20 Best Firewood Storage Ideas to Keep Your Firewood Secure

You can not have a fireplace if you do not have appropriate firewood storage. Things with firewood is that it needs to be stored effectively. Place it on the ground they will get moisturized, positioned outside they will certainly be wrecked, and store them inside your house only makes your home filthy.

So what can you do? Well, you need marked storage space. Don’t worry. You won’t need to determine exactly how to create storage space alone. We obtained you covered. Here we have collected 20 innovative ideas for storage space that will certainly inspire you. Ready to obtain influenced? Let’s get to them now.

Iron Curved Wood Rack

If you have great deals of firewood to store, you will certainly require a big as well as solid firewood storage rack. This is due to the fact that firewood can be hefty actual fast.

If the storage shelf is not large as well as strong, it will certainly either obtain complete quickly, squashed under the weight of the firewood, or worse case, both.

To accommodate your storage space requires, select huge storage made from steel similar to this. Such storage has a great amount of lugging capacity. And also because it is constructed from steel, it is tough enough to take care of the weight of the firewood also in big quantities.

Under the Stairs

This set is a very brilliant firewood storage space. Instead of preparing an assigned firewood storage box or rack, the area under the staircases and also floor is utilized as the storage for firewood.

This has dual benefits. Initially, there is no requirement to invest money on a box or rack. Second, the firewood is quickly available.

Probably the only disadvantages are just how it impacts the appearance of the interior as well as hygiene issues. The very first disadvantage would rely on your interior.

If sliced timbers make the inside a lot more appealing, after that it is not a problem. The 2nd concern only happens if you don’t clean up as well as deal with the firewood.

‘ Hidden’ Storage

Some home owners like their fireplace however do not like exactly how the firewood looks like. This is specifically true for home owners who have mainly white interior. The option? Develop ‘concealed’ vertical firewood storage space similar to this one.

As seen right here, the firewood is positioned behind the fireplace. A nook is behind the fireplace in which the firewood is stored for later use.

With such storage space, no one will know where you get the firewood. The firewood can be grabbed at any time and it does not influence the interior. Appears good, doesn’t it?

Storage space is a critical part of a home. All of us need that having added storage won’t harm. Check out our storage ideas right here and make every little thing fits in your home.

Stacked Timber

If you don’t mind having interior firewood storage as well as display them, then simply proceed. Make a cabinet to keep the firewood beside the fireplace. Because the storage gets on the side of the fireplace, you can constantly refuel the fireplace anytime you such as.

As seen right here, the firewood is put on display as if they are designs. This is a creative method to not only shop firewood however likewise add elegance to the room. This can operate in the different interior, especially if the closet as well as the wall surfaces are white.

Simply Lovely

Next is firewood storage space outdoor. Unlike indoor storage space, with outside storage, there is no need to fret about cleaning up the firewood. That is, at the very least until you are mosting likely to utilize them. Since they are outside, they don’t make any kind of difference in the inside, also.

The issues with firewood storage outside are that they are at risk to aspects and also termites as well as it takes some time to pick up and also refuel the fireplace.

Aside from that, it’s great. And also if you want to make them attract attention in the backyard, simply make a simple yet gorgeous form like the storage seen below.

Firewood Shed

Planning to make firewood storage outside? The primarily point you must bear in mind is protection. Make sure that the firewood storage space that you make can protect the firewood from the weather condition and also pets.

Contrasted to the various other firewood storage ideas, this will certainly take a bit of job. But the outcome is gratifying. With firewood storage shed, you will certainly have an assurance and without the worry of thinking about your firewood stock obtaining damaged by weather and animals. As well as it does not consume any type of space inside the house, too.

Woodshed Pallet

When it pertains to firewood storage style, there is no restriction to what and exactly how you make the storage. As an example, a pallet firewood storage space cabinet like this will be ample to save your firewood demand.

If you are going the DIY-way, make sure that the scheme is strong enough to hold the firewood stock. Additionally, be mindful of where you are placing the firewood storage space. Be sure you can get the firewood effortlessly every single time you require them.

Trendy Firewood Storage

Turning firewood into a design is not that difficult. This wall installed firewood storage just proves just how easy it is. All that is required is to pile your firewood stock inside a vertical shelf and also voila! Firewood for days.

You do not have to pick in between feature and also visual. As seen here, you can have both of them. Instead being a poor enhancement, the tidily piled firewood ends up being a centerpiece in the area, 2nd only to the fireplace close to it.

In regards to a fireplace, how does your fireplace mantel look? Does it look appealing as well as attention-stealing? If your present fireplace mantel does not look that attractive, our fireplace mantel concepts right here can assist you make an attractive one.

A Set of Boxes

This firewood storage space is similar to the previous one. The differences are that this set is not wall-mounted and put beyond your house.

What makes this firewood storage space box so good is that it corresponds the fireplace itself. You can’t simply neglect two big, good-looking wooden boxes, can you?

