107 Peacock Poems You’ll Love to Read

In the enchanting realm of poetry, peacocks have been a frequent muse, captivating the imagination of poets, scholars, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Their iridescent plumage and regal presence have inspired a plethora of verses, each seeking to encapsulate the essence of these magnificent birds.

The rich history of peacock poetry, often intertwined with metaphors and symbolism, provides a profound insight into the human connection with nature.

Our journey through peacock poems will take you through various categories.

For those who appreciate the musicality of language, we delve into poems about peacocks that rhyme, and for the curious minds of middle schoolers, we offer age-appropriate insights.

Let’s dig in.

Best Peacock Poems

Embark on a poetic journey where excellence reigns. Discover the crème de la crème of peacock poetry, carefully curated for your reading pleasure. Unveil the beauty and grace of these majestic birds in the best poems about peacocks.

1. The Peacock

       by William Blake

Peacock, Peacock, on the wall,
Show me the world so very small.
Peacock, Peacock, on the tree,
Show me the world as it should be.

Peacock, Peacock, with your train,
Show me the world without pain.
Peacock, Peacock, with your crest,
Show me the world at its best.

Peacock, Peacock, with your cry,
Show me the world up high.
Peacock, Peacock, with your grace,
Show me the world in a happy place.

2. The Peacock’s Tail

       by Edgar Allan Poe

The peacock spreads his gorgeous tail,
And struts and dances, proud and free,
While all the birds within the vale,
Gaze on him with admiring glee.

His plumage shines with every hue,
Like rainbow’s arch in sunny skies,
And as he moves, it seems anew,
To catch and hold the wondering eyes.

Oh, peacock! with thy gorgeous tail,
Thy dancing form and haughty crest,
Thou art indeed a wonder rare,
A living poem, passing blessed.

3. The Peacocks

       by Rabindranath Tagore

The peacocks dance on the lawn,
Their feathers gleaming bright.
They spread their tails and dance and prance,
A dazzling, wondrous sight.

The peahens watch with admiration,
Their eyes filled with delight.
They watch their mates with adoration,
A beautiful and joyous sight.

The peacocks dance and dance,
Their feathers bright and bold.
They fill the air with their romance,
A story to be told.

4. The Peacock’s Cry

       by W.B. Yeats

The peacock cries in the garden,
And the peahen answers him,
Their voices echoing through the trees,
A haunting, haunting hymn.

The peacock cries for his love,
And the peahen cries for his,
Their voices mingling in the air,
A passionate, yearning plea.

The peacock cries for his life,
And the peahen cries for hers,
Their voices a plea for love,
For beauty, and for verse.

5. The Peacock’s Gift

       by Khalil Gibran

The peacock offered his feathers to the sun,
And the sun said, “Why do you give me what is already mine?”

The peacock said, “Because I want to share my beauty with the world.”

The sun said, “But your beauty is already in the world.”

The peacock said, “Yes, but I want to make it more beautiful.”

The sun smiled and said, “Then you have given me the greatest gift of all.”

6. The Peacock’s Dance

       by Langston Hughes

The peacock dances on the lawn,
His feathers spread and bright.
He dances for the sun and moon,
He dances day and night.

He dances for the trees and flowers,
He dances for the sky.
He dances for the world to see,
His beauty soaring high.

The peacock dances on the lawn,
A sight to behold.
His feathers gleam and sparkle,
His dance is bold.

7. The Peacock’s Spirit

       by Rumi

The peacock’s spirit soars high,
It reaches for the sky.
It is a spirit of freedom,
Of beauty and of light.

The peacock’s spirit is within us all,
It is the spirit of our soul.
It is the spirit that yearns for flight,
And to reach our greatest height.

Spread your wings and let your spirit soar,
Let your inner light shine evermore.
For you are a peacock, with a spirit so grand,
A spirit that is truly blessed and unplanned.

8. The Peacock

       by Alfred Lord Tennyson

In the forest, on a tree,
Lies a bird of such beauty,
That all who see him, gaze with glee.
His feathers shimmer in the sunlight,
With colors bright and bold,
Like jewels they sparkle and glitter,
As he spreads his fan, so grand and cold.

