85 Birthday Poems for Friends to Make Them Feel Loved

Birthdays are special occasions that give us a chance to celebrate and show appreciation to our friends who have been there for us through thick and thin.

So, what better way to mark your friend’s milestone occasion than with a heart-felt poem?

As the well-known poet Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”

Indeed, no matter how silly or meaningful your rhyme may be – it will make your bestie feel so loved!

That is why here we’ve compiled an ultimate list of birthday poems for friends curated by experts in their field – so that you can choose just the right one for your precious pal!

We promise these poems for a friend’s birthday will make your friend feel incredibly loved this year.

Best Birthday Poems for Friends

While birthday cards and gifts are always appreciated, these birthday poems for friends are the perfect way to create a unique and memorable experience for your friend, showcasing just how much they mean to you. So why not check them out and make their special day all the more memorable?

1. Another Year

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Another year has passed.
A birthday for you is in store
May you find this coming year
Be one with lots of open doors.

Follow your dreams
Remember you can achieve
All that you dream
Whatever your mind can conceive

So this poem brings
wishes for you
in hopes that the coming year
is filled with things you love to do.

2. Dear Friend

       by Anonymous

I’ve spoken many lies.
I’ve broken many promises.
I’ve picked up many fights.
I’ve given you bad memories.
Yet, through this chaos.
By my side, you’ve stood strong.
Backing me all the time
Even when you know, I was wrong
What did I do to deserve
Such a loyal friend, I have no clue
But one thing’s for sure, my life
Is nothing without you
Happy birthday

3. A Heartfelt Wish

       by Kate Summers

This heartfelt wish is just for you
Today is your special day
May all the dreams you do pursue
Be realized in every way.

A special person you are to me
You deserve the best of everything
So may this birthday and the coming year be
One that offers you the best that life may bring.

4. Love and Hugs

       by Pamela J. Langdon

A bunch of flowers,
A homemade cake,
That special gift,
A birthday steak.

A Facebook greeting,
And a cyber card.
We hold these gifts
In high regard.

But the greatest gift
I can truly say
Is our love and hugs
On your special day.

5. Wishes and Blessings

       by Anonymous

Wishes and blessings, I send your way,
On this special day, as you turn a new day.
Happy birthday, dear friend, with love so bright,
Wishes and blessings, a guiding light.

May all your dreams and wishes come true,
Wishes and blessings, I’ll forever pursue.
Thankful for the friendship we hold dear,
Best friend, wishes and blessings, year after year.

6. Special Friend

       by Anonymous

When a friend is special
their birthday is too –
That’s why these special greetings
are on their way to you.
And if your birthday brings you
surprises, great and small –
That’s just the way it should be
for the dearest friend of all.
Happy birthday, dearest friend.

7. Maturity and Growing Up

       by Dajanay

When you are young, life leaves you no choice.
Do this, do that.
No room for a little voice
When all you want to do is play and just have fun
Ride your bike, roller skate, and be free to run.
With no concerns for the who’s, what’s, when’s and why’s.
Then you go from a girl to a woman before your own eyes.
Life gives you lessons to learn as you grow,
Room for mistakes and time to show what you know.
Just be patient because things will soon go your way.
Enjoy the young times and have a happy birthday!

8. Happy Birthday!

       by Kevin Nishmas

Happy birthday!
You’re still a teenager at heart,
Eating in your bed is routine,
Early-bird dinners are not your style,
Midnight pizza is more your scene.
No one has a right to call you old,
You can still pass for middle aged,
All your parts hurt but still work,
With the right nip, tuck and dosage.
You have never looked so young,
Your head’s still hairier than your ears,
Your arms don’t jiggle like Jello,
And zits still reduce you to tears.

9. My Companion

       by Anonymous

My companion in life
A close friend is one
Of the most important
Things in life, and if
You’re lucky enough
To find that person,
You’ll have found
A companion for life.

I am lucky that I found
That is you, my dear.

Happy birthday to my
Companion in life: my
All-time bestie!

10. To the Strongest Lady I Know, On Your Birthday

       by Anonymous

On your birthday,
I wanted you to know
that I am so fortunate
not only to have such
a strong female figure
in my life, but also
the most reliable,
trustworthy friend
I could wish for.

You are an inspiration
to many, including me!

Have the absolute best
day, you lovely lady!

