21 Enchanting Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas Anyone Can Replicate

The farmhouse decor certainly has its own charm. It can make just about any room feel warmer, more welcome, and relaxing. Of course, this applies to the bedroom as well. And here, we have collected lots of farmhouse bedroom ideas for you to try.

Should you go for a total renovation to make the bedroom more farmhouse-themed? Not necessarily. Sometimes, even adding a few design cues can make a huge impact to a bedroom. In some cases, a total renovation is required, but it will be worth the effort. Alright, now let’s see the ideas.

In the Attic

The attic is often left empty and/or unused. That is unfortunate. Why? Because it can be turned into anything you want. Yes, including a guest bedroom. And a farmhouse decor is the best option for that. The decor brings warmth and a sense of welcoming, which is something you want to greet your guest with.

This farmhouse bedroom may look simple and nothing fancy. And yet, it certainly has its own charm that makes you want to spend time in it. There is also a diagonal window above, making the room even more appealing.

Do you have lots of guests coming and sleeping over? If you do, consider making a special bedroom to accommodate your guest. Check out our guest bedroom ideas here to make a bedroom that your guest will love.

Little Boho Decor

farmhouse bedroom decor ideas

source : nicoleashley

Can a farmhouse bedroom design include nature and greeneries? Of course. The farmhouse decor is very versatile. It can be complemented with various decor elements, including natural ones. This farmhouse bedroom here is a good example of that.

The lower half of the bedroom looks calm. The wall behind the bed is pink, adding accent and balance. At the top, however, things starting to get interesting.

Rather than a plain ceiling, you see greeneries hanging and flowing down to the bed. Such a pleasant sight to see, isn’t it?

As we mentioned in the beginning, the farmhouse decor can be applied to any room. The bathroom is, of course, not an exception. Check out our farmhouse bathroom ideas so your house can be wholly farmhouse.

Christmas Bedroom Ideas

farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

source : decorsteals

Just because you want a farmhouse bedroom, doesn’t mean you can go for bright and bold colors. Yes, you can. In this bedroom, there are bold red pillows, red bed covers and green window decorations. All these make the room lively and brighten the mood.

The farmhouse vibe, however, is still there. The finished wooden floor, the rug underneath, and unfinished wooden surface from the furniture bring warmth and a welcoming vibe. The mirror on the side complements the room’s decor.

Rustic Farmhouse

This is one of many unique farmhouse bedroom ideas to try. A farmhouse bedroom decor that has a gothic touch? Why not!

This bedroom is mostly farmhouse themed, as you can see from the neutral colors, use of textures, a rug, and wooden surfaces. You just can feel the farmhouse vibe from it.

But these farmhouse elements don’t define the whole room. On top of the windows, there are arches that remind you of the gothic style. These arches, while not being the focal points in the bedroom, add interest and make the bedroom even more terrific.

Patterns Decor

farmhouse style master bedroom ideas

source : desertdecor

When it comes to mixing and matching farmhouse bedroom decor ideas, you practically have limitless options. There are just myriad of decor elements look great when mixed and matched. This bedroom is an excellent example of the mixing and matching of farmhouse and vintage.

Notice how vintage the bed frame looks. The thick, black, defined lines of the bed frame just scream vintage. On the other hand, the wallpaper, the carpet, the furniture, and the bed cover bring the farmhouse vibe to the room. Both not just complement each other. They complete each other.

Classic Farmhouse

If you are looking for a decor that is foolproof, going back to the classic is a great alternative. Compared to the farmhouse bedroom decor ideas in our list, this one is probably the most farmhouse of all. It is just as farmhouse as you can get.

Just look at the shiplap wall, the dominant black and white and lots of wooden surfaces. All these are the main characteristics of the farmhouse decor. The American flags just complete the whole farmhouse country look.

Pretty in Pink

modern farmhouse bedroom ideas

source : decorsteals

Perhaps you want to create a farmhouse girl bedroom? In that case, using pink is definitely one of the most fitting farmhouse bedroom ideas for you.

The bedroom still has the farmhouse elements like black, white, and wooden surfaces. But, it has a bit of pink touches on it.

This bedroom gives off a warm and welcoming vibe. In addition to that, the pink touches brighten the mood too, making it an ideal choice for girls.

‘Tropical’ Farmhouse Bedroom

romantic farmhouse bedroom ideas

source : zebodeko

Bring tropical touches into the farmhouse bedroom. A simple bed frame, wooden branches, living plants, and simple colors can make a huge difference.

This feels ‘tropical’ and as if you are staying in a tropical country. At the same time, it retains the warmth and welcoming vibe of the farmhouse bedroom design.

If you want to try this idea, be sure to keep the decor simple. Overcrowding the decor is never a good idea, so stay away from items that have little to nothing function or purpose.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom

The next in our farmhouse bedroom ideas list is a white bedroom. Not just an ordinary white bedroom, mind you. This white bedroom is very unique.

While most parts of the bedroom are white, the bits of accents here and there make it far from boring. If anything, the bedroom is attractive and very inviting.

Notice here the accents mostly are replaceable items: the pillow cover, the blanket, and the rug. They can be replaced easily and quickly, thus allowing a change of look immediately.

Farmhouse Bedroom Wall

farmhouse style bedroom ideas

source : the home deco

A bit of minimalism certainly won’t hurt. Properly applied, it may even make a farmhouse bedroom design better. This is particularly true if you are a person who tends to make clutter in the bedroom. Minimalism will help you handle that.

