17 Best Bike Storage Ideas You Can Try

Bikes, similar to all the other vehicles, need appropriate storage. Appropriate storage will help in maintaining bikes in best condition and also keeping things tidy and organized.

We listed 17 bike storage ideas below that you can try. All of these ideas are simple to duplicate, so you don’t have to worry about having problems doing it. Alright, let’s begin.

Lock the Bikes on the Wall

Let’s begin our bike storage ideas list with wall-mounted bike locks. This sort of bike storage is a fantastic selection if you are short on available area. It does not take much area as well as you can access your bike conveniently.

If you pick wall-mounted bike locks, make sure that they are connected to the wall surface appropriately as well as are able to sustain the complete weight of a bike, in case you hang it over the floor.

Hanging the Bike (for Much Heavier Bikes)

Hanging your bike on the wall is one more space conserving option. Unlike the first instance, nonetheless, this storage space takes also much less area. The thing is, you need a solid and sturdy bike wall mount for this, particularly if your bike gets on the larger side.

Typically, the wall mount for larger bikes is long and wide as it needs to bear the complete weight of the bike. If you desire this sort of bike storage, make certain to not affix the wall mount too expensive so that you don’t have any kind of trouble in bringing the bike down.

Simple Bike Hanger (for Lighter Bikes)

There are also wall-mounted bike wall mounts for lighter bikes. Unlike the hanger for larger bikes, the hanger for lighter bikes is not as thick or long. Although the hanger still requires to sustain the overall weight of the bike, the burden is dramatically lighter. Therefore if you have a light bike, this one is an excellent selection.

Likewise, unlike larger bikes, you can hang lighter bikes higher on the wall surface. Because the bike is much in the air, you can quickly check it while having simple accessibility to it.

Bikes throughout the Wall

If you have several bikes and also want to conserve area, hanging them throughout the wall like in the instance over is a good suggestion. If you place them correctly, it can be the centerpiece in the garage, as well. In case you intend to showcase your bikes, think about adding illumination above.

When you build this sort of storage space, make certain that there is some kind of actions underneath the bikes. This is to make certain that the bikes can be accessed by every member of the family.

Foldable Bike Storage Ideas

Next off in our bike storage ideas is collapsible storage space. It is a bit different from the former instances. While the previous instances ‘store’ the bike on the wall surface, this set ‘shop’ the bike on the ceiling.

Prior to you install foldable storage space, you require to make sure that the ceiling is strong sufficient to support the weight of a bike. Additionally, see to it that the bike lock is installed securely so the bike will not drop down.

Putting the bike overhead sure is a great means to save area. Besides, the ceiling is often left unused. Are you curious about this kind of storage? If you are, you need to examine our overhanging garage storage.

Saving on the Bike Shelf Furniture

Next idea is bike shelf furniture. It is definitely a great idea if you live in a home. Yet prior to we proceed, let us ask you something first.

  • Do you want to save your bike in a space-efficient method?
  • Do you wish to showcase your bike and also pieces of furniture in a solitary place?

If the answers to both concerns are ‘Yes, I do’ after that take into consideration including bike shelf furniture in your residence. With bike rack furnishings, you can save your bike in any type of area you want. Of course, you don’t simply showcase the bike. You can display various other things that you place in the furnishings, as well. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Simple Wood Hooks Bike Wall Mount

We stated that our bike storage ideas are very easy to reproduce. Among the other examples, this is the simplest one. You simply utilize no greater than two wood hooks that are attached on the wall surface for it.

It is extremely simple, certain. However it is very effective, as well. Particularly if what you are trying to find is an easy bike wall mount.

Lift Pulley Bike Storage

The only area left in your garage is the ceiling. What can you do? Well, why not produce lift sheave bike storage? Although it likewise uses the ceiling much like folding storage, lift pulley-block bike storage is much available. Likewise, given that the bike is being held on the handlebar and also the saddle, it is safe.

‘Hidden’ Bike storage

Some individuals wish to store their bikes in a closed room. If you are among these people, you can construct surprise bike storage like in the above.

To take full advantage of area, you can store the bikes up and down, one on top of the other.

Vertical Bike Storage

For those that really anxious to save room, piling bikes vertically is always a good idea. If you do not have any room to save to store your bikes, you can attempt to keep them similar to the example. Just make certain that you have actions to access the greater bike.

Minimal Bike Hanger

‘Much less is extra as well as no space ought to be left extra’ is what a minimalist design is all about. If you are a minimal, you ‘d enjoy a minimal bike hanger. As you can see, it is not simply a bike hanger. It can additionally serve as storage for various other products, which is actually useful if you intend to be as space-efficient as possible.

As wonderful as it is, a minimal bike wall mount has its limits. As an example, it is a lot more suited for bikes on the lighter side. For larger bikes, you will require more powerful and tougher bike hangers.

Bike Hanger from Clothes Hangers

Desire an easy to create however reliable storage space? Why not create one on your own? Unlike many instances in our bike storage ideas list here, the above instance is not readily offered on any type of store. Yes, it has to be created.

What special is that the bike hanger is constructed from many garments hangers that are glued together. These glued clothing wall mounts come to be a big wall mount solid sufficient to support a bike. It is an inexpensive, very easy to develop and reliable. If you choose to produce it, be sure that the hangers are glued together appropriately.

Mentioning easy to produce however effective storage space, we likewise have incredible yard devices storage space that you should try.

Ceiling Hook

This set is among bike storage ideas that utilize the ceiling. It needs just a hook to hang your bike. No more is needed. Yes, it is that basic.

The requirement is that the ceiling should be solid enough to hold the whole weight of a bike. Even more so if there are numerous bikes to be hanged. This is the reason why this concept is not ideal for everyone.

Bike Cupboard

You wish to keep your bike along with other bike-related stuff. Your ideal option is to add a bike closet on your garage. An indoor bike storage closet enables you to store not just a bike, but likewise various other things such as safety helmet, spray paint, gloves, bags, and so on. This surely will aid you be a lot more arranged.

Installing the Bike on the Wall

If you use your bike frequently, you want it to be accessible at any time you want. For that, the bike needs to be reachable whatsoever time. What you need is just a wall-mount which locks your back to the wall. Relying on your requirements, you can allow the bike hang over the flooring or stand on it.

DIY Bike Storage

If you do enjoy do it yourself things, you may wish to create a bike wall mount on your own. Prefabricated bike hangers make points much easier. You just have to affix it and it is done. But for individuals that like DIY things, prefabricated bike hangers do absent any difficulty.

The best aspect of DIY bike hanger is that you can personalize it the way you want. For instance, you can produce a lockable bike wall mount like one aware. The downside is that it takes quite some time to skill to create it. Is it worth it? Certainly, yes.

Special Bike Hanger

Well, no person states that a bike hanger ought to just be functional. Some bike hangers do look aesthetical, as well. The last in our bike storage ideas checklist is distinct bike hanger. With such a hanger, you are able to write out your preferred quote on the hanger. You can additionally hang other bike-related items on it.

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