist, beyond the golden shore.

Remember all I’ve given you, perhaps not wealth or fame;
But everything that you required to which your hand laid claim.
‘Twas in your interest that I gave all that was best for you,
Not for your greed but for your good, I always walked with you.

Be not concerned that others have things you could not attain;
Contentment ought to fill your heart that you can bless My name.
I carried you through trying times and drew you close to me;
I’ll never, ever walk away – you’re Mine, and yet you’re free.”

5. The Hands of Jesus

       by Greta Zwaan

Little hands lie in the manger, flailing in the cool night air,
Reaching out to touch His mother, feeling love and tender care.
Junior hands within the workshop, Joseph teaching Him his trade,
I imagine happy moments showing Mary what He’d made.

Hands that held the words of Scripture, in the temple as a lad,
Telling scholars things of glory; knowledge that they’d never had.
Hands that gave a blind man vision to behold the world anew,
Hands that touched a leper’s body, cleansed and healed him through and through.

Hands that held the little children, cuddling them upon His knee,
Telling weary, toil worn mothers, “Let your offspring come to Me.”
Hands that took a cup of water from the woman at the well,
Told her that He knew her heartache, things that she would never tell.

Hands that baked the fish for breakfast on the seashore for His men,
Hands that blessed the food he offered, bringing God His thanks again.
Hands that whipped the money changers in a temple meant for praise
When He saw the degradation and the anger that did raise.

Yet these hands were gentle, loving, kind, compassionate but strong,
Lifting up the broken-hearted, guiding lives that had gone wrong.
These very hands have been rejected, humbled by a rugged cross;
Nails that made His blood run freely; heaven’s gain, but man’s great loss.

6. Guidances

       by Greta Zwaan

You cannot guide the horses unless you hold the reigns,
You cannot live a life without control.
Your head may give you leeway to do just as you please
But how do you relate this to your soul?

God gave us instructions, we need a day of rest,
We need to come apart and seek His face.
While man ploughs a lone furrow, he only has one goal,
He longs to be the first to win the race.

Like a team of horses with blinders on their heads,
He looks not to the left nor to the right.
He’s missing all the blessings, the joys God has in store,
It’s only in his work he finds delight.

One day his health will falter because he takes no rest,
Although God set aside one day in seven,
Ignoring God’s instructions, a self-destructive act,
Is not conducive as a way to heaven.

The body will grow weary, the soul become disturbed,
The focus of the mind has gone astray.
Turn back! And heed God’s pleading, be done with wealth and fame,
Rest in His love, and praise His holy name.

No, God is not through searching, He longs to bring you peace.
Claim Christ as your Redeemer – He knows best.
Like horses need man’s guidance to send them on their way,
It’s only God who gives you peace and rest.

It’s only God who gives you peace and rest. 
“It’s only God who gives you peace and rest.”

7. Trim Your Lamp

       by Greta Zwaan

How much oil have you stored for your journey?
Are you prepared for that glorious day?
Are you sitting in wait by the road side,
Your lamp trimmed, well on your way?

Are you aware that Jesus is coming?
Do you know there’s no time to spare?
Are you gathering fuel for the future,
Enough to light your way there?

Don’t assume you have time to get ready,
Don’t be the one to set dates.
God has been warning you gently,
He tarries, but not always does He wait.

You wander on the brink of disaster,
Always ignoring His call,
Trusting in earthly possessions,
Not even listening at all.

The call to enter God’s heaven
Will come to the faithful and just.
But those who relied on their riches
Are left, for they failed to trust.

There’s warnings, but there’s no extensions,
You make the choice your own way,
Listen and hear God�s voice pleading,
Come at His bidding, TODAY!

8. A Power Change

       by Greta Zwaan

When the Spirit came at Pentecost, great power was released,
If you’ll accept the Light of life, this power has not ceased.
The world may be a different place; the struggles seem more grave,
But as it was in days of yore, there’s still that power to save.

Grace and mercy still exist, God has not lost control;
You need not struggle over sin, if Christ has claimed your soul.
The victory over sin was won, Christ nailed it to the cross,
And as your faith and spirit grows, sin�s power is a loss.

This does not mean that you are free to live a life of ease,
It�s not a lifetime guarantee, to live life as you please.
The purpose of the Spirit’s power is meant to change your life,
Enabling you to walk away from troubling, inner strife.

It has the power to change your thoughts, to bring you inner peace,
But you must submit and give it heed, if turmoil is to cease.
There cannot be two masters here, the change must be complete,
When you surrender your domain, it does not mean defeat.

It’s letting you be free to chose, but God does not use force;
He suggests a better way through which life runs its course.
You may feel weak and powerless, a vessel God can’t use,
However, it’s your emptiness that God finds cause to choose.

The Spirit will endow your life, direct you to your task,
Help you to be fruitful, you merely need to ask.
For God is always faithful, His grace will never end,
The Holy God of heaven comes down to be your friend.

9. By Grace

       by Greta Zwaan

Once I was a heathen, yet not unknown to God;
He observed me in my daily walk.
I knew not of His mercy, I knew not of His grace,
I never knew that I could hear Him talk.

I didn’t sense His presence in the glory of the day;
The sunshine came and went as if by rote;
The fragrance of the roses lifted up with gentle breeze
Came and went without my taking note.

I occupied my hours with challenges and goals;
I had a plan I knew I must fulfill.
I had no time for others, I never thought of God;
How could He challenge me with, “Peace, be still?”