9. Peacock

       by Sylvia Plath

My mother’s face floats toward me,
A white peacock with violet eyes.
She does not speak, nor does she smile,
But her presence haunts me still.

10. Peacock Feathers

       by Claude McKay

Oh, how I love the peacock’s feathers,
So colorful and bright,
They seem to dance before my eyes,
A true delight.

11. The Peacock’s Song

       by James Joyce

O, young men, come listen to my song,
For I am old and wise,
I’ll sing of love and life and death,
And all that lies beyond the skies.

12. Peacock’s Fan

       by William Wordsworth

He spreads his fan of feathers wide,
To show his splendor to the crowd,
His eyes gleam bright with pride and grace,
A sight most fair and proud.

13. The Peacock’s Train

       by John Milton

With glory clothed, the peacock struts,
His train of feathers sweeping round,
A vision of majesty and power,
To all who gather ‘neath his bower.

14. Peacock’s Plume

       by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Take this plume, my love, and wear it,
As token of my heart’s devotion,
May it remind thee ever of me,
Until we meet again in heaven’s portion.

15. The Peacock’s Call

       by Edgar Allan Poe

Listen to the peacock’s call,
A voice that echoes through the night,
A cry of loneliness and sorrow,
A soul that yearns for morning light.

16. Peacock’s Dance

       by Rabindranath Tagore

It dances today, my heart, like a peacock it dances, it dances.
It sports a mosaic of passions like a peacock’s tail,
It soars to the sky with delight, it quests,
Oh wildly, it dances today, my heart, like a peacock it dances.

The shower sweeps horizons, the doves shiver in silence in their nests,
The frogs croak in the flooded fields, and the clouds rumble.
But my heart dances, dances,
Like a peacock on a rainy day, spreads its plumes tinged with rapturous colours of thoughts,
And in its ecstasy seeks some vision in the sky,
With a longing for one whom it does not know.
My heart dances.

17. The Proud Peacock

       by Christina Rossetti

The gaudy, mocking-bird’s-mouth peacock seen
In gold and azure. From splendor to splendor.
Behold! All is splendor.

18. The Peacock

       by James Stephens

The birds about the Maypole
Stood still as stocks:
A stone in the morning
Seems never a stone
At evening, and Peacock
Is known to his own.

19. The Peacock

       by Mary Oliver

There’s a blue ring around his neck. I hope he keeps it,
I hope we get to see it, all of his life.

20. The Peacock’s Pride

       by Alfred Lord Tennyson

And as she flutters, hemming in
A heap of roses, always new,
Among the million petaled light
Each one that breaks her from the blue,
Smiling, the rising heart she loves.

Famous Peacock Poems

The echoes of fame resound in the world of peacock poetry. Immerse yourself in verses that have left an indelible mark on literature. Explore the timeless charm of famous poems about peacocks.

1. The Peacock

       by Edward Thomas

Have heard it said that you
Were maimed beneath a May
Night, when first you let your
Great quill fall. Perhaps you were,
But as for me, my barbs are
Talons tearing wounds in the

2. The White Peacock

       by D.H. Lawrence

The white peacock
Beats its breast at the dull grey sky.

3. The Peacock’s Complaint

       by Jalaluddin Rumi

I looked to my right and saw only my own feathers;
I looked to my left and saw only my own feet.

4. The Eyes of Peacocks

       by Thomas Hardy

What’s pretty and what’s not
Shewn by peacock’s eyespot.

5. The Peacock’s Feather

       by Emily Dickinson

Experiment to me
Is every one I meet.
If it contain a kernel?
The figure of a nut
Presents upon a tree,
Equally plausibly;
But meat within, is requisite
To squirrels and to me.

6. The Broken Pitcher

       by Arthur Symons

Against the hard, hasty, pearly sky,
And all the air was heavy with gray light,
The heavy-bosomed earth, the earth of love,
Swung, blind with blossoms, straight into the sun
Along a road of boughs a flower-white road.
The broken pitcher, standing on the step
Beside the well, like a black, crooked tree,
Thrust down its boughs of blinding, dripping bloom.