11. A Message for Your Birthday

       by Catherine Pulsifer

On your birthday, dear friend of mine,
I have a message, oh so kind.
You’re like an elephant, mighty and grand,
Without you buddy, life would be bland.

Your heart is huge, your smile is bright,
You light up the darkest night.
So here’s to you, my pal so true,
Happy Birthday, may you never be blue.

12. Roses Are Red

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Happy Birthday my friend
A friend that is true.

I value your friendship
Appreciate all you do
Wishing you a happy day
Happy Birthday to YOU!

13. The Birthday

       by R. C. Lehman

Through the changing years may all delight
Live in your face and make your being bright.
May the good sprites and busy fays befriend you,
And cheerful thoughts and innocent defend you;
And, far away
From this most joyous day,
When in the chambers of your mind you see
Those who have loved you, then remember me.

14. Adventure Awaits

       by Anonymous

Adventure awaits, let’s spread our wings,
Exploring the world, the joy it brings.
Happy birthday, my partner in crime,
Adventure awaits, let’s make the most of our time.

From daring escapades to new discoveries,
Adventure awaits, creating unforgettable memories.
Grateful for the journeys we embark,
Best friend, let’s keep adventuring, leaving our mark.

Touching Birthday Poems for Friends

These touching birthday poems for friends are incredible and they are the perfect way to make your friend feel loved and appreciated on their special day. Whether you’re looking for a funny poem or one that will bring tears to their eyes, these poems have got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out now!

1. Friendship’s Light

       by Anonymous

Friendship’s light, shining so bright,
Guiding us through the darkest night.
Happy birthday, dear friend, with love untold,
Friendship’s light, a flame that never grows cold.

Through stormy weather and shadows cast,
Friendship’s light, a love that will forever last.
Thankful for the warmth and joy you bring,
Best friend, friendship’s light, forever I’ll sing.

2. One Gift You Cannot Buy

       by Anonymous

There’s one gift you cannot buy,
A buried treasure precious and true,
It’s the gift of a close, kind friend,
Exactly what I have in you.
We’ve shared each other’s joys,
And cried on each other’s shoulders,
These are our precious moments,
That make us stronger, even bolder.
So I wish you “Happy birthday,”
With all my heart and soul,
We’ll be best friends forever,
Two halves of one fabulous whole.

3. Happy Birthday, Bestie!

       by Anonymous

With you, a bleak sight becomes a new dawn
With you, the best days here
A toast to you on this day
Happy birthday, bestie!

4. Birthday Wishes to a Friend

       by Shishir

So many people live around you,
But not all get close to your heart.
Some become so dear
That with their thoughts, its beating starts.
You are the one to whom
I’ll give my care to the most.
Your absence makes me feel in life,
As if everything is completely lost.
Your birthday was in my mind,
Wishes though I couldn’t convey.
There were so many hurdles
Standing tall in the way.
I have prayed for your good life
And mental peace with good health.
The rest of things are just temporary,
Only these will be your real wealth.

5. Missed Birthday

       by John P. Read

I’m so sorry I missed your birthday.
A special day, I know it’s true.
But birthdays are only here one day,
And I love you the whole year through.

Birthday cards are only pieces of paper,
Verses written by someone we never knew.
How could they ever truly explain
All the feelings I have for you?

So I’ve bought a card without any verse
As I wanted to write one of my own
To let you know what you really mean to me
And not words from someone unknown.

Yes, birthday cards are just pieces of paper
That we read then just put away,
But my love for you is forever,
And forever means now and always.

6. Special Day

       by Marie Matheny

Here it is,
Your special day,
So I thought I’d take
This time to say

How nice it is
To have a friend
Who listens
and understands.

The kind of friend
Who’s always there,
Ready to show
That someone cares.

You’ve cheered me up
When I was down
Just by simply
Hanging around.

And oh the times
We’ve spent in laughter
Have made me chuckle
For many days after.

We’ve stored many
Good memories away
As I sit here drowned
In memory today.

Wanted to share
This thought with you
Having you as a friend
Makes it my special day too.

7. Happy Birthday

       by Vashni Kelly

The world was blessed with your beauty on this very special day.
Thank you for being so truly great with the amazing personality you portray.

Your grace cannot be matched as it’s unique in every way.
Your heart cannot be snatched as you give love freely anyway.