But God was not done searching, He turned His face to me,
With love He gently tuned me to His side.
He gave me a new vision; He brought me to my knees,
Dispelled my fears and took away my pride.

He has a vested interest; He had created me
But I had never claimed Him as my own.
Then once my heart was opened, the scales fell from my eyes,
I finally found a purpose for my life.
I need not walk in darkness, I need not feel deprived,
I need walk the road of constant strife.

When Israel rejected the plan God had in place,
When hearts were full of lust and evil ways,
God turned to seek the Gentiles, the ones that had been scorned,
The ones He’s set aside for many days.

But now the door was opened, expanded by God’s grace;
The wonder of it all! It can be mine!
I need to recognize Him, acknowledge His great power, it’s God!
The wondrous Saviour, so Divine.

10. I Will Achieve

       by Greta Zwaan

I want to strike it rich with God, the riches of His power,
To reach the world with His great love, to serve Him every hour.
I want to be His messenger no matter where He sends me,
To walk by faith and not by sight through grace which He extends me.

I want to be in His control, my own will to surrender,
To follow footsteps in the sand, to hear His voice so tender.
I want to know His will for me, His purpose in this mission
To always be at one with Him, to serve without contrition.

All of this I long to do, I have such great intentions,
But will and deeds oft don’t comply, through human apprehensions.
Fear of failure, lack of trust, what happens if I fail here?
A disappointed God might say, “Why could you not prevail here?”

If I cannot achieve His goals and find His will to guide me,
If I should stumble on the way and think, “He’s not beside me.”
If I cause blemish on His name when I am apprehended,
If in my witness I should fail, would my God be offended?

I dare not risk to bring Him pain, to hurt or disrespect Him,
To idly watch sin take its toll, to have the world reject Him.
If I should blunder in my plight it’s still a risk worth taking,
A soul might find a lighted path; his sinful life forsaking.

Who is to know what lies ahead? What mission God assigns me?
Think of the blessing I might miss if fear rules, or it blinds me.
I’ll venture forth, I’ll do my best, that’s all that is required,
I’ll follow anywhere He leads, through faith I’ll be inspired.

I can achieve, I WILL ACHIEVE! It’s God who’s in control here;
Perhaps the privilege will be mine to bring another soul here.
“God, give me strength to do Your will, assist me through Your power,
and in my pursuits every day, give wisdom for each hour.”

11. Rags to Riches

       by Greta Zwaan

Discarded rags His first layette, is that the dress of kings?
Proclaimed to be of royal blood yet clothed in ragged things?
Would you expect to bow the knee to one in such poor form?
Why use a stable for this birth? Why in this state be born?

Who could esteem a barn-born child? What honour could he hold?
His claim to be the Son of God – was that not brash and bold?
His parents’ names were not renown; why, they weren’t even wed!
An out-of- wedlock child you say, is God’s own Son instead?

Should I believe this could be true? A rags to riches tale?
He’s come to set me free from sin, if I let faith prevail?
I need to trust in God’s great plan, to see His love, His grace;
He gave His all, His only Son! Who took my rightful place.

For I am guilty, He is not, yet now I am set free;
This Babe, discarded as a fake, will reign eternally!

12. Disturbing Thoughts

       by Greta Zwaan

We want a God that we can create and who will serve our own pleasure,
We want a God who does what we want, who bows to our lust and our pleasure.
We want a God who will answer our prayers, but just in the way that we ask it,
We want a God who takes orders well, no use to deny or to mask it.

We know what we want and we want it now! We’re good at making decisions,
We have our rights and we’ll stand our ground, we allow no derisions.
It’s all for one and one for all; we’re not into seeking for favours;
We’re self-sufficient, we’re strong men, we’re known to excel in our labours.

So why should we bow to the king of the Jews? Wasn’t all that just a fable?
It’s okay for kids to believe in such stuff; as for me? I’m just not able.
My independence and my rugged strength will have saved me in many disasters;
I’m proud to announce that I’m my own man, I don’t need to look for new masters.

You talk of a soul that needs to be saved, you talk of a life with new meaning;
What’s wrong with me just the way that I am? On just whom should I be leaning?
Life after death? What does that mean? Doesn’t life end when I’m buried?
You’re giving me thoughts that I’ve never had; you’re pushing! You make me feel worried.

My time’s running out? How do you know? Where did you get all this knowledge?
You read the Good Book? It tells my demise? I say, “You’re at the wrong college!”
Who wrote the book that talks about me? Tell me, what is it you’re after?
Why do you care what my future might be? Your claim will soon cause me laughter.

We’ve never met but you seem so sincere, I’m impressed, I think I will listen;
The thoughts you convey have hit a weak spot, the tears in my eyes start to glisten.
I’ve never had someone who cared whether my soul was worth saving;
No one ever spoke of my need, or told me that sin was enslaving.

How can I know you’re telling the truth? Who sent you out to address me?
Filling my mind with unheard of thoughts; things that will only distress me.
I should repent? What does that mean? Whom do you think I’ve offended?
I’ve lived a good life, gone by the rules, and never on no one depended.

The future concerns you want me to note, a place that I need to prepare for;
The option is mine, two choices I have, and you say there’s one I should care for?
Tell me my friend, when will this be? When should I make preparations?
I could be called in a moment of time? When Christ returns for this nation?