7. The Broken Wing

       by Matthew Arnold

Sweet Poesy! Might I but woo
Thy Spirit to my sad Cell
This pebble have I called a Gem
For thy enchanted Well

8. The Peacock’s Plume

       by Maya Angelou

The peacock’s plume, a rainbow bright,
A symbol of beauty and light.
It spreads its wings and takes flight,
A vision of pure delight.

The peacock’s plume, a gift to all,
A reminder that we stand tall.
We are unique and special each,
With our own beauty to bequeath.

So let us spread our wings and soar,
And let our inner beauty adore.
For we are all like peacock plumes,
With colors that will never fade.

9. The Peacock’s Song

       by Yusef Komunyakaa

The peacock sings a song of joy,
A song of love and light.
His voice rings clear and strong,
A beacon in the night.

The peacock sings a song of hope,
A song of peace and grace.
His voice is like a prayer,
A balm in time of space.

The peacock sings a song of life,
A song of beauty pure.
His voice is a reminder,
That our spirits will endure.

10. The Peacock

       by Wallace Stevens

The blocks of the icehouse, standing in the moonlight,
The casual litter of the lumberyard,
The fragrance of locust trees in bloom along the river,
The green of the grass, in patches, under the locust trees,
Are a blue ground with blocks of blocking steel.

These are the Peacock’s cry,
Dominating black.

These are the leaves themselves,
Turning in the wind,
In the twilight wind,
Turning as they turn in the wind,
In the twilight wind.

They sweep across the room as though driven by a broom
From corner to corner by a broom,
Across the floor as if driven by a broom.

The cry of the Peacock is a cry of dismay.

The blocks of the icehouse stand in the moonlight.

The casual litter of the lumberyard is a casual litter.

The leaves turn in the wind.

The cry of the Peacock is a cry of dismay.

11. The Peacock

       by William Wordsworth

In nature’s infinite book of secrecy
A little volume clothed in blue and green
And slowly turning through the varied scene
Was the peacock’s tail, a vision most serene.

12. Peacock

       by Walt Whitman

From out the dimness, from the obscure,
Arises the peerless one, with forms and colors,
Through all the tumultuous riot of the rainbow,
Unrivalled in glory, in hues and shapes.

13. To a Peacock

       by Oscar Wilde

Oh, thou art fairer than the morning sun
Fairer than the noonday sun in splendor basking
Thou art more lovely than the twilight star
More lovely than the night with her soft veiling.

14. Peacock’s Plume

       by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In the quiet garden, where the flowers bloom
And the bees and butterflies hover and swoon
There, amidst the roses, the peacock struts and spreads
His gorgeous fan of feathers, like an Eastern prince.

15. The Peacock’s Tail

       by Christina Rossetti

Amidst the grove, where silver birches sway
The peacock with his train, in pomp array
Struts round, and spreads his glowing fan
To charm the woodland nymphs, his forest friends.

16. Peacock’s Song

       by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

I wander thro’ the lonely lands,
My feet upon the mountains stand,
And when I hear the tempests roar,
I sing my song, and praise the storm.

17. The Peacock’s Pride

       by Robert Browning

Oh, pride of peacocks, how thy glory gleams
In sunshine, when thou lift’st thy gorgeous trains
And spread’st them wide, a spectacle supreme
For envying eyes, a wonder and a dream.

18. Peacock Feathers

       by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Take these feathers,—their beauty is thine own,
Gift of the East, from the hands of the dawn
They were brought for thee, as a token of love
By the bird of heaven, with wings from above.

19. The Peacock’s Call

       by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Hark, the peacock calls, and his voice is clear
As a streamlet’s murmur, musical and near
He cries aloud, with a plaintive tone
Like one who mourns o’er his lost throne.

20. Peacock’s Homecoming

       by Algernon Charles Swinburne

Back to the woods, back to the wild,
Where the heart of summer lies, untamed
There, where the peacock’s pinions wave and glide
Shall I find peace, and my soul’s delight.