This bedroom keeps things down to minimal. There is no clutter useless furniture. At the same time, by including white, brown and other neutral colors and wooden surfaces, it manages to bring a warm vibe.

Bright and Dark Accents

farmhouse master bedroom design ideas

source : houseon77th

You can add several accents in a farmhouse bedroom to make it more interesting. What kind of accents do you want? Well, that is for you to answer. There are myriads of combinations to try. For example, bright and dark accents like these.

Notice how contrasting the white bed, brown pillows and navy blue headboard is. Thanks to this contrast, it brings attention to the bedroom, particularly the headboard, thus turning it into a focal point.

Contemporary Farmhouse Bedroom

Many farmhouse bedroom ideas can be combined with other decor styles. This time, it is an example of how a farmhouse bedroom can look contemporary.

The decor of the bedroom is very simple. Nothing is superfluous. Yet, with all its simplicity, it gives off a farmhouse vibe to the air.

The combination of white and black contrast, wooden surfaces, and a fluffy rug make it both farmhouse and contemporary. A perfect mix if you like both decor styles.

Simple and Clean

farmhouse bedroom ideas

source : mylifestylememoir

While there are plenty of farmhouse bedroom decor ideas out there, keeping things simple and clean is without a doubt among the best.

This is especially true for smaller bedrooms. If you have a small bedroom, the last thing to do is to overcrowd it, either from clutter, improper arrangement or both.

Keeping the decor simple and clean makes it easier to manage the bedroom. Clutter is less likely to form and the bedroom looks, well, inviting. This is a good example of a simple farmhouse bedroom

Farmhouse Style Bedroom Decor

farmhouse bedroom images

source : shayfarm7

Here in our farmhouse bedroom ideas list, we have various kinds of farmhouse-style bedroom. Yet, not many are as fresh and refreshing as this farmhouse bedroom.

Notice how dominant the brown wooden surfaces are. Brown and white create an attractive contrast, not unlike black and white.

While the brown and white makes the bedroom warm, the greeneries above the headboard makes it look fresh and livelier. Farmhouse? Yes. Fresh and refreshing? Absolutely.

Farmhouse Wall Decor

Like to try elegant farmhouse bedroom decor? Just go ahead and try. Here’s a tip: you don’t need an elaborate decor to get the elegant look. That’s right. As you can see from this bedroom, even a simple decor can look elegant too.

The bedroom is mostly neutral. Nothing stands out like a sore thumb. The highlight is on the farmhouse bedroom wall decor behind the headboard. It adds a bit of personal touch to an elegant bedroom.

White and Blue

farmhouse bedroom room ideas

source : homebunch

White and blue is a great combination for just about any farmhouse bedroom ideas. How could it not? It makes a room more attractive with only simple touches. All that is needed is to contrast white and with a bit of blue. There you have it. An attractive bedroom.

On one hand, most parts of this farmhouse bedroom have a neutral color. On the other, the bed cover is white and on top of it, a navy blue blanket. The neutral background allows the white and blue here to stand out, creating a beautiful focal point.

Gray Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

gray farmhouse bedroom ideas

source : old_silo_farm

Next in our farmhouse bedroom ideas is to make the bedroom looks and feels as comfortable as possible. And what better ways to do so than adding textures to the bedroom? If your farmhouse bedroom looks a bit plain, consider adding textures to make it more interesting and comfortable.

Notice that this bedroom use different shades of neutral colors and no bright color at all. The focus of the room here is comfort.

With no bright color to distract you, it makes the bedroom a calm and comfortable place to rest. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Chic Farmhouse Bedroom

There is no doubt that the industrial decor has its unique charm. Used on a farmhouse bedroom, it will make the bedroom more appealing to the eyes.

This bedroom just proves that. While many farmhouse bedroom ideas look rather traditional, adding industrial touch will make it look more modern instead.

Among the main features of industrial decor is exposed steel. In this bedroom, this feature comes from the bed frame.

There is also black frames on the wall decor above the headboard. As for the rest of the room, they are mostly white and brown, which are the main characteristics of farmhouse decor.

Less Is More

This is another example of simple farmhouse bedroom ideas. If you are a minimalist, you will like this idea. Many homeowners would like to have an elaborate farmhouse bedroom decor. Yet, in some cases, the less elaborate the decor is the better. Especially so if there is small space to work with.

Just look at how simple this bedroom is. The focal point is the flower wreath just above the headboard. Everything else has a neutral color, creating a welcoming and warm vibe.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse

There is no better way to wake up in the morning in a cozy and comfy bedroom like this. With such a warm vibe, you can just spend hours upon hours relaxing on the bed. Really nice, isn’t it?

What makes this farmhouse bedroom unique are the few wooden accents here and there. The bedroom is almost all white, which can look overwhelming, plain or worse, boring. But with those accents, the bedroom is far overwhelming, plain or boring.

Vintage Bedroom

Last but certainly not least in our farmhouse bedroom ideas is a very warm bedroom. The decor, the furniture, the arrangement, and the lighting work together to create such a warm bedroom which nobody can deny.

Notice this bedroom looks quite simple with a simple bed frame, an earth-tone rug underneath, two white wooden drawers on the side, and a chandelier. The chandelier is what makes the look here as its ambient light sets the farmhouse mood even further.

More Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

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