54 Math Poems That Will Make Learning Fun

Learning math can be a very daunting task for many, and it’s not often something we willingly take on in our spare time.

However, with the right attitude, approach and math poetry, it doesn’t have to be such a challenge!

The great Albert Einstein once said “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” – so what if we combined these two things together?

The math poems that will make learning fun – sounds like an interesting concept right?

A creative way of inspiring us to learn something new while also providing enjoyment and allowing us to explore our own creativity.

Whether you’re looking to brush up on basic numeracy or want to solve some complex algebraic equations using rhyme – this blog post of poems about math has got you covered!

Best Math Poems

These best poems about math will stick in your mind and inspire you to tackle even the most challenging equations with ease. The best part is that you don’t have to dread math anymore! So, give them a try, and you’ll soon find that math isn’t so scary after all!

1. Abhorrent Arithmetic

       by T.J. Morrissey

The hypotenuse, the cube, and the square,
It crosses me, as being quite unfair.
It crosses me, as a bisecting line,
And it is quite grueling, though I do fine.

Some are useful in life and in practice,
Like how to make it even, a lattice,
But some are useless to the fourth power.
This sort of question, turns me quite sour.

Forget that, the compass, a passive tool.
Forget the ruler, which barely can rule.
Forget the protractor, straight edge, and more,
Because math, unlike books, lacks luster and lore.

2. To My High School Math Teacher

       by John Watt

Perplexed teenager, lacking social lumen
pulled C’s in English, D’s in History –
my dreadful retrograde trajectory
projected no collegiate acumen,
in prom discussions, practically subhuman!
Then, your poetical geometry
and sleek Cartesian choreography
became my sailing ship, and I, its crewman.
Derivatives soon danced in arcs non-static.
Pythagorean proofs helped me progress,
vectors resolved problems that once would vex.
Your agile algebra of joy quadratic:
my new hypotenuse of happiness
helped me to find myself… I solved for x.

3. Half Mast

       by Sarai Virden

Can one count the pieces of a broken heart?
Can a flag half staff proudly wave?
Will kites still rise in staccato weather,
or partial freedom be less than a slave?

Explain this measure of a hearts half beat
wind that blows yet never reaches the trees
the disfigured countenance of a dreamers disgrace
how half body dreams cry imbalance in between

Tarnished stains of unpolished silver
flyblown details of a life unabridged
groping for a fortress forged by slivers
unfit by the stages between and betwixt

shifting weight from east to west
dodging shadows of intent and neglect
standing at the post where the middle never met
like a chromosome missing beholding what’s left

Oh to be pregnant with hope
then giving birth to a portion revoked
How does one survive the division
of two halves opposing a whole

What brightness can a light once shining
affect through half of a soul?
and where is the joy in knowing
without two halves you’ll never be whole?

A heart scattered in fractions
equations refusing an algorithms find
These are the conundrums which riddle
and the factors left baffling the span of time

4. Maths

       by Meenakshi Hariharan

A strange subject that’s maths
Which has never got me any pats.

Three major subjects in mathematics
Algebra, geometry and arithmetic.

Maths is full of calculation
But the problem is in multiplication.

You draw lines for squares and triangles
But you also have to find their angles.

Once when you double it’s a square
But when divided by the same number it’s a one.

The sums and problems are of tricks
Your mark is zero if it doesn’t click.

5. A Sphere

       by Kami Zheng

I think your world is falt
But mine is a sphere
Your world goes forward backwards, right, left
Mine goes forward, backward, right, left, down, up

You fear falling off the edge
I fear circling back to wear I started
For the hundreth time

With no where to go I dig deeper
Tilling through the soil with the weary but hopeful eyes
But the deeper you dig the harder it gets
You have to dig longer
You have to become stronger
Because the farther down you go
The more the earth heats up
It sticks together
Melts into a blob
It becomes too soft to sustain
What’s pulled out slides in again
Back into the lava of mystery

If we could reach the center our world would not exist
If anyone was down there the earth would collapse
We are too fragile to withstand the pressure of the whole earth on our earth-made bones
It’s more impossible than an ant carrying elephants on a million sides.