What I wish for you is for all your dreams to come shining through.
What I pray for you is for your success, which is overdue.

Happy birthday to you from someone who truly appreciates you.
Happy birthday to you for all the good work that you always do.

8. Forever Friends

       by Anonymous

Forever friends, our hearts entwined,
A friendship so rare, one of a kind.
Happy birthday, my dear, with love untold,
Forever friends, a bond that will never grow old.

Through life’s twists and turns, we’ll never part,
Forever friends, a love from the heart.
Grateful for the journey we continue to share,
Best friend, forever friends, a love beyond compare.

9. Your Birthday

       by Gordon Duquette

Today must be your birthday because the sun is shinning bright.
The clouds that are usually hiding it are now nowhere in sight.
The birds are singing joyfully as they go happily on their way.
It’s as if Mother Nature herself knew this was a very special day.

The day before was gloomy and the weather was pretty bad,
But on this day it all went away and now I don’t feel so sad.
My sadness was replaced with happiness that wasn’t there before.
Your birthday does this every year, so I hope you’ll have many more.

Every year it has been this way since the day of your sweet birth,
And it’s this day that makes me appreciate my time down here on earth.
My friendship with you grows each year, and I feel a special bond.
When this day no longer shines, I will know that you are gone.

10. A Gift of Friendship

       by Sasha

Happy birthday to my very best friend.
Your special day has come by again.
We had so much fun last time around.
A younger sister was someone I found.

Each year March 4th is a wonderful day,
As we march forth in our own fun way.
Just hanging around and laughing a lot;
It is truly amazing what we have got.

A friendship like ours is not easy to come by.
Often the intensity of it makes me so high.
Is our beautiful friendship really only a dream?
Sometimes it feels so unreal that I must scream.

Cries of joy and happiness galore,
And that is what I most adore.
Your infectious laughter and zest for life,
But I am there to keep you from strife.

How lucky we are to have found one another,
I couldn’t spend so much time with any other.
I will always be there to watch over you,
To keep you safe and happy too.

Well my dear, I wish you Happy Birthday once more,
An abundance of good wishes for you are in store.
A new year filled with lots of happiness and laughter,
And only the very best for you from here on after.

11. Beautiful Happy Birthday

       by Anonymous

Our friendship has no end
It cannot be measured by the time
Our friendship flows like an ocean
It adjusts according to love and affection
Our friendship is mouthful like cake
It is tasty, precious and never fake
Our friendship feels good and unfeigned.
Here’s wishing you a beautiful happy birthday dearest!

12. Friends Like You

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Friends like you never age
Remember the years of teenage
And now the years have passed us by
But our friendship no one can deny.

God sends us friends to bless us
And you in my life has been a plus
The years can pass us by you see
But friends we will always be!

13. Like Family

       by Anonymous

Like family, you’ve become a part of my heart,
From the very start, we’ve had a special spark.
Happy birthday, dear friend, a chosen kin,
Like family, our bond will always win.

Through thick and thin, we’ve built a home,
Like family, together, we’ll forever roam.
Thankful for the love and warmth you give,
Best friend, like family, in this life we live.

Funny Birthday Poems for Friends

Who doesn’t love a good laugh on their birthday? That’s exactly what these funny birthday poems for friends offer, a chance for some lighthearted fun with those who mean the most to us. So go ahead, check out these hysterical poems and make your friend’s day that much brighter!

1. Happy Birthday

       by Anonymous

Happy birthday to the cartoon I know,
You have so many stupid gestures to show,
Ok, don’t get bugged; I was kidding, my dear,
Coz it’s your birthday, so spread the cheer,
Have the most amazing day of your life,
May God give me strength to survive,
With you…Lol!

2. Your Zoo

       by Martin Dejnicki

A birthday should always be a joyous occasion,
Family and friends; obvious invasion.
Duplicate gifts, you don’t even like,
If you complain, might get a strike.

One simple day, placed on display,
Carefully observed for signs of decay.
Dishonest smiles, they don’t mingle in truth,
As if you were the only, losing your youth.

At such a wise age, everything seems so clear,
Excuse to celebrate, they all came for beer.
Deep down inside, you know that they care,
Your Zoo is unique; normal is rare.