Why wasn’t I told that this would occur? Why was there no warning given?
Oh, but there was! Signs all around – but I was too wrapped up in living.
I’m glad you arrived and I haven’t much time, I need to find proof for your story;
If what you say is a message of truth, I want to be ready for glory.

I wish I had known, I could have spent time getting this message to others;
So many, like me, live for the day – these people, my sisters, my brothers.
Thanks for waking my soul to its need, thanks for being persistent;
If you hadn’t come I wouldn’t have heard, I’m glad that you were insistent!

Now I can plan for a life that’s worthwhile, whatever time is remaining,
Now I can say, “I work for the Lord” and some day with Him I’ll be reigning.

Inspirational Poems about God’s Love

Are you looking for some inspiration to enhance your faith? Look no further than these heartwarming poems about God’s love. There’s something so comforting about reading these words and feeling the unconditional love of our Creator. Check them out!

1. You Are the Music

       by Marcia A. Newton

You are the music. You are the song.
You are the words of truth and love.
You are the voice that speaks to our heart.
You are the music, the song of our heart.

You are the music we love and adore.
You are the song that we sing evermore.
You are the voice that calls us to pray.
You are the words of goodness and strength.

You are the music that brings us delight.
You are the song that brings hope to our life.
You are the voice that calls us to faith.
You are the words of kindness and grace.

You are the music we sing joyfully.
You are the song that brings light to our day.
You are the voice that calls us to serve.
You are the words of love we have heard.

You are the music that fills us with peace.
You are the song that we sing and believe.
You are the voice that calls us to grace.
You are the words we pray every day.

You are the music that blesses our soul.
You are the love song that makes our lives whole.
You are the voice that calls us to Him.
You are the words of life without end.

2. God, The Great Creator

       by Debra L. Brown

A crisp, cool autumn evening,
Stars fill the night up high.
God, the great creator,
Decking out the sky.

A garden lit by the moonlight,
A rose kissed by His hand.
The beauty He created,
Even the smallest pieces of sand.

Petals of the roses
Glisten in the night.
The Master of creation,
His colors are pure delight.

From void He created beauty,
From dark He created light.
The Master of creation,
And to man He gave them life.

3. Od of All Comfort

       by Edarly Edouard

Our God supplies us everything we need.
When we need help, to Him we reach.
He is always with us when we are lonely.
He loves us so much and takes anger slowly.

Our God comforts us in our tribulation.
Our affliction is for our consolation and salvation.
God has established all of us in Christ’s name,
For in Christ’s name, we will never suffer in shame.

Glory be to God who sent the Holy Spirit.
If it were not for the Spirit, we would never have limits.
Our comfort abounds through Christ, while His suffering abounds us
We are all encouraged to know that Christ is our only trust.

In the name of the Living, there shall be no pain.
Beyond now and forever, our Lord is always the same.
God is on our side, so we don’t need to count on others.
Blessed be the Lord, the God of all comfort.

4. My Personal Prayer

       by Angie M Flores

God, grant me the strength to handle life’s challenges,
In order to overcome these life long obstacles.
God, grant me the courage to stand up for what I believe in,
In order to express my true opinions without fear.
God, grant me the answers to my questions,
In order to find some understanding.
God, grant me the piece of mind I so desperately need,
In order to remain sane in this inside universe.
God, grant me the patience I thought I once had,
In order to with stand everything thrown to me.
God, grant me the guidance to be able to succeed,
In order to be whatever it is I want to be.
God, I need you now and forever, please help me.

5. Thank You God

       by Sharon Sewpaul

Every night before I sleep
I look up to the Heavens and try not to weep.
For my heart is full
with the Lord’s will,
My strength, my health, and pockets full.
He has blessed me every day
Since birth till today.
Thank you, Lord
’cause now I can afford,
to testify and praise you
Precious, love, and True-
Thank you.

6. I’m Your Friend No Matter What

       by Ruthie Willis

I have been with you all your life. . .
I have guided you through all your mountains and valleys.
The times you were crying,
I made you bloom, my flower.
When you thought you were alone,
I was those footprints in the sand.
I gave you wings so you could fly.
I was the one that took you up so high.
When you felt that lift my child,
that was I; that’s why today you feel so free.
I am God, I am your friend no matter what.

7. Feelings Hidden

       by Miranda Levorson

I’m crushed, I’m broken,
I’m confused by the word you’ve spoken
I run to the shelter of a friend
who truly is a helping hand.

I’m torn, I’m scared,
I fear of what could happen
I grab onto the outstretched arms
Comforting me more than words can tell.

I’m empty, I’m lonely,
I only want a place of belonging
I reach and touch the hymn so vibrant
Healing my broken heart.

I’m hurt, I’m bleeding,
These feelings I hold so dear inside
I reach out yet again to this loving hand
Guiding me to the place of Redemption
No longer were my feelings hidden.

8. Thank You God

       by Marc Nix

As I awoke this morning and placed my feet upon the floor,
I prayed, “Thank you God, I get to enjoy another day.”
As I recall the precious memories of family and friends
I prayed, “Thank you God, for they are all so dear.”
When I walked into work and begin,
I prayed, “Thank you God, for good health and the ability to provide for my family.”
I live in America, the land of the free and home of the brave,
Thank you God, and keep our country strong, and free.
But most of all, thank you God for sending Jesus to die for me.

