400 Catchy Movie Theater Names to Boost Your Success

Launching a theater business and coming up with movie theater names to define their identity is a tough task to do, especially when you are living in a world of modernization and technology.

Watching movies on the big screens while eating salty popcorn is preferred over watching them at home with all the distractions. Movies at theatres are far more fun than watching them at home.

There had been a time when theatres experienced a drop in attendance and inadequate revenue generation. However, in recent years, movie theatres have renovated their facilities to provide better seating arrangements for their fans, enhanced screen quality, and reduced ticket prices for their films.

This has raised movie theatre revenue collections, reviving the industry as a profitable business that is attracting the interest of potential investors.

But do you know, with so much revolution in the theater industry, there is increased competition between the theater owners due to a wide range of options for the customers?

People, rather than choosing a random theater to watch a movie, also look for a place with comforting seats, overhead sound effects, an out-class cinematic presentation, and a beautiful ambiance.

Hence, if you aim to attract as many customers as possible then, invest your required amount of time in answering the question ‘how to name your movie theater’ because people judge a theater based on their movie theater names. With that being said, be ready to put pen to paper as we take you through a variety of movie theater name ideas to generate your own unique movie theater names.

Best Movie Theater Names

Searching for some ideal movie theater names? Then, blow it off because we have got all at one place to help you select a name for your new business. Enjoy!

  • Classic Cinema
  • The Costumed
  • The Rose Petal Concert Hall
  • Carmel Cinema 8
  • Movie Store
  • Ifilm
  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • Movie Escape
  • Theater Prosper
  • TFF Headquarters & VR
  • La Cinéphile
  • Kaufman Film Inc
  • Sweet Movies
  • Theater X
  • Lights Camera Acting
  • Theater Loud
  • Movierocket
  • Cinema Scribe
  • Atrium Stadium Cinemas
  • Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas
  • Cinema Palace
  • Epic Theater Center
  • Ambassador Theatre
  • Flickzilla
  • Key Theater
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Star City

Catchy Movie Theater Names

If you are here, looking for outstanding movie theater name ideas, then we are glad that you have landed at the right place exactly because this article will not disappoint you!

  • Theater Horizon
  • Bombay Theatre
  • Filmx
  • Ye Olde Movie Theatre
  • Loews Theatres Lincoln Square
  • Screen Queen
  • Guild Enterprises
  • Theaterara
  • Dream Pictures
  • Film Fun
  • Full-Length Feature
  • Popcorn Cinemas
  • Massive Screens
  • The Animus Concert Hall
  • Le Critique
  • Everything I Own
  • Back Stage Productions
  • HUGE Theater
  • North Shore Tower Cinemas
  • Filming Forever
  • Enjoy Cinema
  • Entertain Movies
  • Hypothetical Theatre Co Inc
  • Stuart Cinema & Cafe
  • CinemaOps
  • Scandinavia House
  • Main Street Cinemas

Creative Movie Theater Names

Creativity comes with a lot of thinking and experimentation. But if you want to play safe and avoid any kind of risks, then get your pen and notebook because you are going to be bombarded with a large amount of movie theater name suggestions.

  • Cinema Hall
  • The Casino Cinema
  • Theater of Cause
  • Desert Cinema
  • Theater Plug
  • Museum of the Moving Image
  • Galaxy Cinemas
  • Palace Theatre
  • Flix Farm
  • Adult Cinema Review
  • IFC Center
  • Joy Films
  • Main Street Movies
  • Shout
  • International House
  • Short Films Walk
  • IMAX Corporation
  • Movie Vibe
  • RAD Theater
  • Cinemas 1, 2 & 3
  • Popcorn Scope
  • Trailers Cinema
  • Systems Cinema
  • Cause a Scene
  • The Actors Theatre Workshop
  • 4D Theater at NY Aquarium
  • Movie Poster Cinema

Unique Movie Theater Names

Movie houses are more than just a place to have fun; they can also become icons and can earn a special place in the hearts of movie buffs. Hence, creating a name that strives with the changing time is not an easy task. Check out our list of ideas for movie theatre names.