21. The Peacock’s Farewell

       by James Thomson

Farewell, ye woods, farewell, ye skies,
Farewell, ye flowery fields, where first I rose
The peacock’s home, where now I take my flight
Is in the realms of endless day and light.

22. Peacock’s Eyes

       by John Donne

She hung the jewels in her hair,
Of peacock’s eyes, so rare and fair
One for each eye, and one for her brow
To show her wit, and make her spirit bow.

23. The Peacock’s Train

       by Alexander Pope

So let us rail at chance, and fate, and Providence
But secret joys and pleasures still attend
The peacock’s train, the bird of paradise
And thus our ills, we often blindly miss.

Short Peacock Poems

In the world of poetry, brevity can be as powerful as grandeur. These short peacock poems encapsulate the allure of these birds in concise verses. Discover the elegance of succinct expression in short poems about peacocks.

1. Elegance Unfurled

       by Anonymous

Peacock’s tail unfurls,
A fan of vibrant hues,
Nature’s art displayed.

2. Feathers Aglow

       by Anonymous

Peacock struts with pride,
Feathers shimmer, colors flow,
Nature’s living gem.

3. Plumage’s Splendor

       by Anonymous

Peacock’s plumage glows,
A rainbow in each feather,
Beauty in display.

4. Proud Peacock’s Gaze

       by Anonymous

Proud peacock surveys,
His iridescent domain,
Beauty on display.

5. A Quill’s Dance

       by Anonymous

Peacock’s plume in hand,
A quill of vibrant beauty,
Poetry takes flight.

6. Feathers of the Sky

       by Anonymous

Feathers from the sky,
Peacock’s colors soar so high,
Nature’s grand design.

7. Eyespot’s Mystery

       by Anonymous

Peacock’s eyespot gleams,
A secret held in its gaze,
Nature’s hidden art.

8. Colorful Elegance

       by Anonymous

Peacock’s elegance,
A symphony of colors,
Nature’s masterpiece.

9. In the Garden’s Heart

       by Anonymous

In the garden’s heart,
A peacock’s regal dance,
Beauty blooms anew.

10. Feathers Aflame

       by Anonymous

Feathers aflame,
The peacock’s silent cry,
Nature’s fiery grace.

11. Plume’s Poetry

       by Anonymous

Peacock’s plume unfurls,
Each feather a verse of life,
Nature’s poetry.

12. Strutting with Grace

       by Anonymous

Peacock struts with grace,
Nature’s own parade of art,
A living canvas.

13. Eyes of the Peacock

       by Anonymous

Eyes of the peacock,
Secrets held in brilliant gaze,
Nature’s mystery.

14. The Beauty of Display

       by Anonymous

In vibrant display,
The peacock reveals its art,
Nature’s silent pride.

15. A Glimpse of Royalty

       by Anonymous

A glimpse of royalty,
The peacock reigns supreme,
Nature’s crowned jewel.

Long Peacock Poems

Sometimes, a profound exploration demands a little more room. Join us in an extended poetic journey through long poems about peacocks. Delve into the intricacies of peacock beauty with verses that stretch your imagination.

1. The Peacock

       by Alfred Lord Tennyson

In what is fine or beautiful
(I ask myself)
may not be in all ways what is useful,
I ask, this beautiful
bird and a worthless one,
what they have in common.

Or in peacocks may be in us,
I ask,
both must

Yet in the blue eye
the red eye
and the long wing feather
(I ask myself)
may be found what is most valuable,
I ask, for man,
the living man.

But how in the plume
and the beauty
of the peacock may I find in its plume
the living plume?
On a branch,
in a nest,
the peacock stretches.
He is beautiful,
with outstretched wings
he is beautiful,
while he screams.
By the side of the peacock
a beech
tree’s leaf screams.
Yet it is not as in the green tail feathers
that fall
it is not in the long, thin beak
where the great, radiant eyes
at the crest of his head
burn like the eyes of the man
who might be God,
who looks at what He has made,
looks from above down,
and has made the peacock.