3. Today Is Your Birthday

       by Anonymous

Today is your birthday, don’t pull your hair,
Look in the mirror, nature was fair,
Not a day over twenty,
I’m kidding, you’re plenty.
Don’t mean to burst your bubble,
But stop asking for trouble,
You know what I mean,
When you drink that caffeine.
What should I bring?
Just give me a ring.
Elephant or clown?
I knew you would frown.

4. Beauty and the Botox

       by Anonymous

Happy birthday!
You may look a little older,
Sadly youth doesn’t come cheap,
So skip all those Botox parties,
And just get your beauty sleep.

Be glad you’re young at heart,
And still, look as good as gold,
Too bad you’re not a millionaire,
And can’t put your looks on hold.

5. Stay Happy

       by Anonymous

You’ve done quite well since your start,
So as you grow older take heart,
Keep up the good work and don’t be a jerk,
Stay happy till you’re an old fart.

6. Sweet Birthday to You

       by Cindy

A wish for lots of birthday fun
To last until the day is done.
Hoping that all your wishes comes true,
and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!

7. Birthday Cheer

       by Joanna Fuchs

Here they come, with birthday cheer,
Bringing gifts just once a year,
People you don’t even like;
You really wish they’d take a hike.
This should be a glad occasion;
But it seems more like a SWAT invasion.
Go away! Just take a break!
Oh well, at least there’s birthday cake.

8. Can’t Remember

       by Anonymous

I wish you something, just can’t remember,
Don’t be upset; you’re my family member.
It was clearly, on my mind,
With so many thoughts, it’s hard to find.

Maybe it’s simply not that essential,
Please lose that frown; you have so much potential.
On second thought, it might be coming back to me,
Now I know why those brain pills were free.

Visions appear of colorful balloons,
In the background, I hear those fine tunes.
Near the end of the dream, I can taste a delicious cake,
It must be your birthday, as I awake.

9. The Best Face

       by Anonymous

Happy birthday!

Your birthday is a joyous occasion,
For family and friends, a special day,
A time to tell you how good you look,
As we check you for signs of decay.

Our loving, caring smiles tell no lies,
Our flattery has but a grain of truth,
When we say you look like a teen,
We mean you’re losing your youth.

Nobody gets out of here a beauty,
That should be clear at your stage,
Deep down inside, you know it’s true,
Even the best faces sag with age.

10. Getting Old on Your Birthday

       by Anonymous

It is indeed tough to stack candles on your cake,
For I am truly running out of space.
It’s time we think of something new,
But I ensure I’ll make it so true.
Happy birthday dear friend
For genuine love and prayers, here I send.

11. Have a Happy Birthday

       by Catherine Pulsifer

Friends come and go
But you my friend
Have stuck with me
But we’re not to the end.

You may be getting older
And a bit wiser too
But I know your age,
But don’t let that get you blue.

You may be a bit slower,
You may see wrinkles too
But my friend that will
Never stop you.

Your hair is turning colors,
Is it silver or gray?
Who cares,
Just have a Happy Birthday!

12. Cheers and Grins

       by Anonymous

Comes around just once each year,
Create a sensational ambiance.
Turn up the party, from start till end,
Feel the vibe, smile, and raise the glass
Make the summer birthday outfits glide
It’s a cheery day, just keep an eye on the Cake
Making all the candles tilt and sway
Summers birthday, all wishes come true,
Cheers and grins. Happy Birthday!

Short Birthday Poems for Friends

Do you want to make your friend feel special on their birthday? These short birthday poems for friends are the perfect way to do that. They are incredible and heartfelt, letting your friend know just how much they mean to you. Give them a read!

1. Maturity and Growing Up

       by Dajanay

Been through a lot in life
We have, together
Not a single regret I have
Not now, not never
Best Friends, meant to be
Is what we really are
Through good times and ba
You’re my life’s brightest star
Happy birthday

2. Many Happy Years

       by Anonymous

Your friendship means a lot to me
And I want you to know
I love to send you birthday cards
I love to watch you grow
I love to share the little things
The laughs, the hugs, the tears
So mark down another birthday
I wish you many happy years

3. A Birthday Wish

       by John Imrie

Birthday greetings now I send,
Full of gladness, love, and joy,
May this year, my loving friend,
Bring thee peace without alloy;
Keep this token as a charm.
Proof of friendship ever dear,
Fain would I shield thee from harm
All this happy golden year!

