17 Perfect Fireplace Mantel Ideas to Bring Charm to Your Fireplace

Owning a fireplace mantel is one thing, and making it look charming is another. Probably, you will need some fireplace mantel suggestions for that. Well, don’t worry. We will certainly aid you with that.

Below, we provided 17 remarkable ideas you can make use of in developing a fashionable fireplace. Most of these ideas are basic so you can simply replicate them easily. Let’s begin now.

‘Traditional’ and Vintage Fireplace Mantel

Let’s start our fireplace mantel suggestions with something ‘timeless’: a fireplace mantel with vintage layout. Many points typically end up being less eye-catching gradually. Yet, some things are timeless and look appealing regularly. Classic design is just one of them.

If you want your fireplace that has an ageless design, consider creating a fireplace mantel with vintage layout. Why should you go for something old? Well, the style might be old, however it certainly is gold.

Simple Wood Fireplace Mantels

There are great deals of means we can invite fall. One of them is by placing fall decorations in addition to an easy wood fireplace mantel much like aware over. The mix of wood mantel and also rock surround gives it a warm and also comfortable vibe. It is great preparation for the coming cold air.

To make the space extra enjoyable, you can put a TV over the fireplace. In case you want to do this, make certain that the warmth from the fireplace does not reach the TV.

Grey Fireplace Mantel

If you want a fireplace that is

  • appealing
  • comfy
  • the center of attention in the space

Take into consideration emulating the grey fireplace mantel like in the picture above. The very first two fireplace mantel ideas are a bit easy. This set, nevertheless, is much more elaborate. Notification there are 2 gorgeous illuminations on either side as well as greeneries on the mantel. These make the fireplace stylish and also pleasing to the eyes.

As well as the fireplace surround likewise assists in putting the concentrate on the fireplace. Speaking of fireplace border, we additionally have fireplace border ideas that can aid you develop your own. So, make certain to check them out!

Black and White Fireplace Mantel

The next in our fireplace mantel ideas listing is for house owners who such as to incorporate black and white. White is typically seen as a straightforward shade. That’s true. But simple does not suggest unpleasant. On the contrary, if correctly put, a white surface can look outstanding. The fireplace mantel over is an instance of this.

If you like white as well as black, you can utilize both shades to decorate your fireplace mantel. For example, you can repaint the mantel white while getting the black from the TV, the lights stands, as well as also the fireplace itself.

Fireplace Mantel with Unique Forms

No person claims that you need to constantly go for a level fireplace mantel. If you desire, you can make use of a mantel with distinct shapes, too. In the photo, you can see that the mantle contained rectangular forms. These shapes include deepness to the fireplace, making it look extra attractive.

The piled rock tiles likewise help to highlight the fireplace. They are specifically efficient because the mantel is colored white.

Fireplace ceramic tiles are no question important parts of a fireplace. If you haven’t chosen what kind of floor tiles you will certainly utilize, you must look into our fireplace tile ideas.

Rustic Fireplace Mantel

Rustic design absolutely has its very own unique beauty. This, of course, relates to rustic fireplace mantel too. The distinct look of rustic fireplace mantel will assist you to escape your day-to-day regimen. Besides, rustic fireplace mantels have a tendency to look very various from what you see throughout the day.

It is additionally a great alternative if you want an easy yet still very eye-catching mantle, too. Even better, rustic fireplace mantel can mix well with numerous other styles, so it is definitely worth thinking about when creating a fireplace mantel.

Fireplace Mantel with Basket

Greeneries can be utilized in various locations in the house. The fireplace mantel is no exemption. As a matter of fact, plants can give a rejuvenating seek the fireplace. This is specifically true if the fireplace is dominated with neutral colors.

You can additionally embellish the mantel better by adding a basket on it. For the best effect, include things with intense shades inside the basket.

White and Brown Fireplace Mantel

Our previous fireplace mantel suggestions mostly utilize just one shade. Yet, utilizing more than one shade can be terrific, also. Just take a look at the picture over. The comparison in between the dominant white surface as well as brown mantel accentuates the fireplace.