But there’s another dimension as well
One that increases or decreases each time you come around the same spot twice
And see something in a different way
Maybe it’s the spin on the electrons,
Maybe it’s flight and fleet
A new binary realm of possibility
One can develop or regress
That part of me is growing
If the rest of me wanders
From pole to pole and high to deep
I just wish I could see it
With my 3D eyes
The 4D plane
The outside of the box
And the reason why it shakes

6. Mathematics

       by Funom Makama

Mental stretching, the required sacrifice
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
To all exercises, these four are the basics
Hell on paper but sweet in its understanding
Equations and formula, serving as raw products
Mastering the existence of numbers to gain its wisdom
Arithmetics also in a graphical representation
Then its technicalities in shapes and planes
Into life’s activities, these applications silently integrate
Calculation of numbers and expressions
Sum up all problems via solutions to an answer.

7. Today’s Sunrise

       by Caren Krutsinger

today’s sunrise was prettier than all of the others
and I have seen almost thirty-six thousand of them
I know because I calculated how many days I have been alive
thirty-five thousand, nine hundred and seventy-seven sunrises
Wait! A second said a colleague. You watched the sun rise every day?
I am a bit sheepish now. Maybe I have seen twelve sunrises.

8. Headache of Mathematical Proportions

       by Nhuja Dongol

When you can’t divide a number by 0
Learn mathematics and you’ll be a Hero
Infinity, proportions &
coordinate geometry
you can get a headache, I cannot guarantee!!!
maths full of + and –
Beware! you can suffer from memory loss
Even though the probability is very rare
think your way, a headache-nobody
can bear
when the headache comes to maths
unlike physics, chemistry or anatomy
I advise you to relax
And think about the solution slowly.

9. Setting in a Math’s Exam

       by Dawn Ndlovu

The sound of silence
pounding in my head,
numbers revolve but
formulars envade my
head like solders
of love.
An idea comes but
answers are not there,
the pressure starts to
are word comes “30minutes
left” she says.
owww my feet starts to shack,
swet starts to show,
My head is high like are
bird flying without wings.
will the pressure stop
when the world turns around
cause shes standing,
right next to me saying
“times up”.
My future is gone 3hours
of pain and sorrow.
seating in an maths exam.

Famous Math Poems

Math can be a tricky subject to grasp, but it doesn’t have to be boring. That’s where these famous poems about math come in. These clever rhymes and verses turn mathematical concepts into something more playful and enjoyable. Try them!

1. Favorite Subject

       by Anthony

a subject disliked by many
Curves depicted by sharp or smooth angles
definitive characteristics from one to the other
each to prove their existence
Geometry however, is my favorite
ability to see her facial shapes
trapezoid lips, rhombus eyes, triangle nose
Best of all
the obtuse degree at which she smiles.

2. You Can Never Divide by Zero

       by Anonymous

You can never divide by zero
And I am happy.
You can never divide by zero
And I was never abused.
You can never divide by zero
And those scars are from my cat.
You can never divide by zero
And I don’t want to die.
You can never divide by zero
And I am happy.

3. Super Sum

       by Roman Montemorano

Upper pizza sheds its crust
at the spheric core
pyramids prevent the cardboard
from its cheesed gore

Valuation for the winter
winner’s glimmer cold
as the added must divide
one denominated scold

More the flavor more the tongue
language flourish stir
cocktail savor shaken songs
worse hips cannot whirl

As with songs so with meals
dances and the speech
mingle mixtures see the shades
color bolded breach

4. Fear of Numbers

       by Earl Schumacker

Fear of numbers is real
They carry adding machines on their backs
And loaded numbered guns
Divide and subtract from families and everyone
With two times the pleasure two times the fun
Double their trouble on the run
You cannot escape the digits on your hands and toes
They are counting on you to pull them through
Children fear math and numbers like the plague
Run from them at multiple fractions of a second
Poof!…Like zero, (Is that a real name and number?), they are gone
Figures hide behind accountants glasses
Hitting you with tons of taxes
Not to be divisive or derisive
Or taken down in dividends
I think they’re out to get you
In the end they have no
Something’s don’t add up
You can count on that

5. Rhythm and Art

       by Trevor McLeod

The only answer to the math question was love
Everyone denied it and moved on
Each grave for others
and not God fron

For where are equations
but in the heart
When all of our nation
means rhythym and art

6. Just Skin

       by S. Hosking

Eleven, a prime number
the number of layers of
Skin in the game
Bruised or distorted, thin skin, thick
Swollen and starving
All the same in the vain vein
Of wanting, striving to be added.
Seen. Understood. Valued. Desired.
Simple arithmetic and decent poetry.