4. A Simple Birthday Wish

       by Anonymous

Happy birthday my dear friend
Here’s a card to wish you well
It might just be a simple thing
But I think that you are swelling.

5. Let’s Be Real on Your Special Day

       by Anonymous

Let’s be real on your special day,
My dear friend, you are the best.
With every year, you simply shine,
Happy Birthday, forever thine!

6. Our Friendship

       by Anonymous

Our friendship has no shape.
It can’t be measured with a tape
Our friendship flows like water
It adapts according to situation and matter
Our friendship tastes like cake
It is sweet, cute, and never fake
Our friendship feels genuine and true
Here’s wishing a happy birthday to you.

7. The Years Go Flying by So Fast

       by Samantha C. Ringle

The years go flying by so fast
We wonder why our youth does not last
But when I look at you I see
A younger version of what you used to be
But remember I am aging with you
And without my glasses the picture is skewed
So who cares about what has been done
As long as birthdays keep having fun!

8. A Birthday Gift to You

       by Anonymous

At times, I wonder what makes you special,
The smile, the trust, or the way you care.
At times, I wonder what makes you fun,
The bond, the memories, or the way you share.

A beautiful day and a sparkling occasion.
Today, I wonder what should I gift you?
You always have my support, care, and love
So I gather deep emotions to greet you.

I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

9. Friendship Is Pure Gold

       by Anonymous

To the person whose friendship is pure gold,
On your special day, may your soul be bold.
With a good time and love, we’ll celebrate,
A best friend like you, we really appreciate.

10. It’s a Special Day

       by Andee Siepman

Hurry, it’s a special day.
Giddy up and play all day.
Eating ice cream and chocolate cake.
It’s your birthday, let’s celebrate!

11. Birthday Wishes

       by Catherine Pulsifer

This thought is sent to you
Wishing success in all you do
You, my friend, deserve the best
May this birthday find you blessed!

So, another year passes, another year older
Be happy, be joyful, don’t let your heart get colder
You see my friend a birthday is just a day
For celebration and love are sent your way.

Long Birthday Poems for Friends

Take a look at these long birthday poems for friends and find the one that speaks to you, and let your friend know how much you care. Nothing feels better than knowing that someone has taken the time to craft a poem just for you. So don’t wait any longer, check out these amazing poems today!

1. In a Blink

       by Catherine Pulsifer

My friend just think
The last year went by in a blink
Today marks another birthday
Feels like a year passed in a day!

We celebrate you today
We wish you happiness every day
Friends like you deserve applause
Sometimes we wish the years to pause.

The years may pass,
But our friendship will last
Age really doesn’t matter
We always will laugh and chatter.

Happy Birthday, my friend, you’re a dear
We will sing for all to hear
Wishing you all the best
As a friend, you’re the greatest!

2. Aging Advice

       by Julie Hebert

Happy Birthday to my dear friend,
I wish you a happy and great day.
Can’t believe you’re now one year older,
Time to celebrate and holler Hooray!

Being an age older than you,
I must give you a little advice.
Growing older is not just getting wiser,
It’s all in the roll of the dice.

Some of us start to forget things,
Others our bodies unravel.
We wish we could take aging and stop it,
Or maybe sent it somewhere to travel.

All I can say is eat well,
And try and take care of yourself.
A little exercise and great company,
Is what aging is all about.

3. Happy Birthday, Special Treasure

       by Joanna Fuchs

God gave a gift to the world when you were born—
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you’ve done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.

4. Her Birthday

       by Neha Meharde

It’s your birthday and I sit down to write,
Reminiscing those times so bright.
We’ve been together through thick and thin.
We’ve lived through the hurdles to win.

Time flew as we grew
Together in this bond so true,
And I have known friends,
But the ones like us are few.

I make you mad and you drive me nuts,
But we have the thing that is called trust.
We laugh, we cry, we make time fly.
Together we smile, together we sigh.

Over this and that and crazy crap
The dodgy pits, that familiar trap.
The similarities we share, the differences that glare,
But we know that such relations are rare.

We share our dreams, these desires that burn,
And someday we believe will be our turn!
Ten long years and still going strong
For the understanding we share in life’s ping-pong.

So I wish you all the happiness
And wish you loads of luck,
A bag full of smiles,
And chocolate-laden truck.

Happy birthday to you again,
And I hope that you soar.
I’ll always wish the best
Because you know I love you more!