  • Circus De Souls Paramount
  • ReelVerse
  • Cinematic Wonders
  • Cozy Cinema
  • Film Bond
  • FilmFluent
  • Big Screen Theatres
  • Star Cinema
  • Regal E-Walk 4DX & RPX
  • Flix Matrix
  • Cinema Redux
  • Movie Moms
  • Black Sheep Theatre
  • SVA Theatre
  • See the Stars
  • Theaterado
  • Cinematic
  • Chelsea Theatre Goes
  • Movie Applause
  • Box of Films
  • Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen
  • Reading International/City Cinemas
  • Cinema Crave
  • Great Movies
  • Friends of Theatre Collection
  • Movielove
  • Star Sights

Cute Movie Theater Names

If your theatre has a very cute environment, then a boring or dull name will not do justice to the place. Therefore, have a look over these names for movie theatres that match the ambiance of your cinema.

  • Tribeca Film Office
  • Family Flix
  • Kips Bay
  • Discover Watch
  • Movie Rise
  • Getaway Cinema
  • Friends of Film
  • Film Foundation
  • NYC Independent Film Fest
  • Theater Resources Unlimited
  • Certified Cinema
  • Movie Mall
  • Quad Cinema
  • Belasco Theatre
  • Film Fiends
  • The Imagine Assembly Hall
  • Party Cinema
  • Nitehawk Prospect Park
  • Russell Cinema
  • Theaters Splash
  • The Happy Cinema
  • Relax Room
  • Theaterquipo
  • Silver Screen Movies
  • Projection Matrix
  • Theater Novel
  • Film Watch
  • Michele Lynch

Trendy Movie Theater Names

We’ve compiled a list of intriguing and memorable name ideas for movie theater to get you rolling. You can obtain ideas from the movie theatre names we’ve compiled and come up with the ideal name for your new venture.

  • Theater Mode
  • Journey Cinema
  • Bravo Cinema
  • Stargaze Theatre
  • Theater Inspirit
  • Home Cinema
  • Enjoyment Hall
  • Franklin Square Cinemas
  • Film Pulse
  • Action Theatre
  • Movie Makers
  • FilmoryX
  • Projector Mix
  • Ancient Films
  • Anthology Film Archives
  • Theater Ignite
  • Village East Cinema
  • Theateraza
  • Cinema Sounds
  • Feature Presentations
  • Honor Cinema
  • Cinema Version
  • On the Scene
  • Theater Carriage
  • Theater Project
  • Mainstream Movies
  • The Luminous Theatre

Classy Movie Theater Names

Living in this time of the pandemic, where the cinemas are all closed, it’s the best time to reconsider your previous choice and think of some innovative ideas to name your movie theater before you step in. Here is the movie theater names list, to sort your problem out.

  • Celebrity Cinema
  • Cinemagic
  • Projection Mayhem
  • Cinema Scenes
  • Maniac Movies
  • Movietime
  • Producers Club Theaters
  • Dream Movie Hall
  • Reel Time Cinema
  • Flow Flix
  • Plug the Movie
  • Curtain Call
  • Paradise Factory Theater
  • Theater Wind
  • Golden Theatre
  • Worldwide Films
  • Audience Cinema
  • Eugene O’Neill Theatre
  • LeFrak Theater
  • Champion Pictures
  • Theater Voice
  • Drama Queen
  • Film Time
  • Urban Views
  • Staycation Movies
  • Giant Screens
  • Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas

Cool Movie Theater Names

The most preferred spot for all the teenagers and cool peeps out there is to spend time in a movie theatre. This is why we have jotted down a long list of movie theater names to help you hit your stride.

  • Cinemasy
  • United Flix
  • The Animus Cinema
  • Film Forever
  • Moviemissile
  • Supercinema
  • Sweet Scenes Movies
  • Take Action
  • Maniacal Movies
  • Films Galore
  • Alpine Cinema
  • The Peacock Opera House
  • Blackout Cinema
  • AMC Shore 8
  • Movie Zilla
  • Scene Dreams
  • Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas
  • Film Fans
  • Theater Broadcast
  • Theaternest
  • Hudson Theatre
  • Drive Up Cinema
  • Metrograph Commissary
  • Fun Flix
  • Theatre Maximus
  • Urban Films

Good Movie Theater Names

There are numerous aspects to consider before deciding on ‘how to name movie theater,’ such as what personality you want to convey and what type of customers you want to attract. This is why we have covered a wide range of theatre names to help you get started.

