16 Cute Fireplace Tile Ideas You Can Try for Your Fireplace

The fireplace is a cute centerpiece in the living room. Because of this, it should be as appealing as possible. What about your fireplace? How appealing is it? If yours is not appealing enough, you most likely need some fireplace tile ideas to enhance it.

In the article below, we gathered 16 ideas for the tiles that you can use to make your own appealing fireplace. Without further delay, let’s begin.

Limestone Fireplace Tile

Let’s begin our fireplace tile ideas list with sedimentary rock fireplace tile. Sedimentary rock tile releases a warm vibe to the space. So it is certainly a fantastic modern-day fireplace tile if you intend to make the fireplace the centerpiece during winter months.

Limestone tile also has a natural appearance as well. Considering that sedimentary rock tile tends to have planet tone colors, you will certainly have the ability to add furniture with bold shades liberally.

Stacked Stone Fireplace Tile

Need more stone tile ideas? There are several methods you can incorporate stone tile as the fireplace tile. One instance is to include piled stones. Comparable to limestone tile, this tile likewise brings heat to the living room, making it an excellent option for the winter.

Patterns Fireplace Tile

Blocks prevail materials utilized for houses. Yet, can blocks be utilized as fireplace tile? It turns out, they can. Actually, bricks can give the fireplace a special look, as well. The bumpy herringbone patterns like in the picture over certainly get the attention of whoever enters the living room.

Bricks with herringbone certainly transform the fireplace right into the centerpiece of the area. Exactly how could it not? The patterns distinguish the fireplace from the rest of the space. Include some devices (like greeneries, for instance) and you will have a really intriguing fireplace.

Colored Brick Fireplace Tile

Blocks can be styled in lots of ways. Obviously, painting is amongst them. You can produce a fascinating fireplace by utilizing repainted bricks as the tiles. Bricks painted in black, as an example, bring a sophisticated and also significant ambiance to the space.

To get the best result from repainted bricks, you will require to play a bit with contrast. In the example over, the all-black blocks are contrasted with the wall surface as well as accessories.

‘Honeycomb’ Fireplace Tile

Do you like one-of-a-kind pattern? Speaking of fireplace tile concepts, there is no limit on what sort of pattern you must have for your fireplace tile.

This includes ‘honeycomb’ fireplace tile. ‘Honeycomb’ tile will certainly stand apart from the rest, bringing all the interest to the fireplace.

This type of tile is certainly a great choice if you want something distinct as well as off the beaten track for your fireplace. That’s right. If you desire a unique fireplace, adding tile with ‘honeycomb’ is a great way to do that.

Geometric Tile

This is an additional distinct pattern in our fireplace tile ideas listing. As we stated earlier, there is no regulation that restricts us to select what sort of pattern we need to use for our fireplace. So of course, we can pick whatever we like. That being said some patterns do look better than the others.

A geometric pattern is among patterns that look unique for a fireplace. It makes the fireplace more fascinating and adds depth to it. When incorporated with proper mantel, it comes to be a fantastic focal point in the room.

Black Terracotta Tile

Terracotta tiles are rather usual for fireplace nowadays. Just like lots of other materials, there are great deals of ways to utilize terracotta. As an example, you can select all-black terracotta tiles like in the picture above. A black fireplace always has a particular beauty to it, particularly if there is a white surface area nearby.

If you intend to create a trendy, sophisticated, and sophisticated fireplace, utilizing all-black terracotta is among the best fireplace tile concepts you can attempt.

Granite Tile

Take a look at the picture above. What do you consider the tile? Some house owners love the natural look of granite tile. Exactly how could they not? Having earth tone color, granite tile brings warmth and also convenience, which are 2 points that we all desire from a fireplace.

Granite tile is additionally flexible as well. It can be made use of for any fireplace of different dimensions and also kinds. One-sided fireplace, two sided fireplace, slim fireplace, tall fireplace, you call it. Yes, granite tile is that flexible.