Variety in the shapes of you
never gave me much trouble.
lines were steady and clean.
Easily followed geometry
invited intrigue with turns and curves
Utterly diverting.

Higher math came through
Blew me away.
With possibilities
Figuring probability
fractions of myself so quickly lost
Shattered by a glimpse found
Plausible in the infinite of creation
In that universe
where you could have
loved me.

7. The Invention of Zero

       by Robert Ronnow

By which nothing is divided.
No zero
no negative
no opposite
no hope
no Adam, no apple, no marriage, no morning.
No mirror
no knowledge
no God, no soul, no ear lobe, no Iliad, no Odyssey.
No universe
no black hole
no zodiac
no hero
no mission, no omission, no fission, no fusion.
No beanstalk
no tractor
no yellow
no 7:30, no wind, no window, no owl, no one.

8. Freshman Year

       by Anonymous

i have learned more about friendship than algebra one,
more about love than the french revolution.
today i picked strawberries,
fingers sweet and pink,
sitting on a counter, across from my best friend.
we shared stories of family and love,
and laughed as the sun sipped on our skin.
the things i learn

9. An Equation

       by Hyam Plutzik

Coil upon coil, the grave serpent holds
Its implacable strict pose, under a light
Like marble. The artist’s damnation, the rat of time,
Cannot gnaw this form, nor event touch it with age.
Before it was, it existed, creating the mind
Which created it, out of itself. It will dissolve
Into itself, though in another language.
Its changes are not in change, nor its times in time.

And the coiled serpent quivering under a light
Crueler than marble, unwinds slowly, altering
Deliberate the great convolutions, a dancer,
A mime on the brilliant stage. The sudden movement,
Swifter than creases of lightning, renews a statue:

There by its skin a snake rears beaten in copper.
It will not acknowledge the incense on your altars,
Nor hear at night in your room the weeping.

10. Geometry

       by Rita Dove

I prove a theorem and the house expands:
the windows jerk free to hover near the ceiling,
the ceiling floats away with a sigh.

As the walls clear themselves of everything
but transparency, the scent of carnations
leaves with them. I am out in the open

And above the windows have hinged into butterflies,
sunlight glinting where they’ve intersected.
They are going to some point true and unproven.

Funny Math Poems

Are you tired of boring math lectures and tedious worksheets that seem to go on forever? Well, have no fear because these funny poems about math will add some much-needed humor to your learning experience. Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourself and see how much more exciting learning can be!

1. Gross Fruits

       by David Fisher

We planted a gross of strange, cube shaped fruits
Below the soil, then waited for shoots
When summer was through
Only twelve grew
Which is what you get when you plant, square roots

2. Concerning Math and How to Say It

       by Timothy Hicks

The British call it maths,
but the Americans ditch the s
causing much international scorn.
But for our sake, p’raps it’d be best
to keep subjects
only halfway grasped
in the singular form.

3. Einstein’s Bent Lines

       by Ed Morris

Though we hail Albert E.’s creativity
For his grand tour de force, relativity,
It remains a tough climb
To imagine space-time
With its axes not fixed but all pivoty.

4. I Didn’t Do My Math Homework

       by Jacob Cra

I didn’t do my math homework!
I watched T.V instead!
I better come up with an excuse… and quick!
Or else I’m surely dead!

My brother tore it!
It’s in the garbage!
Mom says it causes brain damage!

My power was out!
I had the flu!
I was having trouble excreting my poo!