9. I Went to the Life Store

       by Mitchell Browder

I went to the life store,
one I’ve never been before
I wanted a new life
new house, new job, new wife
the Keeper pointed…aisle three
there they were; price…free
they were countless; but no label
I asked the Keeper; how am I able…
He stopped me and said, “here’s the deal,
you have to pick….pick by feel”
so I took one up
and held it tight
Oh! the is the one
it’s full of love, hope, joy and light
I’ll take it, can I open it to see?
The Keeper said “Sure, but no return, no guarantee”
No problem I said….perfectly fine
I looked inside; and it was MINE
“Funny” the Keeper said
“that happens every time”

10. Day By Day

       by Lenora McWhorter

Day by day, God walks with me,
and my burdens he helps me bear.
Each step I take along the way,
my loving Father is always there.

Day by day, I feel God’s love
encircling me all around.
His grace and mercy cover me
and pick me up when I am down.

Day by day, the Lord keeps me
from danger, hurt and harm.
Safe from the snares of the enemy
and protected from life’s alarms.

Day by day, I rely on the Father
to strengthen me when I am weak.
He comforts me with His love
and to my heart He speaks peace.

Day by day, I feel God’s presence,
and my spirit is always revived.
God is faithful to watch over me
as a father does his own child.

God imparts his grace to me
minute by minute, day by day.
By faith, I walk in step with him
as He guides me on life’s way.

11. Searching for God

       by John P. Read

When searching for God,
There’s no need to look far.
He’s not in the clouds
Or some far away star.

He doesn’t hide in the shadows,
Even though he’s hard to see.
God resides in the minds
Of those who believe.

Our bodies are a temple,
So be good; never stray.
Be truthful and honest.
Praise God every day.

For God is your spirit.
God is your soul.
God’s in your heart.
God is love; this I know.

12. Our Trustworthy God

       by Lenora McWhorter

Glory to our loving Lord, who is a
Mighty God and a faithful friend.
His divine love for us is pure and perfect,
and His great mercy knows no end.

God comforts those who are troubled,
and to the weak He gives strength.
He fills the empty souls with joy
and makes the anxious hearts content.

Our God binds the broken spirits,
and He will calm all our fears.
God meets us in the valley of weeping,
and with His love, He dries our tears.

Our faithful Lord hears our prayers,
and He sees our hurts and pain.
He shines His light in our darkness
and sends sunshine after the rain.

God is awesome and trustworthy.
He’s an amazing God, like no other.
He walks with us through hard times
and sticks closer than any brother.

There’s no problem God can’t solve,
and there’s no need He cannot meet.
God promises to always be with us,
and every promise given, He will keep!

13. God’s Side

       by Patricia A. Fleming

I do my very best each day
Though some days prove worse than others.
I’m everywhere I’m needed,
No need more crucial than another.

I’m there to calm each worry.
I’m drenched by every tear.
I bear the weight of every heartache,
And I’ll defend against each fear.

I take the hand of those who have to go
And walk beside them to the Gates,
And sit vigil by the bedsides
Of all those who suffer still in wait.

I wrap my arms around those weary souls
Who lay sleepless through the night.
So laden by their anguished sadness
They’ve lost their will to live this life.

I whisper words of strength and tenderness
To give them hope again,
And fill their hearts with all my love
To help their souls to mend.

I have so many who depend on me
But I have endless love to share.
I can sit and comfort you alone
And still be everywhere.

But how the Devil works against me
As he wields his monstrous hand.
He sets his sights on all those fragile souls
And preys upon the sinful man.

I feel how angry and betrayed you feel
When the Devil seems to rise,
Convincing you that I don’t care
And am no longer by your side.

But I will always take your deepest pain
And carry it for you.
Even times that you give up on me
I won’t give up on you!

I know this life can be so wearisome
And the losses can be great.
But I will never leave you on your own
Or your faith in me forsake.

I watch you every second
And I see everything you do,
And what a wondrous sight you are to see,
When seeing from my point of view.

We are in this fight together
And there is nothing we can’t do
As long as you stand firmly by my side
And I stand steadfast by you too.

14. Dear Diary

       by Bethny Ricks

in my weeping, He is still good
in my fear, He is still good
in my weariness, He is still good
in my pain, frustration, hurt, and shame
He is still good
and when hope seems distant, my God is still good.

15. God’s Providence

       by Lenora McWhorter

When night changes into day
we get a chance to start over again.
We can complete the things left undone
and reach back and make amends.

God protects us by His power.
We are not here by happenstance
But by a divine connection with God
He upholds us with His hand.

God oversees all that concerns us
keeping watch night and day.
With His all-seeing eyes He leads us.
He orders our steps and direct our way.

God surrounds us with His mercy,
and He covers us with His love.
He speaks peace to our weary souls
as He looks down from up above.

God knows the way that we take,
our lives are in His hand.
And the outcome of every situation
is under His divine command.

God’s all-seeing eyes are upon us.
He protects and shelters His own.
We are forever secure in His loving care
and He promises not to leave us alone.

16. Faith

       by Cheryl Williamson

In times of trouble,
It’s good to know
That God is with us
Wherever we go.

At work or play
Or when we’re apart,
He’s right there with us,
Inside our heart.

17. My Angel

       by James Polk

I felt the love of an angel today,
For the first time since I walked away.
I’ve felt guilt and shame for so many years,
But the angel freed me of that through my tears.

