21+ Creative Bonus Room Ideas & Designs for Your Home


A bonus room is an unoccupied room that you can be used for multipurpose. It does not contain any closets. This room can be redesigned family room, sewing room, hobby room, or a game room based on your necessity.

Bonus room is located on the top of your garage or some other attic area with reduced ceiling height and less attractive design. It is one extra room in your home that fits whatever design you need.

You might be wasting some precious space in your home due to lack of bonus room ideas to redecorate it. We shall discuss some creative bonus room ideas to redesign the room and use it in style.

Home Sports Bar


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It can be one popular way to redesign your bonus room. You can use it watch games yourself or even with your families on match day. This is not a common idea that you can find easily but this will be a creative way to utilize your bonus room. You can use dark colored floor with blue wall and white ceiling.

This will a perfect combination of colors for a room that can be decorated with different sports badges and scarfs hanging on the wall. Make a perfect place to hang around during the weekend watching your best team playing.

Photographer’s Workshop


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It will be nice idea to prepare your bonus room as a digital photographer’s working station that will be able to utilize all the tools, background and other props required for digital photography.

You can even adjust light and other arrangement while creating a landmark studio inside your own house. It would be cool to have some awesome photography session inside your house with the most unusual room being utilized for it.

Sewing Room


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You can utilize two things, one is your talent to stitch clothes and create your own designs of garment and other is utilize you bonus room for your hobby.

A sewing bonus room ideas can give you the opportunity to work in peace when you are busy using your creative mind to make new wear for the summer.

Bonus Room Ideas for a Movie Night


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Your dark bonus room with low ceiling can be a perfect place to design a room for movie night. Make sure you paint your ceiling with some off color like grey.

This will not take your attention away from the projection area while watching your movie. Your movie room can have striped wall for adding visual attraction.

Movie night design can be used for small bonus room ideas as they are dark, more suited for watching videos. You can add a counter top with snack area and small dining table to enjoy your dinner while you are home watching movies.

Musical Room


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Music room with some very cozy set up will be a perfect fit for a creative small bonus room ideas. You can utilize the space with different musical instrument used as a decoration props. Creativity has no limits and you have the right opportunity to make your musical room the most creative place in the home.

Decorate your floor with white and black colored carpet and use small musical instruments giveaway to give that musical theme to you room. Your family get together can be a memorable one while you use this room for some fun during the night.

A Perfect Place for Your Mini Gym


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Why go to some expensive gym center when you have a perfect place to make your own. It will be a cool idea to utilize the unused space in your home for your work out.

You can decorate your bonus room as an exercise room and use it every evening for making a perfect shape of your body. Let it be a place where you can work out and your sister perform your early morning yoga in this bonus room.

Treatment Room


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You have a bonus room that can be unused and of no utility. A simple twist and some calculated design can give you a perfect treatment room in no time. You can have a door to maintain the privacy.

Give it a perfect finishing for using it as a massage therapy unit and yoga room. Use Ayurveda as your theme to decorate it with some natural plants placed as an attraction.

Playful Family Bonus Room


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There cannot be a better place than your unoccupied bonus room for children to play. Away on the top you can make this bonus room a perfect place for your kids to spend their time when they don’t have classes. You can use lot of small playing equipment and let the kids utilize the room that was almost wasted.

Make sure you make enough space in the floor so that you kids will not fall maximum space is utilized. You can add small slides on one side to make it more playful.

Positive Classroom


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This can be another innovative idea to utilize your small bonus room. Why not make this small unused space for some serious business? Make a study room with small bonus room ideas. You can spend hours studying on top floor with very minimal noise and disturbance.

This room will be you exactly what you are looking for while you spend time preparing yourself for your examination. Or it can be a perfect change while you are looking for some place where you can concentrate with no one interfering you.

Put a study table with chair accompanying it and have a comfortable sofa at the other end. You can study hard and every time you feel like taking a break use this cozy sofa. This will be encouraging for your kids and yourself.

Dance Practice Room

Rehearsing for your upcoming school day function can be frustrating with lot of disturbance. You need some place where you are not easily disturbed and rehearse with no interference. A place on top of your garage where you have made a beautiful dance room with enough space for rehearsal.