You know, why even bother?
My excuses are so lame!
I know! My dog ate my homework!
Now to find a dog I can blame…

5. Nevermind Number Nine

       by Michelle Faulkner

Rounded up
Forgotten pup
No hourglass shape
Like sister eight
Denied the pluck
Of seven’s luck
No flashy tricks
For clever six
Lacking the vibe
Of cool kid five
Awkward score
No balanced four
Craves symmetry
Family of three
Alone and blue
Unlike cute two
While ten and one
Have all the fun
Eleven stays
Aloofly away
Twelve is far
Too popular
And all the teens
Have their own scenes
So, find time for nine
In your counting rhymes!

6. Life and Math Equations for Contest

       by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores

The life situations can be compared
To a math equation to be resolved
Finding the variable
That is fully capable
To get a formula question answered

7. Just Doesn’t Add Up

       by Nandita Das

Pythagoras once fell off a ladder
And landed on a venomous adder
This adder couldn’t add
Calculus made it sad
Algebra and theorems made it madder.

8. Math Blues

       by Cindi Rockwell

They try to give math a happier spin
“How many times can this number go in?”
As if you are part of some numerical clique
Because you can find a square root extra quick.
It’s always “add up,” time’s up,” “divide up,”
That keeps me looking down, counting down, feeling . . . yup.
I can’t find the angle for a celebration
When numbers and math are in the equation!!!

9. Delightful Disorder

       by Paul Geiger

A sweet disorder in the dress kindles
In clothes a wantonness; a stole about
The shoulders thrown, a fine distraction; an
ErrIng Lace, which here and there enthralls the
Crimson Vest; a cuff neglectful, ribbons
Flow confusedly: a winning wave (note)
In the tempestuous petticoat: a
Careless shoe-string, in whose tie I see a
Wild civility: does more bewitch me,
Than Art when too precise in ev’ry part.

10. The Geometry of a Love Gone Wrong

       by Rhiddhit Paul

Drawing lines between shapes of grief
Going in circles, awaiting the lietmotif
Now just a side of a triangular run.
With defences up like the Pentagon.

Then finally looking Love square in the face
While Hope’s line slopes down in disgrace
Calculating a Geometry too disjoint
For Love to have a basic point.

Short Math Poems

These short poems about math are a game changer for anyone who has ever dreaded math class. They will not only make you smile, but also help you remember those pesky formulas and equations. Check them out!

1. Number Line

       by Anonymous

one point zero
echoes into salty silent air
two marooned
an ocean of integers
floating between
decimals swim in schools
fish in the indominable blue

2. Math

       by Ettie Christian-Bowling

Why do we need math?
Because it puts us on a narrow path.
Even though it sometimes makes you swell up in wrath.
To most,
Math just causes you stress,
But that’s not the case.
It’s a worker’s base,
Math is in every place.
Math doesn’t have a realistic face,
But when it is used,
It leaves a remarkable trace!

3. The Inventor of Zero

       by Caren Krutsinger

an Indian mathematician
first person to use zero as a number
he represented it as a dot in the beginning
until zero evolved

4. Mathematicians

       by Mario De Paz

Use a complicate language
Hard to understand.

Things are quite simple
When are thought in simple words.
No mathematics?

5. Solid Figures

       by Lexi Tasker

Solid figures are fat, not flat.
A cone is like a party hat.
A sphere is like a bouncy ball.
A prism is like a building tall.
A cylinder is like a can you pop.
A cube is like a dice you drop.
Solid figures are here and there.
Solid figures are everywhere.

6. Numbers Don’t Lie

       by Abdrew Gayle Adams

One comes fom none as an opposite two.
Those two are to-do balencing three.
Allowing the infinite array of possibility.
Four is evermore.

7. Math

       by Taylor Kim

Addition, subtraction
multiplication and division
it’s math
fractions, like one-half
and angles on 90 degrees
don’t forget shapes, that’s a breeze
and then comes geometry!
it’s math
do you know all your facts?

Math Poems That Rhyme

Have you ever struggled to get excited about math? Well, fear not because we’ve some short math poems that will make learning fun! Whether you’re a student, teacher, or just someone who wants to impress their friends with some math knowledge, you won’t want to miss out on these clever rhymes. So, grab a pencil and get ready to be entertained!

1. School Memories

       by Andrew Dexter

Memories of my school days,
I remember being in class,
It seems like only yesterday,
Now the years have come to pass.