I cried to him and confessed my sin,
I opened the door and let him in.
The angel greeted me with a smile,
He held me in his arms and said, “It’s been awhile.”

He said, “My child, it is going to be alright.
No longer will you cry yourself to sleep at night,
All those times when you were full of fear,
It was I who pulled you through; I have always been near.”

He said, “I have loved you since the beginning of forever,
And my love for you will stop never.
My child, I am always there,
All you have to do is come to me in prayer.”

18. Chill and Be Still

       by Kristie N. Woodard

Chill and be still, my child, for I am God,
the Creator of all things, the Master upon high,
Lord of all Lords, King of all Kings.
With your faith in me I can change anything.
Believe in me, for my word is true.
I will never leave nor forsake you.
Hard times will come and troubled times will perish.
This is just a test of life; it won’t last forever.
This I can assure to you, for I have paid the price
when I carried the cross to Calvary,
the hill on which I died.
Faith of a mustard seed is all you need.
Just ask the blind man
whom I gave sight to see.
I sit so high yet see so low.
Your pain and struggle this, too, I know.
Your weeping eyes and sleepless nights,
this, too, can change in the nick of time.
I will never put more on you than you can stand,
so take a walk with me; come hold my hand.
You are covered in my blood and protected at all costs.
As long as you are my child, you will never be lost.
My word is true, my love is strong.
Trusting in me you can never go wrong.
Let go of all your worries; hand me all your fears.
Sleep and rest tonight, for a new beginning starts here!

19. My Lord Told Me

       by Kenny C.

My Lord told me that HIS love would not fail,
as HE showed me a hand that was pierced by a nail.

HE told me I’m safe, started lifting the veil,
then my eyes became clear, I saw what life entails.

I saw beauty without measure and felt love’s complete peace,
I willfully surrendered but felt no trace of defeat.

I listened to my heart and caught the rhythm of its beat
as HE says our hearts are one and that this is where love meets.

HE told me that I’m HIS and HE’d never let me go,
HE just thought that I should know.

If there ever comes a time in life that’s really low,
look back to where our hearts met so that love can begin to show.

I smiled as I heard a melody of joy dancing through the sky.
It was my Lord singing this song to me of words I can’t deny.

HE said HE fought the battle and won it for me, there’s no need in asking why
because HE’s true, loving, faithful, and kind–with HIM I will never die.

I cried at the sound of HIS words for me, my tears soaking my face
HE reached down and wiped the tears away and said, “No need for tears in this place.”

I said,”Lord, why would you do this for me? My life has been such a disgrace.”
HE said, “Say no more, for it is done and my FATHER has dismissed your case.”

“Have trust in ME, as I in you, your life begins today,
though you may stumble along the path, I’LL help you keep your way.”

“I’LL never let you fall again, never lead you astray.
For your sins have all been forgiven my love, and for them you will never pay.”

20. A Strong Comfort

       by Shirley Denton

He gives me strength
when I have none,
on days when I’m weary
and can do nothing but weep.

The Lord is there
to dry my sore eyes.
Sometimes I wander off the path,
losing sight.

That is when he gently
guides me into his light.
He is a loving father
to the fatherless,

a comfort to the broken hearted,
to those who are abused
and have forgotten
the Lord is their healer.

When storms toss you about,
causing confusion,
just find a place to pray.
Then the Lord will stay by your side, guiding you all the way.

21. Happy Birthday, Jesus

       by Raj Debbarma

You called me out into the ocean,
And I followed you out of devotion.

Never knowing you were testing my faith,
Still you told me it’s never too late.

You sent your angels to be my guide.
I looked them in the eyes and lied.

I told them I was strong on my own,
But I was lying from the flesh to the bone.

I didn’t take the hand of my Savior.
Still you forgave me for my behavior.

You took me deeper than my feet could ever wander.
Now I know that was to make me stronger.

With you I can walk upon the waters.
Your love for me knew no borders.

I know you will forgive me before I can say I’m sorry.
Now it’s my time to keep my promise, so don’t you worry.

When I couldn’t walk, you picked me up,
So tired I couldn’t even talk.

But you gave me your strength and your will.
Now watch me make you proud forever and still.

Watch me conquer the great unknown without any fear?
What’s there to fear when you are here?

For now, this is all I can say:
Thank you and have a happy birthday.

22. God & Me

       by Devvin

I felt alone, I felt betrayed,
I felt hurt, I felt ashamed.
Was it something I did wrong,
Is it something I said,
I kept asking God why,
Why me, why this, why that.
Please God, cut me some slack.
Never did I think this was God’s plan,
And I would be blessed with his spiritual hands.
God knows me well, he knows my pain,
He knows the hurt and all the strains,
For he himself has felt my pain,
So now I don’t feel
Alone, betrayed, hurt or ashamed.

23. Dear God

       by Brittany W.

What do I do
Where do I turn
Who can I talk to
Which bridge do I burn
Should I keep trying
Should I step back
Why am I crying
Why the sudden attack
When will it end
Will the pain cease
What would you recommend
Will I ever find peace.

24. He’s Only a Breath Away

       by Louvenia Duncan

When I feel far from God,
There’s a special thing that I do;
I take a very deep breath!
He gave it also to you.

The breath that we breathe so easily,
It came from God above.
It’s a divine connection,
To the one that we love.

His offspring we are, and,
It is Him from whence we came.
He gave us our lives,
And He knows us by name.