As these boxes look excellent, they make a wonderful pair of designs for the outside areas like the outdoor patio, the deck, the garden, or the backyard. You can take them inside, too. Just be sure to empty them initially so they can be brought conveniently.

Under the Shelves

Often, we already have sufficient storage to keep the firewood. We simply don’t understand it. The shelving is a good example of that. While the majority of parts of the shelves are inhabited with different decorations, the bottom shelve is used as storage for firewood stock.

You can attempt this at your house. Browse and see if there is a vacant bottom shelve you can use as storage space. The only catch is that such storage space may be small, unlike assigned storage which you can customize according to your demands.

Mobile Storage space

If you do not require as much firewood, you will not need as large firewood storage. Because instance, your best alternative will certainly be portable storage. You can use a big wooden container such as this, for instance.

The benefits of having a wood container are that they are mobile as well as will not consume room. When you need it, simply carry it as well as position it in the very same space as the fireplace. When you finish it, you can simply move it to an additional place. Pretty cool.

Firewood Storage Space Bench

You do not need to buy or make a firewood storage box from scratch. Do you have any unused bench? If so, you can repurpose it into storage for your firewood supply.

All that is needed is to include shelving, which several benches have currently. To make it much more attractive to the eyes, you can repaint the storage with a more attractive color like blue. If you get on a budget, this is definitely one of the very best firewood storage space concepts you ‘d intend to attempt.


A few of us just have to stock great deals of firewood for our demands. Are you like that as well? If you are, you will require larger as well as useful storage space for your firewood supply. And also what’s even more practical than storage space on both sides of the fireplace?

Having one firewood storage space box on each side allows you to store lots of firewood, thus satisfying your needs. Such ability needs to meet the demands of lots of people. Not only that, the proximity of both storage spaces makes it a great deal less complicated and quicker to refuel the fireplace.

In the Wall

Suppose you want aesthetically attractive storage yet there is no more space left inside and outside of your house? Below’s a creative option: develop built-in firewood storage space boxes in the wall surface. These pair of storage I an outstanding example of built-in storage space.

The benefits of making such storage space are that you essentially do not make use of any type of space as storage, the area looks much more attractive thanks to the built-in storage space, and refueling the fireplace will certainly be a lot much easier.

Firewood Stand

This is additionally one of the best firewood storage space suggestions if you are on a budget plan. It is extremely, extremely easy to make. What you need are 2 concrete bricks and four lengthy wood boards that are thick enough to get in the holes on the bricks as well as solid sufficient to hold the firewood.

To make the storage space, simply put the tip of each wooden board inside the hole in the brick. Then, location your firewood supply inside the space in-between the boards. There you have it. Really basic storage space for your firewood. Economical? Definitely. Efficient? Of course.

Unique Shed

If you have the methods to make assigned firewood storage space shed, after that just proceed. An assigned shed makes everything simpler, from preparing the firewood, cleansing them, organizing them, to taking them out when needed. As well as you simply have to seek one area to obtain your firewood requires.

The shed requires not to be detailed. As long as it can store adequate firewood, can be gotten to swiftly by foot, as well as can protect the supply from elements as well as animals alike, that will be sufficient.

Rustic Storage

Even if it is firewood storage, does not mean you can’t be trendy about it. The truth is, it can also be used to make a statement also. Isn’t that fantastic?

Just check out this rustic storage. The rustic elements below, as opposed to downgraded by the firewood, get an additional rustic touch from the firewood. If anything, the firewood below boosts the rustic state of mind of the room. Now that’s useful and also aesthetical!

Fireplace Wood Holder

There is definitely no demand to overdo for storage space. One of the most essential point is always capability. Just intend to save your firewood supply and also can not be bothered with anything else? Because situation, the best option is to make simple storage space like this one.

Notice just how simple this storage space is. It is made of concrete as well as is positioned just beside the fireplace. It is as far as simplicity goes. While this certainly keeps things to the minimum, it still looks excellent aesthetically.

Firewood Shelving

Probably there is uninhabited room in your cabinet? Because case, why not fill it with your firewood stock? Albeit marked storage is always welcome, not everybody has the luxury to make one. Some of us need to be inventive with what we have. For instance, utilizing the vacant room in the cabinet.

Before you save any kind of firewood, be sure that they are clean from dust, dirt, dirt, and also other impurities. Bear in mind, you place them inside your home, so health is a must. Additionally, ensure that the cupboard is not humid to stop fungus growing on the firewood.

In a Roll

The last instance of firewood storage is a DIY project. This outstanding storage is developed from a number of thin layers of steel. The largest layer develops the circle, while the smaller sized ones create the separator and shelf. Yes, it is that simple.

The best features of this storage are that it is very easy to make, looks appealing, and can hold lots of firewood inside. These make it amongst the best firewood storage space concepts if you get on a spending plan, have little space to spare for the storage, or both.

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