5. My Friend on Your Birthday

       by Anisha Joseph

Dear friend, let me say
something on this special day
Though we are far apart,
You’ll be always in my heart.

I cherish those moments,
our silly fights and funny talks
and how we grew together,
stayed united in grief and laughter.

May your face always light up with glee.
I wish you never ever feel empty.
I pray, may God be always by your side.
I want you to always lift up your head in pride.

My friend, on your birthday,
all I want to say
is that you mean the world to me
and you are more than just a friend to me.

6. A Heroic Birthday

       by Victor Onaola

Want to wish you a heroic birthday
In the most noble way.
Your day will be decked with gold.
Mirth and felicity would not leave you cold.

Your progress will never be slow.
Your feat will be that of a great show.
We are going to spread the news around
And let the ecstasy abound.

Never will you be the tail.
Never will you fail.
From this day forth,
You will become more than a worth.

We desire for you a great wonder
That will make you to ponder.
You gave us happiness as you could.
Therefore, we give ours as we should.

To you, success will belong.
Wherever you go, prosperity will follow along.
Blessings from your heavenly Father
Will propel you further.

Nothing will make you sad.
Firmly you shall stand.
Moreover, we wish a rapid increase to your bank,
And it shall never go blank.

You shall find gladness in your dreams.
They will come as streams.
You will not lose your wills.
Finally, you will be as old as the hills.

Want to wish you a heroic birthday
In the most noble way.

7. Happy Birthday, Far Away Friend

       by Edarly Edouard

Dear friend, I want to wish you a splendid happy birthday.
We don’t see each other anymore, but I hope everything is okay.
You’re growing to become the intelligent woman I know you can be.
I’m so fortunate to have a friend like you who’s gentle, loving, and sweet.

Today should be a day of pure happiness and love for you,
Enjoying and gathering with those who remain devoted and true.
I wish you the best in life, though we both know how hard it can be,
But I pray that God will open your doors to brighter opportunities.

You are the kind of person who always offers a helping hand.
We are miles away from each other, but the love we share will never end.
Never seeing you again will always be a difficult test,
But our everlasting friendship is what I will never forget.

I won’t forget about all the things you’ve brought to my years:
Long-lasting laughter and contenting cheers.
I never knew that all of these blessings could all come true,
But my life has been better, and it’s all because of you.

Wherever you are right now, I pray that you are happy and safe.
I don’t know your status, but I hope things are going your way.
I know for a fact that God will strengthen you and help you to be stronger.
I pray, my friend, that no weapon formed against you will prosper.

Thank you so much for your kindness, loyalty, and forgiveness.
You’ve promised me many times that I’ll never travel life without a witness.
So happy blessed birthday, my friend; thanks for being there for me.
I miss you deeply, but you’re always in my memories.

8. I Celebrate You

       by Joanna Fuchs

On your birthday, I celebrate you!
On your special day,
I’m thinking of all the wonderful things you are
that bring so much joy to others, including me!
I celebrate your unconquerable spirit,
that lets you meet every challenge
with confidence, enthusiasm and persistence.
I admire your sensitivity.
You see needs that cry out to be met
that no one else sees,
and you meet them,
out of your deep and caring heart,
out of your wisdom,
out of your strength.
I treasure your uniqueness;
There is no one else like you,
and I feel blessed to know
such an extraordinary person.
I appreciate you, respect you,
cherish you, look up to you.
Happy, happy birthday!
May each new birthday
be the best one ever for you;
You deserve it!

9. Still and Careless Within

       by Amelia Tracey

Within you, I’ve found the perfect friend,
Someone I know will be there till the end,
And they’re not just thoughts I hope will fulfill
But thoughts that will stand forever still.

Still as the wind on a hot summer’s day,
Still as your friendship I’ll never betray,
Still as the characters in a photograph,
Still as your breathless, silent laugh.

Within you, I’ve found the perfect friend,
A mind that I can comprehend,
A person I see is so much like me,
A mutual relationship so carefree.

Carefree as a child who questions the world,
Carefree as a scream that goes unheard,
Carefree as an adult blessed with a dream,
Carefree as water flowing downstream.

Within you, I’ve found the perfect friend
With whom I can be real and never pretend.
You’ve always been someone unique from the rest.
You hold a piece of me no other can possess.