He’s aware of our conditions,
Having numbered our head of hairs.
God is not far from us;
God is near and He cares.

Breathing into man the breath of life,
Man became a living soul!
Reach to Him, He reaches back!
He wants to make us whole.

So when you are feeling far from God,
And are having a lonesome day,
Take a deep breath and remind yourself,
“God is only a breath away!
He’s only a breath away!”

25. True Friend

       by Ma. Agnes E. Abordo

There’s SOMEONE in your life
Who’s always there at your side,
Someone who’s ready to help,
Even before you ask for it.

He makes your day bright,
Puts colors in your gloomy life;
He’s always there, if you only know
To lean on and hold on to.

Wherever you are and whatever you do,
Just remember He is leading you.
There’ll be stumbling blocks and hindrances,
Yet He’ll turn these into stepping stones and bridges.

So, just walk on and don’t be afraid,
You’re precious to Him because you’re His beloved.
Don’t be discouraged for the failures you see.
Someone is always with you on your journey
Because He is your TRUE FRIEND and ever will be.

26. Through the Ashes

       by Haily Ann Powers

Keeping me safe when I destroyed myself,
He gave me strength I always felt.
Even through my denial,
Spitting rage, toxic and bile,
He was there.
Black and blue,
Battered and shattered,
I had lost the fight.
Broken, he knew
Every step took all my might.
My decision he made easy.
My life previously made me queasy.
I picked up my pieces and brought them with me.
He is here.
Now there is hope
That I can mend my soul,
That I may learn to grow
And make a home.
He saved me.

Short Poems about God’s Love

From uplifting messages about hope to reminders of God’s constant presence in our lives, these short poems about God’s love are sure to touch your soul and give you a renewed sense of faith. So take a moment to check them out and let these beautiful words speak to your heart.

1. God’s Love: A Gift

       by Corrie ten Boom

God’s love is a gift,
Freely given and received,
A treasure that we cannot earn,
But only accept and believe.

2. Divine Embrace

       by Graceful Grace

In the vastness of the cosmic sea,
God’s love, an anchor, eternally.
A love that whispers in the silent night,
Embracing souls with celestial light.

3. Heavenly Harmony

       by Serene Samuel

God’s love, a melody, pure and sweet,
Resonates in every heartbeat.
In the symphony of grace from above,
We find solace in God’s boundless love.

4. Infinite Love’s Embrace

       by Radiant Rachel

Beyond the stars, beyond the sky,
God’s love, an endless lullaby.
In every breath, in every sigh,
His love is where our spirits fly.

5. Love’s Eternal Flame

       by Divine David

A flame of love that never dies,
God’s love, a beacon in the skies.
In trials faced and battles won,
His love shines brighter than the sun.

6. Celestial Love Song

       by Harmony Helen

God’s love, a song, serene and pure,
In every trial, it will endure.
Through valleys low and mountains high,
His love lifts us to the sky.

7. Divine Tapestry

       by Poetic Paul

God’s love, a thread in life’s grand art,
Weaved through every beating heart.
In joy, in sorrow, in every test,
His love weaves a tapestry, divinely blessed.

8. Heaven’s Canvas

       by Angelic Amelia

God’s love, an artist’s gentle stroke,
Painting galaxies, words unspoken.
In colors vibrant, in hues divine,
His love’s masterpiece, forever thine.

9. Soulful Serenity

       by Pious Peter

Through storms of life, through winds that blow,
God’s love, a shelter, a steadfast glow.
In every trial, in every strife,
His love is the anchor of our life.

10. Radiant Redemption

       by Luminous Laura

God’s love, a river, deep and wide,
Flows with mercy, a constant tide.
In grace, in forgiveness, in skies above,
His love redeems, an endless love.

11. Inspirations from the Infinite

       by Devotional Daniel

From the infinite, a love profound,
God’s love, a treasure to be found.
In every heartbeat, in every prayer,
His love, an endless, sacred affair.

12. God’s Love: A Guiding Light

       by Anonymous

In the depths of darkness, God’s love shines bright,
A guiding beacon, piercing through the night.
His love, a compass, pointing the way,
Leading us homeward, to a brighter day.

13. God’s Love: A Warm Embrace

       by Anonymous

In God’s embrace, we find solace and peace,
A haven of comfort, where worries cease.
His love surrounds us, like a gentle embrace,
A soothing balm, restoring His grace.

14. God’s Love: An Unfailing Hope

       by Anonymous

In times of despair, when hope seems lost,
God’s love remains, at any cost.
An unfailing anchor, in life’s stormy sea,
Guiding us through darkness, to victory.

15. God’s Love: A Timeless Treasure

       by Anonymous

God’s love, a treasure, beyond compare,
A gift from above, forever to share.
Unchanging and constant, through the ages it flows,
A timeless blessing, that forever bestows.

16. God’s Love: A Symphony of Grace

       by Anonymous

In every heartbeat, God’s love resides,
A symphony of grace, where passion presides.
Like a gentle melody, His love fills our soul,
A harmonious chorus, making us whole.

17. God’s Love: A Tapestry of Strength

       by Anonymous

Interwoven strands of love and might,
God’s love, a tapestry, shining ever bright.
A fortress of strength, where we find our worth,
Empowered by His grace, to face any earth.

18. God’s Love: An Endless Embrace

       by Anonymous

In the vast expanse, where stars align,
God’s love embraces, with endless design.
His love surrounds us, like the boundless sea,
An everlasting presence, eternally.