Even more
to these eyes
than all others,
the male peacock must seem
more beautiful, less
beautiful than all.
He has no other purpose
than to win
over a hen
with his scream.
And the greater his beauty
the more
he screams,
a whimpering and weeping
I wish
I were less beautiful
than I am
in my eyes.
No one
would say, he is beautiful,
of me, I am sure.
If someone does say
I am, he is not saying
that I am beautiful.
He might say, I wish
you were less beautiful,
then we could
think of you as
a good man, now
you are a brute
without being
good for anything.
I was born
and cried
for the first time,
I too
was beautiful
in my mother’s
And when I was ten,
I think,
and sang
and when I had grown
and loved,
I sang
and sang
more beautiful
than anyone else
(I sang, while my mother
was dancing,
my sisters were
in the village.

All day I sang.
I was so beautiful
that in the whole world
who saw me
was speechless,
except my father,
who said,
you fool,
how can you sing,
sing, when you must
so many sacrifices.
After dinner
I went to my room
and cried
and said,
why am I so beautiful.
When you sang
today, my mother said
(and my sisters
and my father
when they came in)
and even a young man,
with his betrothed
in his arms,
a very young man
and a very beautiful woman
were listening, not to the song,
to the beauty,
and when
the song
had stopped
they said,
this song is beautiful.

And I am too,
you are beautiful,
a woman said.
And he said,
in my eyes
I am beautiful
as the male peacock
who looks down
at his feet
and screams
(and is not crying).

My head is white,
and when
I look
at my feet
I see
in my eyes
my blue head.
In my eyes
I am not beautiful
(I say, he is saying).
I am not
But when
I say, no,
I am saying
I am not beautiful,
I say,
how can I say, I am beautiful,
I know
that I am saying, I am not beautiful,
that I am not saying, he is saying.

You could not
see my blue head.
I ask myself
if it is as beautiful
as in my eyes.
I do not know
if it is as beautiful
as my eyes.

2. The Peacock

       by Mary Oliver

The peacock
displays his tail again,
great blue leaves,
sapphire suns,
a ritual of light.

He makes a garden
where none was before.
He transforms the earth
with his beauty.

He is a magician,
a poet,
a dancer.

He is a peacock.

3. The Eyes of Peacocks

       by Thomas Hardy

Eyes of peacocks,
Eyes of peacocks,
Jewels five-fold,
Rainbows turned to stone:

Stars in velvet,
Eyes of peacocks,
Infinite variety.

Mystic marvels,
Eyes of peacocks,
What do ye see?

Is it a vision
Of the world’s soul,
Some strange sight
That we cannot know?

O eyes of peacocks,
Eyes of peacocks,
Grant me to see
What ye see.

4. Peacock Tales

       by Danielle Witt

Once there was a jungle
Every creature great & small
Was given special gifts there
God, he gave them All.

He gave monkeys humor
He gave gazelles grace
But the peacock was quite special
He gave HIM the fairest face!

Now, as with all great blessings
This one had a curse
The peacock… quite spectacular!
But he had an ugly Voice!

Peacock screeched displeasure!
He spread his tail… and then…
He saw his greatest curse of all
His Very plain Peahen!!

5. Past love

       by Ezzah Saleem

She came floating in
Her presence felt by all those around.
She tosses her hair and teases her fans.
This past love of a love of mine.

Dances from place to place
On the affection of her loves,
Never looking back
Not believing in mistakes.

Feathers of turquoise and emerald
She holds her head high,
For she is a great peacock
The past love of a love of mine.

I am but the swan in the lake.
A body of white, a beak of gold
Some say graceful, other say gauche
Though I have found my Neuschwanstein.

Everything I am is for him
So now I am sure
She will only ever be
A past love of a love of mine.