Within you is reason to live every moment in time.
Within you the life I want is always mine.
Within you I have the perfect friend.
With you I see myself till the very end.

Inspirational Birthday Poems for Friends

Birthdays are a special time to celebrate another year of life and to remind our loved ones of how much they mean to us. These inspirational birthday poems for friends are not only incredible, but they’re also perfect to make your friends feel loved. So check them out and get ready to bring on the tears and smiles as you scroll through these beautiful poems.

1. Embrace Your Inner Light

       by Anonymous

Embrace Your Inner Light
Inside of you, a fire burns,
A light that guides, a spirit yearns.
Shine bright and let your soul ignite,
Happy birthday, in your radiance take flight.

2. Laugh and Live

       by Anonymous

Laugh as much as you can,
Because life won’t give you a second chance,
Have your say all the time,
Sing like the sweet chime,
All these pleasures are hard to find,
So, make the most out of life,
Coz it’s willingly beautiful and nice,
Happy birthday to you,
Have a lovely day all new!

3. What is Your Worth

       by Anonymous

Realize your real worth in life,
The things you want to do
There are differences that are there to see
Belonging to the new
Enlighten yourself with the things
That beholds you,
Know yourself worth in life
Happy birthday to you!

4. You’re Destined for Greatness, My Friend

       by Udiah

Today, my dear buddy,
You acquire another year,
So let us rejoice with joy!

Destined to achieve success
You are on your way
I wish you nothing but success
On your very special day!
Happy birthday, best friend!

36. Birthday, Birthday, Happy Birthday
This is a very special day
Your friendship has filled my life far beyond what words can say
I give thanks to the Lord for sending you my way
That’s why we celebrate today
Happy Birthday!

5. It’s a New Day

       by Anonymous

Every day is a new day
Write the chapter according to your life,
All your struggle and strive
All your smiles and happiness
Show along the way
The happy time is here for you
Happy birthday to you!

6. Life Will Teach

       by Anonymous

Life will be new each day,
You will get to have your say,
But, follow your dreams come what may,
Make the most out of this wonderful day,
Because it’s a special day,
It’s your birthday,
So, have fun and have a nice day!
Happy birthday!

7. A New Way

       by Anonymous

A new day and a new chapter of life,
There would be many ways to strive,
Birthdays are like new beginnings,
When everything is good,
May your this birthday be awesome like you,
It’s my prayer ‘touchwood’,
Have a fabulous day,
Coz it’s your birthday!
Happy birthday!

8. Don’t Think You Are

       by Anonymous

Don’t think you are down yet,
Don’t think that you are out
You have to prove you are the best
You are truly out of the crowd
You have the will to be different,
So, make you way along,
Let me wish with a birthday song
Happy birthday to you!

9. Share Your Joy

       by Anonymous

Share the joy as you will feel so light,
Share your troubles too,
Have your share of happiness alike
And share of your passions too
Live your life the way you want to
And, feel so good and new
Have a super day!
Wishing you a happy birthday!

10. It Is for Hope

       by Anonymous

If your hope is strong,
You can achieve whatever you want,
If your dreams are true,
You won’t feel blue,
On this day so happy and new,
Let me wish you,
A very happy birthday to you,
Have an amazing day!

11. Happy Birthday Wishes

       by Catherine Pulsifer

May you find success in all that you do,
And happiness in everything that’s new.
You deserve the best, that’s for sure,
So let’s celebrate another year more.

To the year that’s filled with joy and cheer,
And memories that will last forever near.
So here’s to you, my dear friend,
Happy Birthday wishes I do send.

12. Follow Your Dreams

       by Anonymous

On your birthday, I want to remind you,
That your dreams are waiting for you to pursue.
Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back,
Take a leap of faith and make your life on track.

Happy Birthday Poems for Friends

With their thoughtful words and heartfelt sentiments, these happy birthday poems for friends are sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face and make their special day even brighter. So, why not check them out and send one to your best friend today? Trust us, they’ll love it!

1. Happy Birthday

       by Theodore W. Higginsworth

My wish for you on this special day
Is that the coming year goes well
And may life treat you great in all the ways
That my wishes and words can’t tell.

Behind you now is yesterday.
Let your experience and knowledge pave the way
Here’s to you and to your success
We know you will give it your best.

So happy, happy birthday
We wish you many more
and on this day to you, we say
We know life has good things in store.