Farmhouse Tile

Many house owners like the look of farmhouse design. If you like it as well, you must consider producing a farmhouse fireplace. One way to do so is by utilizing tiles like aware above. The tile brings glow as well as comfort to the area, which enhances the farmhouse style.

To complete the farmhouse look, you can develop shiplap fireplace mantel, usage dark-colored pieces of furniture as well as a wood surface area. Containers, pots, and also mirror rate, too.

Airstone Tile

Stone tile is definitely intriguing. Nonetheless, mounting them for a fireplace can be a bit hard. Luckily, there is a good option readily available: airstone tile. Airstone tile has the same look, appearance, as well as beauty of genuine natural rock. The distinction is that it is a whole lot much easier to install.

Does it look fantastic? Yes, it does. The above picture is a fine example of a fireplace with airstone tile. In case you intend to try it, you can bring a much more all-natural ambiance to the area by utilizing unfinished timber in addition to add greeneries.

Subway Fireplace Tile

Next off in our fireplace tile ideas is metro tile. Subway tile has a distinctive appearance that separates it from others. It is not unusual if this traditional look is still utilized till today. For a fireplace, subway tile can fit nearly any kind of design. Modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage, metro tile can match them.

Because metro tile is very versatile, you don’t need to stress over it fitting your fireplace design or not. If you are trying to find a fireplace tile that is timeless and also stunning, train tile is your best go-to option.

White Brick Fireplace Tile

Is intricate fireplace not your style? While some homeowners like their fireplace to be intricate, sophisticated, and also dramatic, some home owners choose simpleness rather. If you are amongst this sort of property owners, white block tile is among the most effective fireplace tile ideas for you.

With white brick tile, a fireplace will not look too fancy or remarkable. Rather, it gives a straightforward yet calming look, something which is sought for by lots of house owners. After all, sometimes less is certainly more. A fireplace with white block tile is an example of that.

Black Porcelain Fireplace Tile

There are several ways you can make a fireplace to get interest. Among them is by playing with comparison. In the example over, the fireplace is all black, while the bordering locations (the wall surfaces, the ceiling, and also the flooring) are covered mainly in white.

Light colors for the background and dark shades for the fireplace. What will you obtain? That’s right. A fireplace that gets hold of attention from whoever enters the room. If you want to develop your fireplace similar to the example over, you can utilize black porcelain as the tile.

This suggestion is an excellent choice for house owners who like a minimalist fireplace. Also, because few things or colors are required, it can be imitated and also managed conveniently.

So if you

  • are a minimal
  • like basic yet magnificent style
  • like black and white

this suggestion is ideal for you.

Regular Brick Fireplace Tile

Do you like the look of a normal brick as well as simpleness? If you do, why not create a fireplace with block tile as well as timber mantel like the above? Regardless of being simple, a traditional fireplace like that definitely has its own appeal. It is another example of much less is a lot more without a doubt.

A fireplace does not need to be intricate to be eye-catching. Often, a basic fireplace can do wonders for the inside, as well. Best of all, given that the style is very basic, this kind of fireplace can be mimicked quickly. Simple? Yes. Lovely? Likewise yes.

Marble Fireplace Tile

Marble is among the most typical natural rocks used for the interior. It is not a surprise considering just how stunning a marble surface area looks. The question is, does it work as a fireplace tile? The solution is yes. Yes, it does function as a fireplace tile.

A fireplace with marble tile looks classy, attractive, and also simple. It does not call for any type of bold shade. And yet, it still looks extremely appealing. Amongst the other concepts on the list, marble fireplace tile is one of the best in terms of being both basic as well as stunning.

Rustic Fireplace Tile

Finally in our fireplace tile ideas is rustic fireplace tile. As you most likely have recognized, rustic is just one of one of the most preferred interior decorations today. It is a good example of “old however gold” trope. A fireplace with rustic tile brings calmness, heat, as well as convenience to the living-room. Who would not want that?

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