  • Old-Time Cinema
  • Film Foray
  • Bandra theater
  • Biggest Screens
  • Big Theater Mass
  • H Cinema
  • New World Stages
  • Dream Movies
  • Regal Essex & RPX
  • Theater Loop
  • Nordic International Film Festival
  • Theaterorzo
  • Film Master
  • Theater Season
  • Theatre Kendall
  • Scribe Theater
  • Market Cinema
  • Professional Theater
  • Ye Olde Theatre
  • In the Action Cinema
  • Foremost FIlms
  • Catch Movies
  • Film at Lincoln Center
  • Front Row Co
  • The Alliance of Resident
  • Enigma Theatre
  • Cinema With Class

Clever Movie Theater Names

If you want your theater to stand firm among all other theaters in the town, then you must explore these cinema names given below, for a clever name to draw your audience.

  • Titanic Movies
  • Weekend Cinema
  • Power of Film
  • Square ScreenX
  • Maysles Documentary Center
  • Projection Nation
  • Big roion Theatre
  • Local One Stage Hands Union Parade
  • Roxy Cinema
  • Major Cinema
  • Times Square Theater
  • Foundry Theatre Inc
  • City Cinema
  • The Silverlight Assembly Hall
  • Screenz
  • Movie Maniacs
  • Market Theater
  • Spectacle
  • Movie Plug
  • Cinema Shout
  • Family theater
  • Theater Treat
  • The Happy Theater
  • United Theater
  • Topper Theater
  • Theater Rise
  • Movie King

Fancy Movie Theater Names

Is your theater situated in the heart of the city? If yes, then you better dream up for a fancy name for your hub to blend in with the atmosphere of the downtown. Below are the best movie club names for your theater.

  • Big Screen Hall
  • Best View
  • Movie Plus
  • Theater Blow
  • Fresh Meadows 7
  • Motion Picture Cinema
  • Cinema Flow
  • New Plaza Cinema
  • Major Movies
  • Axis Theatre Company
  • Theater City
  • The Joyce Theater
  • Pantages Theatre
  • Joy Movies
  • Theaterzen
  • Like Home Theater
  • Feature Film Fest
  • Spotlight Productions
  • Worldwide Theatres
  • Crowd Moviez
  • The Daydream Cinema
  • The Paris Theater
  • Jewish Theater of New York
  • TheaterScape
  • Celebrate Cinema
  • Cinema Castle
  • The King’s Assembly Hall

Modern Movie Theater Names

Take a look over these modern and unique film club names written underneath. And let us know in the comments below that which one did you liked what you have chosen for your latest business.

  • Sychronicity Theater Group
  • Movies And More
  • Merrick Cinemas 5
  • Rooftop Films
  • The Flux Assembly Hall
  • Theater Spotlight
  • Screens Come True
  • Picturaza
  • Screen Time
  • Rooftop Cinema Club
  • Amaziya
  • Operation Opera
  • Inside Movies
  • The Flux Theatre Works
  • Iris & B Gerald Cantor Film Center
  • Club Bijou 82 Cinema
  • Limelight
  • Queens DRIVE-IN
  • Booth Theatre
  • Film Fanatics
  • Theaterzilla
  • Movie Matrix
  • Nationwide Films
  • Movie Night
  • CityPlex 12 Newark
  • Hollywood Theatre
  • Cinema Village

General Movie Theater Names

Cinemas are a big deal at the present time. If you don’t come up with exemplary cinema business names, then you are missing a major part.

Thus for your ease, we have enlisted a decent amount of business names.

  • Virtual Views
  • Movie Mayhem
  • Mom & Pop’s Movies
  • Film Sounds
  • Samuel J Friedman Theatre
  • Welcome Movies
  • Light Industry
  • Nitehawk Cinema
  • Mind Movie
  • Movie Mood
  • Theatre 80
  • SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY
  • The Unison Theater
  • Nationwide Theatres
  • Fair Theatre
  • MicDrop
  • Filmify
  • Warwick Drive-In Theater
  • Hoagy & Bix Co
  • Breakaway Movies
  • Regal Battery Park
  • Stage Cinema
  • Faison Firehouse Theater
  • Sunbow Productions
  • Momma’S Movies
  • Comfort Cinemas
  • Sweet Scenes Films
  • Settle In Cinema
  • Mark Cinema
  • Cinematics
  • Filmtime
  • Point Zero
  • Loop of Cinema
  • Dream on Screen
  • Fortune Four
  • Movie Awe
  • Old Time Films

Funny Movie Theater Names

Want to name your movie theater something funny and humorous? Then we have got you covered, as this page is going to help you to find the best of cinema business name ideas.