Looking back in years gone by,
There were happy times and sad,
Playing in the school yard,
The lessons weren’t all that bad.

I didn’t like maths at all in class,
My favourite was always art,
I always enjoyed the break times,
A fight would sometimes start.

We had assembly in the mornings,
We would sing and we would pray,
Walk in single file to the classroom,
I loved coming home each day.

The happiest times of our lives,
They went so quick somehow,
My school days are all over,
They are all behind me now.

2. One Plus One Equals Three

       by Anonymous

One plus one equals three.
What about such numbers can’t you conceive?

Shall I show you a way in which this is true?
Get out a pen, let’s learn something new.

If you and me are meant to be by the means that two equals three,
let me conjure up an explanation to make our love the final destination:

You can’t have 1 without it’s other half
Or else, makes no sense if put on a graph

Because you can’t graph a number with the lack of more,
Or else the value would hit the floor.

So now that we’ve established that 1 equals 2,
then here’s the last of what to do

Add some tenderness in the midst,
the fondness of how you felt upon my lips.
Possibly all the nights we spent;
even the one’s you’ve come to resent.

But aftermath aside, my work is done,
you can’t tell me that doesn’t add up to 1

Because if it doesn’t, then our time was a waste.
My math makes sense, but somethings out of place.

If my words to you have been left to shoo,
then one plus one only equals two

3. Maths and Poetry

       by Tolani Akinola

I love my maths…
And I do my poetry…
Inborn is the art…
Reborn is the goemetry…

When my lines are void of profection
I get to balance the equation
What a joy I get in providing solution
With my rhythm and its variations

My love for art is to infinity
Playing around with numbers is divinity
And when I get confused in the mapping
I resolve back to my writings.

4. Maths

       by Andrew N.

Is it a decimal or is it a fraction,
Should I divide or use subtraction?

Can anyone tell me what is this shape,
Do we use a ruler or maybe a tape?

One hundred centimetres make one metre,
How many millilitres to a litre?

Push the buttons on a calculator,
Teacher shouts ‘Use your brains!’ – you’ll need them later.

Three times six, find the factor,
(But not using a protractor)

5. Philip Larkin’s Koan

       by Paisley Rekdal

In the perfect universe of math it’s said
the world’s eternal aberration.
In fact, we should be less than dead,

math itself disrupted for matter ever to be read
as real. A thought so hard to fathom that The Nation
in its article on math has said

we lack the right imagination: the human head
will not subtract itself from the equation,
zero out the eager ego to be less than dead.

Did the numbers hunger for mistake, for fun upend
themselves to recalculate our infinite extinction?
And was existence meant for all, since it could be said

without our numbers others might have thrived:
the black rhinoceros, shortnose sturgeon—?
Articles of horn and scale both less and more than dead,

figurative dreams that now haunt us in our beds.
Memory’s another flaw in our equation. Was it The Nation?
I forget. Regardless, I know that someone said
in a perfect universe, we’d all be dead.

6. Our Maths Sir Erases the Blackboard

       by Jermon

Our Maths Sir erases the blackboard
But leaves a part unwiped
He takes a pen off the hooked cord
And now begins to write

Our Maths Sir erases the blackboard
And keeps a bit not right
We look at it with our necks bent
But it just doesn’t seem alright

Writing on the now whiteboard
He flashes a cunning smile
And tells us not to hoard
What puzzled our minds awhile

While erasing the frustrating blackboard
He repeated himself again
“Keep the good things on board
And throw the rest away”

And that’s the golden life’s taste
And all because no waste- no haste

Math Poems for Students

Mathematics can be a very daunting subject for many students, but what if we told you that you could learn it in a fun and creative way? That’s right. Math and poems don’t have to be enemies. In fact, they can be the best of friends. Don’t believe us? Check out these mathematical poems and see for yourself.

1. Life Is Maths

       by Keerthana Haridas

life is like maths,
we divide our problems among our friends.
life is like maths,
we add happiness and then multiply it.
life is like maths,
we subtract sorrows and extend our lives.

2. Math Class

       by Dalton

yawning over numbers
and equations.

Angle to angle,
side to side.
Finding the missing piece
that leads to a full picture.

Connecting the dots,
taking time out of my day
to write notes I may
or may never need.