The mantel is additionally decorated with numerous accessories. In case you love to place devices on your fireplace, this concept is a good choice.

Simplistic Timber Fireplace Mantel

You don’t have to go for intricate fireplace mantel to make your fireplace looks great. Amongst our fireplace mantel suggestions in this listing, this one is amongst the easiest. All you need is to set up a wood mantel above the fireplace which’s it. You obtained a good fireplace.

Devices are constantly welcome. You can add, for instance, candle light lights, mirror, painting, or distinct arts. Accessories will certainly make the fireplace a lot more appealing.

Rustic with Stone

There are numerous variants of rustic design. For a fireplace mantel, this can contain the use of stacked stone as well as a timber system as the mantel. Simple? Very. However does it look great? That depends. If you like rustic design, the solution is likely to be of course. If you don’t, most likely not.

If it is not rustic sufficient, you can include antique rustic devices like pots, candlelight, and also even a chalkboard with your favorite quote created on it.

Unfinished Wood Mantel

Do you like the look of unfinished timber? If yes, why not make a mantel for your fireplace with it? Don’t stress over the appearance. Regardless of not being ended up, it looks excellent. This is specifically real if you have fun with comparison and also include accessories to it.

In case you wish to leave it as is, that is a good idea, also. It will certainly essentially look like the example above.

Modern Shiplap Mantel

Shiplap looks great on the wall. However does it look wonderful as a mantel, as well? The response is indeed. To create a modern look, you can integrate a shiplap mantel over with a herringbone surround below.

If you haven’t constructed your fireplace yet, constructing it behind-the-scenes is an excellent idea if you want a modern-looking one. Fireplace edge looks amazing. In case you require understanding, we have fireplace corner suggestions that will certainly motivate you.

Bright and Classy Fireplace Mantle

Our previous fireplace mantel concepts do not include natural illumination. What if you have good all-natural illumination in your living room? You can develop a fireplace mantel much like the above. The all-natural illumination highlights the fireplace. With the mantel giving contrast, the fireplace absolutely grabs focus.

A mirror, pots, lighting, as well as greeneries are good enhancements for this type of fireplace mantle. The mirror makes the room look larger, while the pots, lights, and also plants offer a fresh ambiance.

Rustic Glam Fireplace Mantel

This is one more instance of a rustic mantel. Nevertheless, unlike the previous rustic examples, this set does not look as well rustic. It looks extra glamour than rustic. It is a combination if what you are seeking is a glamorous appearance without making use of intense colors.

Additionally, just like lots of examples in our list, the presence of devices is always welcome. Besides, accessories do complete and also enhance the overall theme of the fireplace.

Wood Beam Mantel

Not every property owner like an intricate style for their fireplace mantel. Some house owners prefer straightforward style. There are good reasons why. Among them is that occasionally, less is much more.

It means, even if you use fewer materials, you can have an incredible outcome.

As you can see, the mantel is made of a single wood beam. The beam is fairly thick and also, which provides adequate space to place containers, a pot, as well as a mirror on it.

Farmhouse Mantel

With the raising appeal of farmhouse designs, it is regular to intend to have a farmhouse fireplace mantel. If you do desire a farmhouse mantel, developing one like the instance over is a good concept. The farmhouse design is easy however it is successful in turning the fireplace right into the focal point of the room.

Notification the shiplap above the fireplace. It is definitely a good addition. The shiplap parts complete the farmhouse look of the entire fireplace.

Stone Fireplace Mantel

Last however definitely not least in our fireplace mantel concepts is a rock fireplace mantel. This set is different from the majority of instances we listed. The mantel is made totally of rock. Given that the mantel has a light as well as neutral shade, it enables the fireplace to attract attention.

This type of fireplace mantel is worth considering if you desire a contemporary as well as clean-looking fireplace. If you want, you can place accessories on either side of the fireplace though it isn’t a must.

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