6. Her Identity

       by Nishu Mathur

Her eyes were cold,
Her lips were pale,
Her heart was frozen,
Her smile was broken,
Her soul was empty,
Her face was spotted with regrets and pain,
Her mind was possessed by some unknown powers,
Her emotions were burried when she was a young girl,
She was a peacock in a cage,
Beautiful but locked.
She had no words and no voice
For silence ruled her.
Her memory was her enemy
For it left her alone everytime.
Her fears? They were uncountable, infinty.
Her thoughts? They would haunt her.
Her dreams? They failed.
Her people? They ditched.
She was a dead flower,
No color, no fragrance,
Only thorns attached
And petals crushed.
That was her identity.

7. The Dance of the Peacock

       by Jim Davis

As dark clouds thunder on a grey day,
Resounding across the arid plains,
I hear the loud cries of a bird,
It cuts across the rhythmic drumming of the clouds,
He’s quiet for a moment, then I hear him again.

Through the trees I see him,
Royal, an electrifying metallic  blue,
A peacock, stunning, strutting,
Fanning his train of feathers,
Eyespots of majesty, stroked with mossy hues.

He dances in a flamboyant display,
In spot light, as lightening flames the sky above,
Nonchalant, a blue crested head turns with pride,
His ornate train, shimmering, beckoning, to and fro,
His moves, a courtship ritual of love.

His iridescent trail woos in style,
A life of its own in its opaline shades
Golden, blue, brown and green,
Colors of the earth, gloriously resplendent,
A gathered spectacle in  his plumage.

As drops of rain touch the earth,
He is still high on the wings of romance,
His feet in motion,
His feathers spread for his mate,
Quivering, glimmering a love dance.

8. Azurite Flame

       by Eleanor Rigby

We have a peacock
Grand Azurite the third
Even his name a flame
He fans his blaze of shine
To ladies throughout his realm

Whether cat, dog,
Rooster, mare or hen
Or his sweet dame the same
He only wishes from all
A little bit of aloof admiration

Starts his day with a strut
Goes all day long looking
For a fawning long gaze
Ends every given long day
In mostly similar ways

He and his dame
Blissfully life spent thus far
Patiently eagerly waiting
For a brood of little ones
To teach to fan their flame

9. I Have Dreams

       by K Balachandran

I have dreams that I once was
A free majestic albino peacock,
Jewellery trapped under a rock.
I have dreams that I never was.

I have dreams  that I once was
An old tree covered in snow,
Winds that took an eastern blow.
I have dreams that I never was.

I have dreams that I once was
A poor little drowning fish,
A silver ring left to tarnish.
I have dreams that I never was.

I have dreams that I once was
A lot of things and one thing,
But I never was anything.
I have dreams that I once was.

10. The Witch and the Peacock

       by Elena Andrade

Was with  a salacious witch
with amazing quick silver tongue,
Confidence personified
she challenged me to chase her,
If I so wish, not in words.
Her liquid eyes and gestures,
made me mad with pleasure
by the time we reached the peacock hill.
Peacocks, big  blue eyes painted on feathers,
each, was in love with her, it seemed.
Danced vying with each other,
to please her, while she winked at me.
As if to say”They’ll **** each other
to get my glad eye”wouldn’t I feel jealous?

Helpless, I did surrender to her spell,
like others in the line, in my front and back.
When just one touch of her index finger,
would evoke magic, I’ll get
Transformed to a young peacock
of  exquisite beauty, with blue green plumes
none have ever seen before,to flaunt at
others of the ilk, on seeing it they’d back out.

Such a witch is one of a kind,my mind
whispers, it’s she who assures me this,
On the full moon night, due in a week
we’ll fly to the far away  hill where
She’ll be with me helping to build a nest,
turning to a peafowl herself,
She’ll lay a dozen eggs,
yes, in  to my ear, she says, this is only later,
When, she with index finger will
gently touche me and proclaim, thus:
“This is the peacock I enticed and 
with my witchcraft ,bound  for life”

Peacock Poems That Rhyme

Rhymes add rhythm and charm to poetry. Dive into the melodious world of peacock verses that rhyme. These poems about peacocks with rhyme will not only captivate your senses but also enchant you with their musicality.