Ignoring blatancy,
roundabout, and yet
still only one solution,
only one answer
to the problems that plague me.

…I could really use a nap right now.

3. Falling for Formulas

       by Raven Russell

Your midnight body mulls over the moment.
Rolls over the clock, to plant seeds unspent.
Adding a like number to opposing spaces.
As each eonical click flickers on his face.

In past lives we were duke and duchess.
Thriving in full term, whole number blessed.
Holding sequences in our zygotic best.
We finally empathize with ghosts at rest.

Your rain water catch barrels filled to tipping.
Nature, producing physics without thinking.
Your 2 am nudity, physical without stripping.
Our birthday suits, musical theory scripting,

push, pull, off, turn-on, never dividing.

In rationed clips and phrases we activate.
A cave drawing of a working sun dial.
You breathe dips and phases so wild.
A moonlight child, sips the Sun, its mate.

Your saturated shades. Infatuated, I obeyed.
Dialoged dials that spun finitely, uniquelly.
Each torrid, split infinity, fractual sensuality.
Using geometry to figure out your curves.

Higher math to understand your soul.

4. The Testing

       by Anonymous

I should be making stories
Making fuel for my mind to wander upon
I’m stressing over exams
Burrowing my nails into my scalp
Scanning my eyes over scribbles that must have meaning
But the thoughts I had possesed before are flowing out
To make room for more expressive thoughts
But in my brain I create a lasso to reel them back in
Flowers bloom over XY and Z
Horseshoes fling around the complex vocabulary
Triangles that are missing angles become castles
and the 63° becomes a princess in a window
And I push them back again
But I can’t stop thinking about when I was younger, though
When these tests didn’t occur
And I could imagine a world
One more mystical than ours
But now I’m completing 23 questions in an hour

5. My Relationship with Maths

       by Aishu

I try to like maths
Maths unliked me

I try to befriend maths
Maths unfriend me

Maths create an invisible problem
And expect you to find a solution

I wonder why humans create a problem and look for a solution

In time maths came in to show problems are part of life

This is something I learned from mathematics
There is always something to learn

6. Math Class Thoughts

       by Ella Bawden

My brain is clustered with thoughts
Spinning around every space, every corner, every memory
My heart thumps louder
My eyes squeeze harder
My tears come faster
My work piles up taller
Why don’t I care anymore
Why is it so difficult to work and try
Why is everyone so damn annoying
They don’t understand
They never will
I tell myself with dignity
As if they’re the problem
But deep down
I know I am
I know I’m not trying
I know I hate myself
I know I want to give up
But I don’t
Im just existing around everyone else
Im just a fly in the room that irritates others every now and then
But I’m mostly unnoticeable

7. Aphelion

       by Robert J. Tiess

The math professor left our class
to lecture on astronomy.
Her message on the blackboard read,
“The universe loves irony!”
She taught us distance, summertime,
when Earth and sun stand most apart.
This leads to heat and seasons since
the planet leans.  She drew a chart.

We heard how things could be and not,
that opposites can unify,
and heat seems cool and coldness hot
as answers make us question why

small atoms make the biggest things
or hidden black holes swallow light
while stars explode and worlds collide
to sow the seeds of life through night.

Those college days fly far away,
but now I’m nearer, clear to see
I’m just a student of the stars
and one more proof of irony.

8. Pi

       by Keyla Aranda

Not the one you eat!
but the one you use in math,
One hundredth digits.

9. Maths

       by Birdy

I love maths
it proves that we were
just another mish mash
of geometric nonsense
refusing to accept
that you were a square
and that I was a circle
and that organic movements
do not match
with corners
and straight lines
Unlike you I **** at mat

Final Thoughts

Learning mathematics doesn’t have to be boring.

With the many fun math poems shared here, students of all ages can gain a better appreciation and understanding of the subject.

In addition to providing hours of entertainment, these mathematical poems help to make studying for exams easier and more engaging as they help develop memorization skills through rhyme!

Hopefully this math poetry helps those of you who are looking for creative ways to study math.

And if this post has inspired you or simply entertained you, please comment in the comments section below about this post – it would mean so much to us.

Until then, happy learning!

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