  • Rise Movies
  • Scene It Cinema
  • Downtown Movies
  • Movie Maniac
  • Allwood Theater
  • Reel Cinema
  • And Action!
  • Film Factory
  • Capital
  • The Screen Scene
  • Surround Sound
  • First Films
  • Screen Grabs
  • Peephole Cinema
  • Movies Galore
  • New Amsterdam Theatre
  • Movie Men
  • Change Film
  • FIlm Forum
  • Movie Map
  • Regal Bricktown Charleston
  • The Indie Cinema
  • Theater Bravo
  • Top Theater
  • Sun Theater
  • Variety Movies
  • Theater Edition

Witty Movie Theater Names

Tired of scanning and skimming through a lot of different pages? Then donot look any further because we are going to assist you to discover the top leading movie theater name ideas.

  • Theater How
  • Popcorn Horizon
  • DGA New York Theater
  • Movie Madness
  • In The Seats
  • Israel Film Center
  • Light House Films
  • X-Treme Films
  • Go To The Movies
  • Reel Vibe
  • The Reel
  • 29 Street Repertory
  • Brooklyn Drive-In
  • All in One Fun
  • Classic Theater
  • New Victory Theater

Movie Theater Names Generator

When you put your thinking cap on, the possibilities for naming a new business are unlimited. The goal is to create the most effective plan for you and your company name. Following are the links to the movie theater name generators.

5 Tips for Creating Perfect Movie Theater Names

Large corporate or franchise multiplexes, drive-in theatres, smaller and more specialized movie houses, and community theatres are all viable possibilities for building a movie theatre. All you gotta do is to make sure that whatever style of theatre you intend to open becomes a popular success. And for this, the first step towards the success of any enterprise is its identity- A unique name.

While there are numerous obstacles for establishing and maintaining a theatre, it has the potential to be a vibrant aspect of people’s lives and the community’s identity. Since we can’t just back off from the challenges, let’s just face them and start with the primary step, which is mustering up movie theater name ideas.

Here are the five tips for creating the perfect movie theater names;

  1. Brainstorm:

The best thing to do when your mind is exploding with ideas and solutions is to put your thoughts into words. This is the perfect way to reach conclusion without getting distracted or messing it all up. In this regard, once you are done with jotting down all the movie theater names, eliminate the least favorite and boring ones from the list.

This one-on-one brainstorming will help you to clear your mind, sustain your energy and will help you to attain that ‘aha’ moment straightaway.

  1. Keep it simple and unique:

Been thinking real hard to respond to your own query of ‘how to name your movie theater?,’ then sit back, inhale a deep breath, and now just select any name out of all the lists which is simple and unique at the same time. Don’t get too hard on yourself because that will only make things more complicated instead of making it easier.

  1. Insert literary devices:

You should utilize poetic devices if you want your name to be remarkable. Combination words, dramatic capitalization, alliteration, and rhyme or hyperbole are the best literary devices to use for your business name. For instance, if your cinema is named ‘The Royal Reign Theater’ you can also change it to a fun name as ‘Rock&RollTheater,’ by altering the rhythm and combining the words to make it sound snappy.

  1. Depicts the core value:

Choose a name that depicts the core value of your place. If your cinema is confined to a certain genre like horror and thrill then your name must be according to it but if your theatre covers a variety of genres and is also a site for live stage shows as well the make sure that the name resonates with its quintessence.

  1. Make use of Iconography:

If you have a favorite movie or director, now is a fantastic moment to pay tribute to them by employing film symbolism to promote your business and inspire your business name.

You can demonstrate your passion for cinema and make the name more personal to you by naming it after your favorite directors, characters, and film iconography.

In drawing things to close, one last thing you could try is a movie theatre name generator that will open a bundle of movie theater name suggestions for you.

Final Thoughts on Movie Theater Names

Despite the downfall of theaters during the pandemic, the movie industry is still, as powerful economic force as it has always been. A trip to the theatre is an ideal spot for a special night or a get-together with friends.

When you watch a movie at home, you don’t get the social experience; though in a theatre, you can hear the audience react to the film as a whole and enjoy the experience as well. But this can only take place when you are fortunate enough to attract clients as much as you can for the prosperity of your business, which again narrows down to the movie theater names for your cinema.

Hence, for this reason, enjoy the exceptional movie theater name ideas generated from movie theater name generator, all wrapped up in this candid article. Also, we wish that may your newest venture gain sufficient notable prosperity and success with our suggested movie theater names, in the long term so that we could also see it as a brand in near future.

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