Use it daily to keep yourself up for the challenge. Skip some time for yourself surrounded by the mirrors and looking how well are your foot movement. Make yourself prepared for any competition.

This room can be utilized even during the get together for family. Spending some time showing your moves while your food is getting ready will be a nice way to spend your evening.

Bonus Room Ideas for Home Office


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Bonus rooms are not necessarily for playing purpose only. These days home office are increasing and are in trends as many people tend to sit home and work from there. You may use the small room to make yourself a comfortable office with some peace around it. You can easily concentrate on your work and be working from home.

It will be a good idea to have a room with a PC and its accessories on one L-shaped table will give you productive vibes. You can make it look like an office with a round table and chairs to accompany it.

A small corner tool for your landline phone attached with fax will make a perfect fit. You can enjoy natural light during your working hours in the day. The natural light will help you be productive even when you are home.

Wine Cellar

Why wine cellar on top of your home when you have kitchen and a sitting room downstairs? The answer is you can utilize your bonus room and maintain temperature control up there to make sure wines are preserved and intact. The room can be designed with a navy color and leather furniture.

The lights are usually focused on the wine as they are the main attraction of the room. This can be a perfect way to surprise your visitors when you take them to the bonus room with all kinds of wines decorated and arranged in a perfect way. You can even enjoy the sip while you talk some business or home affairs.

Bonus Room Media Room Ideas

You can use bonus room as perfect hang out for the teenagers in your home. They can enjoy their moments in free time and with friends visiting them. With a natural light during day time it will be a perfect place for them to sit and enjoy the coffee.

Their homework discussion or plan for upcoming vacation can be finalized here. The room can have white colored wall and sand color floor. You must equip this room with lots of furniture. This room can be utilize to entertain your visitors as well. So make sure it is perfectly designed and all props are placed accordingly.

Fun Room

This room is another way of making double utilization of your bonus room. You can recreate this room with bonus room ideas to make is usable for kids and their moms. Since kids are going to be the part of this room you can use bright color for the wall.

The furniture can be painted with neutral color and they can be moved around to make adjustment. This room can be a perfect place for the mom when she concentrates on her work keeping close look on her little one.

Kids can benefit from their time with mom and enjoy playing around at the same time. In other words you just created a perfect fun place for a baby and mom inside home.

Dining Room

This might not look ideal for making your bonus room a dining room. With kitchen away somewhere it might not be practical to have your dining room on the top.

But wait we are talking about using your bonus room that would somehow be empty if you do not use it. So why not make it a place to enjoy dinner together with family members? A dining room with very simple arrangement of dining table and very few decoration in the room.

Vacation Room

Depending on the location of your house you can use you bonus room as a vacation room. Your kids can have enough room for sleeping together and with this bonus room available they will have ample space to play.

Let the summer be fun inside your own house and with some twist and trick you can utilize your bonus room for multiple purpose. Elder people can use for their gathering and playing cards while kids are away. It will serve for all family members.

You can see how your small bonus room can be twisted and recreated and utilized to the fullest. Before you decide to design your bonus room you can do a simple assessment on what is required for your house at the moment.

More Bonus Room Ideas for Your Small Space



Although these are small bonus room ideas, the cost associated with actually implementing it will be a lot. Depending on the furniture and props you are going to use for the decoration of the room you must to spend some bucks on the bonus room.

Once you decide to redesign your bonus room for some creative idea make sure you prepare the list of things you need to decorate it. Start from the scratch with what room you actually want to make from the bonus room. You must consider lot of things while re-thing the bonus room design ideas.

  • Color the room to renovate it
  • Buy carpet and furniture based on what you want your room to be
  • Buy props to compliment the theme
  • Buy lights to make it usable in the night
  • Need a door to make it secure
  • If you plan to use it as office you need internet connection, phone connection and networking in the room
  • If you are planning to make it kids playing room you may need cushions to ensure safety of your kids.
  • You need racks and small cupboards if you want to use it as study room
  • You need to make arrangement of mirrors if you plan to use it as gym room or dance room

The most important thing that you need to consider is budget. Depending on your budget you must make all the preparation. You can utilize your bonus room but make sure it is a feasible decision.

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