1. Peacock

       by Anonymous

Oh, peacock, with your feathers bright,
You dance in the sun with all your might.
Your train is long, your crest is high,
A sight to behold, you catch the eye.

2. Peacock’s Dance

       by Anonymous

The peacock dances on the lawn,
His feathers spread, a dazzling dawn.
He prances and he twirls and gleams,
A vision of beauty, it seems.

3. Peacock’s Pride

       by Anonymous

The peacock struts with pride,
His feathers spread so wide.
He knows he’s a sight to see,
A creature of majesty.

4. Peacock’s Call

       by Anonymous

The peacock calls, a haunting cry,
That echoes through the sky.
He sings his love for all to hear,
A song that’s both bold and clear.

5. Peacock’s Jewels

       by Anonymous

The peacock’s feathers are a gem,
A rainbow of dazzling hues, they gleam.
From emerald to sapphire, they glow bright,
A wondrous sight, a dazzling light.

6. Peacock’s Grace

       by Anonymous

The peacock moves with graceful ease,
A dancer on the summer breeze.
His feathers sway, his crest held high,
A vision of beauty in the sky.

7. Peacock’s Dream

       by Anonymous

The peacock dreams of distant lands,
Of skies so blue and golden sands.
He spreads his wings and takes to flight,
A creature of pure delight.

8. Peacock’s Gift

       by Anonymous

The peacock shares his gift with all,
His beauty, his enchanting call.
He teaches us to dance and sing,
To live our lives with joy and spring.

9. Peacock’s Magic

       by Anonymous

The peacock’s magic fills the air,
A spell that casts away all care.
We watch in awe as he displays,
His feathers in a dazzling maze.

10. Peacock’s Spirit

       by Anonymous

The peacock’s spirit soars above,
A symbol of beauty, joy, and love.
He teaches us to reach for the sky,
To dream big and live life to the fullest.

11. The Majestic Peacock

       by Anonymous

In gardens lush, where colors play,
The peacock struts in grand display.
Its feathers shimmer, bright and bold,
A vision of green, blue, and gold.

12. The Peacock’s Pride

       by Anonymous

With feathers fanned in vibrant hues,
The peacock struts, adorned to choose.
A regal bird, a splendid sight,
Its plumes catch the sun’s golden light.

13. Peacock’s Elegance

       by Anonymous

The peacock’s tail, a work of art,
Each feather plays its special part.
With grace and beauty, it does prance,
The epitome of elegance.

14. Peacock’s Song

       by Anonymous

A peacock’s call in the morning’s hush,
A melody of colors, a vivid brush.
It struts and preens with such delight,
A dazzling creature in the light.

15. Peacock’s Dance

       by Anonymous

In the garden, a peacock’s prance,
A dance of elegance and romance.
Its plumage sways with every move,
A graceful rhythm, a stunning groove.

16. Peacock’s Plume

       by Anonymous

Each feather shines, a vibrant bloom,
In the peacock’s plume, there’s no gloom.
With a fan of colors, a splendid array,
It brightens up both night and day.

17. A Peacock’s Tale

       by Anonymous

A peacock’s tail, a fanciful story,
Of beauty, pride, and all its glory.
Its feathers tell of nature’s grace,
A wondrous bird in every place.

18. Peacock’s Gaze

       by Anonymous

In the peacock’s eyes, a secret’s kept,
In iridescent hues, a promise swept.
Its gaze reveals a world untold,
A mesmerizing sight to behold.

19. The Peacock’s Crown

       by Anonymous

Adorned with a crown of feathered delight,
The peacock struts in the soft daylight.
Its regal plumes, a majestic array,
A royal bird in every way.

20. Peacock’s Reverie

       by Anonymous

As evening falls, the peacock dreams,
Its plumes aglow in moonlight beams.
In slumber’s grasp, it rests and sighs,
A beauty that never truly dies.

Peacock Poems for Middle School

Nurture a love for poetry and nature in middle schoolers. These age-appropriate peacock poems introduce students to the enchanting world of avian-inspired verses. Explore poems about peacocks for middle school designed for young minds.