19. God’s Love: A Whispering Wind

       by Anonymous

Like a gentle breeze, His love whispers near,
A soothing murmur, dispelling all fear.
His love surrounds us, like a whispering wind,
A comforting presence, that never ends.

20. God’s Love: A Radiant Flame

       by Anonymous

In the depths of our hearts, His love ignites,
A radiant flame, burning ever so bright.
God’s love consumes us, with passion and grace,
A transformative fire, leaving no trace.

Poems about God’s Love That Rhyme

Are you looking for a way to deepen your faith and feel more connected to God? Well, look no further than these amazing poems about God’s love! What sets these ones apart from others is that they rhyme, making them not only beautifully written, but also easy to remember. Give them a read!

1. God’s Unwavering Love

       by Anonymous

In times of darkness, when shadows loom,
God’s love shines brightly, dispelling the gloom.
Like a beacon of hope, amidst the stormy sea,
His love surrounds us, setting our spirits free.

Through trials and tribulations, His love remains,
An unwavering presence, easing all pains.
No matter the darkness, no matter the fear,
His love will endure, year after year.

2. God’s Love, A Tapestry of Grace

       by Anonymous

Woven with threads of compassion and care,
God’s love, a tapestry, beyond compare.
Each stitch, a reminder of His tender embrace,
A symphony of devotion, His love we embrace.

In every heartbeat, His love resides,
A melody of solace, where hope presides.
Through laughter and tears, His love remains true,
A tapestry of grace, forever anew.

3. God’s Love, A Guiding Light

       by Anonymous

In the depths of darkness, when lost and alone,
God’s love emerges, like a guiding stone.
A radiant beacon, piercing the night,
Illuminating our path, with His love’s pure light.

Through winding roads and paths unclear,
His love will lead us, dispelling all fear.
Like a shepherd guiding his flock with care,
His love surrounds us, everywhere.

4. God’s Love, An Unending Embrace

       by Anonymous

In the vast expanse, where stars ignite,
God’s love embraces, with infinite might.
His love surrounds us, like the boundless sea,
An unending embrace, eternally.

From the depths of our souls to the heavens above,
His love transcends all, with boundless love.
In every breath we take, in every beat of our heart,
His love is present, playing a vital part.

5. God’s Love, A Whispering Breeze

       by Anonymous

Like a gentle whisper, His love draws near,
A soothing balm, dispelling all fear.
His love surrounds us, like a whispering breeze,
A comforting presence, that never ceases.

In moments of silence, when words fail to mend,
His love speaks volumes, a bond that will transcend.
A gentle reminder, that we’re never alone,
His love surrounds us, in His heavenly throne.

6. God’s Love, A Radiant Flame

       by Anonymous

In the depths of our souls, His love ignites,
A radiant flame, burning ever so bright.
Transforming our hearts, with passion and grace,
A fire of devotion, leaving no trace.

Through trials and triumphs, His love will prevail,
An unwavering flame, that will never fail.
A beacon of hope, amidst life’s stormy sea,
God’s love, a radiant flame, setting us free.

7. The Love of God

       by Frederick M. Lehman

The love of God is like a fire,
That burns within my heart’s desire,
A flame that flickers not, nor dies,
A love that never falters, nor denies.

8. God’s Love

       by Mary A. Kidder

God’s love is like a gentle stream,
That flows from Calvary’s mount,
A love that washes clean,
And makes our spirits shout.

9. The Ocean of God’s Love

       by Thomas H. Troeger

Deeper than the ocean’s depths,
Wider than its widest breadths,
God’s love surpasses all our thoughts,
And fills the universe with grace.

10. The Lavish Love of God

       by Paul David Tripp

The lavish love of God,
Know no limits, nor does it cease,
To pour itself out upon us,
In grace and mercy and peace.

Poems about God’s Love and Forgiveness

These poems about God’s love touch on everything from God’s never-ending grace to His abundant provision, leaving you feeling inspired and uplifted. So why not take a moment to check them out and let these powerful words fill your heart with hope and love?

1. God’s Love: A Forgiving Embrace

       by Anonymous

When we stumble and fall, when shadows loom,
God’s love extends, dispelling the gloom.
With open arms, He welcomes us home,
A forgiving embrace, where we no longer roam.

Through guilt and regret, His love remains,
An unwavering presence, easing all pains.
His mercy and grace, like a soothing balm,
Washing away our sins, like a cleansing psalm.

2. God’s Love: A Tapestry of Redemption

       by Anonymous

In threads of mercy, His love intertwines,
A tapestry of redemption, where hope shines.
With every stitch, a story unfolds,
Of forgiveness and grace, a tale to be told.

His love erases the stains of our past,
A new beginning, where new life is cast.
In His embrace, we find our worth,
Redeemed and restored, to a life of rebirth.

3. God’s Love: A Symphony of Restoration

       by Anonymous

In every heartbeat, His love resides,
A symphony of restoration, where hope presides.
With every note, a healing refrain,
Restoring our spirits, easing all pain.

His love mends the broken pieces within,
A harmonious melody, where new life begins.
In His presence, we find our peace,
A symphony of restoration, where forgiveness releases.

4. God’s Love: A Beacon of Hope and Healing

       by Anonymous

In the depths of despair, when wounds run deep,
God’s love emerges, like a beacon to keep.
A radiant light, dispelling the darkness within,
Bringing solace and healing, where true healing begins.