2. A Special Day

       by Georgina Devlin

Birthdays come and birthdays go,
And some mean more than most,
But you, my friend, dread all of them
And never wish to boast.

Just another day, you say,
But is that what you mean
When under all the negatives
Is there a different scene?

A night enjoyed with your close friends
Is a happy time for all.
With your charm and wit and funny tales,
You keep them on the ball.

Accepting gifts from those who care
Has never been your thing.
Although when given with much love,
You see the thoughts they bring.

So for this your milestone time of year,
Accept what comes your way
And share the joy you give to others
On this your three score ten and a half birthday!

3. My Friend

       by Anonymous

My Friend,

On your special day
I quote Harold B. Lee
And say

“May you have
Enough happiness to keep you sweet,
Enough trials to keep you strong,
Enough sorrow to keep you human,
Enough hope to keep you happy,
Enough failure to keep you humble,
Enough success to keep you eager,
Enough wealth to meet your needs,
Enough enthusiasm to look forward,
Enough friends to give you comfort,
Enough faith to banish depression,
Enough determination to make each day better than yesterday.”.
Happy Birthday!!

4. B- Is for Birthday

       by Erika L. Shields

H – is for the Happiest of all days
A – is for All the wishes and praise
P – is for the Presents you’ll open with delight
P – is for the Party that will last into the night
Y – is for the Year leading up to your day

B – is for the Balloons a celebration they’ll say
I – is for the Ice cream to have with your cake
R – is for the Ribbons and decorations you’ll make
T – is for the Theme you’ll decided to throw
H – is for the Hats made with confetti and a bow
D – is for the Day you know will be fun
A – is for Another great year that is done
Y – is for Your special day.

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Hip-hip hooray!

5. A Unique Day It Is

       by Anonymous

A unique day it is,
It reveals your happiness,
And it’s not a tease.
You’re the brightest and the best
Adored than the rest,
For this, I’ll beat my chest,
That you’re a friend and the best,
Happy birth anniversary friend!

6. A Birthday Wish

       by Shel Silverstein

On your birthday, I wish you joy and laughter,
And a little less of the morning after.
May your party be wild and full of fun,
But please don’t forget to wear sunscreen under the sun.

7. I Wish You Happiness Evermore

       by Anonymous

Today I wish you,
The very best friend,
Someone might have,

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday
And continued happiness!
As you deserve the entire world,
I hope your day is filled with greatness and nothing less.

Happy Birthday!

8. Friend, On Your Birthday

       by Joydip Dutt

Dear friend, on your birthday, I have a message for you:
Always remember, friends like you are rare and actually few.

You are amazingly sweet and so much fun.
Believe me, I can compare you with no one.

We have known each other for so many years.
We have gone through our share of laughter and tears.

We sometimes have arguments and differences of opinions,
Still we have been there for each other like true companions.

Our friendship has stood time’s long enough test,
And I wish you always the very best.

Just remember, you are special to me every single day.
Don’t ever change, please stay forever this way!

9. As the Stars Shine in the Night Sky

       by Anonymous

As the stars shine in the night sky,
Today is your day, so let your spirit fly high.
With buddies like us, you’ll never feel alone,
Happy birthday, dear friend, you’ve truly grown!

10. Happy Birthday, Friend

       by Anonymous

I’m sure this day is a vast eternal blessing,
Not just a dream come true,
It’s full of the reality of a good life and happiness,
Not just a dream or fantasy,
But a life that influences everyone it encounters,
You are such a blessing.
Happy birthday, friend!

11. You Are Great

       by Anonymous

May love be with you each day you live,
And the truest happiness give:
With happy smiles each face adorn.
On this happy birthday morn

You, our friend, celebrate today
Don’t look at birthdays with dismay
Take a deep breath and look around
At all your blessings that surround.

You are a friend whom we love
We thank the dear Lord above
For giving us this day to celebrate
Because we think you are great!!

Final Thoughts

What a great way to let your friend know how special they are and make their birthday extra-special.

With the help of these birthday poems for friends, you can do just that!

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and share the joy and love with your cherished friend during this wonderful time of year. 

And why not spread the word so all of your friends can join in on the thoughtful gesture?

Please comment in the comments section below about this post of poems for a friend’s birthday.

We would love to hear what poems resonated with you or if you have any other particular words of wisdom that could warm hearts on someone special’s birthday!

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