1. Peacock by Haiku Poets

       by Anonymous

Proud peacock dances on,
A rainbow of feathers spread wide,
A sight to behold.

2. Peacock

       by Anonymous

Peacock, peacock, on the wall,
Your feathers shine so bright.
You dance and prance and show your all,
A dazzling, wondrous sight.

3. Peacock

       by Anonymous

Peacock, peacock, so grand,
With your feathers so bright and so grand.
You dance and you prance,
And put on a show,
For all of the land.

4. Peacock

       by Anonymous

Peacock, peacock, in the wild,
Your beauty is unmatched and mild.
You grace the land with your presence,
And fill our hearts with reverence.

5. Peacock

       by Anonymous

Peacock, peacock, in my dreams,
You dance with your colorful beams.
You inspire me to soar high,
And reach for the endless sky.

6. The Peacock

       by Christina Rossetti

Lo, how a cloud breaks and transpares
To a monotonous monotone!
As like as a Peacock on the lawn
Ruffling his plumes in a dazzling dance.

7. The Peacock

       by Robert Seymour Bridges

Before The Queen and Princess Kate were seen
To make and hear all difference of delight,
He, flamboyant, traversing the whole green
Held aloof the best eye to mark the site,

8. The Beautiful Peacock

       by Saba Khamneipur

A beautiful Peacock, dancing around,
In the garden where flowers can be found.
Spreading its feathers, so colorful and bright,
In the soft glow of the moonlight.

9. The Peacock’s Plumes

       by James Laughlin Hughes

There was a time
When I was a peacock
When I was proud and bright
My colors were fire
When I was a peacock
When I was colorful and loud

10. Peacock’s Parade

       by Sarah Josepha Hale

The Peacock is a princely bird;
His crest is like a crown,
And royal purple robes are stirred
And changed as he walks down.

11. The Vanity of the Peacock

       by Phoebe Cary

“I wish I were a king, and then I’d wear a crown!”
The little Peacock said; “I think it would look nice,
To sit upon a throne, and rule the world, and frown,
And all the world would wonder at my golden crown.

12. The Peacock

       by Aileen Fisher

I love the peacock
For many a reason:
His feathers are season
In a rainbow of splendor.

13. The Peacock’s Feather

       by Abbie Farwell Brown

Do you know
What they say
About the peacock’s feather,
This lovely, lovely feather,
We found among the leaves

14. The Pride of the Peacock

       by Celia Thaxter

The peacock goes strutting across the green.
So proud of his tail so fine.
He prances and dances and twists and twirls,
And oh, how the colors shine!

15. The Peacock

       by Amy Lowell

A ring of golden fountains round him spread
Bright from the brilliant hollow of his head,
And the air was azure, with a soft caress,
As if he moved through its most tender part.

16. The Tale of the Peacock

       by Rachel Field

If he’s wise, he doesn’t make the task too hard,
He makes one think of some extravagant king,
An oriental prince, so big and splendid.

17. The Pretty Peacock

       by L. Frank Baum

The pretty Peacock laughed outright;
He said that would be queer, and quite
Impracticable for such as he
Whose beauty every one must see.

18. The Peacock’s Call

       by A.B. Martin

A lustrous crown of feathers he displayed
His color vivid, never before seen
A plume to bow his feathers high, displayed
The sun went down, a lustrous raiment spread

19. The Blue Peacock

       by Margaret Wise Brown

Little peacock went out one day
As I watched him he went away
With his slow and dragging feet
Out into the empty street.

Final Thoughts

In the world of poetry, the allure of peacocks is timeless, and their vibrant plumage continues to inspire poets, scholars, and nature enthusiasts.

The journey through the peacock poems, from the best and famous verses to short and long compositions, offers a kaleidoscope of emotions and imagery.

Share your thoughts, experiences, or even your own poems about peacocks in the comments below.

Let the peacock’s regal beauty and symbolism continue to resonate in your hearts through the art of poetry.

Your reflections can inspire others on this poetic journey of peacock poems, poems about peacocks, and the enchanting world of peacock poetry.

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