His love, a balm, soothing our scars,
A gentle touch, mending our hearts.
In His embrace, we find our strength,
To face any challenge, any length.

5. God’s Love: A Tapestry of Grace and Mercy

       by Anonymous

Woven with threads of compassion and grace,
God’s love, a tapestry, forever to embrace.
In every stitch, a reminder of His tender care,
A symphony of devotion, His love we share.

Through trials and tribulations, His love remains true,
A tapestry of grace and mercy, forever anew.
In His presence, we find our way,
A tapestry of forgiveness, where darkness gives way.

6. God’s Forgiveness

       by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Our sins, like mountains, rise so high,
But God’s forgiveness, like the sky,
Is wider than our utmost need,
And deeper than our deepest deed.

Poems about God’s Love and Blessings

Looking for some poetry to help deepen your faith? These poems about God’s love and blessings will fill you up. Whether you’re seeking comfort during a difficult time or just want to feel more connected to your spirituality, these works will speak to your soul. So sit back, relax, and let yourself be immersed in the beauty and grace of God’s love.

1. God’s Love: A Shower of Blessings

       by Anonymous

In every raindrop, His love descends,
A shower of blessings, that never ends.
His love surrounds us, like a gentle embrace,
A soothing balm, washing away every trace.

With every drop, a whispered prayer,
A symphony of gratitude, filling the air.
His love nourishes our souls, like a life-giving stream,
A shower of blessings, fulfilling every dream.

2. God’s Love: A Tapestry of Abundance

       by Anonymous

In threads of abundance, His love intertwines,
A tapestry of blessings, where hope shines.
With every stitch, a gift we receive,
A symphony of grace, where we truly believe.

His love provides for all our needs,
A tapestry of abundance, where every seed feeds.
In His presence, we find our worth,
Blessed and cherished, from the moment of birth.

3. God’s Love: A Symphony of Grace and Provision

       by Anonymous

In every heartbeat, His love resides,
A symphony of grace and provision, where hope presides.
With every note, a melody of care,
Guiding our steps, with tender flair.

His love provides for all our needs,
From the smallest seed to the tallest tree.
In His presence, we find our peace,
A symphony of grace and provision, where blessings increase.

4. God’s Love: A Beacon of Hope and Fulfillment

       by Anonymous

In the depths of darkness, when hope seems lost,
God’s love emerges, at any cost.
An unfailing anchor, in life’s stormy sea,
Guiding us through darkness, to victory.

His love fulfills our deepest desires,
A beacon of hope, where fulfillment transpires.
In His presence, we find our way,
A journey of blessings, with each passing day.

5. God’s Love: A Tapestry of Joy and Gratitude

       by Anonymous

Woven with threads of joy and gratitude,
God’s love, a tapestry, forever to attitude.
In every stitch, a reminder of His tender embrace,
A symphony of devotion, His love we embrace.

Through trials and tribulations, His love remains true,
A tapestry of joy and gratitude, forever anew.
In His presence, we find our way,
A tapestry of blessings, where darkness gives way.

6. God’s Love: A Radiant Dawn of New Beginnings

       by Anonymous

As darkness fades, and dawn breaks through,
God’s love emerges, like morning dew.
A radiant sunrise, chasing away the night,
Illuminating our path, with His love’s pure light.

His love fills our hearts with joy and delight,
A radiant dawn of new beginnings, shining so bright.
In His presence, we find our worth,
Blessed and cherished, from the moment of birth.

7. God’s Blessings

       by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

God’s blessings, like the dew,
Fall soft and silently,
Upon our souls, like flowers,
Beneath His gracious showers.

8. God’s Love: A Refuge

       by James Montgomery Boice

God’s love is a refuge,
A place of safety and rest,
For all who put their trust in Him,
And seek His guidance and blessing.

9. The Overwhelming Love of God

       by E.M. Bounds

The overwhelming love of God,
Fills the heart and floods the soul,
With a sense of His presence,
And makes us whole and complete.

10. God’s Love and Blessings

       by Robert Morgan

God’s love and blessings,
Go hand in hand,
A perfect blend of grace and mercy,
That sets us free from sin’s dark band.

11. Divine Grace

       by Anonymous

In the quiet of the morning, in the hush of the night,
God’s love surrounds us, pure and bright.
Blessings cascade like gentle rain,
A testament to His love, an eternal refrain.

12. Heavenly Embrace

       by Serene Sarah

Wrapped in God’s love, a comforting shroud,
Blessings abundant, like a golden cloud.
Through trials and triumphs, His love stays,
A timeless promise that forever sways.

13. Graceful Moments

       by Anonymous

Each day a gift, each breath a grace,
God’s love and blessings, we embrace.
In every sunrise, in each nightfall,
His love, a constant, through it all.

Final Thoughts

Our faith journey is full of difficult times, but God’s love brings us through it all.

Writing and reading poems about God’s love can be a powerful tool to express our faith and help us find hope in Him.

As we continue to grow in faith, may these God’s love poems featured here lift our hearts and souls to God.

As always, we’d love for you to join in the conversation – please share any other touching poems you have come across or reflect on the ones shown here!

Comment in the comments section below about this post and tell us what poem has special meaning to you, or if another one not included changed your perspective in some way.

Let’s explore our faith together and deepen our connection with God.

May He surround us with His unconditional love today and always.

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